I think to get a good grasp on networking and how computers communicate learning the difference between a hardware port, a network port and a ephemeral port how they work is very important.So here is a short tutorial on how each differ from the other. So here it goes.....

In computing, port has three meanings:

A hardware port is an outlet on a piece of equipment into which a plug or cable connects. For instance, a computer may have a keyboard port, into which the keyboard is connected.

A networking port, so named by analogy with the above, is a notational point for the connection of network programs. In TCP and UDP , multiple network services running on a single host are distinguished by port numbers; the operating system kernel uses these port numbers to sort out which packet s should go to which programs. A program which is using a port, whether to await connections (i.e. to be a server) or to make connections, is said to have a socket bound to that port -- more hardware analogy. A well known port is between the range 0-1023 which were traditionally assigned by IANA . Ephemeral ports are somewhere between 1024 to 65535 depending on the implementation of the TCP/IP stack of an operating system. In programming, a port is a localization or translation of a piece of software to a particular API , OS , or other environment. To port software is to edit it so that it can be compiled or otherwise run on that platform. It is generally regarded as a sign of good engineering for software to be easily portable. An example of a software port is the linux port available for Unreal Tournament 2003, my favorite game Below are a list of all known ports.

Port Assignments:

Keyword Decimal Description References
------- ------- ----------- ----------
0/tcp Reserved
0/udp Reserved
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
tcpmux 1/tcp TCP Port Service Multiplexer
tcpmux 1/udp TCP Port Service Multiplexer
# Mark Lottor <MKL@nisc.sri.com>
compressnet 2/tcp Management Utility
compressnet 2/udp Management Utility
compressnet 3/tcp Compression Process
compressnet 3/udp Compression Process
# Bernie Volz <VOLZ@PROCESS.COM>
# 4/tcp Unassigned
# 4/udp Unassigned
rje 5/tcp Remote Job Entry
rje 5/udp Remote Job Entry
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
# 6/tcp Unassigned
# 6/udp Unassigned
echo 7/tcp Echo
echo 7/udp Echo
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
# 8/tcp Unassigned
# 8/udp Unassigned
discard 9/tcp Discard
discard 9/udp Discard
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
# 10/tcp Unassigned
# 10/udp Unassigned
systat 11/tcp Active Users
systat 11/udp Active Users
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
# 12/tcp Unassigned
# 12/udp Unassigned
daytime 13/tcp Daytime (RFC 867)
daytime 13/udp Daytime (RFC 867)
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
# 14/tcp Unassigned
# 14/udp Unassigned
# 15/tcp Unassigned [was netstat]
# 15/udp Unassigned
# 16/tcp Unassigned
# 16/udp Unassigned
qotd 17/tcp Quote of the Day
qotd 17/udp Quote of the Day
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
msp 18/tcp Message Send Protocol
msp 18/udp Message Send Protocol
# Rina Nethaniel <---none--->
chargen 19/tcp Character Generator
chargen 19/udp Character Generator
ftp-data 20/tcp File Transfer [Default Data]
ftp-data 20/udp File Transfer [Default Data]
ftp 21/tcp File Transfer [Control]
ftp 21/udp File Transfer [Control]
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
ssh 22/tcp SSH Remote Login Protocol
ssh 22/udp SSH Remote Login Protocol
# Tatu Ylonen <ylo@cs.hut.fi>
telnet 23/tcp Telnet
telnet 23/udp Telnet
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
24/tcp any private mail system
24/udp any private mail system
# Rick Adams <rick@UUNET.UU.NET>
smtp 25/tcp Simple Mail Transfer
smtp 25/udp Simple Mail Transfer
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
# 26/tcp Unassigned
# 26/udp Unassigned
nsw-fe 27/tcp NSW User System FE
nsw-fe 27/udp NSW User System FE
# Robert Thomas <BThomas@F.BBN.COM>
# 28/tcp Unassigned
# 28/udp Unassigned
msg-icp 29/tcp MSG ICP
msg-icp 29/udp MSG ICP
# Robert Thomas <BThomas@F.BBN.COM>
# 30/tcp Unassigned
# 30/udp Unassigned
msg-auth 31/tcp MSG Authentication
msg-auth 31/udp MSG Authentication
# Robert Thomas <BThomas@F.BBN.COM>
# 32/tcp Unassigned
# 32/udp Unassigned
dsp 33/tcp Display Support Protocol
dsp 33/udp Display Support Protocol
# Ed Cain <cain@edn-unix.dca.mil>
# 34/tcp Unassigned
# 34/udp Unassigned
35/tcp any private printer server
35/udp any private printer server
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
# 36/tcp Unassigned
# 36/udp Unassigned
time 37/tcp Time
time 37/udp Time
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
rap 38/tcp Route Access Protocol
rap 38/udp Route Access Protocol
# Robert Ullmann <ariel@world.std.com>
rlp 39/tcp Resource Location Protocol
rlp 39/udp Resource Location Protocol
# 40/tcp Unassigned
# 40/udp Unassigned
graphics 41/tcp Graphics
graphics 41/udp Graphics
name 42/tcp Host Name Server
name 42/udp Host Name Server
nameserver 42/tcp Host Name Server
nameserver 42/udp Host Name Server
nicname 43/tcp Who Is
nicname 43/udp Who Is
mpm-flags 44/tcp MPM FLAGS Protocol
mpm-flags 44/udp MPM FLAGS Protocol
mpm 45/tcp Message Processing Module [recv]
mpm 45/udp Message Processing Module [recv]
mpm-snd 46/tcp MPM [default send]
mpm-snd 46/udp MPM [default send]
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
ni-ftp 47/tcp NI FTP
ni-ftp 47/udp NI FTP
# Steve Kille <S.Kille@isode.com>
auditd 48/tcp Digital Audit Daemon
auditd 48/udp Digital Audit Daemon
# Larry Scott <scott@zk3.dec.com>
tacacs 49/tcp Login Host Protocol (TACACS)
tacacs 49/udp Login Host Protocol (TACACS)
# Pieter Ditmars <pditmars@BBN.COM>
re-mail-ck 50/tcp Remote Mail Checking Protocol
re-mail-ck 50/udp Remote Mail Checking Protocol
# Steve Dorner <s-dorner@UIUC.EDU>
la-maint 51/tcp IMP Logical Address Maintenance
la-maint 51/udp IMP Logical Address Maintenance
# Andy Malis <malis_a@timeplex.com>
xns-time 52/tcp XNS Time Protocol
xns-time 52/udp XNS Time Protocol
# Susie Armstrong <Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX>
domain 53/tcp Domain Name Server
domain 53/udp Domain Name Server
# Paul Mockapetris <PVM@ISI.EDU>
xns-ch 54/tcp XNS *************
xns-ch 54/udp XNS *************
# Susie Armstrong <Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX>
isi-gl 55/tcp ISI Graphics Language
isi-gl 55/udp ISI Graphics Language
xns-auth 56/tcp XNS Authentication
xns-auth 56/udp XNS Authentication
# Susie Armstrong <Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX>
57/tcp any private terminal access
57/udp any private terminal access
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
xns-mail 58/tcp XNS Mail
xns-mail 58/udp XNS Mail
# Susie Armstrong <Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX>
59/tcp any private file service
59/udp any private file service
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
60/tcp Unassigned
60/udp Unassigned
ni-mail 61/tcp NI MAIL
ni-mail 61/udp NI MAIL
# Steve Kille <S.Kille@isode.com>
acas 62/tcp ACA Services
acas 62/udp ACA Services
# E. Wald <ewald@via.enet.dec.com>
whois++ 63/tcp whois++
whois++ 63/udp whois++
# Rickard Schoultz <schoultz@sunet.se>
covia 64/tcp Communications Integrator (CI)
covia 64/udp Communications Integrator (CI)
# Dan Smith <dan.smith@den.galileo.com>
tacacs-ds 65/tcp TACACS-Database Service
tacacs-ds 65/udp TACACS-Database Service
# Kathy Huber <khuber@bbn.com>
sql*net 66/tcp Oracle SQL*NET
sql*net 66/udp Oracle SQL*NET
# Jack Haverty <jhaverty@ORACLE.COM>
bootps 67/tcp Bootstrap Protocol Server
bootps 67/udp Bootstrap Protocol Server
bootpc 68/tcp Bootstrap Protocol Client
bootpc 68/udp Bootstrap Protocol Client
tftp 69/tcp Trivial File Transfer
tftp 69/udp Trivial File Transfer
# David Clark <ddc@LCS.MIT.EDU>
gopher 70/tcp Gopher
gopher 70/udp Gopher
# Mark McCahill <mpm@boombox.micro.umn.edu>
netrjs-1 71/tcp Remote Job Service
netrjs-1 71/udp Remote Job Service
netrjs-2 72/tcp Remote Job Service
netrjs-2 72/udp Remote Job Service
netrjs-3 73/tcp Remote Job Service
netrjs-3 73/udp Remote Job Service
netrjs-4 74/tcp Remote Job Service
netrjs-4 74/udp Remote Job Service
# Bob Braden <Braden@ISI.EDU>
75/tcp any private dial out service
75/udp any private dial out service
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
deos 76/tcp Distributed External Object Store
deos 76/udp Distributed External Object Store
# Robert Ullmann <ariel@world.std.com>
77/tcp any private RJE service
77/udp any private RJE service
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
vettcp 78/tcp vettcp
vettcp 78/udp vettcp
# Christopher Leong <leong@kolmod.mlo.dec.com>
finger 79/tcp Finger
finger 79/udp Finger
# David Zimmerman <dpz@RUTGERS.EDU>
http 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP
http 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP
www 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP
www 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP
www-http 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP
www-http 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP
# Tim Berners-Lee <timbl@W3.org>
hosts2-ns 81/tcp HOSTS2 Name Server
hosts2-ns 81/udp HOSTS2 Name Server
# Earl Killian <EAK@MORDOR.S1.GOV>
xfer 82/tcp XFER Utility
xfer 82/udp XFER Utility
# Thomas M. Smith <Thomas.M.Smith@lmco.com>
mit-ml-dev 83/tcp MIT ML Device
mit-ml-dev 83/udp MIT ML Device
# David Reed <--none--->
ctf 84/tcp Common Trace Facility
ctf 84/udp Common Trace Facility
# Hugh Thomas <thomas@oils.enet.dec.com>
mit-ml-dev 85/tcp MIT ML Device
mit-ml-dev 85/udp MIT ML Device
# David Reed <--none--->
mfcobol 86/tcp Micro Focus Cobol
mfcobol 86/udp Micro Focus Cobol
# Simon Edwards <--none--->
87/tcp any private terminal link
87/udp any private terminal link
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
kerberos 88/tcp Kerberos
kerberos 88/udp Kerberos
# B. Clifford Neuman <bcn@isi.edu>
su-mit-tg 89/tcp SU/MIT Telnet Gateway
su-mit-tg 89/udp SU/MIT Telnet Gateway
# Mark Crispin <MRC@PANDA.COM>
########### PORT 90 also being used unofficially by Pointcast #########
dnsix 90/tcp DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map
dnsix 90/udp DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map
# Charles Watt <watt@sware.com>
mit-dov 91/tcp MIT Dover Spooler
mit-dov 91/udp MIT Dover Spooler
# Eliot Moss <EBM@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU>
npp 92/tcp Network Printing Protocol
npp 92/udp Network Printing Protocol
# Louis Mamakos <louie@sayshell.umd.edu>
dcp 93/tcp Device Control Protocol
dcp 93/udp Device Control Protocol
# Daniel Tappan <Tappan@BBN.COM>
objcall 94/tcp Tivoli Object Dispatcher
objcall 94/udp Tivoli Object Dispatcher
# Tom Bereiter <--none--->
supdup 95/tcp SUPDUP
supdup 95/udp SUPDUP
# Mark Crispin <MRC@PANDA.COM>
dixie 96/tcp DIXIE Protocol Specification
dixie 96/udp DIXIE Protocol Specification
# Tim Howes <Tim.Howes@terminator.cc.umich.edu>
swift-rvf 97/tcp Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol
swift-rvf 97/udp Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol
# Maurice R. Turcotte
# <mailrus!uflorida!rm1!dnmrt%rmatl@uunet.UU.NET>
tacnews 98/tcp TAC News
tacnews 98/udp TAC News
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
metagram 99/tcp Metagram Relay
metagram 99/udp Metagram Relay
# Geoff Goodfellow <Geoff@FERNWOOD.MPK.CA.US>
newacct 100/tcp [unauthorized use]
hostname 101/tcp NIC Host Name Server
hostname 101/udp NIC Host Name Server
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
iso-tsap 102/tcp ISO-TSAP Class 0
iso-tsap 102/udp ISO-TSAP Class 0
# Marshall Rose <mrose@dbc.mtview.ca.us>
gppitnp 103/tcp Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net
gppitnp 103/udp Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net
acr-nema 104/tcp ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300
acr-nema 104/udp ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300
# Patrick McNamee <--none--->
cso 105/tcp CCSO name server protocol
cso 105/udp CCSO name server protocol
# Martin Hamilton <martin@mrrl.lut.as.uk>
csnet-ns 105/tcp Mailbox Name Nameserver
csnet-ns 105/udp Mailbox Name Nameserver
# Marvin Solomon <solomon@CS.WISC.EDU>
3com-tsmux 106/tcp 3COM-TSMUX
3com-tsmux 106/udp 3COM-TSMUX
# Jeremy Siegel <jzs@NSD.3Com.COM>
########## 106 Unauthorized use by insecure poppassd protocol
rtelnet 107/tcp Remote Telnet Service
rtelnet 107/udp Remote Telnet Service
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
snagas 108/tcp SNA Gateway Access Server
snagas 108/udp SNA Gateway Access Server
# Kevin Murphy <murphy@sevens.lkg.dec.com>
pop2 109/tcp Post Office Protocol - Version 2
pop2 109/udp Post Office Protocol - Version 2
# Joyce K. Reynolds <jkrey@isi.edu>
pop3 110/tcp Post Office Protocol - Version 3
pop3 110/udp Post Office Protocol - Version 3
# Marshall Rose <mrose@dbc.mtview.ca.us>
sunrpc 111/tcp SUN Remote Procedure Call
sunrpc 111/udp SUN Remote Procedure Call
# Chuck McManis <cmcmanis@freegate.net>
mcidas 112/tcp McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol
mcidas 112/udp McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol
# Glenn Davis <support@unidata.ucar.edu>
ident 113/tcp
auth 113/tcp Authentication Service
auth 113/udp Authentication Service
# Mike St. Johns <stjohns@arpa.mil>
audionews 114/tcp Audio News Multicast
audionews 114/udp Audio News Multicast
# Martin Forssen <maf@dtek.chalmers.se>
sftp 115/tcp Simple File Transfer Protocol
sftp 115/udp Simple File Transfer Protocol
# Mark Lottor <MKL@nisc.sri.com>
ansanotify 116/tcp ANSA REX Notify
ansanotify 116/udp ANSA REX Notify
# Nicola J. Howarth <njh@ansa.co.uk>
uucp-path 117/tcp UUCP Path Service
uucp-path 117/udp UUCP Path Service
sqlserv 118/tcp SQL Services
sqlserv 118/udp SQL Services
# Larry Barnes <barnes@broke.enet.dec.com>
nntp 119/tcp Network News Transfer Protocol
nntp 119/udp Network News Transfer Protocol
# Phil Lapsley <phil@UCBARPA.BERKELEY.EDU>
cfdptkt 120/tcp CFDPTKT
cfdptkt 120/udp CFDPTKT
# John Ioannidis <ji@close.cs.columbia.ed>
erpc 121/tcp Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
erpc 121/udp Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
# Jack O'Neil <---none--->
smakynet 122/tcp SMAKYNET
smakynet 122/udp SMAKYNET
# Pierre Arnaud <pierre.arnaud@iname.com>
ntp 123/tcp Network Time Protocol
ntp 123/udp Network Time Protocol
# Dave Mills <Mills@HUEY.UDEL.EDU>
ansatrader 124/tcp ANSA REX Trader
ansatrader 124/udp ANSA REX Trader
# Nicola J. Howarth <njh@ansa.co.uk>
locus-map 125/tcp Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser
locus-map 125/udp Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser
# Eric Peterson <lcc.eric@SEAS.UCLA.EDU>
nxedit 126/tcp NXEdit
nxedit 126/udp NXEdit
# Don Payette <Don.Payette@unisys.com>
###########Port 126 Previously assigned to application below#######
#unitary 126/tcp Unisys Unitary Login
#unitary 126/udp Unisys Unitary Login
# <feil@kronos.nisd.cam.unisys.com>
###########Port 126 Previously assigned to application above#######
locus-con 127/tcp Locus PC-Interface Conn Server
locus-con 127/udp Locus PC-Interface Conn Server
# Eric Peterson <lcc.eric@SEAS.UCLA.EDU>
gss-xlicen 128/tcp GSS X License Verification
gss-xlicen 128/udp GSS X License Verification
# John Light <johnl@gssc.gss.com>
pwdgen 129/tcp Password Generator Protocol
pwdgen 129/udp Password Generator Protocol
cisco-fna 130/tcp cisco FNATIVE
cisco-fna 130/udp cisco FNATIVE
cisco-tna 131/tcp cisco TNATIVE
cisco-tna 131/udp cisco TNATIVE
cisco-sys 132/tcp cisco SYSMAINT
cisco-sys 132/udp cisco SYSMAINT
statsrv 133/tcp Statistics Service
statsrv 133/udp Statistics Service
# Dave Mills <Mills@HUEY.UDEL.EDU>
ingres-net 134/tcp INGRES-NET Service
ingres-net 134/udp INGRES-NET Service
# Mike Berrow <---none--->
epmap 135/tcp DCE endpoint resolution
epmap 135/udp DCE endpoint resolution
# Joe Pato <pato@apollo.hp.com>
profile 136/tcp PROFILE Naming System
profile 136/udp PROFILE Naming System
# Larry Peterson <llp@ARIZONA.EDU>
netbios-ns 137/tcp NETBIOS Name Service
netbios-ns 137/udp NETBIOS Name Service
netbios-dgm 138/tcp NETBIOS Datagram Service
netbios-dgm 138/udp NETBIOS Datagram Service
netbios-ssn 139/tcp NETBIOS Session Service
netbios-ssn 139/udp NETBIOS Session Service
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
emfis-data 140/tcp EMFIS Data Service
emfis-data 140/udp EMFIS Data Service
emfis-cntl 141/tcp EMFIS Control Service
emfis-cntl 141/udp EMFIS Control Service
# Gerd Beling <GBELING@ISI.EDU>
bl-idm 142/tcp Britton-Lee IDM
bl-idm 142/udp Britton-Lee IDM
# Susie Snitzer <---none--->
imap 143/tcp Internet Message Access Protocol
imap 143/udp Internet Message Access Protocol
# Mark Crispin <MRC@CAC.Washington.EDU>
uma 144/tcp Universal Management Architecture
uma 144/udp Universal Management Architecture
# Jay Whitney <jw@powercenter.com>
uaac 145/tcp UAAC Protocol
uaac 145/udp UAAC Protocol
# David A. Gomberg <gomberg@GATEWAY.MITRE.ORG>
iso-tp0 146/tcp ISO-IP0
iso-tp0 146/udp ISO-IP0
iso-ip 147/tcp ISO-IP
iso-ip 147/udp ISO-IP
# Marshall Rose <mrose@dbc.mtview.ca.us>
jargon 148/tcp Jargon
jargon 148/udp Jargon
# Bill Weinman <wew@bearnet.com>
aed-512 149/tcp AED 512 Emulation Service
aed-512 149/udp AED 512 Emulation Service
# Albert G. Broscius <broscius@DSL.CIS.UPENN.EDU>
sql-net 150/tcp SQL-NET
sql-net 150/udp SQL-NET
# Martin Picard <<---none--->
hems 151/tcp HEMS
hems 151/udp HEMS
bftp 152/tcp Background File Transfer Program
bftp 152/udp Background File Transfer Program
# Annette DeSchon <DESCHON@ISI.EDU>
sgmp 153/tcp SGMP
sgmp 153/udp SGMP
# Marty Schoffstahl <schoff@NISC.NYSER.NET>
netsc-prod 154/tcp NETSC
netsc-prod 154/udp NETSC
netsc-dev 155/tcp NETSC
netsc-dev 155/udp NETSC
# Sergio Heker <heker@JVNCC.CSC.ORG>
sqlsrv 156/tcp SQL Service
sqlsrv 156/udp SQL Service
# Craig Rogers <Rogers@ISI.EDU>
knet-cmp 157/tcp KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol
knet-cmp 157/udp KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol
pcmail-srv 158/tcp PCMail Server
pcmail-srv 158/udp PCMail Server
# Mark L. Lambert <markl@PTT.LCS.MIT.EDU>
nss-routing 159/tcp NSS-Routing
