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    Unhappy attacks

    So, i have this program kazaa, and whenever it is open an attack happens and then my little internt virus blocker tells me the ip adress of the attacker, is there a way i can attack him back?

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    First off attacking back is never a good idea in the event that the "attacker" is bouncing through a proxy of some sort, you could attack an innocent machine/system. Second, you might want to provide a little more info in your post (ie OS, Firewall, etc), as its kind of confusing. From what you have already posted I figure your firewall is going crazy every time you try to transfer a file with kazaa.
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    What kind of attack does he do. And what happens when he attacks you?

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    May I recommend not attacking back? At least not online; with packets and such. Gather as much info you can about this entity and report it to the authorities.

    Attacking back (especially if you don't know what you're doing) can only make more problems. Especially if you are the first one reported....

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    Thanks for the info
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    Don't use Kazaa... its a zoo for viruses... try using winmx. There is a way to track his ip using MSDOS (I forget how, sorry, could someone else tell him how to do it?).

    Sorry I know that isn't much help... but once you get his ip you definally should report him.

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    Who do i report him to? can someone help me out with maby an e-mail adress?
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    your no doubt being "attacked" by the spyware you yourself loaded on your system. either that or whatever is on your computer is worth sitting there waiting 24/7 just for the chance of gaining access when you turn kazaa on even though your f/w blocks all attempts...think
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