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Thread: vb winsock question

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    vb winsock question

    hi all ,
    i wrote a progy to accept web page from the internet.
    now i want the prog to open it with the browser but i dont know how , i am realy new to vb.
    can anybody help me or direct me to some example ?
    p.s i have searched in goolge but....havent find anything relevant.

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    i have found the way.


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    im not sure what you mean with your question....but, if i get what your saying, just go to "file" and then "make * .exe" ....if this isnt the answer your looking for, please tell more about what you want

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    Are you trying to use the browser that is already made & given to you in VB6? If so you can move everything into a normal form so you can open it without haveing to worry about other stuff.... also there is a error in the browser that is given to you in VB6. When you attempt to click on another form in VB while the browser is open or if you close the browser off to the bottom of your screen you'll get a error... it has something to do with the sizeing I think but can either easyly be fixed or avoided.

    Anyways if you have it set as normal form you can do:

    private sub browser_click()
    end sub
    'and the browser appears

    In VB6 you can also make pages and set URLs in your form so that when peaple click on it a browser opens and the site appears. Hummm.... But from the lack of info I have no idea about "exactly" what your trying to do.

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