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Thread: Bypassing Cyber Partol

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    Bypassing Cyber Partol

    I have seen a few posts asking how to disable cyber patrol. The latest version has so many security things its too hard to disable without screwing up your internet connection. I have however found a very simple way to bypass cyber patrol. All you have to do is use an anonomys web browser like megaproxy ( https:\\megaproxy.com) Cyber patrol cannot detect the content of the web page so you can surf anything. This does have a few set backs though. Some pages do not work because they have something in them that stops an anonomis web browser from retrieving information. It does work with most sites though. Hope this helps.


    P.S. Just so you don't think I am some porno freak the reason I try to bypass cyber patrol is cause it filters out this site.

    P.S.S. My last post got some bad points am I am about to be banned Some positive points would really help you guys.

    And to all of you who just come into these forums to bitch, please don't. Cyber patrol filters out lots of good stuff as well as porn. Thats why I posted this

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    Not wishing to be mean, but there is usually a reason why a company has put filter software in place - usually they want to stop users wasting time doing silly (or illegal) things. NB, if you are trying *not* to get banned, you may be coming at this the wrong way. Instead of "how do I bypass......The question should perhaps be:

    "I have a legitimate research interest in (insert security related topic here) and I need help convincing our sys-admin to allow me access. I've tried the obvious "asking nicely and explaining my perfectly valid reason" - can you please help me convince him/her that I'm earnest."

    Most companies, if your request doesn't go along the lines of "I'm running my own business/downloading obscure viruses" are pretty reasonable. I've certainly been to the system administrator in past roles and explained what I'm up to and he/she have been very helpful.

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    And Cyber Patrol -- like most filter programs -- has an "always allow" list so if this site was going to be made permissible, then it could be added through the control panel.

    I'm not sure -- I haven't used Cyber Patrol in a while -- but you also have various types of content/filter categories. If you were just filtering for "sex" I would expect that AO would appear fine. It probably gets filtered only when you have selected "hacking" -- which is probably one of the default filters.

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    currently i am part of a development team that will provide a service for you to bypass these cyber patrols.. ill let you know as soon as the source is out.

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