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Thread: Bess proxy/filter

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    Bess proxy/filter

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows the simplest way to bypass the Bess 'proxy'...I wanna be able to be free but my school is gay, it slows my connection way down when im gaming or w/e.

    I know this is a n00b question and all but I'm a n00b and I couldnt find anything that would help within the first 20 pages of google.
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    Well really you have to watch how you word a question. We are not here to "get around" security, we are here to talk about exploits/viruses/security related topics (most of the time) and how to prevent them, etc.

    I'm not going to answer your question, because your school has BESS in place for a reason. Believe me I remember how it was, I graduated from high school just a few years ago, and they used BESS (stupid dog). I feel for you, but your school has rules so you should just adhere to them and not get yourself in trouble over something that is not really a big deal. Surf freely at home!

    Anyway I just wanted to post this here and let you know. Because some people don't take kindly to those who ask questions like that, even harmlessly. Not me though, I understand how it is. Just keep that in mind for your next thread/post!
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