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    close to being banned accounts

    Ok, iv been thinking about this for quite a bit, i looked over the accounts on the close to being banned list, now theres a few that may be active on there, but almost every account i looked at right now, has made 1 or 2 posts, been negged to hell and havnt been signed on in months... my idea is why not just delete or ban those that made 1 or 2 posts and arent coming back anyway, it would open space for people that are still here and about to be banned.

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    Any idea is good...Then "Surrenderordie5" will have lost his name from the front page.
    A record of over 4-7 mths??


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    yes, and when you mean it will make room for other people being banned, thats not a true statement. the only reason they are on that list, is becuase there AP is very low. but people that dont make that list, are still close to being banned. i dunno if you got confused about that part?
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    In a way it sounds like you guys are trying to help show more people that they are about to be banned? I donno, I find this to be an "odd" thread about "making room", etc. I think that the people about to be banned should know that already and just deal with it.

    But I do agree, if an account is sitting inactive for like 3 months, then it should be deleted. Kind of like what Hotmail (MSN) does. If you don't check your email at all within 3 months, they delete your account. Though I think like a week (7 days) before the account is going to be deleted, an email should be sent to that person letting them know that their AO account is going to be deleted. Just incase they might decide they want to continue with AO or not. Then if they sign in, their account won't get deleted. Follow me?

    < edit > I got a question about being banned. After I made my post here, I went to the "Similar Threads" link at the bottom. There I noticed that the first few accounts are "banned" but they had lots of positive points. My question is (forgive me but the FQA's really did not help) how can an account be banned if it has positive AP points (especailly a crap load)? </edit >
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    LMAO !!!
    Almost everyone in that thread got banned altough they have many antipoints.
    That is because you can disbehave (in whatever sence) even if you have very many antipoints... The self moderation fails there, because such a person can't be banned that easily. I think most of the people in that thread were banned due to the antipoint alliance thing, account sharing and other tricks... Ask JP for details because he's the only one who could've banned them, at that moment.

    btw the fiend:
    it's a nice idea that has been thrown up before... I don't remember the outcome of previous suggestions, but there would have been a reason the idea didn't pass.
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    yea i was thinking about this last night and didnt see any other posts about it so i was like hey why not suggest it, i didnt mean the post to ound like a dick though, i was more talking about the accounts that have sat there for the last 3 months on the almost banned thing, a few of them have even said they werent coming back, i think its safe to delete those. but as for the people that are still here i think they deserve there second chance like anyone else.

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    You ppl have way to much time on your hands. Go outside for christ sake.

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    heh jojusa was on that list for at least 6 months...

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