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Thread: The New Hal 2000

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    The New Hal 2000

    Found this joke while surfing around. Quite funny, enjoy.

    The New Hal 2000
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    Oh god that is too funny. I can't believe people wouldn't think of stuff like that. I mean if a keyboard is not working, why not check the connection right... common sense? Then he would have been busted! Anyway, they must be some EXTREME end users to believe the computer would talk back to them. LOL, oh god it hurts though!!
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    Stupidity Abounds

    I once ran a mainframe that had a service contract for 1 hour response. Part of the contract was that if the repairman found nothing wrong, we paid $100. One day the computer operator couldn't type on the system console. He paniced and called the repair company, then called me. I came into the computer center to look it over and immediately discovered that the power line fuse was blown. As soon as I replaced it, all was fine.

    Well, thinking about the $100 penality, I put the old fuse in and told the operator to let them find it and fix it. The repair guy showed up, immediately took the covers of the console and started probing with an oscilloscope. As you might think, soon he had short circuited the print head and blew it out. We were down for two days while they found a print head and got it installed. One of the most expensive cost savings ever !!

    I'm not sure who was the biggest idiot here -- the operator, myself, or the repair man who didn't check the obvious.

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    Prety good I like it ..
    If you talking about good jokes where can I find some about linux vs windows it can be nice ..

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    Hihihi - funny story. It reminds me of the BOFH (http://bofh.ntk.net/Bastard.html)

    Some years ago we've had a SAP-System running on a Mainframe. Our users had to use a TN3270 Terminal Emulator to access it. We, as the admins, knew, that if the screen of the terminal remained black the connection to the mainframe was broken.

    One day a user claimed, that he can't work, because he's not able to access SAP and his screen remained black. Ok, we started our usual troubleshooting but everything worked fine. Confusion! "What did you do before the problem appeared?" we asked him. The standard answer: "Nothing!" We started over our troubleshooting but everything was up and running. Every other user could work perfectly. Hmm ...

    Then - after half an hour - the user suddenly remembered that he didn't like the colours of his terminal ...

    I think you can guess now what the reason of this problem was. Black letters on a black background. Grrmpf!

    Btw. I hope you do not think I'm too pedantic, but if the originator of the funny story meant the computer of Kubric's "2001: A Space Odyssey" - his name was "HAL 9000"

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    HAL = Heuristic Algorithmic Logic (I think....can't remember now) still, a very very good film, not to mention joke.

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