nss-routing 159/udp NSS-Routing
# Yakov Rekhter <Yakov@IBM.COM>
sgmp-traps 160/tcp SGMP-TRAPS
sgmp-traps 160/udp SGMP-TRAPS
# Marty Schoffstahl <schoff@NISC.NYSER.NET>
snmp 161/tcp SNMP
snmp 161/udp SNMP
snmptrap 162/tcp SNMPTRAP
snmptrap 162/udp SNMPTRAP
# Marshall Rose <mrose@dbc.mtview.ca.us>
cmip-man 163/tcp CMIP/TCP Manager
cmip-man 163/udp CMIP/TCP Manager
cmip-agent 164/tcp CMIP/TCP Agent
cmip-agent 164/udp CMIP/TCP Agent
# Amatzia Ben-Artzi <---none--->
xns-courier 165/tcp Xerox
xns-courier 165/udp Xerox
# Susie Armstrong <Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX.COM>
s-net 166/tcp Sirius Systems
s-net 166/udp Sirius Systems
# Brian Lloyd <brian@lloyd.com>
namp 167/tcp NAMP
namp 167/udp NAMP
# Marty Schoffstahl <schoff@NISC.NYSER.NET>
rsvd 168/tcp RSVD
rsvd 168/udp RSVD
# Neil Todd <mcvax!ist.co.uk!neil@UUNET.UU.NET>
send 169/tcp SEND
send 169/udp SEND
# William D. Wisner <wisner@HAYES.FAI.ALASKA.EDU>
print-srv 170/tcp Network PostScript
print-srv 170/udp Network PostScript
# Brian Reid <reid@DECWRL.DEC.COM>
multiplex 171/tcp Network Innovations Multiplex
multiplex 171/udp Network Innovations Multiplex
cl/1 172/tcp Network Innovations CL/1
cl/1 172/udp Network Innovations CL/1
# Kevin DeVault <<---none--->
xyplex-mux 173/tcp Xyplex
xyplex-mux 173/udp Xyplex
mailq 174/tcp MAILQ
mailq 174/udp MAILQ
# Rayan Zachariassen <rayan@AI.TORONTO.EDU>
vmnet 175/tcp VMNET
vmnet 175/udp VMNET
# Christopher Tengi <tengi@Princeton.EDU>
genrad-mux 176/tcp GENRAD-MUX
genrad-mux 176/udp GENRAD-MUX
# Ron Thornton <thornton@qm7501.genrad.com>
xdmcp 177/tcp X Display Manager Control Protocol
xdmcp 177/udp X Display Manager Control Protocol
# Robert W. Scheifler <RWS@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU>
nextstep 178/tcp NextStep Window Server
nextstep 178/udp NextStep Window Server
# Leo Hourvitz <leo@NEXT.COM>
bgp 179/tcp Border Gateway Protocol
bgp 179/udp Border Gateway Protocol
ris 180/tcp Intergraph
ris 180/udp Intergraph
# Dave Buehmann <ingr!daveb@UUNET.UU.NET>
unify 181/tcp Unify
unify 181/udp Unify
# Mark Ainsley <ianaportmaster@unify.com>
audit 182/tcp Unisys Audit SITP
audit 182/udp Unisys Audit SITP
# Gil Greenbaum <gcole@nisd.cam.unisys.com>
ocbinder 183/tcp OCBinder
ocbinder 183/udp OCBinder
ocserver 184/tcp OCServer
ocserver 184/udp OCServer
# Jerrilynn Okamura <--none--->
remote-kis 185/tcp Remote-KIS
remote-kis 185/udp Remote-KIS
kis 186/tcp KIS Protocol
kis 186/udp KIS Protocol
# Ralph Droms <rdroms@NRI.RESTON.VA.US>
aci 187/tcp Application Communication Interface
aci 187/udp Application Communication Interface
# Rick Carlos <rick.ticipa.csc.ti.com>
mumps 188/tcp Plus Five's MUMPS
mumps 188/udp Plus Five's MUMPS
# Hokey Stenn <hokey@PLUS5.COM>
qft 189/tcp Queued File Transport
qft 189/udp Queued File Transport
# Wayne Schroeder <schroeder@SDS.SDSC.EDU>
gacp 190/tcp Gateway Access Control Protocol
gacp 190/udp Gateway Access Control Protocol
# C. Philip Wood <cpw@LANL.GOV>
prospero 191/tcp Prospero Directory Service
prospero 191/udp Prospero Directory Service
# B. Clifford Neuman <bcn@isi.edu>
osu-nms 192/tcp OSU Network Monitoring System
osu-nms 192/udp OSU Network Monitoring System
srmp 193/tcp Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol
srmp 193/udp Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol
# Ted J. Socolofsky <Teds@SPIDER.CO.UK>
irc 194/tcp Internet Relay Chat Protocol
irc 194/udp Internet Relay Chat Protocol
# Jarkko Oikarinen <jto@TOLSUN.OULU.FI>
dn6-nlm-aud 195/tcp DNSIX Network Level Module Audit
dn6-nlm-aud 195/udp DNSIX Network Level Module Audit
dn6-smm-red 196/tcp DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir
dn6-smm-red 196/udp DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir
# Lawrence Lebahn <DIA3@PAXRV-NES.NAVY.MIL>
dls 197/tcp Directory Location Service
dls 197/udp Directory Location Service
dls-mon 198/tcp Directory Location Service Monitor
dls-mon 198/udp Directory Location Service Monitor
# Scott Bellew <smb@cs.purdue.edu>
smux 199/tcp SMUX
smux 199/udp SMUX
# Marshall Rose <mrose@dbc.mtview.ca.us>
src 200/tcp IBM System Resource Controller
src 200/udp IBM System Resource Controller
# Gerald McBrearty <---none--->
at-rtmp 201/tcp AppleTalk Routing Maintenance
at-rtmp 201/udp AppleTalk Routing Maintenance
at-nbp 202/tcp AppleTalk Name Binding
at-nbp 202/udp AppleTalk Name Binding
at-3 203/tcp AppleTalk Unused
at-3 203/udp AppleTalk Unused
at-echo 204/tcp AppleTalk Echo
at-echo 204/udp AppleTalk Echo
at-5 205/tcp AppleTalk Unused
at-5 205/udp AppleTalk Unused
at-zis 206/tcp AppleTalk Zone Information
at-zis 206/udp AppleTalk Zone Information
at-7 207/tcp AppleTalk Unused
at-7 207/udp AppleTalk Unused
at-8 208/tcp AppleTalk Unused
at-8 208/udp AppleTalk Unused
# Rob Chandhok <chandhok@gnome.cs.cmu.edu>
qmtp 209/tcp The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
qmtp 209/udp The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
# Dan Bernstein <djb@silverton.berkeley.edu>
z39.50 210/tcp ANSI Z39.50
z39.50 210/udp ANSI Z39.50
# Mark H. Needleman <markn@sirsi.com>
914c/g 211/tcp Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal
914c/g 211/udp Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal
# Bill Harrell <---none--->
anet 212/tcp ATEXSSTR
anet 212/udp ATEXSSTR
# Jim Taylor <taylor@heart.epps.kodak.com>
ipx 213/tcp IPX
ipx 213/udp IPX
# Don Provan <donp@xlnvax.novell.com>
vmpwscs 214/tcp VM PWSCS
vmpwscs 214/udp VM PWSCS
# Dan Shia <dset!shia@uunet.UU.NET>
softpc 215/tcp Insignia Solutions
softpc 215/udp Insignia Solutions
# Martyn Thomas <---none--->
CAIlic 216/tcp Computer Associates Int'l License Server
CAIlic 216/udp Computer Associates Int'l License Server
# Chuck Spitz <spich04@cai.com>
dbase 217/tcp dBASE Unix
dbase 217/udp dBASE Unix
# Don Gibson
# <sequent!aero!twinsun!ashtate.A-T.COM!dong@uunet.UU.NET>
mpp 218/tcp Netix Message Posting Protocol
mpp 218/udp Netix Message Posting Protocol
# Shannon Yeh <yeh@netix.com>
uarps 219/tcp Unisys ARPs
uarps 219/udp Unisys ARPs
# Ashok Marwaha <---none--->
imap3 220/tcp Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3
imap3 220/udp Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3
fln-spx 221/tcp Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth
fln-spx 221/udp Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth
rsh-spx 222/tcp Berkeley rshd with SPX auth
rsh-spx 222/udp Berkeley rshd with SPX auth
cdc 223/tcp Certificate Distribution Center
cdc 223/udp Certificate Distribution Center
# Kannan Alagappan <kannan@sejour.enet.dec.com>
########### Possible Conflict of Port 222 with "Masqdialer"##############
### Contact for Masqdialer is Charles Wright <cpwright@villagenet.com>###
masqdialer 224/tcp masqdialer
masqdialer 224/udp masqdialer
# Charles Wright <cpwright@villagenet.com>
# 225-241 Reserved
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
direct 242/tcp Direct
direct 242/udp Direct
# Herb Sutter <HerbS@cntc.com>
sur-meas 243/tcp Survey Measurement
sur-meas 243/udp Survey Measurement
# Dave Clark <ddc@LCS.MIT.EDU>
inbusiness 244/tcp inbusiness
inbusiness 244/udp inbusiness
# Derrick Hisatake <derrick.i.hisatake@intel.com>
link 245/tcp LINK
link 245/udp LINK
dsp3270 246/tcp Display Systems Protocol
dsp3270 246/udp Display Systems Protocol
# Weldon J. Showalter <Gamma@MINTAKA.DCA.MIL>
subntbcst_tftp 247/tcp SUBNTBCST_TFTP
subntbcst_tftp 247/udp SUBNTBCST_TFTP
# John Fake <fake@us.ibm.com>
bhfhs 248/tcp bhfhs
bhfhs 248/udp bhfhs
# John Kelly <johnk@bellhow.com>
# 249-255 Reserved
# Jon Postel <postel@isi.edu>
rap 256/tcp RAP
rap 256/udp RAP
# J.S. Greenfield <greeny@raleigh.ibm.com>
set 257/tcp Secure Electronic Transaction
set 257/udp Secure Electronic Transaction
# Donald Eastlake <dee3@torque.pothole.com>
yak-chat 258/tcp Yak Winsock Personal Chat
yak-chat 258/udp Yak Winsock Personal Chat
# Brian Bandy <bbandy@swbell.net>
esro-gen 259/tcp Efficient Short Remote Operations
esro-gen 259/udp Efficient Short Remote Operations
# Mohsen Banan <mohsen@rostam.neda.com>
openport 260/tcp Openport
openport 260/udp Openport
# John Marland <jmarland@dean.openport.com>
nsiiops 261/tcp IIOP Name Service over TLS/SSL
nsiiops 261/udp IIOP Name Service over TLS/SSL
# Jeff Stewart <jstewart@netscape.com>
arcisdms 262/tcp Arcisdms
arcisdms 262/udp Arcisdms
# Russell Crook (rmc@sni.ca>
hdap 263/tcp HDAP
hdap 263/udp HDAP
# Troy Gau <troy@zyxel.com>
bgmp 264/tcp BGMP
bgmp 264/udp BGMP
# Dave Thaler <thalerd@eecs.umich.edu>
x-bone-ctl 265/tcp X-Bone CTL
x-bone-ctl 265/udp X-Bone CTL
# Joe Touch <touch@isi.edu>
sst 266/tcp SCSI on ST
sst 266/udp SCSI on ST
# Donald D. Woelz <don@genroco.com>
td-service 267/tcp Tobit David Service Layer
td-service 267/udp Tobit David Service Layer
td-replica 268/tcp Tobit David Replica
td-replica 268/udp Tobit David Replica
# Franz-Josef Leuders <development@tobit.com>
# 269-279 Unassigned
http-mgmt 280/tcp http-mgmt
http-mgmt 280/udp http-mgmt
# Adrian Pell
# <PELL_ADRIAN/HP-UnitedKingdom_om6@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
personal-link 281/tcp Personal Link
personal-link 281/udp Personal Link
# Dan Cummings <doc@cnr.com>
cableport-ax 282/tcp Cable Port A/X
cableport-ax 282/udp Cable Port A/X
# Craig Langfahl <Craig_J_Langfahl@ccm.ch.intel.com>
rescap 283/tcp rescap
rescap 283/udp rescap
# Paul Hoffman <phoffman@imc.org>
corerjd 284/tcp corerjd
corerjd 284/udp corerjd
# Chris Thornhill <cjt@corenetworks.com>
# 285 Unassigned
fxp-1 286/tcp FXP-1
fxp-1 286/udp FXP-1
# James Darnall <jim@cennoid.com>
k-block 287/tcp K-BLOCK
k-block 287/udp K-BLOCK
# Simon P Jackson <jacko@kring.co.uk>
# 288-307 Unassigned
novastorbakcup 308/tcp Novastor Backup
novastorbakcup 308/udp Novastor Backup
# Brian Dickman <brian@novastor.com>
entrusttime 309/tcp EntrustTime
entrusttime 309/udp EntrustTime
# Peter Whittaker <pww@entrust.com>
bhmds 310/tcp bhmds
bhmds 310/udp bhmds
# John Kelly <johnk@bellhow.com>
asip-webadmin 311/tcp AppleShare IP WebAdmin
asip-webadmin 311/udp AppleShare IP WebAdmin
# Ann Huang <annhuang@apple.com>
vslmp 312/tcp VSLMP
vslmp 312/udp VSLMP
# Gerben Wierda <Gerben_Wierda@RnA.nl>
magenta-logic 313/tcp Magenta Logic
magenta-logic 313/udp Magenta Logic
# Karl Rousseau <kr@netfusion.co.uk>
opalis-robot 314/tcp Opalis Robot
opalis-robot 314/udp Opalis Robot
# Laurent Domenech, Opalis <ldomenech@opalis.com>
dpsi 315/tcp DPSI
dpsi 315/udp DPSI
# Tony Scamurra <Tony@DesktopPaging.com>
decauth 316/tcp decAuth
decauth 316/udp decAuth
# Michael Agishtein <misha@unx.dec.com>
zannet 317/tcp Zannet
zannet 317/udp Zannet
# Zan Oliphant <zan@accessone.com>
pkix-timestamp 318/tcp PKIX TimeStamp
pkix-timestamp 318/udp PKIX TimeStamp
# Robert Zuccherato <robert.zuccherato@entrust.com>
ptp-event 319/tcp PTP Event
ptp-event 319/udp PTP Event
ptp-general 320/tcp PTP General
ptp-general 320/udp PTP General
# John Eidson <eidson@hpl.hp.com>
pip 321/tcp PIP
pip 321/udp PIP
# Gordon Mohr <gojomo@usa.net>
rtsps 322/tcp RTSPS
rtsps 322/udp RTSPS
# Anders Klemets <anderskl@microsoft.com>
# 323-332 Unassigned
texar 333/tcp Texar Security Port
texar 333/udp Texar Security Port
# Eugen Bacic <ebacic@texar.com>
# 334-343 Unassigned
pdap 344/tcp Prospero Data Access Protocol
pdap 344/udp Prospero Data Access Protocol
# B. Clifford Neuman <bcn@isi.edu>
pawserv 345/tcp Perf Analysis Workbench
pawserv 345/udp Perf Analysis Workbench
zserv 346/tcp Zebra server
zserv 346/udp Zebra server
fatserv 347/tcp Fatmen Server
fatserv 347/udp Fatmen Server
csi-sgwp 348/tcp Cabletron Management Protocol
csi-sgwp 348/udp Cabletron Management Protocol
mftp 349/tcp mftp
mftp 349/udp mftp
# Dave Feinleib <davefe@microsoft.com>
matip-type-a 350/tcp MATIP Type A
matip-type-a 350/udp MATIP Type A
matip-type-b 351/tcp MATIP Type B
matip-type-b 351/udp MATIP Type B
# Alain Robert <arobert@par.sita.int>
# The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use
bhoetty 351/tcp bhoetty (added 5/21/97)
bhoetty 351/udp bhoetty
# John Kelly <johnk@bellhow.com>
dtag-ste-sb 352/tcp DTAG (assigned long ago)
dtag-ste-sb 352/udp DTAG
# Ruediger Wald <wald@ez-darmstadt.telekom.de>
# The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use
bhoedap4 352/tcp bhoedap4 (added 5/21/97)
bhoedap4 352/udp bhoedap4
# John Kelly <johnk@bellhow.com>
ndsauth 353/tcp NDSAUTH
ndsauth 353/udp NDSAUTH
# Jayakumar Ramalingam <jayakumar@novell.com>
bh611 354/tcp bh611
bh611 354/udp bh611
# John Kelly <johnk@bellhow.com>
datex-asn 355/tcp DATEX-ASN
datex-asn 355/udp DATEX-ASN
# Kenneth Vaughn <kvaughn@mail.viggen.com>
cloanto-net-1 356/tcp Cloanto Net 1
cloanto-net-1 356/udp Cloanto Net 1
# Michael Battilana <mcb-iana@cloanto.com>
bhevent 357/tcp bhevent
bhevent 357/udp bhevent
# John Kelly <johnk@bellhow.com>
shrinkwrap 358/tcp Shrinkwrap
shrinkwrap 358/udp Shrinkwrap
# Bill Simpson <wsimpson@greendragon.com>
nsrmp 359/tcp Network Security Risk Management Protocol
nsrmp 359/udp Network Security Risk Management Protocol
# Eric Jacksch <jacksch@tenebris.ca>
scoi2odialog 360/tcp scoi2odialog
scoi2odialog 360/udp scoi2odialog
# Keith Petley <keithp@sco.COM>
semantix 361/tcp Semantix
semantix 361/udp Semantix
# Semantix <xsSupport@semantix.com>
srssend 362/tcp SRS Send
srssend 362/udp SRS Send
# Curt Mayer <curt@emergent.com>
rsvp_tunnel 363/tcp RSVP Tunnel
rsvp_tunnel 363/udp RSVP Tunnel
# Andreas Terzis <terzis@cs.ucla.edu>
aurora-cmgr 364/tcp Aurora CMGR
aurora-cmgr 364/udp Aurora CMGR
# Philip Budne <budne@auroratech.com>
dtk 365/tcp DTK
dtk 365/udp DTK
# Fred Cohen <fc@all.net>
odmr 366/tcp ODMR
odmr 366/udp ODMR
# Randall Gellens <randy@qualcomm.com>
mortgageware 367/tcp MortgageWare
mortgageware 367/udp MortgageWare
# Ole Hellevik [list=1]
qbikgdp 368/tcp QbikGDP
qbikgdp 368/udp QbikGDP
# Adrien de Croy <adrien@qbik.com>
rpc2portmap 369/tcp rpc2portmap
rpc2portmap 369/udp rpc2portmap
codaauth2 370/tcp codaauth2
codaauth2 370/udp codaauth2
# Robert Watson <robert@cyrus.watson.org>
clearcase 371/tcp Clearcase
clearcase 371/udp Clearcase
# Dave LeBlang <leglang@atria.com>
ulistproc 372/tcp ListProcessor
ulistproc 372/udp ListProcessor
# Anastasios Kotsikonas <tasos@cs.bu.edu>
legent-1 373/tcp Legent Corporation
legent-1 373/udp Legent Corporation
legent-2 374/tcp Legent Corporation
legent-2 374/udp Legent Corporation
# Keith Boyce <---none--->
hassle 375/tcp Hassle
hassle 375/udp Hassle
# Reinhard Doelz <doelz@comp.bioz.unibas.ch>
nip 376/tcp Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto
nip 376/udp Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto
# Heinz Wrobel <hwrobel@gmx.de>
tnETOS 377/tcp NEC Corporation
tnETOS 377/udp NEC Corporation
dsETOS 378/tcp NEC Corporation
dsETOS 378/udp NEC Corporation
# Tomoo Fujita <tf@arc.bs1.fc.nec.co.jp>
is99c 379/tcp TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem client
is99c 379/udp TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem client
is99s 380/tcp TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server
is99s 380/udp TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server
# Frank Quick <fquick@qualcomm.com>
hp-collector 381/tcp hp performance data collector
hp-collector 381/udp hp performance data collector
hp-managed-node 382/tcp hp performance data managed node
hp-managed-node 382/udp hp performance data managed node
hp-alarm-mgr 383/tcp hp performance data alarm manager
hp-alarm-mgr 383/udp hp performance data alarm manager
# Frank Blakely <frankb@hpptc16.rose.hp.com>
arns 384/tcp A Remote Network Server System
arns 384/udp A Remote Network Server System
# David Hornsby <djh@munnari.OZ.AU>
ibm-app 385/tcp IBM Application
ibm-app 385/udp IBM Application
# Lisa Tomita <---none--->
asa 386/tcp ASA Message Router Object Def.
asa 386/udp ASA Message Router Object Def.
# Steve Laitinen <laitinen@brutus.aa.ab.com>
aurp 387/tcp Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro.
aurp 387/udp Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro.
# Chris Ranch <cranch@novell.com>
unidata-ldm 388/tcp Unidata LDM
unidata-ldm 388/udp Unidata LDM
# Glenn Davis <support@unidata.ucar.edu>
ldap 389/tcp Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
ldap 389/udp Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
# Tim Howes <Tim.Howes@terminator.cc.umich.edu>
uis 390/tcp UIS
uis 390/udp UIS
# Ed Barron <---none--->
synotics-relay 391/tcp SynOptics SNMP Relay Port
synotics-relay 391/udp SynOptics SNMP Relay Port
synotics-broker 392/tcp SynOptics Port Broker Port
synotics-broker 392/udp SynOptics Port Broker Port
# Illan Raab <iraab@synoptics.com>
meta5 393/tcp Meta5
meta5 393/udp Meta5
# Jim Kanzler <jim.kanzler@meta5.com>
embl-ndt 394/tcp EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer
embl-ndt 394/udp EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer
# Peter Gad <peter@bmc.uu.se>
netcp 395/tcp NETscout Control Protocol
netcp 395/udp NETscout Control Protocol
# Anil Singhal <---none--->
netware-ip 396/tcp Novell Netware over IP
netware-ip 396/udp Novell Netware over IP
mptn 397/tcp Multi Protocol Trans. Net.
mptn 397/udp Multi Protocol Trans. Net.
# Soumitra Sarkar <sarkar@vnet.ibm.com>
kryptolan 398/tcp Kryptolan
kryptolan 398/udp Kryptolan
# Peter de Laval <pdl@sectra.se>
iso-tsap-c2 399/tcp ISO Transport Class 2 Non-Control over TCP
iso-tsap-c2 399/udp ISO Transport Class 2 Non-Control over UDP
# Yanick Pouffary <pouffary@taec.enet.dec.com>
work-sol 400/tcp Workstation Solutions
work-sol 400/udp Workstation Solutions
# Jim Ward <jimw@worksta.com>
ups 401/tcp Uninterruptible Power Supply
ups 401/udp Uninterruptible Power Supply
# Charles Bennett <chuck@benatong.com>
genie 402/tcp Genie Protocol
genie 402/udp Genie Protocol
# Mark Hankin <---none--->
decap 403/tcp decap
decap 403/udp decap
nced 404/tcp nced
nced 404/udp nced
ncld 405/tcp ncld
ncld 405/udp ncld
# Richard Jones <---none--->
imsp 406/tcp Interactive Mail Support Protocol
imsp 406/udp Interactive Mail Support Protocol
# John Myers <jgm+@cmu.edu>
timbuktu 407/tcp Timbuktu
timbuktu 407/udp Timbuktu
# Marc Epard <marc@netopia.com>
prm-sm 408/tcp Prospero Resource Manager Sys. Man.
prm-sm 408/udp Prospero Resource Manager Sys. Man.
prm-nm 409/tcp Prospero Resource Manager Node Man.
prm-nm 409/udp Prospero Resource Manager Node Man.
