anyone here ever used microsoft Biz Talk ? ..
i am interesting on it, and already visit m$ site .

Accelerators are used to support a broad spectrum of business scenarios and industries, from high tech to healthcare. Accelerators for BizTalk Server add new functionality and complement Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers, vastly reducing the time, effort, and costs associated with solution development, deployment, and management. BizTalk Server accelerators include a powerful combination of product enhancements, simple-to-use tools, documentation, and samples that are developed in concert to ensure they work well together. This translates into rapid deployments, a lower overall cost of ownership, and improved efficiency.
is it really good or not for help the finance . and here's the benefit read from the site.

Future-Proof Financial Messaging. Because BizTalk Server and BizTalk Accelerator for Financial Services have been built from the ground up using XML and industry-specific open-technology standards, it is the ideal middleware solution for financial services companies to make the most of their existing and future technology investments. BizTalk is the ideal messaging infrastructure when it comes to taking advantage of new and existing internal applications running on a variety of technology platforms, or integrating with new and existing industry standards such as SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) and ISITC (Industry Standardization for Institutional Trade Communication) (more than 90 message types are included).
ive used microsoft money to manage the finance now .. which is better ?

need ur advices and suggestion ...