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Thread: Linux Hang

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    Red face Linux Hang


    I have P-I, 80 MB RAM 133 MHZ PC with two OS. Win 98 & RH 7.2. I am booting linux from boot disk.
    It works fine till i am working on it but when it is ideal , PC gets hangs and I have to reset my PC to boot again.I checked with Win 98 & found its working without any problem.
    Is there any reason to get Linux hangs ?? Any modification to be done ??

    Thanks in advance..

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    How big is your swap? How much space did you alot for your various important directories (var, usr, /, bin, etc.)? RH 7.2 is known as a buggy distro. Perhaps there is a hardware issue causing the bug? Which Windows Manager (Gnome, KDE, etc.) are you using in Linux?
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    i suggest you to replace your whole old damn pc
    u will feel better after that.

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    replace? man that PC he is using is more than fine for any Linux or BSD distro, a 386 is what? 11 MHz? a P1 is faster than that, and so there fore hes still above minimum requirements. and i agree with mittens, might wanna take a look at your swap file.

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