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Thread: Whats your favorite type of music?

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    Whats your favorite type of music?

    Hi Everybody,

    Just wonderin what everybody's favorite type of music is.

    I like metal myself.

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    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
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    I'll admit I love to answer questions like this but we just had a thread on this topic last week. Lately, (in my very humble opinion) there has been too much, like tedob1 said, "what's your favorite colored underpants" type questions. I think it detracts from the main focus of this forum.

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    I agree with you mathgirl. Sorry backtrails.
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    99% of this forum detracts from the main focus!
    it's getting to be a real annoyance...

    btw- i like classic rock (led zepplin all the way)
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Heh, seeing that this is the GENERAL CHIT CHAT fourm.. how is it that this topic detracts from the main focus? There is no main focus, that's why it's called GENERAL CHIT CHAT. I know the "What's your favorite _____?" threads have been drove in the ground, but this is the place for em. Metal is my favorite also.
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    I agree with Remote_Access. If we did not want this kind of stuff here, we would not have a "humor" section or a "General Chit Chat". True there has been a lot more of the nonsense types of threads, but it's all in fun. We have to have humor, and ways of connecting with each other, to make this feel like a "warm" community... in my personal views.

    It is also true that we just had the same post not too long ago. I think people really should do a search (we can't stress it enough) of the forum before they make a new thread.

    backtrail is new though, so it's a learning experience right? < joke >Just make sure it doesn't happen again </joke >

    Oh yeah almost forgot, I like really anything. But if you REALLY want to get me up and jumping around the room, give me some nice drum and bass or house type of techno music!
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    "Acid, Remote, and Tampa" hit the "head on the nail". BTW--Mathgirl--my favorite color of underpants is CLEAN ! Duct tape has more uses than just keepin' the "zoomies" and germ warfare out of the house--- I think I'm kidding.

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    Alternative, and Metal is good,,,

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    I am agree with mathgirl32 and uraloony. I think this forum sign says hackers knows the ........ I think this is a forum for people who are more interested in tech news and security issues than what is your fav panties or music or firecracker or movie or anyother damn news that is going on another news web sites.

    Lets everybody keep focus on the main purpose of this web site and try to post as much informative stuff about computer security. Like tutorials on TCP/IP or Programming for beginners or the basic stuff of any other programing lang.

    I remember Prodical gave me one good advice not to post useless threads and not to make moderators life difficult because they have other things to do too. And I bite prodicals head off about that advice. Sorry for that Prodical.

    But lately I read faq and lots of other good post in this forum and find out that this is a very good web site for security issues and we all should give our efforts to keep it up this way and not to post any waste just to make a gossiping channel.

    I think IRC is the best place for these kind of threads. I am sorry if I am rude here I didn't mean to. I am just giving my advice. BTW my fav music is House, Techno, Bhangra, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Qawali's(Ancient Sufi music) and Bhangra.

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