SSH Port forwarding
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Thread: SSH Port forwarding

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    SSH Port forwarding

    Ever wanted to know about how to port forward with SSH?

    Local port forwarding

    Remote port forwarding

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    I was just reading those articles last night! Great reading.

    I love ssh. It is one of the best "security tools". You can do practiacally anything with it.

    I sometimes tunnel VNC through ssh from school so I can use linux instead of XP.
    You can do much much more with it though.

    I'd give it three thumbs up if I had the third one... so I'll have to settle with two thumbs up!

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    I know there are other tools to do it but it'd be very nice if you could forward udp ports as well as tcp ports using ssh.. it'd make me feel alot better about some of the tunneling i have setup.

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