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    Slackware Boot problem!

    I have just installed Windows 2000 on hda1 and Slackware 8.1 on hda5 but i cant boot into Slackware.

    I firstly created a Primary DOS partition (windows) and then created an Extended DOS partition (linux).

    I installed windows on the primary partition, then installed linux on the extended no problems i could see.

    I installed LILO to the superblock of the Linux partition, so as to not mess up the MBR.

    I now need to know how to boot into Slackware, because when i reboot Windows 2000 boots, i guess thats because of the MBR!

    Can anyone please advise on this?

    Thanks in advance


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    Slack 8.1 boot problem

    Did you create a linux native partition (ie the root directory "/" for it to boot into in addition to the extended DOS partition? Did you make a startup disk?


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    Yeah i created a Linux native partition, as well as the NTFS windows partition.
    Unfortunately i didnt create a boot disc!

    Any ideas?


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    I now need to know how to boot into Slackware, because when i reboot Windows 2000 boots, i guess thats because of the MBR!

    You need to create a Linux boot sector file and add it to the boot.ini file in order for Linux to appear in your Windows boot menu. There is an excellent tutorial on the subject here. Skip ahead to the part about creating a Linux boot sector file with BOOTPART and go from there.

    Personally, I would have added lilo or grub to the MBR and saved the hassle, because I find them to be more flexible than Windows and because Win2k is unique among the Windows family because it does not overwrite the boot sector when you reinstall. So no fear there as long as you have 2k.
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    I just wrote a tutorial on the subject a few days back. Hope it helps: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...&postid=609040. Also, I'd advice that you try GRUB/LILO before using the W2K bootloader as they're a lot more flexible. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to post them here.
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    You can boot the CD and then specify where linux is. (linux root=/hda5)
    This will help you boot up slack.
    Now once in you will have to either configure lilo (or another) bootmanager or create a bootdisk.
    CGK tut is worth the read on this one.

    Cheers r3b007

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