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    Hey all...just a quickie this time...

    Besides Lynx, does anyone know of/use a Windows based Text Only browser? Is there a better one than Lynx out there for Windows? I currently use elinks when running RedHat and was kinda hoping for something similar for windows.....Any help is greatly appreciated.....

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    yea, i know, your welcome.

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    realy good.. I was just missing one...

    elinks a (more) advaced version of links, wich is an advanced version of lynx
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    CK - i'm sure you already know this, but opera has a text only mode where no images are loaded at all, this is mainly for others who may read the post and want to know of another alternative

    BTW, i've used lynx before and have found it very simple to use, first time i used it i had no troubles at all, jus needed to read the help file

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    I’m always looking for a good Text-Only browser… Lynx is great- and I’ve used a few DOS browsers before… but nothing I’m really looking for… For me, I only want to block images from coming in (this helps when browsing security sites at work ) – anyway – this is what I did?

     I opened my fav hex editor (win) HackMan, and removed every instance of “gif” jpeg” “jpg” “png” etc… I replace these with “_if” “_pg” “_ng” etc…

    Anyway- this worked for me
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    humm these links may help me too...


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    Originally posted here by mrleachy
    CK - i'm sure you already know this, but opera has a text only mode where no images are loaded at all

    I sure did. But I was after a more "Text only and that's that" type of browser. Looks like lynx is the one to use with Windows....

    Thanks for all your replies....

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