HOWTO Encourage WOMEN in Linux!!
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Thread: HOWTO Encourage WOMEN in Linux!!

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    HOWTO Encourage WOMEN in Linux!!

    Hi tigers...Rrrrrr

    I've found a good site to learn about us

    Check it out

    Tell me what do you think


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    Nice.. although i can't go fully through the material, i really found it interesting..

    Some thoughts are really valuable
    God is Love

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    Great one !!

    My girlfriend uses linux more and more..

    she thinks XCDROAST is easier then NERO
    and she is addicted to SHISHEN-SHO (kde game)

    She even comes with me to lan parties ( the linux/security related kind, I'm not a (l/g)amer ) !!
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    *prodikal doesent need a book he prefers a direct aproach

    wanna get nekkid and code UNIX sockets together

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    .. nice tips sweet_angel .
    i will move to LINUX to attract women .......

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    I've read this article before, in fact, have it saved and try to pass it on as much as I can. I started with Linux a while back now, Slackware being my flavor of choice.

    I think this article expresses a lot, not only about Linux but women in computers in general. I've always been the computer addict in my family. And it wasn't seen as a good thing, but more of a "don't you have something better you want to do with your spare time?". Which I've learned to ignore. I enjoy gaming, web development, programming, so on and so forth.
    And I think it's a lot harder to come to a site such as AO where it is mainly populated by males, who think of this being a manly interest. And even though most deny it, you can sense it with some of the comments you read, in IRC, in the forums, through anonymous AP's. Unlike males, I feel like there's a constant need to have to prove yourself in this community. There have been several times I've been told that I never contribute anything. No, never. I just think that so many guys are blinded by the fact that I'm female and have already made up their minds that I'm incompetent that no matter what I say or do, the response will be the same. (You never contribute, you know nothing, you're female, you're a stupid bitch, etc..)

    So all in all, I am inspired by this article. Makes all those comments which make you feel less about yourself, seem unimportant. I know more than I get credit for, but that's okay, because if you're too blind to see's your loss, not mine.

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    Nice post sweet_angel, I like your thinking!
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    More woman would use it if :-

    1)The interface was bright pink

    2)You got a free copy of womans own magazine with every purchase

    3)It sympathised with the user a week from every month, and wouldn't mind if the user hit the keyboard a little.

    4)Was laptop compatible so they could play on it while cooking dinner / cleaning up

    5)Randomly generated a kitten or heart picture every few mins

    6)Played girly sounds whenever they done something right

    7)Men didnt

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    We dont have many blondes on AO, somehow.
    \"I have a 386 Pentium.\"

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    oh well - maybe we could encourage more to join, it would be more fun

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