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Thread: War On Iraq Affects Us Allies And Trade Partners

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    War On Iraq Affects Us Allies And Trade Partners

    It seems that Bush really wants to go on with the war. If you ask me it doesnt just affect Iraq. It tends to affect even those countries supporting the U.S. For example, my country has diplomatic relations with Iraq, while the United States has been our ally since the start of the century. Though everyone says that Iraq still maintains good diplomatic relations with our country(Philippines), who can remove the doubt that we might get symphaty attacks from Islamic militants from the islands of Mindanao... I hope that we all hope and pray for peace and a better solution... War makes everyone a lose, particularly civilians

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    I really don't feel we should go to war, and like you said it does affect everyone. Have you seen the price of gas, it's crazy, almost two bucks for a gallon. Oh well, time to pull out the bike.

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    What do you think about tourism in middle east countries ? Egypt's #2 income is tourists. There are soldiers everywere to protect them, but they won't come with this mess. People will suffer there, because they already are poor. Egypt is just one example. All arabian countries suffer... Well, the whole world suffers. Bush ain't gonna stop though. He and Blair went to far to go back without loosing their face or anything (they think). To me they lost their face already, and they probably won't have a nice time in the few time they stay president.

    Politics are ok, Bush is acting like all people did... about 10.000 years ago. I can do that to. I'll gather some clubs etc. and I go off kill some people I don't like because their computer is faster. HE went to far in his world controling policy treaty whatever crap. Treaties mean nothing to him so why put one forward as a reason to attack. I had it with this ****. A century ago the US wasn't the most powerfull nation. Put Bush Sadaam and Sharon on the moon, that would be a great step for mankind.
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