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Thread: M$ Windows Sever 2003 Home

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    Post M$ Windows Sever 2003 Home

    i don't know whether u all have heard bout this or not... i juz saw it from m$ website... anyway, juz for info..


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    i heard about it here , but i have tried to install the windows .. it seems more better becoz it has more tools, good maintenace and easy to use , and also good security.
    i am still using win2000 advance.
    i will try later mate and hope it would be better .

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    Yeat but it's a little weird to install it seems. I don't know maybe I'm use to the "old" way of installing an OS, or maybe my version is for some reason being weird and not letting me boot off the CD or something?

    Installed it over the weekend, it looks cool and easy to use. But still very buggy! My system kept locking up at like 20 seconds when trying to copy some system images of under a gig. Can't wait to see the next beta copy though (well I know it's on Alpha right now).
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