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Thread: Online Head shops Shut down b/c of Goverment

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    Thumbs down Online Head shops Shut down b/c of Goverment

    Hey gu7ys its me Alpa ... Its like about a half aweek old news but . Four diffrent Online Head shops were shut down last week .... Now I thought you have some what like freedom on the net man . But the man has to shut them down . You know if older people smoke tabbaco out of glass pices the web site wouldent of been shutdown .. I know that Tommy Chongs sons web site was one out of the four that were shut down . But I will say this . Its time for the goverment to get NORML ! Help the fight you guys ... you can help .... Just go here ....


    I like the smoke , its sweet .8-)

    Peace you guys

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    I am an American and I do not mean to seem like I am against my own country, but the goverment is evil. What ever happened to land of the free? Shouldn't we be able to choose if we want to smoke pot or not? It is not nearly as dangerous a tobacco, alcohol, extacy, LSD, herion, or coke. Yes certain people should not be allowed to do drugs for certain reasons, but it doesn't mean everyone should be banned from doing a certain substance or selling smoking devices. We don't even have freedom of speech anymore.
    Go here if you want to read about your rights.

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    Hey, you can still get plain white zig zags at the corner drug store.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    When is the whole "It's cool and trendy to be a stoner" fad going to finally die. Even snoop-dog quit smoking weed.

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    yeah the whole pot smoking thing is so fscking lame, i get so tired of hearing about how its ok to do it and all this ****, well the bottom line is:

    1. the US government can't make money off of it

    2. Its more dangerous to drive stoned than drunk

    3. YOU are more dangerous stoned than drunk.

    the government is looking out for the populous and for the reasons of alcohol being legal, look at what happened during prohibition.


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    prohibiton created a huge booze problem and funded organized crime as pot prohibition does now ,pot is not more dangerous not booze ,and the studys done have showed that driving stoned is not any where near as dangerous as alcohol ,in fact several have shown it to be safe (although i disaree).You should never drive while intoxicated in any way wether its cold medicine,pot or booze)pot makes lazy people lazier and that is about it . references on request or try (computers are a hobby ,ive studied drugs illicit and other wise for many years)

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