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Thread: Logged in as somebody else?

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    Logged in as somebody else?

    I remember some problems with being logged in as somebody else ages ago, but they all seemed to be random sort of members. Well when I got on one of the uni lab computers this morning, I found out that I was logged in as smirc.

    So I logged out and logged back in as me. I closed mozilla and started it again, went back to AO, and I'm logged in as smirc again.

    So whether this is a bug or not kind of depends on whether cookies a previous user had stay for a concurrent user's session on linux (don't know much about linux), and smirc happens to go to my uni and I just happened to log in at the exact same computer as he did. I'm guessing bug

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    Lol, another bug. Maybe your cookies are messed up, did you try clearing them? And maybe smirc is actually right next to you, and you just don't know it. I had that happen to me once long ago, but as soon as I refreshed it came up with the login forms.

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    bedsfred pmed me and asked me the other day if I went to one to one of the two high schools in town because my profile was logged on. I go to the other high school but the district uses a proxy. Would antionline reconize an ip an automanically log someone on?

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    I've gotten that too, at school and at home.

    At school they use a proxy, but at home... proxy wasn't in place at that time.

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