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Thread: Which linux distro?

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    Which linux distro?

    hey guys,

    i am gonna install linux (again), but its been a while since i last used it, like 4 years.
    I aint a n00b to comps, and know most win op sys very well.
    I would like to know what distro of linux do u think is worth going for?

    i dont want one to "start off" with, or a dumbed down ver., cos once u start with one of those u develop a fear of change to a "serious" version, if ya know what i mean. I just want a distro thats fast, relaibe (most are tho) and very flexible and powerful, but also nice to work with. Im considering suse or mandrake, but if u guys suggest anything else thats great.

    Thx in advance. Quicksilver.

    p.s Im going to learn java, if it makes any diff. ( and i will do it even if i have to staple my eyelids open and inject the caffine.. i will do it :P )

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    Hrmmm. Well, certainly RH is the most common in business today (I think). But what you might want to do is try something different like FreeBSD or Slackware. Might give you a bit more challenge. The JDK can be installed on pretty much anything.
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    The live cd of knoppix. You can't fail with that one.
    Anyways, there are about a few 100 of threads with the exact same question. If you use the search box at the top right corner on the main page, I'm sure you'll find all the things you want.
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    ty guys.

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