# B. Clifford Neuman <bcn@isi.edu>
decladebug 410/tcp DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol
decladebug 410/udp DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol
# Anthony Berent <anthony.berent@reo.mts.dec.com>
rmt 411/tcp Remote MT Protocol
rmt 411/udp Remote MT Protocol
# Peter Eriksson <pen@lysator.liu.se>
synoptics-trap 412/tcp Trap Convention Port
synoptics-trap 412/udp Trap Convention Port
# Illan Raab <iraab@synoptics.com>
smsp 413/tcp Storage Management Services Protocol
smsp 413/udp Storage Management Services Protocol
# Murthy Srinivas <murthy@novell.com>
infoseek 414/tcp InfoSeek
infoseek 414/udp InfoSeek
# Steve Kirsch <stk@infoseek.com>
bnet 415/tcp BNet
bnet 415/udp BNet
# Jim Mertz <JMertz+RV09@rvdc.unisys.com>
silverplatter 416/tcp Silverplatter
silverplatter 416/udp Silverplatter
# Peter Ciuffetti <petec@silverplatter.com>
onmux 417/tcp Onmux
onmux 417/udp Onmux
# Stephen Hanna <hanna@world.std.com>
hyper-g 418/tcp Hyper-G
hyper-g 418/udp Hyper-G
# Frank Kappe <fkappe@iicm.tu-graz.ac.at>
ariel1 419/tcp Ariel 1
ariel1 419/udp Ariel 1
# Joel Karafin <jkarafin@infotrieve.com>
smpte 420/tcp SMPTE
smpte 420/udp SMPTE
# Si Becker <71362.22@CompuServe.COM>
ariel2 421/tcp Ariel 2
ariel2 421/udp Ariel 2
ariel3 422/tcp Ariel 3
ariel3 422/udp Ariel 3
# Joel Karafin <jkarafin@infotrieve.com>
opc-job-start 423/tcp IBM Operations Planning and Control Start
opc-job-start 423/udp IBM Operations Planning and Control Start
opc-job-track 424/tcp IBM Operations Planning and Control Track
opc-job-track 424/udp IBM Operations Planning and Control Track
# Conny Larsson <cocke@VNET.IBM.COM>
icad-el 425/tcp ICAD
icad-el 425/udp ICAD
# Larry Stone <lcs@icad.com>
smartsdp 426/tcp smartsdp
smartsdp 426/udp smartsdp
# Alexander Dupuy <dupuy@smarts.com>
svrloc 427/tcp Server Location
svrloc 427/udp Server Location
# <veizades@ftp.com>
ocs_cmu 428/tcp OCS_CMU
ocs_cmu 428/udp OCS_CMU
ocs_amu 429/tcp OCS_AMU
ocs_amu 429/udp OCS_AMU
# Florence Wyman <wyman@peabody.plk.af.mil>
utmpsd 430/tcp UTMPSD
utmpsd 430/udp UTMPSD
utmpcd 431/tcp UTMPCD
utmpcd 431/udp UTMPCD
iasd 432/tcp IASD
iasd 432/udp IASD
# Nir Baroz <nbaroz@encore.com>
nnsp 433/tcp NNSP
nnsp 433/udp NNSP
# Rob Robertson <rob@gangrene.berkeley.edu>
mobileip-agent 434/tcp MobileIP-Agent
mobileip-agent 434/udp MobileIP-Agent
mobilip-mn 435/tcp MobilIP-MN
mobilip-mn 435/udp MobilIP-MN
# Kannan Alagappan <kannan@sejour.lkg.dec.com>
dna-cml 436/tcp DNA-CML
dna-cml 436/udp DNA-CML
# Dan Flowers <flowers@smaug.lkg.dec.com>
comscm 437/tcp comscm
comscm 437/udp comscm
# Jim Teague <teague@zso.dec.com>
dsfgw 438/tcp dsfgw
dsfgw 438/udp dsfgw
# Andy McKeen <mckeen@osf.org>
dasp 439/tcp dasp Thomas Obermair
dasp 439/udp dasp tommy@inlab.m.eunet.de
# Thomas Obermair <tommy@inlab.m.eunet.de>
sgcp 440/tcp sgcp
sgcp 440/udp sgcp
# Marshall Rose <mrose@dbc.mtview.ca.us>
decvms-sysmgt 441/tcp decvms-sysmgt
decvms-sysmgt 441/udp decvms-sysmgt
# Lee Barton <barton@star.enet.dec.com>
cvc_hostd 442/tcp cvc_hostd
cvc_hostd 442/udp cvc_hostd
# Bill Davidson <billd@equalizer.cray.com>
https 443/tcp http protocol over TLS/SSL
https 443/udp http protocol over TLS/SSL
# Kipp E.B. Hickman <kipp@mcom.com>
snpp 444/tcp Simple Network Paging Protocol
snpp 444/udp Simple Network Paging Protocol
# [RFC1568]
microsoft-ds 445/tcp Microsoft-DS
microsoft-ds 445/udp Microsoft-DS
# Pradeep Bahl <pradeepb@microsoft.com>
ddm-rdb 446/tcp DDM-RDB
ddm-rdb 446/udp DDM-RDB
ddm-dfm 447/tcp DDM-RFM
ddm-dfm 447/udp DDM-RFM
# Jan David Fisher <jdfisher@VNET.IBM.COM>
ddm-ssl 448/tcp DDM-SSL
ddm-ssl 448/udp DDM-SSL
# Steve Ritland <srr@vnet.ibm.com>
as-servermap 449/tcp AS Server Mapper
as-servermap 449/udp AS Server Mapper
# Barbara Foss <BGFOSS@rchvmv.vnet.ibm.com>
tserver 450/tcp Computer Supported Telecomunication Applications
tserver 450/udp Computer Supported Telecomunication Applications
# Harvey S. Schultz <harvey@acm.org>
sfs-smp-net 451/tcp Cray Network Semaphore server
sfs-smp-net 451/udp Cray Network Semaphore server
sfs-config 452/tcp Cray SFS config server
sfs-config 452/udp Cray SFS config server
# Walter Poxon <wdp@ironwood.cray.com>
creativeserver 453/tcp CreativeServer
creativeserver 453/udp CreativeServer
contentserver 454/tcp ContentServer
contentserver 454/udp ContentServer
creativepartnr 455/tcp CreativePartnr
creativepartnr 455/udp CreativePartnr
# Jesus Ortiz <jesus_ortiz@emotion.com>
macon-tcp 456/tcp macon-tcp
macon-udp 456/udp macon-udp
# Yoshinobu Inoue
# <shin@hodaka.mfd.cs.fujitsu.co.jp>
scohelp 457/tcp scohelp
scohelp 457/udp scohelp
# Faith Zack <faithz@sco.com>
appleqtc 458/tcp apple quick time
appleqtc 458/udp apple quick time
# Murali Ranganathan
# <murali_ranganathan@quickmail.apple.com>
ampr-rcmd 459/tcp ampr-rcmd
ampr-rcmd 459/udp ampr-rcmd
# Rob Janssen <rob@sys3.pe1chl.ampr.org>
skronk 460/tcp skronk
skronk 460/udp skronk
# Henry Strickland <strick@yak.net>
datasurfsrv 461/tcp DataRampSrv
datasurfsrv 461/udp DataRampSrv
datasurfsrvsec 462/tcp DataRampSrvSec
datasurfsrvsec 462/udp DataRampSrvSec
# Diane Downie <downie@jibe.MV.COM>
alpes 463/tcp alpes
alpes 463/udp alpes
# Alain Durand <Alain.Durand@imag.fr>
kpasswd 464/tcp kpasswd
kpasswd 464/udp kpasswd
# Theodore Ts'o <tytso@MIT.EDU>
urd 465/tcp URL Rendesvous Directory for SSM
igmpv3lite 465/udp IGMP over UDP for SSM
# Toerless Eckert <eckert@cisco.com>
digital-vrc 466/tcp digital-vrc
digital-vrc 466/udp digital-vrc
# Peter Higginson <higginson@mail.dec.com>
mylex-mapd 467/tcp mylex-mapd
mylex-mapd 467/udp mylex-mapd
# Gary Lewis <GaryL@hq.mylex.com>
photuris 468/tcp proturis
photuris 468/udp proturis
# Bill Simpson <Bill.Simpson@um.cc.umich.edu>
rcp 469/tcp Radio Control Protocol
rcp 469/udp Radio Control Protocol
# Jim Jennings +1-708-538-7241
scx-proxy 470/tcp scx-proxy
scx-proxy 470/udp scx-proxy
# Scott Narveson <sjn@cray.com>
mondex 471/tcp Mondex
mondex 471/udp Mondex
# Bill Reding <redingb@nwdt.natwest.co.uk>
ljk-login 472/tcp ljk-login
ljk-login 472/udp ljk-login
# LJK Software, Cambridge, Massachusetts
# <support@ljk.com>
hybrid-pop 473/tcp hybrid-pop
hybrid-pop 473/udp hybrid-pop
# Rami Rubin <rami@hybrid.com>
tn-tl-w1 474/tcp tn-tl-w1
tn-tl-w2 474/udp tn-tl-w2
# Ed Kress <eskress@thinknet.com>
tcpnethaspsrv 475/tcp tcpnethaspsrv
tcpnethaspsrv 475/udp tcpnethaspsrv
# Charlie Hava <charlie@aladdin.co.il>
tn-tl-fd1 476/tcp tn-tl-fd1
tn-tl-fd1 476/udp tn-tl-fd1
# Ed Kress <eskress@thinknet.com>
ss7ns 477/tcp ss7ns
ss7ns 477/udp ss7ns
# Jean-Michel URSCH <ursch@taec.enet.dec.com>
spsc 478/tcp spsc
spsc 478/udp spsc
# Mike Rieker <mikea@sp32.com>
iafserver 479/tcp iafserver
iafserver 479/udp iafserver
iafdbase 480/tcp iafdbase
iafdbase 480/udp iafdbase
# ricky@solect.com <Rick Yazwinski>
ph 481/tcp Ph service
ph 481/udp Ph service
# Roland Hedberg <Roland.Hedberg@umdac.umu.se>
bgs-nsi 482/tcp bgs-nsi
bgs-nsi 482/udp bgs-nsi
# Jon Saperia <saperia@bgs.com>
ulpnet 483/tcp ulpnet
ulpnet 483/udp ulpnet
# Kevin Mooney <kevinm@bfs.unibol.com>
integra-sme 484/tcp Integra Software Management Environment
integra-sme 484/udp Integra Software Management Environment
# Randall Dow <rand@randix.m.isr.de>
powerburst 485/tcp Air Soft Power Burst
powerburst 485/udp Air Soft Power Burst
# <gary@airsoft.com>
avian 486/tcp avian
avian 486/udp avian
# Robert Ullmann
# <Robert_Ullmann/CAM/Lotus.LOTUS@crd.lotus.com>
saft 487/tcp saft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
saft 487/udp saft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
# Ulli Horlacher <framstag@rus.uni-stuttgart.de>
gss-http 488/tcp gss-http
gss-http 488/udp gss-http
# Doug Rosenthal <rosenthl@krypton.einet.net>
nest-protocol 489/tcp nest-protocol
nest-protocol 489/udp nest-protocol
# Gilles Gameiro <ggameiro@birdland.com>
micom-pfs 490/tcp micom-pfs
micom-pfs 490/udp micom-pfs
# David Misunas <DMisunas@micom.com>
go-login 491/tcp go-login
go-login 491/udp go-login
# Troy Morrison <troy@graphon.com>
ticf-1 492/tcp Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
ticf-1 492/udp Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
ticf-2 493/tcp Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
ticf-2 493/udp Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
# Mamoru Ito <Ito@pcnet.ks.pfu.co.jp>
pov-ray 494/tcp POV-Ray
pov-ray 494/udp POV-Ray
# POV-Team Co-ordinator
# <iana-port.remove-spamguard@povray.org>
intecourier 495/tcp intecourier
intecourier 495/udp intecourier
# Steve Favor <sfavor@tigger.intecom.com>
pim-rp-disc 496/tcp PIM-RP-DISC
pim-rp-disc 496/udp PIM-RP-DISC
# Dino Farinacci <dino@cisco.com>
dantz 497/tcp dantz
dantz 497/udp dantz
# Richard Zulch <richard_zulch@dantz.com>
siam 498/tcp siam
siam 498/udp siam
# Philippe Gilbert <pgilbert@cal.fr>
iso-ill 499/tcp ISO ILL Protocol
iso-ill 499/udp ISO ILL Protocol
# Mark H. Needleman <markn@sirsi.com>
isakmp 500/tcp isakmp
isakmp 500/udp isakmp
# Mark Schertler <mjs@tycho.ncsc.mil>
stmf 501/tcp STMF
stmf 501/udp STMF
# Alan Ungar <aungar@farradyne.com>
asa-appl-proto 502/tcp asa-appl-proto
asa-appl-proto 502/udp asa-appl-proto
# Dennis Dube <ddube@modicon.com>
intrinsa 503/tcp Intrinsa
intrinsa 503/udp Intrinsa
# Robert Ford <robert@intrinsa.com>
citadel 504/tcp citadel
citadel 504/udp citadel
# Art Cancro <ajc@uncnsrd.mt-kisco.ny.us>
mailbox-lm 505/tcp mailbox-lm
mailbox-lm 505/udp mailbox-lm
# Beverly Moody <Beverly_Moody@stercomm.com>
ohimsrv 506/tcp ohimsrv
ohimsrv 506/udp ohimsrv
# Scott Powell <spowell@openhorizon.com>
crs 507/tcp crs
crs 507/udp crs
# Brad Wright <bradwr@microsoft.com>
xvttp 508/tcp xvttp
xvttp 508/udp xvttp
# Keith J. Alphonso <alphonso@ncs-ssc.com>
snare 509/tcp snare
snare 509/udp snare
# Dennis Batchelder <dennis@capres.com>
fcp 510/tcp FirstClass Protocol
fcp 510/udp FirstClass Protocol
# Mike Marshburn <paul@softarc.com>
passgo 511/tcp PassGo
passgo 511/udp PassGo
# John Rainford <jrainford@passgo.com>
exec 512/tcp remote process execution;
# authentication performed using
# passwords and UNIX login names
comsat 512/udp
biff 512/udp used by mail system to notify users
# of new mail received; currently
# receives messages only from
# processes on the same machine
login 513/tcp remote login a la telnet;
# automatic authentication performed
# based on priviledged port numbers
# and distributed data bases which
# identify "authentication domains"
who 513/udp maintains data bases showing who's
# logged in to machines on a local
# net and the load average of the
# machine
shell 514/tcp cmd
# like exec, but automatic authentication
# is performed as for login server
syslog 514/udp
printer 515/tcp spooler
printer 515/udp spooler
videotex 516/tcp videotex
videotex 516/udp videotex
# Daniel Mavrakis <system@venus.mctel.fr>
talk 517/tcp like tenex link, but across
# machine - unfortunately, doesn't
# use link protocol (this is actually
# just a rendezvous port from which a
# tcp connection is established)
talk 517/udp like tenex link, but across
# machine - unfortunately, doesn't
# use link protocol (this is actually
# just a rendezvous port from which a
# tcp connection is established)
ntalk 518/tcp
ntalk 518/udp
utime 519/tcp unixtime
utime 519/udp unixtime
efs 520/tcp extended file name server
router 520/udp local routing process (on site);
# uses variant of Xerox NS routing
# information protocol - RIP
ripng 521/tcp ripng
ripng 521/udp ripng
# Robert E. Minnear <minnear@ipsilon.com>
ulp 522/tcp ULP
ulp 522/udp ULP
# Max Morris <maxm@MICROSOFT.com>
ibm-db2 523/tcp IBM-DB2
ibm-db2 523/udp IBM-DB2
# Peter Pau <pau@VNET.IBM.COM>
ncp 524/tcp NCP
ncp 524/udp NCP
# Don Provan <donp@sjf.novell.com>
timed 525/tcp timeserver
timed 525/udp timeserver
tempo 526/tcp newdate
tempo 526/udp newdate
# Unknown
stx 527/tcp Stock IXChange
stx 527/udp Stock IXChange
custix 528/tcp Customer IXChange
custix 528/udp Customer IXChange
# Ferdi Ladeira <ferdi.ladeira@ixchange.com>
irc-serv 529/tcp IRC-SERV
irc-serv 529/udp IRC-SERV
# Brian Tackett <cym@acrux.net>
courier 530/tcp rpc
courier 530/udp rpc
conference 531/tcp chat
conference 531/udp chat
netnews 532/tcp readnews
netnews 532/udp readnews
netwall 533/tcp for emergency broadcasts
netwall 533/udp for emergency broadcasts
mm-admin 534/tcp MegaMedia Admin
mm-admin 534/udp MegaMedia Admin
# Andreas Heidemann <a.heidemann@ais-gmbh.de>
iiop 535/tcp iiop
iiop 535/udp iiop
# Jeff M.Michaud <michaud@zk3.dec.com>
opalis-rdv 536/tcp opalis-rdv
opalis-rdv 536/udp opalis-rdv
# Laurent Domenech <ldomenech@opalis.com>
nmsp 537/tcp Networked Media Streaming Protocol
nmsp 537/udp Networked Media Streaming Protocol
# Paul Santinelli Jr. <psantinelli@narrative.com>
gdomap 538/tcp gdomap
gdomap 538/udp gdomap
# Richard Frith-Macdonald <richard@brainstorm.co.uk>
apertus-ldp 539/tcp Apertus Technologies Load Determination
apertus-ldp 539/udp Apertus Technologies Load Determination
uucp 540/tcp uucpd
uucp 540/udp uucpd
uucp-rlogin 541/tcp uucp-rlogin
uucp-rlogin 541/udp uucp-rlogin
# Stuart Lynne <sl@wimsey.com>
commerce 542/tcp commerce
commerce 542/udp commerce
# Randy Epstein <repstein@host.net>
klogin 543/tcp
klogin 543/udp
kshell 544/tcp krcmd
kshell 544/udp krcmd
appleqtcsrvr 545/tcp appleqtcsrvr
appleqtcsrvr 545/udp appleqtcsrvr
# Murali Ranganathan
# <Murali_Ranganathan@quickmail.apple.com>
dhcpv6-client 546/tcp DHCPv6 Client
dhcpv6-client 546/udp DHCPv6 Client
dhcpv6-server 547/tcp DHCPv6 Server
dhcpv6-server 547/udp DHCPv6 Server
# Jim Bound <bound@zk3.dec.com>
afpovertcp 548/tcp AFP over TCP
afpovertcp 548/udp AFP over TCP
# Leland Wallace <randall@apple.com>
idfp 549/tcp IDFP
idfp 549/udp IDFP
# Ramana Kovi <ramana@kovi.com>
new-rwho 550/tcp new-who
new-rwho 550/udp new-who
cybercash 551/tcp cybercash
cybercash 551/udp cybercash
# Donald E. Eastlake 3rd <dee@cybercash.com>
devshr-nts 552/tcp DeviceShare
devshr-nts 552/udp DeviceShare
# Benjamin Rosenberg <brosenberg@advsyscon.com>
pirp 553/tcp pirp
pirp 553/udp pirp
# D. J. Bernstein <djb@silverton.berkeley.edu>
rtsp 554/tcp Real Time Stream Control Protocol
rtsp 554/udp Real Time Stream Control Protocol
# Rob Lanphier <robla@prognet.com>
dsf 555/tcp
dsf 555/udp
remotefs 556/tcp rfs server
remotefs 556/udp rfs server
openvms-sysipc 557/tcp openvms-sysipc
openvms-sysipc 557/udp openvms-sysipc
# Alan Potter <potter@movies.enet.dec.com>
sdnskmp 558/tcp SDNSKMP
sdnskmp 558/udp SDNSKMP
teedtap 559/tcp TEEDTAP
teedtap 559/udp TEEDTAP
# Mort Hoffman <hoffman@mail.ndhm.gtegsc.com>
rmonitor 560/tcp rmonitord
rmonitor 560/udp rmonitord
monitor 561/tcp
monitor 561/udp
chshell 562/tcp chcmd
chshell 562/udp chcmd
nntps 563/tcp nntp protocol over TLS/SSL (was snntp)
nntps 563/udp nntp protocol over TLS/SSL (was snntp)
# Kipp E.B. Hickman <kipp@netscape.com>
9pfs 564/tcp plan 9 file service
9pfs 564/udp plan 9 file service
whoami 565/tcp whoami
whoami 565/udp whoami
streettalk 566/tcp streettalk
streettalk 566/udp streettalk
banyan-rpc 567/tcp banyan-rpc
banyan-rpc 567/udp banyan-rpc
# Tom Lemaire <toml@banyan.com>
ms-shuttle 568/tcp microsoft shuttle
ms-shuttle 568/udp microsoft shuttle
# Rudolph Balaz <rudolphb@microsoft.com>
ms-rome 569/tcp microsoft rome
ms-rome 569/udp microsoft rome
# Rudolph Balaz <rudolphb@microsoft.com>
meter 570/tcp demon
meter 570/udp demon
meter 571/tcp udemon
meter 571/udp udemon
sonar 572/tcp sonar
sonar 572/udp sonar
# Keith Moore <moore@cs.utk.edu>
banyan-vip 573/tcp banyan-vip
banyan-vip 573/udp banyan-vip
# Denis Leclerc <DLeclerc@banyan.com>
ftp-agent 574/tcp FTP Software Agent System
ftp-agent 574/udp FTP Software Agent System
# Michael S. Greenberg <arnoff@ftp.com>
vemmi 575/tcp VEMMI
vemmi 575/udp VEMMI
# Daniel Mavrakis <mavrakis@mctel.fr>
ipcd 576/tcp ipcd
ipcd 576/udp ipcd
vnas 577/tcp vnas
vnas 577/udp vnas
ipdd 578/tcp ipdd
ipdd 578/udp ipdd
# Jay Farhat <jfarhat@ipass.com>
decbsrv 579/tcp decbsrv
decbsrv 579/udp decbsrv
# Rudi Martin <movies::martin"@movies.enet.dec.com>
sntp-heartbeat 580/tcp SNTP HEARTBEAT
sntp-heartbeat 580/udp SNTP HEARTBEAT
# Louis Mamakos <louie@uu.net>
bdp 581/tcp Bundle Discovery Protocol
bdp 581/udp Bundle Discovery Protocol
# Gary Malkin <gmalkin@xylogics.com>
scc-security 582/tcp SCC Security
scc-security 582/udp SCC Security
# Prashant Dholakia <prashant@semaphorecom.com>
philips-vc 583/tcp Philips Video-Conferencing
philips-vc 583/udp Philips Video-Conferencing
# Janna Chang <janna@pmc.philips.com>
keyserver 584/tcp Key Server
keyserver 584/udp Key Server
# Gary Howland <gary@systemics.com>
imap4-ssl 585/tcp IMAP4+SSL (use 993 instead)
imap4-ssl 585/udp IMAP4+SSL (use 993 instead)
# Terry Gray <gray@cac.washington.edu>
# Use of 585 is not recommended, use 993 instead
password-chg 586/tcp Password Change
password-chg 586/udp Password Change
submission 587/tcp Submission
submission 587/udp Submission
# Randy Gellens <randy@qualcomm.com>
cal 588/tcp CAL
cal 588/udp CAL
# Myron Hattig <Myron_Hattig@ccm.jf.intel.com>
eyelink 589/tcp EyeLink
eyelink 589/udp EyeLink
# Dave Stampe <dstampe@psych.toronto.edu>
tns-cml 590/tcp TNS CML
tns-cml 590/udp TNS CML
# Jerome Albin <albin@taec.enet.dec.com>
http-alt 591/tcp FileMaker, Inc. - HTTP Alternate (see Port 80)
http-alt 591/udp FileMaker, Inc. - HTTP Alternate (see Port 80)
# Clay Maeckel <clay_maeckel@filemaker.com>
eudora-set 592/tcp Eudora Set
eudora-set 592/udp Eudora Set
# Randall Gellens <randy@qualcomm.com>
http-rpc-epmap 593/tcp HTTP RPC Ep Map
http-rpc-epmap 593/udp HTTP RPC Ep Map
