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Thread: infinite POST, no POST

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    infinite POST, no POST

    I just replaced a power supply on a friends box. Upon booting up I am greeted either by total silence (no POST) or infinite POST beeps. This is the first time I've come across this one personally and it has me baffled. Anyone out there care to speculate on what the potential problem(s) might be?
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    I ran into this problem myself before and it turned out that the issue appeared to be in the power supply itself. I tried taking out every thing I could think of in an attempt to isolate the problem, finally, when I tried swapping the PS, it worked. Just a thought.
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    I agree. since the last thing you changed seems to have introduced the problem, Id try replacing the replaced part.
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    Another thing you can do is take out the manual for the MOBO and try to figure out what those beeps are trying to tell you. Mobos are pretty good at telling you what is ailing them. You can also try clearing the CMOS. Then going into BIOS and setting everything back up. That is what I would do.

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    Smile allenb1963

    Hi allenb1963 ,

    Please refer to the tutorials, I have written on this subject.Might give more insight to the beep codes and probs:



    * One thing I always do when I have a hardware problem is to get back to basic.Unplug everthing, except the the vga, motherboard and psu.Power it on.

    You should be able to see something on the screen and the computer will beep cuz the key board and mouse is missing..

    If u donít see anything on the screen then, most likely the motherboard is touching the case somewhere, u'll get infinite silence, (short circuit)

    Test the motherboard outside the case to make sure it hasnt burnt out.

    Things to check :-

    1) Make sure memory cards are pushed in properly.

    2) CPU is not loose.

    3) If the CPU overclocked , set it back to standard speed. (reset bios)

    Good Luck


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