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    why why why do u do that?

    who the hell keeps on deleting my threads, ffs. Im only asking, and it IS what this forum is here for, so whats the story? plz tell me instead of just hitting del. Or go and ***** yourself. one or the other.

    cant seee private msgs either, post plz.

    plz post.

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    You may have more success PM'ing the moderator than attacking him......

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    I moved your posts into forums where they'd get the most response. In addition, this forum "AntiOnline: How Do I? Or What is?" is more for queries about AO itself and its mechanics.
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    Are you positive they got deleted? There are now some forums that do not show on the main page....just a thought.

    BTW....if they read anything like your above post, I can understand them being deleted...even though you used astericks, the language bleeds right thru. AO is now corporate owned, and I'd venture to say that potential advertisers would tend to shy away from a site that sports such language. Again, just a thought.
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    I see your post in different places like MsMittens said.
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    To allenb1963 's point -- you might get assigned anti-points for the attitude but you wouldn't get banned. The new corporate management isn't that uptight!

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