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Thread: Sorry For That Post

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    Sorry For That Post

    Hie.. I dunno where should i post this msg..

    just want say sorry to web admin ppl out there who give me warning.. i know this site not for hacking.. i learn something.. i get it ready..

    but.. i think from this site i can learn lots of things...

    thanks and sorry again...


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    Yes.. I made the mistake of saying [glowpurple]"I don't know much about hacking"[/glowpurple] instead of what I really meant which was that [glowpurple]"I don't know much about protecting myself from hackers"[/glowpurple] , It will really screw you up on this site but to me its understandable (since I got negged for the same misunderstanding).
    Welcome to AntiOnline fellow noob.

    By the way... you should have posted this in the general chit chat section

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    it happened to me either mate .. wrong post and ask about hacking and cracking . but i learn something .. just take the advantage from it mate. you will be greater then.

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    Its good to see that some of our noobs are learning something already! w00t w00t!

    This is a great site! Well... things are changing with the new mgt... but it hasn't been all that bad. yet...

    Welcome to all!

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    whatever happened to sharing knowledge? everything now is ethics? im already going to get kicked so what the hell? i asked a simple question about compression, completely unrelated to 'hacking' or 'cracking' but still got neged.. so to be frank this site sucks ass because its turned from learning to being popular.

    then to add to what the person said above... he doesnt know much about hacking ... well, whats wrong with that? what? its not the MTV way of thinking? people here are more concerned with being respectful and ethical rather than sharing knowledge about computers

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