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Thread: Windows Errors Understood (Finally)

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    Windows Errors Understood (Finally)

    Hey Everyone,

    Check these out!!! Although......I do think the list is kinda small for M$ LOL.....

    WindowError:001 Windows loaded. System in danger
    WindowError:002 No error . . . yet.
    WindowError:003 Dynamic linking error. Your mistake is now in every file.
    WindowError:004 Erronious error. Nothing wrong.
    WindowError:005 Multitasking attempted. System confused
    WindowError:006 Malicious error. Desqview found on drive.
    WindowError:007 System price error. Inadequate money spent.
    WindowError:008 Broken window. Watch for glass fragments.
    WindowError:009 Horrible bug encountered. God knows what has happened.
    WindowError:00A Promotional literature overflow. Mailbox full.
    WindowError:00B Inadequate disk space. Need 50 meg minimum.
    WindowError:00C Memory hog error. More RAM needed. More! More!
    WindowError:00D Window closed. Do not look out.
    WindowError:00E Window open, do not look in.
    WindowError:00F Unexplained error. Please tell us how it happened.
    WindowError:010 Reserved for future mistakes
    WindowError:014 Nonexistent error. This cannot really be happening.
    WindowError:015 Unable to exit windows. Try the door.
    WindowError:017 Keyboard locked. Try anything you can think of.
    WindowError:018 Unrecoverable error. System destroyed.
    WindowError:019 User error. It's not our fault. Is not! Is not!
    WindowError:01A Operating system overwritten. Terribly sorry.
    WindowError:01B Illegal error. Do not get this error.
    WindowError:01C Uncertainty error. Uncertainty may be inadequate.
    WindowError:01D Unable to figure out our own code. System crashed.
    WindowError:01E Timing error. Please wait. And wait. And wait.
    WindowError:01F Reserved for future mistakes
    WindowError:020 Error recording error codes. Remaining errors lost.

    Funny huh??

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    I swear my computer lives by those errors. It just does not want to to anytihng I want it to sumtimes. I.E shut down and various tasks after 5 hours of uptime.

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    The truth behind win 9x will be revealed... 1st april 2005, 12PM... be there!
    Double Dutch

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    Your lucky to even get error messages,
    my dads XP box just crashes, doesn't seem to like my adding drivers.

    \"I can resist everything, except temptation.\" - Oscar Wilde

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    Thumbs down About those drivers......

    Hey Anonimity,
    My friend isn't very comp literate...and he decided that the more of these "THINGS" he called "Drivers" he had...The faster his new grafix card would run (Stupid)

    By the end of his driver spree...He had 5 drivers!!! And his system was getting a heap load of error msgs LOL!!!

    Its fixed now though, so don't worry... A brand new GeForce 4 MX 460 isn't goin to waste

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    whats funny is the 32 bit nt kernel is the most stable window$ so far.

    ew sick a brand new geforce 2 in disguise. Its a shame they all didnt burn up in overclocking experiments years ago

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    I was playing GHost Recon on my XP box last night and in the middle of the game the whole system decided to reboot.Windows started back up and said " Your system has just recovered from a serious sytem error."

    No error code for me. At leat I'll know what it is if I get a error codel......LOL

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    sounds surprisingly familiar to the time i got a message saying 'error... the devil has now taken conrol of your computer....... windows installation complete'
    Mark was here

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    I luv the last one
    thanx for the laugh
    If your 555 then I\'m 666


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