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Thread: network/router help!

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    network/router help!

    I have a d-link I701 residental gateway. (piece of crap) 10pcs, all different OSs. Same results on all OSs.

    I was having problems posting on AO, doing web based mail, sending pop mail, and bidding on sites like e-bay.

    I didn't really test it too much on other stuff.

    Well, I found out that there was a firmware update so I updated and configured it.

    AFAIK, I can do all of the above with no problems, but I can't get to some of my favorite sites now.

    I can't visit www.slashdot.org as it will freeze up the router and I have to reset it.

    Does anyone know why something like this would happen?

    It seems it is one thing after another with this damn thing.

    I do have a cisco 806 broadband router (not a piece of crap), but I'm using that on a test lan/lab settings. I can install that at some time, but not at the moment. My pop does't really like me to mess around with his part of the network, (which is where the d-link router is) and it takes some convincing for him to do anything. It took me almost 5 days to convince him that the problem was the router for the above mentioned but sort of solved problem.

    Any/all suggestions welcome.

    By the way, firewalls disabled during my testing. I have the same results with it enabled.

    EDIT: I contacted d-link support. They wanted me to downgrade my router firmware to ones I've already tested. They were of no help and told me to get a new router. After further testing, I was able to get to slashdot.org, but through a proxy.

    Very interesting... but I still don't know why. I'm going to try some futher tests.

    If anyone has any input... it would be appreciated. Thanks again!

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    Ok... update...

    I have asked several people here for help with this and I just want to clear this up.

    My problem all along was firmware! You'd think that the latest firmware would work... but not with D-Link.

    A little advise for you all... NEVER BUY D-LINK! THEY SUCK!

    Thanks for those that did help out.... I appreciate it!

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    I have the 604, and love it. It was cheaper than the linksys befsr41, and had some extra options. Plus, no need for an uplink port.

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