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    Wireless Help

    I recently set up a wireless network which has been working fine up until a couple of days ago and things seem to be slowing down.

    LinkSys Instant Wireless USB Network Adapter
    Windows XP Home
    LinkSys Wireless Access Point Router with 4-Port Switch
    Windows 98 SE

    Now the 98 box is hard wired to the router, the only two computers that are wireless is the XP box and my other utility box, which doesn't seem to be having problems.

    I've gone through the troubleshooting process, from reinstalling the drivers to checking my WEP configurations, which are all the same. I'm getting an excellent signal, but my connection is horribly slow. It can be fixed by rebooting the main computer (Win98) and the XP box but I'm wondering if there is something I passed over in troubleshooting so that I won't have to reboot everytime this happens.

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    Re: Wireless Help

    Originally posted here by GreekGoddess
    I recently set up a wireless network which has been working fine up until a couple of days ago and things seem to be slowing down.
    Are you sure nobody else is hitching a ride?

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    Reboot the linksys (reset the power for about 30 seconds) sometimes they tend to have issues. every now and then I need to reset mine and it clears a lot up
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    Phazeout: Delete your post and start a new thread with it.

    GG: Try resetting the router, like avenger_jcc suggested. Also, a few things you can try:

    - 1) Upgrade the firmware (may resolve some issues you are having)
    - 2) Delete the DHCP table and restart the computers. It may be that the computers are having issues with the IP addresses they were assigned by the DHCP server. A client of mine was having problems with a linksys router and did that and it resolved the problems.

    Good luck. If you figure out what the problem was, can you post it here? That way, if I ever have any other clients that have problems, I know what to look for.


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    Linksys Wireless PCI cards have problems with Windows 2000 (was supposed to be fixed with latest software...but I'm still waiting)

    I suggest you phone the FREE LINKSYS support line. Online 24 hours a day

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    Thanks for all of the suggestions, I had tried most of what was suggested to no avail. I ended up calling tech support, and it turned out to be a hardware problem with my wireless USB adapter. And, by the way, Linksys does have excellent support and my adapter was replaced promptly.

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