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Thread: script kiddies

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    script kiddies

    i am so tired of script kiddies, and lamers, and computer illiterate people asking me how to get them into hotmail accounts, and to help them write scripts for mirc, that im getting upset. I wish there was some kind of test people had to go through with before they were allowed to purchase computers, or get certain software.

    and it should be Something like changing the ipx of a computer in dos.

    i think that would truely weed out some of those darn lamers

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    shut up
    Don\'t be a bitch! Use Slackware.

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    I dont think that you need to know how to change ipx in DOS to make something useful out of a computer. Ask your doctor about it.

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    ROFLMAO guess that just might work huh?

    /me goes back to rolling

    if they fail we can hit them in the head with a netbeui
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    haha trust me it would def help

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