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    Hello. I"m having trouble figuring out the commands for the VIM text editor on linux. Can someone thow some basics commands out for me to pick up? Thanks

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    If you just type vimtutor, or aleast it is this way on my Debian boxes, it launches a good tutorial.

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    www.vim.org , check documentation and download the vimbook . You can use vimtutor as well, and you will find an user guide at /usr/doc/vim or something like this. Anyway, something to help you before reaching these sources:
    1) Esc brings you back to command mode.
    2) To insert text, press i . to issue other commands after inserting, esc.
    3) In normal (command) mode, :w filename you save your work
    4) :wq! leaves and overwrites, no questions asked.
    5) at least you can leave the program now.. there´s a storm coming, and i want to save my modem. cya!

    Found in a diary:
    \".... and yes, since i am a l337 hax0r, i am also using vi to write this. ^[[D^[[B^ exit ^X^C quit :x :wq dang it :w:w:w :x ^C^C^Z^D\"

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