# Edward Reus <edwardr@microsoft.com>
tpip 594/tcp TPIP
tpip 594/udp TPIP
# Brad Spear <spear@platinum.com>
cab-protocol 595/tcp CAB Protocol
cab-protocol 595/udp CAB Protocol
# Winston Hetherington
smsd 596/tcp SMSD
smsd 596/udp SMSD
# Wayne Barlow <web@unx.dec.com>
ptcnameservice 597/tcp PTC Name Service
ptcnameservice 597/udp PTC Name Service
# Yuri Machkasov <yuri@ptc.com>
sco-websrvrmg3 598/tcp SCO Web Server Manager 3
sco-websrvrmg3 598/udp SCO Web Server Manager 3
# Simon Baldwin <simonb@sco.com>
acp 599/tcp Aeolon Core Protocol
acp 599/udp Aeolon Core Protocol
# Michael Alyn Miller <malyn@aeolon.com>
ipcserver 600/tcp Sun IPC server
ipcserver 600/udp Sun IPC server
# Bill Schiefelbein <schief@aspen.cray.com>
syslog-conn 601/tcp Reliable Syslog Service
syslog-conn 601/udp Reliable Syslog Service
# RFC 3195
xmlrpc-beep 602/tcp XML-RPC over BEEP
xmlrpc-beep 602/udp XML-RPC over BEEP
# RFC-harold-beep-xmlrpc-03.txt
idxp 603/tcp IDXP
idxp 603/udp IDXP
# RFC-ietf-idwg-beep-idxp-07.txt
tunnel 604/tcp TUNNEL
tunnel 604/udp TUNNEL
# RFC-ietf-idwg-beep-tunnel-05.txt
soap-beep 605/tcp SOAP over BEEP
soap-beep 605/udp SOAP over BEEP
# RFC3288 <ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/rfc3288.txt> April 2002
urm 606/tcp Cray Unified Resource Manager
urm 606/udp Cray Unified Resource Manager
nqs 607/tcp nqs
nqs 607/udp nqs
# Bill Schiefelbein <schief@aspen.cray.com>
sift-uft 608/tcp Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
sift-uft 608/udp Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
# Rick Troth <troth@rice.edu>
npmp-trap 609/tcp npmp-trap
npmp-trap 609/udp npmp-trap
npmp-local 610/tcp npmp-local
npmp-local 610/udp npmp-local
npmp-gui 611/tcp npmp-gui
npmp-gui 611/udp npmp-gui
# John Barnes <jbarnes@crl.com>
hmmp-ind 612/tcp HMMP Indication
hmmp-ind 612/udp HMMP Indication
hmmp-op 613/tcp HMMP Operation
hmmp-op 613/udp HMMP Operation
# Andrew Sinclair <andrsin@microsoft.com>
sshell 614/tcp SSLshell
sshell 614/udp SSLshell
# Simon J. Gerraty <sjg@quick.com.au>
sco-inetmgr 615/tcp Internet Configuration Manager
sco-inetmgr 615/udp Internet Configuration Manager
sco-sysmgr 616/tcp SCO System Administration Server
sco-sysmgr 616/udp SCO System Administration Server
sco-dtmgr 617/tcp SCO Desktop Administration Server
sco-dtmgr 617/udp SCO Desktop Administration Server
# Christopher Durham <chrisdu@sco.com>
dei-icda 618/tcp DEI-ICDA
dei-icda 618/udp DEI-ICDA
# David Turner <digital@Quetico.tbaytel.net>
compaq-evm 619/tcp Compaq EVM
compaq-evm 619/udp Compaq EVM
# Jem Treadwell <Jem.Treadwell@compaq.com>
sco-websrvrmgr 620/tcp SCO WebServer Manager
sco-websrvrmgr 620/udp SCO WebServer Manager
# Christopher Durham <chrisdu@sco.com>
escp-ip 621/tcp ESCP
escp-ip 621/udp ESCP
# Lai Zit Seng <lzs@pobox.com>
collaborator 622/tcp Collaborator
collaborator 622/udp Collaborator
# Johnson Davis <johnsond@opteamasoft.com>
asf-rmcp 623/tcp ASF Remote Management and Control Protocol
asf-rmcp 623/udp ASF Remote Management and Control Protocol
# Carl First <Carl.L.First@intel.com>
cryptoadmin 624/tcp Crypto Admin
cryptoadmin 624/udp Crypto Admin
# Tony Walker <tony@cryptocard.com>
dec_dlm 625/tcp DEC DLM
dec_dlm 625/udp DEC DLM
# Rudi Martin <Rudi.Martin@edo.mts.dec.com>
asia 626/tcp ASIA
asia 626/udp ASIA
# Michael Dasenbrock <dasenbro@apple.com>
passgo-tivoli 627/tcp PassGo Tivoli
passgo-tivoli 627/udp PassGo Tivoli
# Chris Hall <chall@passgo.com>
qmqp 628/tcp QMQP
qmqp 628/udp QMQP
# Dan Bernstein <djb@cr.yp.to>
3com-amp3 629/tcp 3Com AMP3
3com-amp3 629/udp 3Com AMP3
# Prakash Banthia <prakash_banthia@3com.com>
rda 630/tcp RDA
rda 630/udp RDA
# John Hadjioannou <john@minster.co.uk>
ipp 631/tcp IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)
ipp 631/udp IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)
# Carl-Uno Manros <manros@cp10.es.xerox.com>
bmpp 632/tcp bmpp
bmpp 632/udp bmpp
# Troy Rollo <troy@kroll.corvu.com.au>
servstat 633/tcp Service Status update (Sterling Software)
servstat 633/udp Service Status update (Sterling Software)
# Greg Rose <Greg_Rose@sydney.sterling.com>
ginad 634/tcp ginad
ginad 634/udp ginad
# Mark Crother <mark@eis.calstate.edu>
rlzdbase 635/tcp RLZ DBase
rlzdbase 635/udp RLZ DBase
# Michael Ginn <ginn@tyxar.com>
ldaps 636/tcp ldap protocol over TLS/SSL (was sldap)
ldaps 636/udp ldap protocol over TLS/SSL (was sldap)
# Pat Richard <patr@xcert.com>
lanserver 637/tcp lanserver
lanserver 637/udp lanserver
# Chris Larsson <clarsson@VNET.IBM.COM>
mcns-sec 638/tcp mcns-sec
mcns-sec 638/udp mcns-sec
# Kaz Ozawa <k.ozawa@cablelabs.com>
msdp 639/tcp MSDP
msdp 639/udp MSDP
# Dino Farinacci <dino@cisco.com>
entrust-sps 640/tcp entrust-sps
entrust-sps 640/udp entrust-sps
# Marek Buchler <Marek.Buchler@entrust.com>
repcmd 641/tcp repcmd
repcmd 641/udp repcmd
# Scott Dale <scott@Replicase.com>
esro-emsdp 642/tcp ESRO-EMSDP V1.3
esro-emsdp 642/udp ESRO-EMSDP V1.3
# Mohsen Banan <mohsen@neda.com>
sanity 643/tcp SANity
sanity 643/udp SANity
# Peter Viscarola <PeterGV@osr.com>
dwr 644/tcp dwr
dwr 644/udp dwr
# Bill Fenner <fenner@parc.xerox.com>
pssc 645/tcp PSSC
pssc 645/udp PSSC
# Egon Meier-Engelen <egon.meier-engelen@dlr.de>
ldp 646/tcp LDP
ldp 646/udp LDP
# Bob Thomas <rhthomas@cisco.com>
dhcp-failover 647/tcp DHCP Failover
dhcp-failover 647/udp DHCP Failover
# Bernard Volz <volz@ipworks.com>
rrp 648/tcp Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP)
rrp 648/udp Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP)
# Scott Hollenbeck <shollenb@netsol.com>
cadview-3d 649/tcp Cadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet
cadview-3d 649/udp Cadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet
# David Cooper <david.cooper@oracle.com>
obex 650/tcp OBEX
obex 650/udp OBEX
# Jeff Garbers <FJG030@email.mot.com>
ieee-mms 651/tcp IEEE MMS
ieee-mms 651/udp IEEE MMS
# Curtis Anderson <canderson@turbolinux.com>
hello-port 652/tcp HELLO_PORT
hello-port 652/udp HELLO_PORT
# Patrick Cipiere <Patrick.Cipiere@UDcast.com>
repscmd 653/tcp RepCmd
repscmd 653/udp RepCmd
# Scott Dale <scott@tioga.com>
aodv 654/tcp AODV
aodv 654/udp AODV
# Charles Perkins <cperkins@eng.sun.com>
tinc 655/tcp TINC
tinc 655/udp TINC
# Ivo Timmermans <itimmermans@bigfoot.com>
spmp 656/tcp SPMP
spmp 656/udp SPMP
# Jakob Kaivo <jkaivo@nodomainname.net>
rmc 657/tcp RMC
rmc 657/udp RMC
# Michael Schmidt <mmaass@us.ibm.com>
tenfold 658/tcp TenFold
tenfold 658/udp TenFold
# Louis Olszyk <lolszyk@10fold.com>
# 659 Removed (2001-06-06)
mac-srvr-admin 660/tcp MacOS Server Admin
mac-srvr-admin 660/udp MacOS Server Admin
# Forest Hill <forest@apple.com>
hap 661/tcp HAP
hap 661/udp HAP
# Igor Plotnikov <igor@uroam.com>
pftp 662/tcp PFTP
pftp 662/udp PFTP
# Ben Schluricke <support@pftp.de>
purenoise 663/tcp PureNoise
purenoise 663/udp PureNoise
# Sam Osa <pristine@mailcity.com>
asf-secure-rmcp 664/tcp ASF Secure Remote Management and Control Protocol
asf-secure-rmcp 664/udp ASF Secure Remote Management and Control Protocol
# Carl First <Carl.L.First@intel.com>
sun-dr 665/tcp Sun DR
sun-dr 665/udp Sun DR
# Harinder Bhasin <Harinder.Bhasin@Sun.COM>
mdqs 666/tcp
mdqs 666/udp
doom 666/tcp doom Id Software
doom 666/udp doom Id Software
# <ddt@idcube.idsoftware.com>
disclose 667/tcp campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies
disclose 667/udp campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies
# Jim Dixon <jim@lambda.com>
mecomm 668/tcp MeComm
mecomm 668/udp MeComm
meregister 669/tcp MeRegister
meregister 669/udp MeRegister
# Armin Sawusch <armin@esd1.esd.de>
vacdsm-sws 670/tcp VACDSM-SWS
vacdsm-sws 670/udp VACDSM-SWS
vacdsm-app 671/tcp VACDSM-APP
vacdsm-app 671/udp VACDSM-APP
vpps-qua 672/tcp VPPS-QUA
vpps-qua 672/udp VPPS-QUA
cimplex 673/tcp CIMPLEX
cimplex 673/udp CIMPLEX
# Ulysses G. Smith Jr. <ugsmith@cesi.com>
acap 674/tcp ACAP
acap 674/udp ACAP
# Chris Newman <chris.newman@sun.com>
dctp 675/tcp DCTP
dctp 675/udp DCTP
# Andre Kramer <Andre.Kramer@ansa.co.uk>
vpps-via 676/tcp VPPS Via
vpps-via 676/udp VPPS Via
# Ulysses G. Smith Jr. <ugsmith@cesi.com>
vpp 677/tcp Virtual Presence Protocol
vpp 677/udp Virtual Presence Protocol
# Klaus Wolf <wolf@cobrow.com>
ggf-ncp 678/tcp GNU Generation Foundation NCP
ggf-ncp 678/udp GNU Generation Foundation NCP
# Noah Paul <noahp@altavista.net>
mrm 679/tcp MRM
mrm 679/udp MRM
# Liming Wei <lwei@cisco.com>
entrust-aaas 680/tcp entrust-aaas
entrust-aaas 680/udp entrust-aaas
entrust-aams 681/tcp entrust-aams
entrust-aams 681/udp entrust-aams
# Adrian Mancini <adrian.mancini@entrust.com>
xfr 682/tcp XFR
xfr 682/udp XFR
# Noah Paul <noahp@ultranet.com>
corba-iiop 683/tcp CORBA IIOP
corba-iiop 683/udp CORBA IIOP
corba-iiop-ssl 684/tcp CORBA IIOP SSL
corba-iiop-ssl 684/udp CORBA IIOP SSL
# Henry Lowe <lowe@omg.org>
mdc-portmapper 685/tcp MDC Port Mapper
mdc-portmapper 685/udp MDC Port Mapper
# Noah Paul <noahp@altavista.net>
hcp-wismar 686/tcp Hardware Control Protocol Wismar
hcp-wismar 686/udp Hardware Control Protocol Wismar
# David Merchant <d.f.merchant@livjm.ac.uk>
asipregistry 687/tcp asipregistry
asipregistry 687/udp asipregistry
# Erik Sea <sea@apple.com>
realm-rusd 688/tcp REALM-RUSD
realm-rusd 688/udp REALM-RUSD
# Jerry Knight <jknight@realminfo.com>
nmap 689/tcp NMAP
nmap 689/udp NMAP
# Peter Dennis Bartok <peter@novonyx.com>
vatp 690/tcp VATP
vatp 690/udp VATP
# Atica Software <comercial@aticasoft.es>
msexch-routing 691/tcp MS Exchange Routing
msexch-routing 691/udp MS Exchange Routing
# David Lemson <dlemson@microsoft.com>
hyperwave-isp 692/tcp Hyperwave-ISP
hyperwave-isp 692/udp Hyperwave-ISP
# Gerald Mesaric <gmesaric@hyperwave.com>
connendp 693/tcp connendp
connendp 693/udp connendp
# Ronny Bremer <rbremer@future-gate.com>
ha-cluster 694/tcp ha-cluster
ha-cluster 694/udp ha-cluster
# Alan Robertson <alanr@unix.sh>
ieee-mms-ssl 695/tcp IEEE-MMS-SSL
ieee-mms-ssl 695/udp IEEE-MMS-SSL
# Curtis Anderson <ecanderson@turbolinux.com>
rushd 696/tcp RUSHD
rushd 696/udp RUSHD
# Greg Ercolano <erco@netcom.com>
uuidgen 697/tcp UUIDGEN
uuidgen 697/udp UUIDGEN
# James Falkner <james.falkner@sun.com>
olsr 698/tcp OLSR
olsr 698/udp OLSR
# Thomas Clausen <thomas.clausen@inria.fr>
accessnetwork 699/tcp Access Network
accessnetwork 699/udp Access Network
# Yingchun Xu <Yingchun_Xu@3com.com>
# 700-703 Unassigned
elcsd 704/tcp errlog copy/server daemon
elcsd 704/udp errlog copy/server daemon
agentx 705/tcp AgentX
agentx 705/udp AgentX
# Bob Natale <natale@acec.com>
silc 706/tcp SILC
silc 706/udp SILC
# Pekka Riikonen <priikone@poseidon.pspt.fi>
borland-dsj 707/tcp Borland DSJ
borland-dsj 707/udp Borland DSJ
# Gerg Cole <gcole@corp.borland.com>
# 708 Unassigned
entrust-kmsh 709/tcp Entrust Key Management Service Handler
entrust-kmsh 709/udp Entrust Key Management Service Handler
entrust-ash 710/tcp Entrust Administration Service Handler
entrust-ash 710/udp Entrust Administration Service Handler
# Peter Whittaker <pww@entrust.com>
cisco-tdp 711/tcp Cisco TDP
cisco-tdp 711/udp Cisco TDP
# Bruce Davie <bsd@cisco.com>
# 712-728 Unassigned
netviewdm1 729/tcp IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client
netviewdm1 729/udp IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client
netviewdm2 730/tcp IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp
netviewdm2 730/udp IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp
netviewdm3 731/tcp IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp
netviewdm3 731/udp IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp
# Philippe Binet (phbinet@vnet.IBM.COM)
# 732-740 Unassigned
netgw 741/tcp netGW
netgw 741/udp netGW
# Oliver Korfmacher (okorf@netcs.com)
netrcs 742/tcp Network based Rev. Cont. Sys.
netrcs 742/udp Network based Rev. Cont. Sys.
# Gordon C. Galligher <gorpong@ping.chi.il.us>
# 743 Unassigned
flexlm 744/tcp Flexible License Manager
flexlm 744/udp Flexible License Manager
# Matt Christiano
# <globes@matt@oliveb.atc.olivetti.com>
# 745-746 Unassigned
fujitsu-dev 747/tcp Fujitsu Device Control
fujitsu-dev 747/udp Fujitsu Device Control
ris-cm 748/tcp Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager
ris-cm 748/udp Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager
kerberos-adm 749/tcp kerberos administration
kerberos-adm 749/udp kerberos administration
rfile 750/tcp
loadav 750/udp
kerberos-iv 750/udp kerberos version iv
# Martin Hamilton <martin@mrrl.lut.as.uk>
pump 751/tcp
pump 751/udp
qrh 752/tcp
qrh 752/udp
rrh 753/tcp
rrh 753/udp
tell 754/tcp send
tell 754/udp send
# Josyula R. Rao <jrrao@watson.ibm.com>
# 755-756 Unassigned
nlogin 758/tcp
nlogin 758/udp
con 759/tcp
con 759/udp
ns 760/tcp
ns 760/udp
rxe 761/tcp
rxe 761/udp
quotad 762/tcp
quotad 762/udp
cycleserv 763/tcp
cycleserv 763/udp
omserv 764/tcp
omserv 764/udp
webster 765/tcp
webster 765/udp
# Josyula R. Rao <jrrao@watson.ibm.com>
# 766 Unassigned
phonebook 767/tcp phone
phonebook 767/udp phone
# Josyula R. Rao <jrrao@watson.ibm.com>
# 768 Unassigned
vid 769/tcp
vid 769/udp
cadlock 770/tcp
cadlock 770/udp
rtip 771/tcp
rtip 771/udp
cycleserv2 772/tcp
cycleserv2 772/udp
submit 773/tcp
notify 773/udp
rpasswd 774/tcp
acmaint_dbd 774/udp
entomb 775/tcp
acmaint_transd 775/udp
wpages 776/tcp
wpages 776/udp
# Josyula R. Rao <jrrao@watson.ibm.com>
multiling-http 777/tcp Multiling HTTP
multiling-http 777/udp Multiling HTTP
# Alejandro Bonet <babel@ctv.es>
# 778-779 Unassigned
wpgs 780/tcp
wpgs 780/udp
# Josyula R. Rao <jrrao@watson.ibm.com>
# 781-785 Unassigned
# 786 Unassigned (Removed 2002-05-08)
# 787 Unassigned (Removed 2002-10-08)
# 788-799 Unassigned
mdbs_daemon 800/tcp
mdbs_daemon 800/udp
device 801/tcp
device 801/udp
# 802-809 Unassigned
fcp-udp 810/tcp FCP
fcp-udp 810/udp FCP Datagram
# Paul Whittemore <paul@softarc.com>
# 811-827 Unassigned
itm-mcell-s 828/tcp itm-mcell-s
itm-mcell-s 828/udp itm-mcell-s
# Miles O'Neal <meo@us.itmasters.com>
pkix-3-ca-ra 829/tcp PKIX-3 CA/RA
pkix-3-ca-ra 829/udp PKIX-3 CA/RA
# Carlisle Adams <Cadams@entrust.com>
# 830-846 Unassigned
dhcp-failover2 847/tcp dhcp-failover 2
dhcp-failover2 847/udp dhcp-failover 2
# Bernard Volz <volz@ipworks.com>
# 848-872 Unassigned
rsync 873/tcp rsync
rsync 873/udp rsync
# Andrew Tridgell <tridge@samba.anu.edu.au>
# 874-885 Unassigned
iclcnet-locate 886/tcp ICL coNETion locate server
iclcnet-locate 886/udp ICL coNETion locate server
# Bob Lyon <bl@oasis.icl.co.uk>
iclcnet_svinfo 887/tcp ICL coNETion server info
iclcnet_svinfo 887/udp ICL coNETion server info
# Bob Lyon <bl@oasis.icl.co.uk>
accessbuilder 888/tcp AccessBuilder
accessbuilder 888/udp AccessBuilder
# Steve Sweeney <Steven_Sweeney@3mail.3com.com>
# The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use
cddbp 888/tcp CD Database Protocol
# Steve Scherf <steve@moonsoft.com>
# 889-899 Unassigned
omginitialrefs 900/tcp OMG Initial Refs
omginitialrefs 900/udp OMG Initial Refs
# Christian Callsen <Christian.Callsen@eng.sun.com>
smpnameres 901/tcp SMPNAMERES
smpnameres 901/udp SMPNAMERES
# Leif Ekblad <leif@rdos.net>
ideafarm-chat 902/tcp IDEAFARM-CHAT
ideafarm-chat 902/udp IDEAFARM-CHAT
ideafarm-catch 903/tcp IDEAFARM-CATCH
ideafarm-catch 903/udp IDEAFARM-CATCH
# Wo'o Ideafarm <wo@ideafarm.com>
# 904-910 Unassigned
xact-backup 911/tcp xact-backup
xact-backup 911/udp xact-backup
# Bill Carroll <billc@xactlabs.com>
apex-mesh 912/tcp APEX relay-relay service
apex-mesh 912/udp APEX relay-relay service
apex-edge 913/tcp APEX endpoint-relay service
apex-edge 913/udp APEX endpoint-relay service
# [RFC3340]
# 914-988 Unassigned
ftps-data 989/tcp ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL
ftps-data 989/udp ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL
ftps 990/tcp ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL
ftps 990/udp ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL
# Christopher Allen <ChristopherA@consensus.com>
nas 991/tcp Netnews Administration System
nas 991/udp Netnews Administration System
# Vera Heinau <heinau@fu-berlin.de>
# Heiko Schlichting <heiko@fu-berlin.de>
telnets 992/tcp telnet protocol over TLS/SSL
telnets 992/udp telnet protocol over TLS/SSL
imaps 993/tcp imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL
imaps 993/udp imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL
ircs 994/tcp irc protocol over TLS/SSL
ircs 994/udp irc protocol over TLS/SSL
# Christopher Allen <ChristopherA@consensus.com>
pop3s 995/tcp pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3)
pop3s 995/udp pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3)
# Gordon Mangione <gordm@microsoft.com>
vsinet 996/tcp vsinet
vsinet 996/udp vsinet
# Rob Juergens <robj@vsi.com>
maitrd 997/tcp
maitrd 997/udp
busboy 998/tcp
puparp 998/udp
garcon 999/tcp
applix 999/udp Applix ac
puprouter 999/tcp
puprouter 999/udp
cadlock2 1000/tcp
cadlock2 1000/udp
# 1001-1009 Unassigned
# 1008/udp Possibly used by Sun Solaris????
surf 1010/tcp surf
surf 1010/udp surf
# Joseph Geer <jgeer@peapod.com>
# 1011-1022 Reserved
1023/tcp Reserved
1023/udp Reserved
# IANA <iana@iana.org>


The Registered Ports are listed by the IANA and on most systems can be
used by ordinary user processes or programs executed by ordinary

Ports are used in the TCP [RFC793] to name the ends of logical
connections which carry long term conversations. For the purpose of
providing services to unknown callers, a service contact port is
defined. This list specifies the port used by the server process as
its contact port.

