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Thread: Games For Lamers !?

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    Games For Lamers !?

    I happened to be in irc.box.sk for the hell of it the other day , and the conversations were pretty low , so I Asked if anyone owns Red Faction 2 , seeing as though it is an awesome game.Then Some A-Hole op bans me and sais no warez.WTF.I go back in and tell him that i wasnt looking for any warez what so ever.They Kick me out again and said "Games Are For Lamers".WTF!Well I just wanted to let everyone know how much of *******s they are in box.sk.But That is just the worst reason in the world to flame somebody.
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    It seems that they never played "day of the tentacle"

    Maybe they should.
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    i can understand them wanting to keep gaming conversations out of there screens...
    you have a point, it's not bad to talk "off-topic" but too much can be devistating to an online community... i think that's why people get so upset about stuff like that... they are just looking out for them-selves... i'm sure that many AO members can understand where i'm coming from... although we should be able to talk "off-topic" it's hard to find that happy medium (a thin line to cross)- anyway- just my thoughts on it

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    LOL half the posts lately are "off topic", but that's a good thing. Why we have "Chit Chat" areas and such, people just freely talking and communicating. Never know, sometimes getting off topic sometimes can bring many subjects up about the "topic" (if that makes sense?). LOL, though being banned without a warning or anything I think is a LITTLE harsh ;-)

    instronics is right, heheh, but I still want to play that game with sound sometime! Old School = Cool Beans (sometimes)
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    i like geki2 (KDE Linux game)

    and unreal tournament is of course good, and doom.

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    Day of the Tentacle, and, by extension, any lucasarts adventure game, did kick much more than their share of @ss. I kinda wish I still had the disposable income for games. They're not for losers(exception: Swamp Buggy Racing. Look at a review for that one for a good laugh, haha.) They're the perfect way to piss away time that SHOULD be spent learning, or doing something.
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    Don't condem all box.sk sites just becuase you had a bad experience at one of them. I'm a fairly active member of neworder and i find the discussions there to be, for the most part, well moderated, informative, and intellegent.

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    you mean its better to go to another board and talk behind their backs? in their face man or dont talk about them at all after all it is their site they are free to have it the way they want it and your free to have your opinion of it but at least be stand-up about it.
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    From what i see in those box.sk sites is those people know what there doing. And maybe some are just so dedicated to the subject and dont like it wen you go off of it. But getting banned for trying to start a conversation and without warning i think is kinda harsh too.
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    I concur on the fact that day of the tenticle was/is one of the top games that i have ever played, along with the marathon series(best ever fps) and jediknight 2(still playing).

    Ive never had a problem with box.sk, but their convo's didnt really intrigue me that much either. I prefer the casual lamers on yahoo chat, and my eternal seach for one of the yahoo 'hacker groups' that acctually has a member that can program in c ^_^.

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