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Thread: vpo and FreeBSD

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    vpo and FreeBSD

    Yes it's not a security question and there are other boards out there to ask, but i'm in a bit of a rush...

    I've connnected a Iomega ZIP Drive to my laptop, and compiled my kernel with all the required drivers (vpo, da, and scbus, if i remember off the top of my head). Setting ppc to anything other than NIBBLE mode (0x2,i think), as opposed to the suggested EPP 1.9 mode (0x4, i think), causes vpo to not functionn correctly. I get timeout/error messages (2 and 5). Setting ppc to use NIBBLE mode, however, and it works perfectly. EPP 1.9 has the best performance.

    Any ideas as to why only NIBBLE mode works? or would you need more info on what other drivers i have?


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    I think you will have more luck here:

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