The IANA registers uses of these ports as a convenience to the

To the extent possible, these same port assignments are used with the
UDP [RFC768].

The Registered Ports are in the range 1024-49151.

Port Assignments:

Keyword Decimal Description References
------- ------- ----------- ----------
1024/tcp Reserved
1024/udp Reserved
# IANA <iana@iana.org>
blackjack 1025/tcp network blackjack
blackjack 1025/udp network blackjack
# Unknown contact
cap 1026/tcp Calender Access Protocol
cap 1026/udp Calender Access Protocol
# Doug Royer <Doug@Royer.com> June 2002
# 1027-1029 Unassigned
iad1 1030/tcp BBN IAD
iad1 1030/udp BBN IAD
iad2 1031/tcp BBN IAD
iad2 1031/udp BBN IAD
iad3 1032/tcp BBN IAD
iad3 1032/udp BBN IAD
# Andy Malis <malis_a@timeplex.com>
netinfo-local 1033/tcp local netinfo port
netinfo-local 1033/udp local netinfo port
# Marc Majka <majka@apple.com> August 2002
# 1034-1035 Unassigned
pcg-radar 1036/tcp RADAR Service Protocol
pcg-radar 1036/udp RADAR Service Protocol
# Steve Ravida <Steve@pcguru.com>
# 1037-1039 Unassigned
netarx 1040/tcp Netarx
netarx 1040/udp Netarx
# Fredrick Paul Eisele <phreed@netarx.com>
# 1041-1044 Unassigned
fpitp 1045/tcp Fingerprint Image Transfer Protocol
fpitp 1045/udp Fingerprint Image Transfer Protocol
# Steven Fields <sfields@identix.com> February 2002
# 1046 Unassigned
neod1 1047/tcp Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
neod1 1047/udp Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
neod2 1048/tcp Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
neod2 1048/udp Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
# Rohit Garg <rohit.garg@eng.sun.com>
td-postman 1049/tcp Tobit David Postman VPMN
td-postman 1049/udp Tobit David Postman VPMN
# Franz-Josef Leuders <development@tobit.com>
cma 1050/tcp CORBA Management Agent
cma 1050/udp CORBA Management Agent
# Ramy Zaarour <ramy@lumos.com>
optima-vnet 1051/tcp Optima VNET
optima-vnet 1051/udp Optima VNET
# Ralf Doewich <ralf.doewich@optimatele.com>
ddt 1052/tcp Dynamic DNS Tools
ddt 1052/udp Dynamic DNS Tools
# Remi Lefebvre <remi@debian.org>
remote-as 1053/tcp Remote Assistant (RA)
remote-as 1053/udp Remote Assistant (RA)
# Roman Kriis <roman@previo.ee>
brvread 1054/tcp BRVREAD
brvread 1054/udp BRVREAD
# Gilles Roussel <groussel@eu-symtrax.com>
ansyslmd 1055/tcp ANSYS - License Manager
ansyslmd 1055/udp ANSYS - License Manager
# Suzanne Lorrin <suzanne.lorrin@ansys.com>
vfo 1056/tcp VFO
vfo 1056/udp VFO
# Anthony Gonzalez <agonzal1@telcordia.com>
startron 1057/tcp STARTRON
startron 1057/udp STARTRON
# Markus Sabadello <sabadello@startron.org>
nim 1058/tcp nim
nim 1058/udp nim
nimreg 1059/tcp nimreg
nimreg 1059/udp nimreg
# Robert Gordon <rbg@austin.ibm.com>
polestar 1060/tcp POLESTAR
polestar 1060/udp POLESTAR
# Masakuni Okada <masakuni@jp.ibm.com>
kiosk 1061/tcp KIOSK
kiosk 1061/udp KIOSK
# Howard Buck <hbuck@maytag.com>
veracity 1062/tcp Veracity
veracity 1062/udp Veracity
# Ross Williams <ross@rocksoft.com>
kyoceranetdev 1063/tcp KyoceraNetDev
kyoceranetdev 1063/udp KyoceraNetDev
# Shigenaka Kanemitsu
# <Shigenaka_Kanemitsu@ypd.kyocera.co.jp>
jstel 1064/tcp JSTEL
jstel 1064/udp JSTEL
# Duane Kiser <dkiser@jsexpress.com>
syscomlan 1065/tcp SYSCOMLAN
syscomlan 1065/udp SYSCOMLAN
# Urs Ryf <urs.ryf@selectron.ch>
fpo-fns 1066/tcp FPO-FNS
fpo-fns 1066/udp FPO-FNS
# Jens Klose <jklose@intercope.com>
instl_boots 1067/tcp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.
instl_boots 1067/udp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.
instl_bootc 1068/tcp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.
instl_bootc 1068/udp Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.
# David Arko <darko@hpfcrn.fc.hp.com>
cognex-insight 1069/tcp COGNEX-INSIGHT
cognex-insight 1069/udp COGNEX-INSIGHT
# Steve Olson <solson@cognex.com>
gmrupdateserv 1070/tcp GMRUpdateSERV
gmrupdateserv 1070/udp GMRUpdateSERV
# Steve Kellogg <stevekellogg@mezzogmr.com>
bsquare-voip 1071/tcp BSQUARE-VOIP
bsquare-voip 1071/udp BSQUARE-VOIP
# Yen Lee <YenL@bsquare.com>
cardax 1072/tcp CARDAX
cardax 1072/udp CARDAX
# Charles Oram <charleso@cardax.com>
bridgecontrol 1073/tcp Bridge Control
bridgecontrol 1073/udp Bridge Control
# Andy Heron <btexact.ports@bt.com>
fastechnologlm 1074/tcp FASTechnologies License Manager
fastechnologlm 1074/udp FASTechnologies License Manager
# Robert C. Henningsgard
# <rhenn@fastechnologies.com>
rdrmshc 1075/tcp RDRMSHC
rdrmshc 1075/udp RDRMSHC
# Ericko Shimada <eriko@kel.fujitsu.co.jp>
dab-sti-c 1076/tcp DAB STI-C
dab-sti-c 1076/udp DAB STI-C
# World DAB <worlddab_irc@worlddab.org>
imgames 1077/tcp IMGames
imgames 1077/udp IMGames
# Jean A. Ames <engr-admin@flipside.com>
emanagecstp 1078/tcp eManageCstp
emanagecstp 1078/udp eManageCstp
# Steven W. Clark <sclark@equinox.com>
asprovatalk 1079/tcp ASPROVATalk
asprovatalk 1079/udp ASPROVATalk
# Chiew Farn Chung <cfchung@asprova.com>
socks 1080/tcp Socks
socks 1080/udp Socks
# Ying-Da Lee <ylee@syl.dl.nec.com
pvuniwien 1081/tcp PVUNIWIEN
pvuniwien 1081/udp PVUNIWIEN
# Peter Lipp >Peter.Lipp@iaik.at>
amt-esd-prot 1082/tcp AMT-ESD-PROT
amt-esd-prot 1082/udp AMT-ESD-PROT
# AMTEC S.p.A <sp.amtec@interbusiness.it>
ansoft-lm-1 1083/tcp Anasoft License Manager
ansoft-lm-1 1083/udp Anasoft License Manager
ansoft-lm-2 1084/tcp Anasoft License Manager
ansoft-lm-2 1084/udp Anasoft License Manager
webobjects 1085/tcp Web Objects
webobjects 1085/udp Web Objects
# Andy Belk <abelk@apple.com>
cplscrambler-lg 1086/tcp CPL Scrambler Logging
cplscrambler-lg 1086/udp CPL Scrambler Logging
cplscrambler-in 1087/tcp CPL Scrambler Internal
cplscrambler-in 1087/udp CPL Scrambler Internal
cplscrambler-al 1088/tcp CPL Scrambler Alarm Log
cplscrambler-al 1088/udp CPL Scrambler Alarm Log
# Richard Corn <rac@racc.com>
ff-annunc 1089/tcp FF Annunciation
ff-annunc 1089/udp FF Annunciation
ff-fms 1090/tcp FF Fieldbus Message Specification
ff-fms 1090/udp FF Fieldbus Message Specification
ff-sm 1091/tcp FF System Management
ff-sm 1091/udp FF System Management
# Fieldbus Foundation <dave.glanzer@fieldbus.org>
obrpd 1092/tcp Open Business Reporting Protocol
obrpd 1092/udp Open Business Reporting Protocol
# William Randolph Royere III
# <william@royere.net>
proofd 1093/tcp PROOFD
proofd 1093/udp PROOFD
rootd 1094/tcp ROOTD
rootd 1094/udp ROOTD
# Fons Rademakers <Fons.Rademakers@cern.ch>
nicelink 1095/tcp NICELink
nicelink 1095/udp NICELink
# Jordi Lisbona <jlisbona@tango04.net>
cnrprotocol 1096/tcp Common Name Resolution Protocol
cnrprotocol 1096/udp Common Name Resolution Protocol
# Michael Mealling <michaelm@netsol.com>
sunclustermgr 1097/tcp Sun Cluster Manager
sunclustermgr 1097/udp Sun Cluster Manager
# Ashit Patel <Ashit.Patel@eng.Sun.COM>
rmiactivation 1098/tcp RMI Activation
rmiactivation 1098/udp RMI Activation
rmiregistry 1099/tcp RMI Registry
rmiregistry 1099/udp RMI Registry
# Mark Hodapp <mark.hodapp@sun.com>
mctp 1100/tcp MCTP
mctp 1100/udp MCTP
# Vitaly Revsin <vitaly@webmanage.com>
pt2-discover 1101/tcp PT2-DISCOVER
pt2-discover 1101/udp PT2-DISCOVER
# Ralph Kammerlander
# <ralph.kammerlander@khe.siemens.de>
adobeserver-1 1102/tcp ADOBE SERVER 1
adobeserver-1 1102/udp ADOBE SERVER 1
adobeserver-2 1103/tcp ADOBE SERVER 2
adobeserver-2 1103/udp ADOBE SERVER 2
# Frank Soetebeer <frsoeteb@adobe.com>
xrl 1104/tcp XRL
xrl 1104/udp XRL
# Patrick Robinson <probinson@plosive.com>
ftranhc 1105/tcp FTRANHC
ftranhc 1105/udp FTRANHC
# Eriko Shimada <eriko@kel.fujitsu.co.jp>
isoipsigport-1 1106/tcp ISOIPSIGPORT-1
isoipsigport-1 1106/udp ISOIPSIGPORT-1
isoipsigport-2 1107/tcp ISOIPSIGPORT-2
isoipsigport-2 1107/udp ISOIPSIGPORT-2
# Peter Egli <peter.egli@inalp.com>
ratio-adp 1108/tcp ratio-adp
ratio-adp 1108/udp ratio-adp
# Oliver Thulke <oth@ratio.de>
# 1109 Reserved - IANA
nfsd-status 1110/tcp Cluster status info
nfsd-keepalive 1110/udp Client status info
# Edgar Circenis <ec@hpfclj.fc.hp.com>
lmsocialserver 1111/tcp LM Social Server
lmsocialserver 1111/udp LM Social Server
# Ron Lussier <coyote@likeminds.com>
icp 1112/tcp Intelligent Communication Protocol
icp 1112/udp Intelligent Communication Protocol
# Mark H. David <mhd@gensym.com>
# 1113 Unassigned
mini-sql 1114/tcp Mini SQL
mini-sql 1114/udp Mini SQL
# David Hughes <bambi@Hughes.com.au>
ardus-trns 1115/tcp ARDUS Transfer
ardus-trns 1115/udp ARDUS Transfer
ardus-cntl 1116/tcp ARDUS Control
ardus-cntl 1116/udp ARDUS Control
ardus-mtrns 1117/tcp ARDUS Multicast Transfer
ardus-mtrns 1117/udp ARDUS Multicast Transfer
# Shinya Abe <abeabe@pfu.co.jp>
# 1118-1121 Unassigned
availant-mgr 1122/tcp availant-mgr
availant-mgr 1122/udp availant-mgr
# Steven Pelletier <stevep@Availant.com>
murray 1123/tcp Murray
murray 1123/udp Murray
# Stu Mark <fordii@j51.com>
# 1124-1154 Unassigned
nfa 1155/tcp Network File Access
nfa 1155/udp Network File Access
# James Powell <james@mailhost.unidata.com>
# 1156-1160 Unassigned
health-polling 1161/tcp Health Polling
health-polling 1161/udp Health Polling
health-trap 1162/tcp Health Trap
health-trap 1162/udp Health Trap
# 1163-1167 Unassigned
vchat 1168/tcp VChat Conference Service
vchat 1168/udp VChat Conference Service
# Andreas Wetzel <mickey@enforcer.cc> September 2002
tripwire 1169/tcp TRIPWIRE
tripwire 1169/udp TRIPWIRE
# Ed Metcalf <emetcalf@tripwiresecurity.com>
# Albert Holt <alberth@triosoftware.com>
# 1170-1179 Unassigned
mc-client 1180/tcp Millicent Client Proxy
mc-client 1180/udp Millicent Client Proxy
# Steve Glassman <steveg@pa.dec.com>
# 1181-1182 Unassigned
llsurfup-http 1183/tcp LL Surfup HTTP
llsurfup-http 1183/udp LL Surfup HTTP
llsurfup-https 1184/tcp LL Surfup HTTPS
llsurfup-https 1184/udp LL Surfup HTTPS
# Katy Lynn McCullough <KatyM@LapLink.com>
catchpole 1185/tcp Catchpole port
catchpole 1185/udp Catchpole port
# Christian Catchpole <christian@catchpole.net> March 2002
# 1186-1187 Unassigned
hp-webadmin 1188/tcp HP Web Admin
hp-webadmin 1188/udp HP Web Admin
# Lance Kind <lance_kind@hp.com>
# 1189-1198 Unassigned
dmidi 1199/tcp DMIDI
dmidi 1199/udp DMIDI
# Phil Kerr <phil@plus24.com> February 2002
scol 1200/tcp SCOL
scol 1200/udp SCOL
# Cryo-Networks <p.favre@cryo-networks.fr>
nucleus-sand 1201/tcp Nucleus Sand
nucleus-sand 1201/udp Nucleus Sand
# James Marsh <James.Marsh@sandtechnology.com>
caiccipc 1202/tcp caiccipc
caiccipc 1202/udp caiccipc
# Vince Re <Vincent.Re@cai.com>
ssslic-mgr 1203/tcp License Validation
ssslic-mgr 1203/udp License Validation
ssslog-mgr 1204/tcp Log Request Listener
ssslog-mgr 1204/udp Log Request Listener
# Eric Bruno <ebruno@solution-soft.com>
accord-mgc 1205/tcp Accord-MGC
accord-mgc 1205/udp Accord-MGC
# Roni Even <roni_e@accord.co.il>
anthony-data 1206/tcp Anthony Data
anthony-data 1206/udp Anthony Data
# Paul Dollemore <pauld@anthonydata.com>
metasage 1207/tcp MetaSage
metasage 1207/udp MetaSage
# Peter Anvelt <panvelt@xnai.com>
seagull-ais 1208/tcp SEAGULL AIS
seagull-ais 1208/udp SEAGULL AIS
# Lee Breisacher <lbreisacher@seagullsw.com>
ipcd3 1209/tcp IPCD3
ipcd3 1209/udp IPCD3
# Mark Ciskey <mlciskey@plato.com>
eoss 1210/tcp EOSS
eoss 1210/udp EOSS
# Robert Armes <rarmes@axarte.com>
groove-dpp 1211/tcp Groove DPP
groove-dpp 1211/udp Groove DPP
# Ken Moore <kmoore@groove.net>
lupa 1212/tcp lupa
lupa 1212/udp lupa
# Barney Wolff <barney@databus.com>
mpc-lifenet 1213/tcp MPC LIFENET
mpc-lifenet 1213/udp MPC LIFENET
# Ward Silver <hwardsil@wolfenet.com>
kazaa 1214/tcp KAZAA
kazaa 1214/udp KAZAA
# Ahti Heinla <ahti@ahti.bluemoon.ee>
scanstat-1 1215/tcp scanSTAT 1.0
scanstat-1 1215/udp scanSTAT 1.0
# William Scheding <wls@wls.org>
etebac5 1216/tcp ETEBAC 5
etebac5 1216/udp ETEBAC 5
# GSIT <jl.barbut@gsit.fr>
hpss-ndapi 1217/tcp HPSS-NDAPI
hpss-ndapi 1217/udp HPSS-NDAPI
# Michael Gleicher <mkg@san.rr.com>
aeroflight-ads 1218/tcp AeroFlight-ADs
aeroflight-ads 1218/udp AeroFlight-ADs
aeroflight-ret 1219/tcp AeroFlight-Ret
aeroflight-ret 1219/udp AeroFlight-Ret
# Eric Johnson <eric@gruver.net>
qt-serveradmin 1220/tcp QT SERVER ADMIN
qt-serveradmin 1220/udp QT SERVER ADMIN
# Chris LeCroy <lecroy@apple.com>
sweetware-apps 1221/tcp SweetWARE Apps
sweetware-apps 1221/udp SweetWARE Apps
# David Dunetz <david@sweetware.com>
nerv 1222/tcp SNI R&D network
nerv 1222/udp SNI R&D network
# Martin Freiss <freiss.pad@sni.de>
tgp 1223/tcp TGP
tgp 1223/udp TGP
# Gur Kimchi <gur@mail.trulyglobal.com>
vpnz 1224/tcp VPNz
vpnz 1224/udp VPNz
# Tom Strack <TSTRACK@Advnw.com>
slinkysearch 1225/tcp SLINKYSEARCH
slinkysearch 1225/udp SLINKYSEARCH
# Desmond Chan <deschan@prismedia.com>
stgxfws 1226/tcp STGXFWS
stgxfws 1226/udp STGXFWS
# Tetsuya Shioda <tetsuya@saint.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
dns2go 1227/tcp DNS2Go
dns2go 1227/udp DNS2Go
# Mark Richards <mark.richards@deerfield.com>
florence 1228/tcp FLORENCE
florence 1228/udp FLORENCE
# Brian Trammell <btrammell@iventurelab.com>
novell-zfs 1229/tcp Novell ZFS
novell-zfs 1229/udp Novell ZFS
# Ty Ellis <tellis@novell.com>
periscope 1230/tcp Periscope
periscope 1230/udp Periscope
# Kevin Madden <Kevin@emailxtras.com>
menandmice-lpm 1231/tcp menandmice-lpm
menandmice-lpm 1231/udp menandmice-lpm
# Sigfus Magnusson <sigfusm@menandmice.com>
##### Microsoft (unoffically) using 1232 #####
univ-appserver 1233/tcp Universal App Server
univ-appserver 1233/udp Universal App Server
# Tim Sent <tim.sent@systemsarchitects.com>
search-agent 1234/tcp Infoseek Search Agent
search-agent 1234/udp Infoseek Search Agent
# Jackie Wu <jackiew@infoseek.com>
mosaicsyssvc1 1235/tcp mosaicsyssvc1
mosaicsyssvc1 1235/udp mosaicsyssvc1
# Brian Matthews <bmatthews@mosaicsystems.com>
bvcontrol 1236/tcp bvcontrol
bvcontrol 1236/udp bvcontrol
# Daniel J Walsh <dwalsh@bindview.com>
tsdos390 1237/tcp tsdos390
tsdos390 1237/udp tsdos390
# Ben Pracht <ben.pracht@tivoli.com>
hacl-qs 1238/tcp hacl-qs
hacl-qs 1238/udp hacl-qs
# Farid Faez <farid_faez@hp.com>
nmsd 1239/tcp NMSD
nmsd 1239/udp NMSD
# Yuri Machkasov <yuri@ptc.com>
instantia 1240/tcp Instantia
instantia 1240/udp Instantia
# Ruth Slater <ruth.slater@ideagen.co.uk>
nessus 1241/tcp nessus
nessus 1241/udp nessus
# Jordan Hrycaj <jordan@mjh.teddy-net.com>
nmasoverip 1242/tcp NMAS over IP
nmasoverip 1242/udp NMAS over IP
# Hal Henderson <hhenders@novell.com>
serialgateway 1243/tcp SerialGateway
serialgateway 1243/udp SerialGateway
# Stephen LaValley <lavalley@lucent.com>
isbconference1 1244/tcp isbconference1
isbconference1 1244/udp isbconference1
isbconference2 1245/tcp isbconference2
isbconference2 1245/udp isbconference2
# Arnold Dittmann <dittmann@isbcad.de>
payrouter 1246/tcp payrouter
payrouter 1246/udp payrouter
# David Wilson <dwilson@integral-ie.com>
visionpyramid 1247/tcp VisionPyramid
visionpyramid 1247/udp VisionPyramid
# Gavin Hutchinson <gavinh@visionlogistics.com>
hermes 1248/tcp hermes
hermes 1248/udp hermes
# Not known
mesavistaco 1249/tcp Mesa Vista Co
mesavistaco 1249/udp Mesa Vista Co
# Rick LaBanca <rel@mesasys.com>
swldy-sias 1250/tcp swldy-sias
swldy-sias 1250/udp swldy-sias
# Peter E Williams <peter.williams@smallworld-us.com>
servergraph 1251/tcp servergraph
servergraph 1251/udp servergraph
# Lindsay Morris <lmorris@servergraph.com>
bspne-pcc 1252/tcp bspne-pcc
bspne-pcc 1252/udp bspne-pcc
q55-pcc 1253/tcp q55-pcc
q55-pcc 1253/udp q55-pcc
# Prem Tirilok <Prem.Tirilok@tellabs.com>
de-noc 1254/tcp de-noc
de-noc 1254/udp de-noc
de-cache-query 1255/tcp de-cache-query
de-cache-query 1255/udp de-cache-query
de-server 1256/tcp de-server
de-server 1256/udp de-server
# Jeff Burdette <support@digitalenvoy.net>
shockwave2 1257/tcp Shockwave 2
shockwave2 1257/udp Shockwave 2
# Dave Simmons <dsimmons@macromedia.com>
opennl 1258/tcp Open Network Library
opennl 1258/udp Open Network Library
opennl-voice 1259/tcp Open Network Library Voice
opennl-voice 1259/udp Open Network Library Voice
# Phil Frisbie <phil@hawksoft.com>
ibm-ssd 1260/tcp ibm-ssd
ibm-ssd 1260/udp ibm-ssd
