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Thread: It's Been Awhile!

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    It's Been Awhile!

    Heya everyone, long time no see eh? Lately I've been kinda busy with a variety of things and AO has not been one of them. Now that things in my life is sorted out, I'm going to "return" sort of back to AO and continue posting. However, in the short time I was gone, it seems as if quite a few changes and powerful new faces have arrived. I have a few questions for whoever would be kind enough to answer them.

    1. Why is their like 4 people on the Top Ten list I never knew of and who are they? (I know of Jupman and the Gus dude, but who are the other two?)

    2. What's the Super Moderator deal? Don't we have Negative and the others who seemed to do a nice job already?

    3. ( I kinda know this one ) How the hell did this site become more of a politic's website then a security one? I mean, when I left, it was already mostly politic's but Jesus.. A few threads I've been viewing turned into a political debate then what the topic originally was.

    4. Any other changes to the site, way things work, owners, etc? I've been gone, so if we do thing's differently or anything taken off/added on, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to posting again!
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    Gus, Jupman, LordB, and Intmon are all JupMedia people. They gave themselves huge quantities of AP's so they wouldn't get banned (again). People have asked them to take their names off of the list, but I haven't seen any indication that they've even read the request. Doesn't affect me any because I'll never be anywhere close to that list, but I definitely understand why the more senior members care.

    The new moderators seem to be taking a "Delete first, ask questions later" approach. In some cases it's justified, but there's been a lot of hubbub about it.

    IMO, the most annoying member at this point is crackerjack/banananut/others? who keeps coming back despite banning, but he's been pretty tame in his most recent incarnation so he hasn't been banned again (yet?). There have certainly been worse.

    That's pretty much it.

    Edit: By the way, welcome back.

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    Welcome back, Spyder32, been awhile. Lotsa changes. Have fun.

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    Welcome back...

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    Welcome back Spyder32!

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