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Thread: c++ double linked list

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    c++ double linked list

    This may be a tad off topic, or in the wrong forum, but could anyone point me in the way of a turtorial about double linked lists in C++. I dont really want the code flat out, i would just like to know if there are some tutorials, or help files somewhere to help me get a better understanding of the concept. I already tried some search engines, all i got was some examples in c, which i can sort of dechiper, and some flat out code.

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    Well i found a site that might help you in your task.

    Maybe you should try googleing it before. i did that and it worked.

    like SoggyBottom said in THIS POST

    SoggyBottom's attachment is RIGHT HERE

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    You can find an example in C++ at http://www.wsu.edu/~xuong_ph/interests.htm

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