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Thread: Im leaving...for a while :D

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    Lightbulb Im leaving...for a while :D

    Hey guys,

    just wanted to let you guys know that im taking some time off the net to study some code.

    i will be studying c++ and HTML into even more involvement so i become really good

    i will probably check in every now and then and see what everything is upto.

    if anyone has any suggestions on easier ways to learn these codes. i looked on google and found some tuts so i might use them :P but if anyone knows any other ways dont go without sharing


    im going to start soon so i will see you guys later

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    Damn buddy , hope to see u back soon, .... have fun learning...

    Come and check out our wargame-site @ http://www.rootcontest.org
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    If you have too schedule time of the net to learn code, your addict status is truely deserved! lol

    shouldn't take you too long too learn HTML, a tip would be to view scource on any web pages you visit on your studies, i've learn alot from doing that.

    have fun, and good luck.

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    While you are at it, document your efforts and compile a tutorial for all of us here.

    I hope you do well, cya when you get back.

    <edit>Don't forget the addicts project d00d, we are all counting on your efforts.</edit>
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    Good luck trust not!
    One area to focus your HTML efforts on might be Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
    I'm told they're the wave of the future.

    that was a bad pun

    Anywho, Have fun
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    i'll miss ya man. Be sure to come back and amaze us all with your 1337 ha><0r skillz

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    hey, i'm leaving for the Bahamas,
    it' might not be as interesting as HTML , ::snicker::
    but- i'll have fun, it's 20th Birthday (march15) -
    so, i guess i'll see you guys/gals when i get back
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Trust.. hope it all goes well.... I'm looking at C++ and java myself. As for HTML.... you might want to consider XHTML.. it's not much different from HTML4.01 it is a little stricter and there are a few things that are no-no's in XHTML (e.g. all tags must be lowercase) but as far as W3C ( http://www.w3.org )are concerned XHTML is the way to go... always worth keeping ahead of everyone else

    Oh yeah and CSS is a must ... makes life so much easier than putting tables in all the time - cuts actual lines typed by about 50%

    have fun


    PS feel free to PM me if you have trouble with HTML at any rate... can't promise about C++ as I'm only just starting on it... but problem shared etc
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    Man, come back real soon, we'r gona need all the help we can get with the Addicts Project....

    aeallison, I'm starting a thread in the Addicts Forum, bout this one problem with the code....need some help fast...

    hehe, hanve fun Thrust, hope to see you around soo.

    - Noia
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