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Thread: True Story

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    True Story

    Yesterday I had coffee at starbucks waiting my dad to pick me up, I was approached by two guys and one lady and they asking me some questions:
    "excuse me young lady. Mind if we ask you a question?"
    I nodded.
    "Are you atheist? Or maybe Are you "Satanist?"
    "Ughh, no, I can't say that I am," I replied.
    "Gee girl.Are you sure about that?"
    "Nope, I'm positive."
    "Why you guys asking me that question about "Satanism"?"
    "See, girl," one of them said,"we don't exactly appreciate it when people show off pictures of the "Devil". Specially when she's lookin' so friendly."

    "Suddenly I realized I was typing my journal using my Laptop while waiting my dad and if you guys know my IBM thinkpad laptop Have "BSD Daemon sticker on the lid of laptop" and my background screen picture have "Daemon Devil BSD" and I just laughing so hard cause I thought that was funny."
    "and I said, this isn't really Devil," I assured them. "It's just, well,sort of mascot."
    "And what kind of Laptop has the devil as a mascot?"
    "I said. "it's an operating -ughh, a kind of computer."
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    Not an image or image does not exist!

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    Ahhhh..... You gotta love the religious whacko's..... just allow their ignorance to be your bliss.....

    If they spent a little more tim ein the real world then all this would not come as such a surprise to them......
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    That BSD/gooder encounter would be totally funny.... if it were not so potentially dangerous. Remember the old dark-ages sketches of fanatics burning books? Idiot "gooders", no matter what thier century, are still idiots. Religious fanatics, no matter what the century, are still dangerous.

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    So is it just religious fanatics that are bad? Just wondering, you know instead of belittling people about things they don't know, you could take an opportunity to teach or at least inform them. There are a lot of "religious" people that support and push open source into businesses and people's lives everyday. I'm sure there are many churches that use open source technology, because they don't have the resources to purchase expensive apps and os's from M$. Just a though......

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    Haha! I actually do believe it!
    I read a similar story about a girl in bar somewhere in the southwest US (if I remember right), she had a FreeBSD t-shirt on...

    There was another similar story on slashdot I believe a good while ago about the website of some ultra-religious "fanatics" claiming that MacOS X promoted evolusionnism because of the codename "Darwin"! Then someone later informed them that it's based on unix (bsd actually) and that there is a command "chmod 666" in unix!!! Later someone (a slashdot reader) informed them that they were running their webserver on Linux, which promotes communism, with the http *daemon* called Apache, who were not exactly a Catholic group!

    Hehe... It was really pathetically funny!

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    people are and will forever be...sheep
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    This seems to be taken from the book "The Complete Free BSD" the lady was in a restaraunt in texas grabbing food and she had a BSD shirt on and two rednecks did this to her, you sure this happened to you or you just making some fun out of weirdos in america, lol anyway yea im suprised no one ever posted this stpry before.

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