Hi you guys,

First of all must say.... [gloworange]very cool site![/gloworange]

Second of all...

I have got a problem;
I own several websites < - this is one of them. As YOU guys (in US) can see; it's online. My problem is that when I am on dailup xs4all I cannot view my own website without using a proxy server. Weird, so I called xs4all asking why my website cannot be viewed without proxy. Helpdesk said they are not blocking me. A friend also in the netherlands called to say he couldn't reach my website either, funny thing is.... he has a different provider Wannado in the Netherlands. So I know what you guys probably are thinking; a newbie who doesn't know how to upload his website to the right directory: BUT IT'S loading every where, except for the Netherlands. Also did a trace with neotrace: it's pointing at datacities my hosting provider.

So here's my wild guess:

Since I am using vbulletin aswell on mywebsite and I am importing newsgroups aswell just like antionline does, my school, who has a hotel with the same name as my website, was offended by one of the messages in the newsgroup which was imported in vbulletin is trying to block me. Funny thing is that it's hosted in US (great big pipes) so they can't do anything about it, so they are trying to block me through the transit provider abovenet level 3. BUT abovenet says my website is loading correctly withing their network and without.

So I am totaly confused, what to do?