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Thread: What if they found Bin Laden?

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    Question What if they found Bin Laden?

    I was thinking the other day what would happen if the US actually found Bin Laden still alive. Would they take him back to the US and give him a trial that would no doubt lead to imprisonment/execution? Would they just shoot him dead on the spot?

    Because if they did imprison him, over time he probably would write some books and become a hero to many Muslims. He could still control terrorist acts from jail too I reckon. If he was exected he would become a marter. Perhaps the smartest thing Bin Laden could do for his cause is give himself up publically because America would be forced to make him a hero for his cause.

    Just a hypothetical.
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    At first glance, your question makes sense, but after thinking about it a bit, I wonder whether Bin Laden would even last a year in prison. Just because criminals are in prison doesn't mean they're any less patriotic. A friend of mine who works in a prison tells me they have their own code of conduct among themselves and an internal hierarchy. I know, it sounds like something from a movie, but it's based in fact. Child molesters, rapists, etc. are looked down on by the rest of the prison population, and I would imagine that terrorist would be near the very bottom of the food chain.

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    example of that: jeffrey dohmner.

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    With the U.S dropping the aptly named Bunker Buster bombs on caves suspected of housing Bin Laden it seems rather obvious that a trial isn't high on their list....

    Who wants another Nuremburg anyway? The History channel is boring enough as it is....

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    Only the re-runs are boring on the History Channel.

    to be perfectly honest...if they found bin laden you'd never hear about it.

    The U.S. has enough problems dealing with the living, could you imagine the situation if it had to deal with a martyr, too!!?
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    Here's my opinion:

    I think Osoma is dead.

    If he IS alive, I don't think we could find him.

    If we FOUND Osoma, I doubt he would be able to survive the plain ride to his trial without a soldier assasinating him on the way there.

    If he DID survive the plane trip back, he would be assasinated on arrival by Americans awaiting his return.

    Just face it, he can't survive if we get our hands on him. Just remember Lee Harvey Oswald was assasinated almost immediatly after he was captured.
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    If you questioned how JFK was killed you would quickly realize they had to shut him up.

    They manged to keep this bone head alive,Timothy McVeigh, until it was time. OBL will be caught and we will know about it. Bush needs the one responsible for his capture, my guess is he will be dead and missing major body parts.

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    If Osama was still alive i think they would just shoot him right there. Even if they did take him back for a trial he would most likely be put to be persecuted.

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    Bin Laden probably doesn't want to be caught alive. I think his last action will probably be one of "martyrdom".

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    If he is alive

    If Bin Laden is alive I think we should chain him to a plane and crah it into one of the buildings in their country. Like alkida headcourters.

    I mean *crash*

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