# Barry Whyte <barry_whyte@uk.ibm.com>
mpshrsv 1261/tcp mpshrsv
mpshrsv 1261/udp mpshrsv
# Makoto Ikeyama <ikeyama@ael.fujitsu.co.jp>
qnts-orb 1262/tcp QNTS-ORB
qnts-orb 1262/udp QNTS-ORB
# Raghurama Bhat <raghu@quintus.com>
dka 1263/tcp dka
dka 1263/udp dka
# Chris Griffin <cgriffin@dka.com>
prat 1264/tcp PRAT
prat 1264/udp PRAT
# Keith Wood <keith.wood@epid.eurotherm.co.uk>
dssiapi 1265/tcp DSSIAPI
dssiapi 1265/udp DSSIAPI
# Steve Sando <steve.sando@diversifiedsoftware.com>
dellpwrappks 1266/tcp DELLPWRAPPKS
dellpwrappks 1266/udp DELLPWRAPPKS
# David Troeger <David_Troeger@dell.com>
epc 1267/tcp eTrust Policy Compliance
epc 1267/udp eTrust Policy Compliance
# Aaron Stein <aaron.stein@ca.com>
propel-msgsys 1268/tcp PROPEL-MSGSYS
propel-msgsys 1268/udp PROPEL-MSGSYS
# Bert Van der Linden <bert@propel.com>
watilapp 1269/tcp WATiLaPP
watilapp 1269/udp WATiLaPP
# Frederic Weymann <Fizzban@swcombine.com>
opsmgr 1270/tcp Microsoft Operations Manager
opsmgr 1270/udp Microsoft Operations Manager
# Ashvin Sanghvi <AshvinS@microsoft.com>
dabew 1271/tcp Dabew
dabew 1271/udp Dabew
# Norm Freedman <normfree@att.net>
cspmlockmgr 1272/tcp CSPMLockMgr
cspmlockmgr 1272/udp CSPMLockMgr
# Ibtsam Mahfouz <imahfouz@cisco.com>
emc-gateway 1273/tcp EMC-Gateway
emc-gateway 1273/udp EMC-Gateway
# Rene Fontaine <fontaine_rene@emc.com>
t1distproc 1274/tcp t1distproc
t1distproc 1274/udp t1distproc
# Julian Biddle <julian_biddle@TechnologyOneCorp.com>
ivcollector 1275/tcp ivcollector
ivcollector 1275/udp ivcollector
ivmanager 1276/tcp ivmanager
ivmanager 1276/udp ivmanager
# Xavier Roques <xroques@infovista.fr>
miva-mqs 1277/tcp mqs
miva-mqs 1277/udp mqs
# Miva Corporation <jwoods@miva.com.au>
dellwebadmin-1 1278/tcp Dell Web Admin 1
dellwebadmin-1 1278/udp Dell Web Admin 1
dellwebadmin-2 1279/tcp Dell Web Admin 2
dellwebadmin-2 1279/udp Dell Web Admin 2
# Bridget Navoda <Bridget_Navoda@dell.com>
pictrography 1280/tcp Pictrography
pictrography 1280/udp Pictrography
# Takashi Hoshino <hoshino@miya.fujifilm.co.jp>
healthd 1281/tcp healthd
healthd 1281/udp healthd
# James E. Housley <jim@thehousleys.net>
emperion 1282/tcp Emperion
emperion 1282/udp Emperion
# Claus Thor Barth <ctb@satworks.net>
productinfo 1283/tcp ProductInfo
productinfo 1283/udp ProductInfo
iee-qfx 1284/tcp IEE-QFX
iee-qfx 1284/udp IEE-QFX
# Kevin D. Quitt <KQuitt@IEEInc.com>
neoiface 1285/tcp neoiface
neoiface 1285/udp neoiface
# Jason McManus <jasonm@neoinformatics.com>
netuitive 1286/tcp netuitive
netuitive 1286/udp netuitive
# Clayton Wilkinson <cwilkinson@netuitive.com>
# 1287 Unassigned
navbuddy 1288/tcp NavBuddy
navbuddy 1288/udp NavBuddy
# Eric Hackman <ehackman@millapps.com>
jwalkserver 1289/tcp JWalkServer
jwalkserver 1289/udp JWalkServer
winjaserver 1290/tcp WinJaServer
winjaserver 1290/udp WinJaServer
seagulllms 1291/tcp SEAGULLLMS
seagulllms 1291/udp SEAGULLLMS
# Lee Breisacher <lbreisacher@seafullsw.com>
dsdn 1292/tcp dsdn
dsdn 1292/udp dsdn
# Stanislaw Skowronek <thesis@elementary.pl>
pkt-krb-ipsec 1293/tcp PKT-KRB-IPSec
pkt-krb-ipsec 1293/udp PKT-KRB-IPSec
# Nancy Davoust <n.davoust@cablelabs.com>
cmmdriver 1294/tcp CMMdriver
cmmdriver 1294/udp CMMdriver
# Lutz Karras <karras@zeiss.de>
ehtp 1295/tcp End-by-Hop Transmission Protocol
ehtp 1295/udp End-by-Hop Transmission Protocol
# Alexander Bogdanov <alexandr_bgd@softhome.net>
dproxy 1296/tcp dproxy
dproxy 1296/udp dproxy
sdproxy 1297/tcp sdproxy
sdproxy 1297/udp sdproxy
# Raimond Diederik <rdiederik@descartes.com>
lpcp 1298/tcp lpcp
lpcp 1298/udp lpcp
# Christian Stredicke <stredicke@snom.de>
hp-sci 1299/tcp hp-sci
hp-sci 1299/udp hp-sci
# Kim Scott <kims@cup.hp.com>
h323hostcallsc 1300/tcp H323 Host Call Secure
h323hostcallsc 1300/udp H323 Host Call Secure
# Jim Toga <jtoga@ideal.jf.intel.com>
ci3-software-1 1301/tcp CI3-Software-1
ci3-software-1 1301/udp CI3-Software-1
ci3-software-2 1302/tcp CI3-Software-2
ci3-software-2 1302/udp CI3-Software-2
# Kelli Watson <kwatson@ci3software.com>
sftsrv 1303/tcp sftsrv
sftsrv 1303/udp sftsrv
# Robert Frazier <BobF@mrp3.com>
boomerang 1304/tcp Boomerang
boomerang 1304/udp Boomerang
# Bruce Lueckenhoff <brucelu@cisco.com>
pe-mike 1305/tcp pe-mike
pe-mike 1305/udp pe-mike
# Stephen Hemminger <shemminger@passedge.com>
re-conn-proto 1306/tcp RE-Conn-Proto
re-conn-proto 1306/udp RE-Conn-Proto
# Sandeep Singhal <sandeep@reefedge.com>
pacmand 1307/tcp Pacmand
pacmand 1307/udp Pacmand
# Edward T. O'Shea <oshea@bellsouth.net>
odsi 1308/tcp Optical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)
odsi 1308/udp Optical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)
# K. Arvind <arvind@tenornetworks.com>
jtag-server 1309/tcp JTAG server
jtag-server 1309/udp JTAG server
# Andrew Draper <adraper@altera.com>
husky 1310/tcp Husky
husky 1310/udp Husky
# Mark Zang <mark@zang.com>
rxmon 1311/tcp RxMon
rxmon 1311/udp RxMon
# Javier Jiminez <javier_l_jimenez@dell.com>
sti-envision 1312/tcp STI Envision
sti-envision 1312/udp STI Envision
# Don Stedman <dones@stisystems.com>
bmc_patroldb 1313/tcp BMC_PATROLDB
bmc_patroldb 1313/udp BMC_PATROLDB
# Devon Shows <Devon_Shows@crow.bmc.com>
pdps 1314/tcp Photoscript Distributed Printing System
pdps 1314/udp Photoscript Distributed Printing System
# Les Klein <sgy@cix.compulink.co.uk>
els 1315/tcp E.L.S., Event Listener Service
els 1315/udp E.L.S., Event Listener Service
# Jim Cleppe <clep13@cfer.com>
exbit-escp 1316/tcp Exbit-ESCP
exbit-escp 1316/udp Exbit-ESCP
# Morten Christensen <mjc@exbit.dk>
vrts-ipcserver 1317/tcp vrts-ipcserver
vrts-ipcserver 1317/udp vrts-ipcserver
# Bruce Hestand <Bruce.Hestand@veritas.com>
krb5gatekeeper 1318/tcp krb5gatekeeper
krb5gatekeeper 1318/udp krb5gatekeeper
# Patrick Moore <pcmoore@sandia.gov>
panja-icsp 1319/tcp Panja-ICSP
panja-icsp 1319/udp Panja-ICSP
# Ron Barber <ron.barber@panja.com>
panja-axbnet 1320/tcp Panja-AXBNET
panja-axbnet 1320/udp Panja-AXBNET
# Andrew van Wensen <avanwensen@panja.com>
pip 1321/tcp PIP
pip 1321/udp PIP
# Gordon Mohr <gojomo@usa.net>
novation 1322/tcp Novation
novation 1322/udp Novation
# Alan Dano <wiseobject@yahoo.com>
brcd 1323/tcp brcd
brcd 1323/udp brcd
# Todd Picquelle <todd@convergence.net>
delta-mcp 1324/tcp delta-mcp
delta-mcp 1324/udp delta-mcp
# Quinton Tormanen <quinton@deltacompsys.com>
dx-instrument 1325/tcp DX-Instrument
dx-instrument 1325/udp DX-Instrument
# Walt Modic <Walt.Modic@dionex.com>
wimsic 1326/tcp WIMSIC
wimsic 1326/udp WIMSIC
# James Brown <ender@admdev.com>
ultrex 1327/tcp Ultrex
ultrex 1327/udp Ultrex
# Tim Walsh <tim@ultrex.com>
ewall 1328/tcp EWALL
ewall 1328/udp EWALL
# Jeff Busma <busma@echogent.com>
netdb-export 1329/tcp netdb-export
netdb-export 1329/udp netdb-export
# Konstantinos Kostis <netdb@kostis.net>
streetperfect 1330/tcp StreetPerfect
streetperfect 1330/udp StreetPerfect
# Michael R. Young <michael.young@tor.sunpub.com>
intersan 1331/tcp intersan
intersan 1331/udp intersan
# Barry H. Feild <barry@intersan.net>
pcia-rxp-b 1332/tcp PCIA RXP-B
pcia-rxp-b 1332/udp PCIA RXP-B
# James Dabbs <jdabbs@tga.com>
passwrd-policy 1333/tcp Password Policy
passwrd-policy 1333/udp Password Policy
# Tonio Pirotta <tonio@tpis.com.au>
writesrv 1334/tcp writesrv
writesrv 1334/udp writesrv
# Marvin Toungate <toungate@austin.ibm.com>
digital-notary 1335/tcp Digital Notary Protocol
digital-notary 1335/udp Digital Notary Protocol
# Wes Doonan
ischat 1336/tcp Instant Service Chat
ischat 1336/udp Instant Service Chat
# Mike Clise <mikec@instantservice.com>
menandmice-dns 1337/tcp menandmice DNS
menandmice-dns 1337/udp menandmice DNS
# Sigfus Magnusson <sigfusm@menandmice.com>
wmc-log-svc 1338/tcp WMC-log-svr
wmc-log-svc 1338/udp WMC-log-svr
# Stephen Brosseau <brosseau@workingmachines.com>
kjtsiteserver 1339/tcp kjtsiteserver
kjtsiteserver 1339/udp kjtsiteserver
# Jason Aubain <jaubain@kjt.com>
naap 1340/tcp NAAP
naap 1340/udp NAAP
# Henry Haverinen <henry.haverinen@nokia.com>
qubes 1341/tcp QuBES
qubes 1341/udp QuBES
# Eric Grange <egrange@creative-it.net>
esbroker 1342/tcp ESBroker
esbroker 1342/udp ESBroker
# Alexander Medvinsky <smedvinsky@gi.com>
re101 1343/tcp re101
re101 1343/udp re101
# Doriano Blengino <tecnico@xonelectronics.it>
icap 1344/tcp ICAP
icap 1344/udp ICAP
# Jeremy Elson <jelson@isi.edu>
vpjp 1345/tcp VPJP
vpjp 1345/udp VPJP
# Michael Collins <UBMCollins@aol.com>
alta-ana-lm 1346/tcp Alta Analytics License Manager
alta-ana-lm 1346/udp Alta Analytics License Manager
bbn-mmc 1347/tcp multi media conferencing
bbn-mmc 1347/udp multi media conferencing
bbn-mmx 1348/tcp multi media conferencing
bbn-mmx 1348/udp multi media conferencing
sbook 1349/tcp Registration Network Protocol
sbook 1349/udp Registration Network Protocol
editbench 1350/tcp Registration Network Protocol
editbench 1350/udp Registration Network Protocol
# Simson L. Garfinkel <simsong@next.cambridge.ma.us>
equationbuilder 1351/tcp Digital Tool Works (MIT)
equationbuilder 1351/udp Digital Tool Works (MIT)
# Terrence J. Talbot <lexcube!tjt@bu.edu>
lotusnote 1352/tcp Lotus Note
lotusnote 1352/udp Lotus Note
# Greg Pflaum <iris.com!Greg_Pflaum@uunet.uu.net>
relief 1353/tcp Relief Consulting
relief 1353/udp Relief Consulting
# John Feiler <relief!jjfeiler@uu2.psi.com>
rightbrain 1354/tcp RightBrain Software
rightbrain 1354/udp RightBrain Software
# Glenn Reid <glann@rightbrain.com>
intuitive-edge 1355/tcp Intuitive Edge
intuitive-edge 1355/udp Intuitive Edge
# Montgomery Zukowski
# <monty@nextnorth.acs.ohio-state.edu>
cuillamartin 1356/tcp CuillaMartin Company
cuillamartin 1356/udp CuillaMartin Company
pegboard 1357/tcp Electronic PegBoard
pegboard 1357/udp Electronic PegBoard
# Chris Cuilla
# <balr!vpnet!cuilla!chris@clout.chi.il.us>
connlcli 1358/tcp CONNLCLI
connlcli 1358/udp CONNLCLI
ftsrv 1359/tcp FTSRV
ftsrv 1359/udp FTSRV
# Ines Homem de Melo <sidinf@brfapesp.bitnet>
mimer 1360/tcp MIMER
mimer 1360/udp MIMER
# Per Schroeder <Per.Schroder@mimer.se>
linx 1361/tcp LinX
linx 1361/udp LinX
# Steffen Schilke <---none--->
timeflies 1362/tcp TimeFlies
timeflies 1362/udp TimeFlies
# Doug Kent <mouthers@slugg@nwnexus.wa.com>
ndm-requester 1363/tcp Network DataMover Requester
ndm-requester 1363/udp Network DataMover Requester
ndm-server 1364/tcp Network DataMover Server
ndm-server 1364/udp Network DataMover Server
# Toshio Watanabe
# <watanabe@godzilla.rsc.spdd.ricoh.co.j>
adapt-sna 1365/tcp Network Software Associates
adapt-sna 1365/udp Network Software Associates
# Jeffery Chiao <714-768-401>
netware-csp 1366/tcp Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform
netware-csp 1366/udp Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform
# Laurie Lindsey <llindsey@novell.com>
dcs 1367/tcp DCS
dcs 1367/udp DCS
# Stefan Siebert <ssiebert@dcs.de>
screencast 1368/tcp ScreenCast
screencast 1368/udp ScreenCast
# Bill Tschumy <other!bill@uunet.UU.NET>
gv-us 1369/tcp GlobalView to Unix Shell
gv-us 1369/udp GlobalView to Unix Shell
us-gv 1370/tcp Unix Shell to GlobalView
us-gv 1370/udp Unix Shell to GlobalView
# Makoto Mita <mita@ssdev.ksp.fujixerox.co.jp>
fc-cli 1371/tcp Fujitsu Config Protocol
fc-cli 1371/udp Fujitsu Config Protocol
fc-ser 1372/tcp Fujitsu Config Protocol
fc-ser 1372/udp Fujitsu Config Protocol
# Ryuichi Horie <horie@spad.sysrap.cs.fujitsu.co.jp>
chromagrafx 1373/tcp Chromagrafx
chromagrafx 1373/udp Chromagrafx
# Mike Barthelemy <msb@chromagrafx.com>
molly 1374/tcp EPI Software Systems
molly 1374/udp EPI Software Systems
# Jim Vlcek <jvlcek@veeco.com>
bytex 1375/tcp Bytex
bytex 1375/udp Bytex
# Mary Ann Burt <bytex!ws054!maryann@uunet.UU.NET>
ibm-pps 1376/tcp IBM Person to Person Software
ibm-pps 1376/udp IBM Person to Person Software
# Simon Phipps <sphipps@vnet.ibm.com>
cichlid 1377/tcp Cichlid License Manager
cichlid 1377/udp Cichlid License Manager
# Andy Burgess <aab@cichlid.com>
elan 1378/tcp Elan License Manager
elan 1378/udp Elan License Manager
# Ken Greer <kg@elan.com>
dbreporter 1379/tcp Integrity Solutions
dbreporter 1379/udp Integrity Solutions
# Tim Dawson <tdawson%mspboss@uunet.UU.NET>
telesis-licman 1380/tcp Telesis Network License Manager
telesis-licman 1380/udp Telesis Network License Manager
# Karl Schendel, Jr. <wiz@telesis.com>
apple-licman 1381/tcp Apple Network License Manager
apple-licman 1381/udp Apple Network License Manager
# Earl Wallace <earlw@apple.com>
udt_os 1382/tcp udt_os
udt_os 1382/udp udt_os
gwha 1383/tcp GW Hannaway Network License Manager
gwha 1383/udp GW Hannaway Network License Manager
# J. Gabriel Foster <fop@gwha.com>
os-licman 1384/tcp Objective Solutions License Manager
os-licman 1384/udp Objective Solutions License Manager
# Donald Cornwell <don.cornwell@objective.com>
atex_elmd 1385/tcp Atex Publishing License Manager
atex_elmd 1385/udp Atex Publishing License Manager
# Brett Sorenson <bcs@atex.com>
checksum 1386/tcp CheckSum License Manager
checksum 1386/udp CheckSum License Manager
# Andreas Glocker <glocker@sirius.com>
cadsi-lm 1387/tcp Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM
cadsi-lm 1387/udp Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM
# Sulistio Muljadi <e-mail?>
objective-dbc 1388/tcp Objective Solutions DataBase Cache
objective-dbc 1388/udp Objective Solutions DataBase Cache
# Donald Cornwell <e-mail?>
iclpv-dm 1389/tcp Document Manager
iclpv-dm 1389/udp Document Manager
iclpv-sc 1390/tcp Storage Controller
iclpv-sc 1390/udp Storage Controller
iclpv-sas 1391/tcp Storage Access Server
iclpv-sas 1391/udp Storage Access Server
iclpv-pm 1392/tcp Print Manager
iclpv-pm 1392/udp Print Manager
iclpv-nls 1393/tcp Network Log Server
iclpv-nls 1393/udp Network Log Server
iclpv-nlc 1394/tcp Network Log Client
iclpv-nlc 1394/udp Network Log Client
iclpv-wsm 1395/tcp PC Workstation Manager software
iclpv-wsm 1395/udp PC Workstation Manager software
# A.P. Hobson <A.P.Hobson@bra0112.wins.icl.co.uk>
dvl-activemail 1396/tcp DVL Active Mail
dvl-activemail 1396/udp DVL Active Mail
audio-activmail 1397/tcp Audio Active Mail
audio-activmail 1397/udp Audio Active Mail
video-activmail 1398/tcp Video Active Mail
video-activmail 1398/udp Video Active Mail
# Avshalom Houri <Avshalom@ubique.com>
cadkey-licman 1399/tcp Cadkey License Manager
cadkey-licman 1399/udp Cadkey License Manager
cadkey-tablet 1400/tcp Cadkey Tablet Daemon
cadkey-tablet 1400/udp Cadkey Tablet Daemon
# Joe McCollough <joe@cadkey.com>
goldleaf-licman 1401/tcp Goldleaf License Manager
goldleaf-licman 1401/udp Goldleaf License Manager
# John Fox <---none--->
prm-sm-np 1402/tcp Prospero Resource Manager
prm-sm-np 1402/udp Prospero Resource Manager
prm-nm-np 1403/tcp Prospero Resource Manager
prm-nm-np 1403/udp Prospero Resource Manager
# B. Clifford Neuman <bcn@isi.edu>
igi-lm 1404/tcp Infinite Graphics License Manager
igi-lm 1404/udp Infinite Graphics License Manager
ibm-res 1405/tcp IBM Remote Execution Starter
ibm-res 1405/udp IBM Remote Execution Starter
netlabs-lm 1406/tcp NetLabs License Manager
netlabs-lm 1406/udp NetLabs License Manager
dbsa-lm 1407/tcp DBSA License Manager
dbsa-lm 1407/udp DBSA License Manager
# Scott Shattuck <ss@dbsa.com>
sophia-lm 1408/tcp Sophia License Manager
sophia-lm 1408/udp Sophia License Manager
# Eric Brown <sst!emerald!eric@uunet.UU.net>
here-lm 1409/tcp Here License Manager
here-lm 1409/udp Here License Manager
# David Ison <here@dialup.oar.net>
hiq 1410/tcp HiQ License Manager
hiq 1410/udp HiQ License Manager
# Rick Pugh <rick@bilmillennium.com>
af 1411/tcp AudioFile
af 1411/udp AudioFile
# Jim Gettys <jg@crl.dec.com>
innosys 1412/tcp InnoSys
innosys 1412/udp InnoSys
innosys-acl 1413/tcp Innosys-ACL
innosys-acl 1413/udp Innosys-ACL
# Eric Welch <--none--->
ibm-mqseries 1414/tcp IBM MQSeries
ibm-mqseries 1414/udp IBM MQSeries
# Roger Meli <rmmeli%winvmd@vnet.ibm.com>
dbstar 1415/tcp DBStar
dbstar 1415/udp DBStar
# Jeffrey Millman <jcm@dbstar.com>
novell-lu6.2 1416/tcp Novell LU6.2
novell-lu6.2 1416/udp Novell LU6.2
