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    I want your thoughs/info

    Ok AOers.... check it. I was doing some cleaning in my laptop when I noticed that some weird ports where open. Port 9273 is open but I don't know WTF this could be... I only noticed this open port #9273 today. Its still a bit of a new PC and I don't have good FW for it. I don't seem to see any funny connections its just these dang open ports that are listen to commands that could possably tell it to attack... attack... attack.... I checked my proccesses and I didn't see anything weird there and my AV says everything is alright. Well like I said... this PC is still a bit new compaired to my other PCs. Im just trying to take good care of it and findout whats up.

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    After doing a quick search on Google, I found the following page which mentions Port 9273:

    Analysis of a WinNT "rootkit"

    I believe that the following article also point to the same rootkit:

    Re: Some details in a recent NT hack we encountered

    This led me to more searching where I cam across the following line on many sites that provide information on ports ( such as The giant port list):

    TCP 9273 BackGate (Windows rootkit)

    So it would seem that some one has managed to install a rootkit on your machine.

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    isn't Port 5000 to do with upnp ?
    dunno about port 9273.. Im listening and learning here..

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