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Thread: Show your stuff

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    Feb 2003
    My XP Pro Laptop, with a little KDE enhancement(hehe)
    ][ neta1o ][

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    Jul 2002
    well this is just one of my babys... cos it's currently the only one switched on.... running XP with just a few minor enhancements... I might post one of the ones running linux later

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    Talking My Folder View :D

    Look at this. Here is something that I did a while back, but nobody ever checked it out. For all of those Windows users out there, you'll wish you downloaded this earlier.

    Folder AO Theme: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...&postid=600165

    There are two posts/attachments there. The first is a simple folder preview. The second one is the standard folder preview. If you've played around with folder customizations, you'd know the difference. Good luck.

    BTW, I haven't worked on an Image Preview version of my Folder View. Considering only 7 people downloaded the SIMPLE folder preview, and nobody downloaded the STANDARD one, I had a reason to discontinue it... If interest sparks up again, I'll work on it.

    My background is simple and one of the defaults. My text backgrounds have been picked carefully to make them blend in well. And for the time being, my Active Desktop is pretty much disabled. (I have my "fly", but it is on a different PC right now.)


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    Damn. I have not any good Linux screenshot here on my hdd (I should make one of my new KDE config one day), only one with a basic Gnome interface.
    I can only decently provide this old crappy XP screenshot with my proverbial green lizard.
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    My one very simple nothing fancy Very boring but powerfull (for me), running freebsd 5 and my other laptop running linux fluxbox as desktop it's very cool but I cannot take snapshot cause I am not home yet. here's mine.

    Not an image or image does not exist!
    Not an image or image does not exist!

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    This is my windows machine. My background is from Deviant Art. I like it.

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    Ok, same exact box, but I've been very bored today so I've been playing.
    The theme is now 23 oz of glass,
    The background comes from evolution.

    Tomorrow you will have to suffer while I play with themes on my BSD machine.
    Monday......the IPAQ.

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    You really really want KDE 3.1 ?

    ..... a friend with a broadband connection grabbed it from somewhere and ripped it to a cd for me, so the best I can do is for you to drop me a PM with an address, post office box or whatever and I will rip you off a copy and post you out the cd ....

    The monitoring stuff is just gkrellm (invisible skin theme) with the lmsensors configured .. lmsensors & gkrellm are on your 9.0 cd's.

    Ammo - you are right - its a digitalblasphemy.com background.

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    I have a laptop. Its a Toshiba thats running XP, combo-drive, 1.5Ghz, active matrix, REALLY great sound, I think like 20gig or so... For some reason it came with AOL and like 4 browsers that I have never even touched. I just did some cleaning and im not done yet but its still a fairly good looking/running PC.

    On my screen it has a transparent taskbar with very few icons & a background that DarkRaider gave me.

    D.R. Thanks for that by the way, bud...

    Anyways... here's what it looks like and all...

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    my XP box
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