# Peter Liu <--none--->
timbuktu-srv1 1417/tcp Timbuktu Service 1 Port
timbuktu-srv1 1417/udp Timbuktu Service 1 Port
timbuktu-srv2 1418/tcp Timbuktu Service 2 Port
timbuktu-srv2 1418/udp Timbuktu Service 2 Port
timbuktu-srv3 1419/tcp Timbuktu Service 3 Port
timbuktu-srv3 1419/udp Timbuktu Service 3 Port
timbuktu-srv4 1420/tcp Timbuktu Service 4 Port
timbuktu-srv4 1420/udp Timbuktu Service 4 Port
# Marc Epard <marc@netopia.com>
gandalf-lm 1421/tcp Gandalf License Manager
gandalf-lm 1421/udp Gandalf License Manager
# gilmer@gandalf.ca
autodesk-lm 1422/tcp Autodesk License Manager
autodesk-lm 1422/udp Autodesk License Manager
# David Ko <dko@autodesk.com>
essbase 1423/tcp Essbase Arbor Software
essbase 1423/udp Essbase Arbor Software
hybrid 1424/tcp Hybrid Encryption Protocol
hybrid 1424/udp Hybrid Encryption Protocol
# Howard Hart <hch@hybrid.com>
zion-lm 1425/tcp Zion Software License Manager
zion-lm 1425/udp Zion Software License Manager
# David Ferrero <david@zion.com>
sais 1426/tcp Satellite-data Acquisition System 1
sais 1426/udp Satellite-data Acquisition System 1
# Bill Taylor <sais@ssec.wisc.edu>
mloadd 1427/tcp mloadd monitoring tool
mloadd 1427/udp mloadd monitoring tool
# Bob Braden <braden@isi.edu>
informatik-lm 1428/tcp Informatik License Manager
informatik-lm 1428/udp Informatik License Manager
# Harald Schlangmann
# <schlangm@informatik.uni-muenchen.de>
nms 1429/tcp Hypercom NMS
nms 1429/udp Hypercom NMS
tpdu 1430/tcp Hypercom TPDU
tpdu 1430/udp Hypercom TPDU
# Noor Chowdhury <noor@hypercom.com>
rgtp 1431/tcp Reverse Gossip Transport
rgtp 1431/udp Reverse Gossip Transport
# Ian Jackson <iwj@cam-orl.co.uk>
blueberry-lm 1432/tcp Blueberry Software License Manager
blueberry-lm 1432/udp Blueberry Software License Manager
# Steve Beigel <ublueb!steve@uunet.uu.net>
ms-sql-s 1433/tcp Microsoft-SQL-Server
ms-sql-s 1433/udp Microsoft-SQL-Server
ms-sql-m 1434/tcp Microsoft-SQL-Monitor
ms-sql-m 1434/udp Microsoft-SQL-Monitor
# Peter Hussey <peterhus@microsoft.com>
ibm-cics 1435/tcp IBM CICS
ibm-cics 1435/udp IBM CICS
# Geoff Meacock <gbibmswl@ibmmail.COM>
saism 1436/tcp Satellite-data Acquisition System 2
saism 1436/udp Satellite-data Acquisition System 2
# Bill Taylor <sais@ssec.wisc.edu>
tabula 1437/tcp Tabula
tabula 1437/udp Tabula
# Marcelo Einhorn
# <KGUNE%HUJIVM1.bitnet@taunivm.tau.ac.il>
eicon-server 1438/tcp Eicon Security Agent/Server
eicon-server 1438/udp Eicon Security Agent/Server
eicon-x25 1439/tcp Eicon X25/SNA Gateway
eicon-x25 1439/udp Eicon X25/SNA Gateway
eicon-slp 1440/tcp Eicon Service Location Protocol
eicon-slp 1440/udp Eicon Service Location Protocol
# Pat Calhoun <CALHOUN@admin.eicon.qc.ca>
cadis-1 1441/tcp Cadis License Management
cadis-1 1441/udp Cadis License Management
cadis-2 1442/tcp Cadis License Management
cadis-2 1442/udp Cadis License Management
# Todd Wichers <twichers@csn.org>
ies-lm 1443/tcp Integrated Engineering Software
ies-lm 1443/udp Integrated Engineering Software
# David Tong <David_Tong@integrated.mb.ca>
marcam-lm 1444/tcp Marcam License Management
marcam-lm 1444/udp Marcam License Management
# Therese Hunt <hunt@marcam.com>
proxima-lm 1445/tcp Proxima License Manager
proxima-lm 1445/udp Proxima License Manager
ora-lm 1446/tcp Optical Research Associates License Manager
ora-lm 1446/udp Optical Research Associates License Manager
apri-lm 1447/tcp Applied Parallel Research LM
apri-lm 1447/udp Applied Parallel Research LM
# Jim Dillon <jed@apri.com>
oc-lm 1448/tcp OpenConnect License Manager
oc-lm 1448/udp OpenConnect License Manager
# Sue Barnhill <snb@oc.com>
peport 1449/tcp PEport
peport 1449/udp PEport
# Qentin Neill <quentin@ColumbiaSC.NCR.COM>
dwf 1450/tcp Tandem Distributed Workbench Facility
dwf 1450/udp Tandem Distributed Workbench Facility
# Mike Bert <BERG_MIKE@tandem.com>
infoman 1451/tcp IBM Information Management
infoman 1451/udp IBM Information Management
# Karen Burns <---none--->
gtegsc-lm 1452/tcp GTE Government Systems License Man
gtegsc-lm 1452/udp GTE Government Systems License Man
# Mike Gregory <Gregory_Mike@msmail.iipo.gtegsc.com>
genie-lm 1453/tcp Genie License Manager
genie-lm 1453/udp Genie License Manager
# Paul Applegate <p.applegate2@genie.geis.com>
interhdl_elmd 1454/tcp interHDL License Manager
interhdl_elmd 1454/udp interHDL License Manager
# Eli Sternheim eli@interhdl.com
esl-lm 1455/tcp ESL License Manager
esl-lm 1455/udp ESL License Manager
# Abel Chou <abel@willy.esl.com>
dca 1456/tcp DCA
dca 1456/udp DCA
# Jeff Garbers <jgarbers@netcom.com>
valisys-lm 1457/tcp Valisys License Manager
valisys-lm 1457/udp Valisys License Manager
# Leslie Lincoln <leslie_lincoln@valisys.com>
nrcabq-lm 1458/tcp Nichols Research Corp.
nrcabq-lm 1458/udp Nichols Research Corp.
# Howard Cole <hcole@tumbleweed.nrcabq.com>
proshare1 1459/tcp Proshare Notebook Application
proshare1 1459/udp Proshare Notebook Application
proshare2 1460/tcp Proshare Notebook Application
proshare2 1460/udp Proshare Notebook Application
# Robin Kar <Robin_Kar@ccm.hf.intel.com>
ibm_wrless_lan 1461/tcp IBM Wireless LAN
ibm_wrless_lan 1461/udp IBM Wireless LAN
# <flanne@vnet.IBM.COM>
world-lm 1462/tcp World License Manager
world-lm 1462/udp World License Manager
# Michael S Amirault <ambi@world.std.com>
nucleus 1463/tcp Nucleus
nucleus 1463/udp Nucleus
# Venky Nagar <venky@fafner.Stanford.EDU>
msl_lmd 1464/tcp MSL License Manager
msl_lmd 1464/udp MSL License Manager
# Matt Timmermans
pipes 1465/tcp Pipes Platform
pipes 1465/udp Pipes Platform mfarlin@peerlogic.com
# Mark Farlin <mfarlin@peerlogic.com>
oceansoft-lm 1466/tcp Ocean Software License Manager
oceansoft-lm 1466/udp Ocean Software License Manager
# Randy Leonard <randy@oceansoft.com>
csdmbase 1467/tcp CSDMBASE
csdmbase 1467/udp CSDMBASE
csdm 1468/tcp CSDM
csdm 1468/udp CSDM
# Robert Stabl <stabl@informatik.uni-muenchen.de>
aal-lm 1469/tcp Active Analysis Limited License Manager
aal-lm 1469/udp Active Analysis Limited License Manager
# David Snocken +44 (71)437-7009
uaiact 1470/tcp Universal Analytics
uaiact 1470/udp Universal Analytics
# Mark R. Ludwig <Mark-Ludwig@uai.com>
csdmbase 1471/tcp csdmbase
csdmbase 1471/udp csdmbase
csdm 1472/tcp csdm
csdm 1472/udp csdm
# Robert Stabl <stabl@informatik.uni-muenchen.de>
openmath 1473/tcp OpenMath
openmath 1473/udp OpenMath
# Garth Mayville <mayville@maplesoft.on.ca>
telefinder 1474/tcp Telefinder
telefinder 1474/udp Telefinder
# Jim White <Jim_White@spiderisland.com>
taligent-lm 1475/tcp Taligent License Manager
taligent-lm 1475/udp Taligent License Manager
# Mark Sapsford <Mark_Sapsford@@taligent.com>
clvm-cfg 1476/tcp clvm-cfg
clvm-cfg 1476/udp clvm-cfg
# Eric Soderberg <seric@cup.hp.com>
ms-sna-server 1477/tcp ms-sna-server
ms-sna-server 1477/udp ms-sna-server
ms-sna-base 1478/tcp ms-sna-base
ms-sna-base 1478/udp ms-sna-base
# Gordon Mangione <gordm@microsoft.com>
dberegister 1479/tcp dberegister
dberegister 1479/udp dberegister
# Brian Griswold <brian@dancingbear.com>
pacerforum 1480/tcp PacerForum
pacerforum 1480/udp PacerForum
# Peter Caswell <pfc@pacvax.pacersoft.com>
airs 1481/tcp AIRS
airs 1481/udp AIRS
# Bruce Wilson, 905-771-6161
miteksys-lm 1482/tcp Miteksys License Manager
miteksys-lm 1482/udp Miteksys License Manager
# Shane McRoberts <mcroberts@miteksys.com>
afs 1483/tcp AFS License Manager
afs 1483/udp AFS License Manager
# Michael R. Pizolato <michael@afs.com>
confluent 1484/tcp Confluent License Manager
confluent 1484/udp Confluent License Manager
# James Greenfiel <jim@pa.confluent.com>
lansource 1485/tcp LANSource
lansource 1485/udp LANSource
# Christopher Wells <Christopher_Wells@3com.com>
nms_topo_serv 1486/tcp nms_topo_serv
nms_topo_serv 1486/udp nms_topo_serv
# Sylvia Siu <Sylvia_Siu@Novell.CO>
localinfosrvr 1487/tcp LocalInfoSrvr
localinfosrvr 1487/udp LocalInfoSrvr
# Brian Matthews <brian_matthews@ibist.ibis.com>
docstor 1488/tcp DocStor
docstor 1488/udp DocStor
# Brian Spears <bspears@salix.com>
dmdocbroker 1489/tcp dmdocbroker
dmdocbroker 1489/udp dmdocbroker
# Razmik Abnous <abnous@documentum.com>
insitu-conf 1490/tcp insitu-conf
insitu-conf 1490/udp insitu-conf
# Paul Blacknell <paul@insitu.com>
anynetgateway 1491/tcp anynetgateway
anynetgateway 1491/udp anynetgateway
# Dan Poirier <poirier@VNET.IBM.COM>
stone-design-1 1492/tcp stone-design-1
stone-design-1 1492/udp stone-design-1
# Andrew Stone <andrew@stone.com>
netmap_lm 1493/tcp netmap_lm
netmap_lm 1493/udp netmap_lm
# Phillip Magson <philm@extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU>
ica 1494/tcp ica
ica 1494/udp ica
# John Richardson, Citrix Systems
cvc 1495/tcp cvc
cvc 1495/udp cvc
# Bill Davidson <billd@equalizer.cray.com>
liberty-lm 1496/tcp liberty-lm
liberty-lm 1496/udp liberty-lm
# Jim Rogers <trane!jimbo@pacbell.com>
rfx-lm 1497/tcp rfx-lm
rfx-lm 1497/udp rfx-lm
# Bill Bishop <bil@rfx.rfx.com>
sybase-sqlany 1498/tcp Sybase SQL Any
sybase-sqlany 1498/udp Sybase SQL Any
# Dave Neudoerffer <Dave.Neudoerffer@ianywhere.com>
fhc 1499/tcp Federico Heinz Consultora
fhc 1499/udp Federico Heinz Consultora
# Federico Heinz <federico@heinz.com>
vlsi-lm 1500/tcp VLSI License Manager
vlsi-lm 1500/udp VLSI License Manager
# Shue-Lin Kuo <shuelin@mdk.sanjose.vlsi.com>
saiscm 1501/tcp Satellite-data Acquisition System 3
saiscm 1501/udp Satellite-data Acquisition System 3
# Bill Taylor <sais@ssec.wisc.edu>
shivadiscovery 1502/tcp Shiva
shivadiscovery 1502/udp Shiva
# Jonathan Wenocur <jhw@Shiva.COM>
imtc-mcs 1503/tcp Databeam
imtc-mcs 1503/udp Databeam
# Jim Johnston <jjohnston@databeam.com>
evb-elm 1504/tcp EVB Software Engineering License Manager
evb-elm 1504/udp EVB Software Engineering License Manager
# B.G. Mahesh < mahesh@sett.com>
funkproxy 1505/tcp Funk Software, Inc.
funkproxy 1505/udp Funk Software, Inc.
# Robert D. Vincent <bert@willowpond.com>
utcd 1506/tcp Universal Time daemon (utcd)
utcd 1506/udp Universal Time daemon (utcd)
# Walter Poxon <wdp@ironwood.cray.com>
symplex 1507/tcp symplex
symplex 1507/udp symplex
# Mike Turley <turley@symplex.com>
diagmond 1508/tcp diagmond
diagmond 1508/udp diagmond
# Pete Moscatelli <moscat@hprdstl0.rose.hp.com>
robcad-lm 1509/tcp Robcad, Ltd. License Manager
robcad-lm 1509/udp Robcad, Ltd. License Manager
# Hindin Joseph <hindin%robcad@uunet.uu.net>
mvx-lm 1510/tcp Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man.
mvx-lm 1510/udp Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man.
# Neil Salter <neil@indigo2.mvel.demon.co.uk>Laszlo
3l-l1 1511/tcp 3l-l1
3l-l1 1511/udp 3l-l1
# Ian A. Young <iay@threel.co.uk>
wins 1512/tcp Microsoft's Windows Internet Name Service
wins 1512/udp Microsoft's Windows Internet Name Service
# Pradeep Bahl <pradeepb@microsoft.com>
fujitsu-dtc 1513/tcp Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc
fujitsu-dtc 1513/udp Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc
fujitsu-dtcns 1514/tcp Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc
fujitsu-dtcns 1514/udp Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc
# Charles A. Higgins <75730.2257@compuserve.com>
ifor-protocol 1515/tcp ifor-protocol
ifor-protocol 1515/udp ifor-protocol
# Dr. R.P. Alston <robin@gradient.com>
vpad 1516/tcp Virtual Places Audio data
vpad 1516/udp Virtual Places Audio data
vpac 1517/tcp Virtual Places Audio control
vpac 1517/udp Virtual Places Audio control
vpvd 1518/tcp Virtual Places Video data
vpvd 1518/udp Virtual Places Video data
vpvc 1519/tcp Virtual Places Video control
vpvc 1519/udp Virtual Places Video control
# Avshalom Houri <Avshalom@ubique.com>
atm-zip-office 1520/tcp atm zip office
atm-zip-office 1520/udp atm zip office
# Wilson Kwan <wilsonk%toronto@zip.atm.com>
ncube-lm 1521/tcp nCube License Manager
ncube-lm 1521/udp nCube License Manager
# Maxine Yuen <maxine@hq.ncube.com>
ricardo-lm 1522/tcp Ricardo North America License Manager
ricardo-lm 1522/udp Ricardo North America License Manager
# Mike Flemming <mf@xnet.com>
cichild-lm 1523/tcp cichild
cichild-lm 1523/udp cichild
# Andy Burgess <aab@cichlid.com>
ingreslock 1524/tcp ingres
ingreslock 1524/udp ingres
orasrv 1525/tcp oracle
orasrv 1525/udp oracle
prospero-np 1525/tcp Prospero Directory Service non-priv
prospero-np 1525/udp Prospero Directory Service non-priv
pdap-np 1526/tcp Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv
pdap-np 1526/udp Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv
# B. Clifford Neuman <bcn@isi.edu>
tlisrv 1527/tcp oracle
tlisrv 1527/udp oracle
mciautoreg 1528/tcp micautoreg
mciautoreg 1528/udp micautoreg
# John Klensin <klensin@MAIL1.RESTON.MCI.NET>
coauthor 1529/tcp oracle
coauthor 1529/udp oracle
rap-service 1530/tcp rap-service
rap-service 1530/udp rap-service
rap-listen 1531/tcp rap-listen
rap-listen 1531/udp rap-listen
# Phil Servita <meister@ftp.com>
miroconnect 1532/tcp miroconnect
miroconnect 1532/udp miroconnect
# Michael Fischer +49 531 21 13 0
virtual-places 1533/tcp Virtual Places Software
virtual-places 1533/udp Virtual Places Software
# Avshalom Houri <Avshalom@ubique.com>
micromuse-lm 1534/tcp micromuse-lm
micromuse-lm 1534/udp micromuse-lm
# Adam Kerrison <adam@micromuse.co.uk>
ampr-info 1535/tcp ampr-info
ampr-info 1535/udp ampr-info
ampr-inter 1536/tcp ampr-inter
ampr-inter 1536/udp ampr-inter
# Rob Janssen <rob@sys3.pe1chl.ampr.org>
sdsc-lm 1537/tcp isi-lm
sdsc-lm 1537/udp isi-lm
# Len Wanger <lrw@sdsc.edu>
3ds-lm 1538/tcp 3ds-lm
3ds-lm 1538/udp 3ds-lm
# Keith Trummel <ktrummel@autodesk.com>
intellistor-lm 1539/tcp Intellistor License Manager
intellistor-lm 1539/udp Intellistor License Manager
# Ron Vaughn <rv@intellistor.com>
rds 1540/tcp rds
rds 1540/udp rds
rds2 1541/tcp rds2
rds2 1541/udp rds2
# Sudhakar Rajamannar <mobius1@cerfnet.com>
gridgen-elmd 1542/tcp gridgen-elmd
gridgen-elmd 1542/udp gridgen-elmd
# John R. Chawner +1 817 354-1004
simba-cs 1543/tcp simba-cs
simba-cs 1543/udp simba-cs
# Betsy Alexander +1 604-681-4549
aspeclmd 1544/tcp aspeclmd
aspeclmd 1544/udp aspeclmd
# V. Balaji <balaji@aspec.com>
vistium-share 1545/tcp vistium-share
vistium-share 1545/udp vistium-share
# Allison Carleton
# <acarleto@naper1.napervilleil.ncr.com>
abbaccuray 1546/tcp abbaccuray
abbaccuray 1546/udp abbaccuray
# John Wendt 614-261-2000
laplink 1547/tcp laplink
laplink 1547/udp laplink
# Michael Crawford <MichaelC@dev.travsoft.com>
axon-lm 1548/tcp Axon License Manager
axon-lm 1548/udp Axon License Manager
# Mark Pearce <<Mark_A.._Pearce/AXON_Networks_Inc..@notes.axon.com>
shivahose 1549/tcp Shiva Hose
shivasound 1549/udp Shiva Sound
# Kin Chan <kchan@shiva.com>
3m-image-lm 1550/tcp Image Storage license manager 3M Company
3m-image-lm 1550/udp Image Storage license manager 3M Company
# J. C. Canessa <jccanessa@mmm.com>
hecmtl-db 1551/tcp HECMTL-DB
hecmtl-db 1551/udp HECMTL-DB
# Maxime Belanger <R173@hec.ca>
pciarray 1552/tcp pciarray
pciarray 1552/udp pciarray
# Ron Folk <rfolkes@avl.com>
sna-cs 1553/tcp sna-cs
sna-cs 1553/udp sna-cs
# Tony Sowter <ts@datcon.co.uk>
caci-lm 1554/tcp CACI Products Company License Manager
caci-lm 1554/udp CACI Products Company License Manager
# Erik Blume <erikb@caciasl.com>
livelan 1555/tcp livelan
livelan 1555/udp livelan
# khedayat@roadrunner.pictel.com <Kaynam Hedayat>
ashwin 1556/tcp AshWin CI Tecnologies
ashwin 1556/udp AshWin CI Tecnologies
# Dave Neal <daven@ashwin.com>
arbortext-lm 1557/tcp ArborText License Manager
arbortext-lm 1557/udp ArborText License Manager
# David J. Wilson <djw@arbortext.com>
xingmpeg 1558/tcp xingmpeg
xingmpeg 1558/udp xingmpeg
# Howard Gordon <hgordon@system.xingtech.com>
web2host 1559/tcp web2host
web2host 1559/udp web2host
# Stephen Johnson <sjohnson@mindspring.com>
asci-val 1560/tcp ASCI-RemoteSHADOW
asci-val 1560/udp ASCI-RemoteSHADOW
# Benjamin Rosenberg <brosenberg@advsyscon.com>
facilityview 1561/tcp facilityview
facilityview 1561/udp facilityview
# Ed Green <egreen@pmeasuring.com>
pconnectmgr 1562/tcp pconnectmgr
pconnectmgr 1562/udp pconnectmgr
