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Thread: network & bandwidth usage monitoring

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    network & bandwidth usage monitoring

    I'm looking for software or other means, in a Microsoft network to monitor network traffic connectivity with the ISP and remote office for type, content, and amount of bandwidth being used. I'm needing to measure specifically normal web traffic, PPTP client usage and traffic generated from an IPSec tunnel.

    Traffic inbound is from all Windows 2k Pro, Xp Home, and 95; all outbound consists of all variations of Windows. 30+ workstations on LAN with 2k Server, 20+ remote office connected by router to router IPSec, 3+ PPTP clients.

    Since it's behind a DLink router, is there software to monitor from a Windows 2000 Server PDC w/ AD or any other client with the requirements needed?
    Or is there an utility of such on a Win2k Server?

    I'm open to suggestions or any other past experiences anyone has had.
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    Network Monitor

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    Another good piece of software is ntop, http://www.ntop.org

    Good for seeing what kind of traffic is being used over you links, not a bandwidth monitor.

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