ok, this might just be me, but every time I try to access an AO site of any kind, I get an annoying Java pop-up telling me that theres is an error and it allows me to either debug or ignore the error. I'v got (I hope) the latest Java machine and drivers, so I'm at a loss as to what this could be, I only started happening in the main page about two days agoe, and has not started to happen at every page I goto within the AO Domain...so I don't think it's linked to the move, but might be some feature of some kind that Jupitermedia are installing, I don't know....just wondering what it might be, and if any one else is having the same problem....I'v included a short snippet of the code below:
function OAS_AD(pos) {
if (OAS_version >= 11)
OAS_RICH(pos); <- Error Here
Hope some one can shed some light on this.....ok...tanx

- Noia