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    Manufactuers can now web-enable their newest devices thanks to the XPort, and its smaller than your thumb. It has 10 Base-T/100 Base-Tx Ethernet connection speed. It includes a bunch of protocols including, TCP/IP, Telnet and HTTP. There's a built in webserver to serve both webpages and Java applets. Most importantly, it has optional 128-bit AES Rijndael encryption.

    You can check it out here:
    Make sure you read the fact sheet at the bottom, its the most informative part.

    Here's a good AES fact sheet for those of you who aren't too familiar with it (like me):

    Hopefully this will lead to all of our favourite items becoming (securely) web-enabled!

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    You know think of the possibilites of this? I mean maybe in the future you could have a whole server for DNS, Web in the size of a square block eraser. Then you could have an FTP server, mail server in the size of like on eo those new small laptop mice. Man, that would save so much space and time setting up. Plus replacement would take no time at all. WOW! Very cool post Algaen!
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    saw this on slashdot, yes it's 10/100 but from what was posted, the serial interface is only capable of 300kbps, so it won't be used for anything with high demand yet...

    but what it will be good for is network enabled devices.. like a web enabled dishwasher that you can determine if it's full and start it the cycle... or your fridge where you could find out if there's any coke in there before you got up to go get one...

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    Heh, most definatly cool. It's items like this that let me know I picked the right field to be involved in. I'm always amazed at the kind of technology being put out now a days.
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