# Bob Kaiser <BKaiser@palindrome.com>
cadabra-lm 1563/tcp Cadabra License Manager
cadabra-lm 1563/udp Cadabra License Manager
# Arthur Castonguay <arthurc@doe.carleton.ca>
pay-per-view 1564/tcp Pay-Per-View
pay-per-view 1564/udp Pay-Per-View
# Brian Tung <brian@isi.edu>
winddlb 1565/tcp WinDD
winddlb 1565/udp WinDD
# Kelly Sims <kellys@garnet.wv.tek.com>
corelvideo 1566/tcp CORELVIDEO
corelvideo 1566/udp CORELVIDEO
# Ming Poon <mingp@corel.ca>
jlicelmd 1567/tcp jlicelmd
jlicelmd 1567/udp jlicelmd
# Christian Schormann <100410.3063@compuserve.com>
tsspmap 1568/tcp tsspmap
tsspmap 1568/udp tsspmap
# Paul W. Nelson <nelson@thursby.com>
ets 1569/tcp ets
ets 1569/udp ets
# Carstein Seeberg <case@boole.no>
orbixd 1570/tcp orbixd
orbixd 1570/udp orbixd
# Bridget Walsh <bwalsh@iona.ie>
rdb-dbs-disp 1571/tcp Oracle Remote Data Base
rdb-dbs-disp 1571/udp Oracle Remote Data Base
# <mackin@us.oracle.com>
chip-lm 1572/tcp Chipcom License Manager
chip-lm 1572/udp Chipcom License Manager
# Jerry Natowitz <Jerry Natowitz>
itscomm-ns 1573/tcp itscomm-ns
itscomm-ns 1573/udp itscomm-ns
# Rich Thompson <richt@watson.ibm.com>
mvel-lm 1574/tcp mvel-lm
mvel-lm 1574/udp mvel-lm
# David Bisset <dbisset@mvel.demon.co.uk>
oraclenames 1575/tcp oraclenames
oraclenames 1575/udp oraclenames
# P.V.Shivkumar <PSHIVKUM@us.oracle.com>
moldflow-lm 1576/tcp moldflow-lm
moldflow-lm 1576/udp moldflow-lm
# Paul Browne <browne@moldflow.com.au>
hypercube-lm 1577/tcp hypercube-lm
hypercube-lm 1577/udp hypercube-lm
# Christopher McLendon <cem@hyper.com>
jacobus-lm 1578/tcp Jacobus License Manager
jacobus-lm 1578/udp Jacobus License Manager
# Tony Cleveland <tony.cleveland@jacobus.com>
ioc-sea-lm 1579/tcp ioc-sea-lm
ioc-sea-lm 1579/udp ioc-sea-lm
# Paul Nelson <paul@ioc-sea.com>
tn-tl-r1 1580/tcp tn-tl-r1
tn-tl-r2 1580/udp tn-tl-r2
# Ed Kress <eskress@thinknet.com>
mil-2045-47001 1581/tcp MIL-2045-47001
mil-2045-47001 1581/udp MIL-2045-47001
# Eric Whitehill <eawhiteh@itt.com>
msims 1582/tcp MSIMS
msims 1582/udp MSIMS
# Glenn Olander <gjo@msi.com>
simbaexpress 1583/tcp simbaexpress
simbaexpress 1583/udp simbaexpress
# Betsy Alexander +1 604-681-4549
tn-tl-fd2 1584/tcp tn-tl-fd2
tn-tl-fd2 1584/udp tn-tl-fd2
# Ed Kress <eskress@thinknet.com>
intv 1585/tcp intv
intv 1585/udp intv
# Dermot Tynand <dtynan@claddagh.ie>
ibm-abtact 1586/tcp ibm-abtact
ibm-abtact 1586/udp ibm-abtact
# Sandeep K. Singhal <singhal@CS.Stanford.EDU>
pra_elmd 1587/tcp pra_elmd
pra_elmd 1587/udp pra_elmd
# Dennis Mastin <dennis@tasmania.platte.com>
triquest-lm 1588/tcp triquest-lm
triquest-lm 1588/udp triquest-lm
# Nand Kumar <nkumar@triquest-da.com>
vqp 1589/tcp VQP
vqp 1589/udp VQP
# Keith McCloghrie <kzm@cisco.com>
gemini-lm 1590/tcp gemini-lm
gemini-lm 1590/udp gemini-lm
# Tony Sawyer <tonys@gemtech.com>
ncpm-pm 1591/tcp ncpm-pm
ncpm-pm 1591/udp ncpm-pm
# Ted Power <tedp@hpinpcb.cup.hp.com>
commonspace 1592/tcp commonspace
commonspace 1592/udp commonspace
# Rob Chandhok <chandhok@within.com>
mainsoft-lm 1593/tcp mainsoft-lm
mainsoft-lm 1593/udp mainsoft-lm
# Anand Gangadharan <anand@goa.mainsoft.com>
sixtrak 1594/tcp sixtrak
sixtrak 1594/udp sixtrak
# Bob Rennie <rjrennie@wizvax.net>
radio 1595/tcp radio
radio 1595/udp radio
radio-sm 1596/tcp radio-sm
radio-bc 1596/udp radio-bc
# Ken Chapman <kchapman@isis.com>
orbplus-iiop 1597/tcp orbplus-iiop
orbplus-iiop 1597/udp orbplus-iiop
# Robert A. Kukura <kukura@apollo.hp.com>
picknfs 1598/tcp picknfs
picknfs 1598/udp picknfs
# John Lombardo <johnl@picksys.com>
simbaservices 1599/tcp simbaservices
simbaservices 1599/udp simbaservices
# Betsy Alexander +1 604-681-4549
issd 1600/tcp
issd 1600/udp
aas 1601/tcp aas
aas 1601/udp aas
# Bob Beard <bobb@lachman.com>
inspect 1602/tcp inspect
inspect 1602/udp inspect
# Frank O'Neill <frank@morse.ilo.dec.com>
picodbc 1603/tcp pickodbc
picodbc 1603/udp pickodbc
# John Lombardo <johnl@picksys.com>
icabrowser 1604/tcp icabrowser
icabrowser 1604/udp icabrowser
# Brad Pedersen <bradp@citrix.com>
slp 1605/tcp Salutation Manager (Salutation Protocol)
slp 1605/udp Salutation Manager (Salutation Protocol)
slm-api 1606/tcp Salutation Manager (SLM-API)
slm-api 1606/udp Salutation Manager (SLM-API)
# Tohru Mori <tmori@VNET.IBM.COM>
stt 1607/tcp stt
stt 1607/udp stt
# Ryan Bolz <ryanbo@microsoft.com>
smart-lm 1608/tcp Smart Corp. License Manager
smart-lm 1608/udp Smart Corp. License Manager
# Connie Qiu <connie@scdb.com>
isysg-lm 1609/tcp isysg-lm
isysg-lm 1609/udp isysg-lm
# Adam Curtin <adam.curtin@isysg.com>
taurus-wh 1610/tcp taurus-wh
taurus-wh 1610/udp taurus-wh
# Jeff Moffatt <jeff@taurus.com>
ill 1611/tcp Inter Library Loan
ill 1611/udp Inter Library Loan
# Niall Murphy <niallm@orca.ucd.ie>
netbill-trans 1612/tcp NetBill Transaction Server
netbill-trans 1612/udp NetBill Transaction Server
netbill-keyrep 1613/tcp NetBill Key Repository
netbill-keyrep 1613/udp NetBill Key Repository
netbill-cred 1614/tcp NetBill Credential Server
netbill-cred 1614/udp NetBill Credential Server
netbill-auth 1615/tcp NetBill Authorization Server
netbill-auth 1615/udp NetBill Authorization Server
netbill-prod 1616/tcp NetBill Product Server
netbill-prod 1616/udp NetBill Product Server
# Marvin Sirbu <sirbu+@andrew.cmu.edu>
nimrod-agent 1617/tcp Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication
nimrod-agent 1617/udp Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication
# Charles Lynn <clynn@bbn.com>
skytelnet 1618/tcp skytelnet
skytelnet 1618/udp skytelnet
# Byron Jones <byronj@bellsouth.net>
xs-openstorage 1619/tcp xs-openstorage
xs-openstorage 1619/udp xs-openstorage
# XuiS Software Ltd. <100322.2376@compuserve.com>
faxportwinport 1620/tcp faxportwinport
faxportwinport 1620/udp faxportwinport
# Chris Wells <chris_wells@lansource.com>
softdataphone 1621/tcp softdataphone
softdataphone 1621/udp softdataphone
# Dror Gill <drorgi@VNET.IBM.COM>n
ontime 1622/tcp ontime
ontime 1622/udp ontime
# Keith Rhodes 810-559-5955
jaleosnd 1623/tcp jaleosnd
jaleosnd 1623/udp jaleosnd
# Christian Schormann <100410.3063@compuserve.com>
udp-sr-port 1624/tcp udp-sr-port
udp-sr-port 1624/udp udp-sr-port
# Herb Jensen <HWJensen@nfsrv.avionics.itt.com>
svs-omagent 1625/tcp svs-omagent
svs-omagent 1625/udp svs-omagent
# Alberto Berlen <aberlen@VNET.IBM.COM>
shockwave 1626/tcp Shockwave
shockwave 1626/udp Shockwave
# Sarah Allen <sallen@macromedia.com>
t128-gateway 1627/tcp T.128 Gateway
t128-gateway 1627/udp T.128 Gateway
# Phil May <pm@datcon.co.uk>
lontalk-norm 1628/tcp LonTalk normal
lontalk-norm 1628/udp LonTalk normal
lontalk-urgnt 1629/tcp LonTalk urgent
lontalk-urgnt 1629/udp LonTalk urgent
# Dan Wing <dwing@cisco.com>
oraclenet8cman 1630/tcp Oracle Net8 Cman
oraclenet8cman 1630/udp Oracle Net8 Cman
# Tong-Ming Lee <tmlee@us.oracle.com>
visitview 1631/tcp Visit view
visitview 1631/udp Visit view
# Tom Whittaker <tomw@ssec.wisc.edu>
pammratc 1632/tcp PAMMRATC
pammratc 1632/udp PAMMRATC
pammrpc 1633/tcp PAMMRPC
pammrpc 1633/udp PAMMRPC
# John Britton <johnb@peakaudio.com>
loaprobe 1634/tcp Log On America Probe
loaprobe 1634/udp Log On America Probe
# James Tavares, Log On America <krontor@loa.com>
edb-server1 1635/tcp EDB Server 1
edb-server1 1635/udp EDB Server 1
# Carlos Portela <cportela@simple-sw.com>
cncp 1636/tcp CableNet Control Protocol
cncp 1636/udp CableNet Control Protocol
cnap 1637/tcp CableNet Admin Protocol
cnap 1637/udp CableNet Admin Protocol
cnip 1638/tcp CableNet Info Protocol
cnip 1638/udp CableNet Info Protocol
# Damian Hamill <damian@cablenet.net>
cert-initiator 1639/tcp cert-initiator
cert-initiator 1639/udp cert-initiator
cert-responder 1640/tcp cert-responder
cert-responder 1640/udp cert-responder
# Tom Markson <markson@osmosys.incog.com>
invision 1641/tcp InVision
invision 1641/udp InVision
# Christopher Davey <niallocl@quay.ie>
isis-am 1642/tcp isis-am
isis-am 1642/udp isis-am
isis-ambc 1643/tcp isis-ambc
isis-ambc 1643/udp isis-ambc
# Ken Chapman <kchapman@isis.com>
saiseh 1644/tcp Satellite-data Acquisition System 4
# Bill Taylor <sais@ssec.wisc.edu>
sightline 1645/tcp SightLine
sightline 1645/udp SightLine
# Stuart J. Newman <stuart.newman@fortel.com>
sa-msg-port 1646/tcp sa-msg-port
sa-msg-port 1646/udp sa-msg-port
# Eric Whitehill <eawhiteh@itt.com>
rsap 1647/tcp rsap
rsap 1647/udp rsap
# Holger Reif
# <Holger.Reif@prakinf.tu-ilmenau.de>
concurrent-lm 1648/tcp concurrent-lm
concurrent-lm 1648/udp concurrent-lm
# Maggie Brinsford <mjb@concurrent.co.uk>
kermit 1649/tcp kermit
kermit 1649/udp kermit
# Frank da Cruz <fdc@watsun.cc.columbia.edu>
nkd 1650/tcp nkdn
nkd 1650/udp nkd
shiva_confsrvr 1651/tcp shiva_confsrvr
shiva_confsrvr 1651/udp shiva_confsrvr
# Mike Horowitz <mah@Shiva.COM>
xnmp 1652/tcp xnmp
xnmp 1652/udp xnmp
# Ali Saleh <scomm@cerf.net>
alphatech-lm 1653/tcp alphatech-lm
alphatech-lm 1653/udp alphatech-lm
# Joseph Hauk <joseph.hauk@alphatech.com>
stargatealerts 1654/tcp stargatealerts
stargatealerts 1654/udp stargatealerts
# Tim Coppernoll
# <Tim_Coppernoll@ccm.jf.intel.com>
dec-mbadmin 1655/tcp dec-mbadmin
dec-mbadmin 1655/udp dec-mbadmin
dec-mbadmin-h 1656/tcp dec-mbadmin-h
dec-mbadmin-h 1656/udp dec-mbadmin-h
# Nick Shipman <Nick.Shipman@mrmog.reo.dec.com>
fujitsu-mmpdc 1657/tcp fujitsu-mmpdc
fujitsu-mmpdc 1657/udp fujitsu-mmpdc
# Katsumi Oomuro <NAE01421@niftyserve.or.jp>
sixnetudr 1658/tcp sixnetudr
sixnetudr 1658/udp sixnetudr
# Bob Rennie <rjrennie@wizvax.net>
sg-lm 1659/tcp Silicon Grail License Manager
sg-lm 1659/udp Silicon Grail License Manager
# William R Bishop <wrb@world.std.com>
skip-mc-gikreq 1660/tcp skip-mc-gikreq
skip-mc-gikreq 1660/udp skip-mc-gikreq
# Tom Markson <markson@osmosys.incog.com>
netview-aix-1 1661/tcp netview-aix-1
netview-aix-1 1661/udp netview-aix-1
netview-aix-2 1662/tcp netview-aix-2
netview-aix-2 1662/udp netview-aix-2
netview-aix-3 1663/tcp netview-aix-3
netview-aix-3 1663/udp netview-aix-3
netview-aix-4 1664/tcp netview-aix-4
netview-aix-4 1664/udp netview-aix-4
netview-aix-5 1665/tcp netview-aix-5
netview-aix-5 1665/udp netview-aix-5
netview-aix-6 1666/tcp netview-aix-6
netview-aix-6 1666/udp netview-aix-6
netview-aix-7 1667/tcp netview-aix-7
netview-aix-7 1667/udp netview-aix-7
netview-aix-8 1668/tcp netview-aix-8
netview-aix-8 1668/udp netview-aix-8
netview-aix-9 1669/tcp netview-aix-9
netview-aix-9 1669/udp netview-aix-9
netview-aix-10 1670/tcp netview-aix-10
netview-aix-10 1670/udp netview-aix-10
netview-aix-11 1671/tcp netview-aix-11
netview-aix-11 1671/udp netview-aix-11
netview-aix-12 1672/tcp netview-aix-12
netview-aix-12 1672/udp netview-aix-12
# Martha Crisson
# <CRISSON@ralvm12.vnet.ibm.com>
proshare-mc-1 1673/tcp Intel Proshare Multicast
proshare-mc-1 1673/udp Intel Proshare Multicast
proshare-mc-2 1674/tcp Intel Proshare Multicast
proshare-mc-2 1674/udp Intel Proshare Multicast
# Mark Lewis <Mark_Lewis@ccm.jf.intel.com>
pdp 1675/tcp Pacific Data Products
pdp 1675/udp Pacific Data Products
# Gary Morton <mortong@pacdata.com>
netcomm1 1676/tcp netcomm1
netcomm2 1676/udp netcomm2
# Bulent Kasman <BKasman@symantec.com>
groupwise 1677/tcp groupwise
groupwise 1677/udp groupwise
# Brent Bradshaw <bbradshaw@novell.com>
prolink 1678/tcp prolink
prolink 1678/udp prolink
# Brian Abramson <brianab@soul.tv.tek.com>
darcorp-lm 1679/tcp darcorp-lm
darcorp-lm 1679/udp darcorp-lm
# <DARcorp@aol.com>
microcom-sbp 1680/tcp microcom-sbp
microcom-sbp 1680/udp microcom-sbp
# Boris B. Maiden <Boris_Maiden@smtp.microcom.com>
sd-elmd 1681/tcp sd-elmd
sd-elmd 1681/udp sd-elmd
# Bryan Otey <bwo@softdesk.com>
lanyon-lantern 1682/tcp lanyon-lantern
lanyon-lantern 1682/udp lanyon-lantern
# Robin Lewis <robin.lewis@lanyon.com>
ncpm-hip 1683/tcp ncpm-hip
ncpm-hip 1683/udp ncpm-hip
# Ken Hearn <hearn@hpindacx.cup.hp.com>
snaresecure 1684/tcp SnareSecure
snaresecure 1684/udp SnareSecure
# Marty Batchelder <marty@capres.com>
n2nremote 1685/tcp n2nremote
n2nremote 1685/udp n2nremote
# Kin Chan <kchan@net2net.com>
cvmon 1686/tcp cvmon
cvmon 1686/udp cvmon
# Carol Ann Krug <carolann@hpmfas3.cup.hp.com>
nsjtp-ctrl 1687/tcp nsjtp-ctrl
nsjtp-ctrl 1687/udp nsjtp-ctrl
nsjtp-data 1688/tcp nsjtp-data
nsjtp-data 1688/udp nsjtp-data
# Orazio Granato <og@wsbgrd01.italy.hp.com>
firefox 1689/tcp firefox
firefox 1689/udp firefox
# Mark S. Edwards <marke@firefox.co.uk>
ng-umds 1690/tcp ng-umds
ng-umds 1690/udp ng-umds
# Louis E. Simard <76400.3371@compuserve.com>
empire-empuma 1691/tcp empire-empuma
empire-empuma 1691/udp empire-empuma
# Bobby Krupczak <rdk@empiretech.com>
sstsys-lm 1692/tcp sstsys-lm
sstsys-lm 1692/udp sstsys-lm
# Yih-Wu Wang <sstsys@ix.netcom.com>
rrirtr 1693/tcp rrirtr
rrirtr 1693/udp rrirtr
rrimwm 1694/tcp rrimwm
rrimwm 1694/udp rrimwm
rrilwm 1695/tcp rrilwm
rrilwm 1695/udp rrilwm
rrifmm 1696/tcp rrifmm
rrifmm 1696/udp rrifmm
rrisat 1697/tcp rrisat
rrisat 1697/udp rrisat
# Allen Briggs <briggs@access.rrinc.com>
rsvp-encap-1 1698/tcp RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-1
rsvp-encap-1 1698/udp RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-1
rsvp-encap-2 1699/tcp RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-2
rsvp-encap-2 1699/udp RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-2
# Bob Braden <braden@isi.edu>
mps-raft 1700/tcp mps-raft
mps-raft 1700/udp mps-raft
# Jason Leupen <Jleupen@aol.com>
l2f 1701/tcp l2f
l2f 1701/udp l2f
l2tp 1701/tcp l2tp
l2tp 1701/udp l2tp
# Andy Valencia <vandys@vandys-lap.cisco.com>
deskshare 1702/tcp deskshare
deskshare 1702/udp deskshare
# Sarah Thompson <sarah@telergy.com
hb-engine 1703/tcp hb-engine
hb-engine 1703/udp hb-engine
# Charles C.L. Chou >cchou@zoom.com>
bcs-broker 1704/tcp bcs-broker
bcs-broker 1704/udp bcs-broker
# Andy Warner <andyw@knoware.nl>
slingshot 1705/tcp slingshot
slingshot 1705/udp slingshot
# Paul Groarke <paulg@quay.ie>
jetform 1706/tcp jetform
jetform 1706/udp jetform
# gdeinsta <gdeinsta@jetform.com>
vdmplay 1707/tcp vdmplay
vdmplay 1707/udp vdmplay
# Vadim Lebedev <vadim@magic.fr>
gat-lmd 1708/tcp gat-lmd
gat-lmd 1708/udp gat-lmd
# Igor Zaoutine <igor@global-tech.com>
centra 1709/tcp centra
centra 1709/udp centra
# Drew Wolff <dwolff@centra.net>
impera 1710/tcp impera
impera 1710/udp impera
# Stepehen Campbell <campbell@uniprise.com>
pptconference 1711/tcp pptconference
pptconference 1711/udp pptconference
# John Tafoya <johnt@microsoft.com>
registrar 1712/tcp resource monitoring service
registrar 1712/udp resource monitoring service
# Ron Lawson <ronaldl@hpindacx.cup.hp.com>
conferencetalk 1713/tcp ConferenceTalk
conferencetalk 1713/udp ConferenceTalk
# George Kajos <gkajos@mail1.videoserver.com>
sesi-lm 1714/tcp sesi-lm
sesi-lm 1714/udp sesi-lm
houdini-lm 1715/tcp houdini-lm
houdini-lm 1715/udp houdini-lm
# Paul Breslin <phb@SIDEFX.COM>
xmsg 1716/tcp xmsg
xmsg 1716/udp xmsg
# Mark E. Fogle <mefogle@xantel.com>
fj-hdnet 1717/tcp fj-hdnet
fj-hdnet 1717/udp fj-hdnet
# Manabu Makino <m-makino@ael.fujitsu.co.jp>
h323gatedisc 1718/tcp h323gatedisc
h323gatedisc 1718/udp h323gatedisc
h323gatestat 1719/tcp h323gatestat
h323gatestat 1719/udp h323gatestat
h323hostcall 1720/tcp h323hostcall
h323hostcall 1720/udp h323hostcall
# Jim Toga <jtoga@ibeam.jf.intel.com>
caicci 1721/tcp caicci
caicci 1721/udp caicci
# Sylvia Scheuren <schsy02@cai.com>
hks-lm 1722/tcp HKS License Manager
hks-lm 1722/udp HKS License Manager
# Michael Wood <wood@althea.hks.com>
pptp 1723/tcp pptp
pptp 1723/udp pptp
# Ken Crocker <kcrocker@microsoft.com>
csbphonemaster 1724/tcp csbphonemaster
csbphonemaster 1724/udp csbphonemaster
# Mark Kellerhuis <Mark_Kellerhuis@msn.com>
iden-ralp 1725/tcp iden-ralp
iden-ralp 1725/udp iden-ralp
# Chris Stanaway <stanaway@comm.mot.com>
iberiagames 1726/tcp IBERIAGAMES
iberiagames 1726/udp IBERIAGAMES
# Jose Luis <73374.313@compuserve.com>
winddx 1727/tcp winddx
winddx 1727/udp winddx
# Bill Andrews <billa@vnd.tek.com>
telindus 1728/tcp TELINDUS
telindus 1728/udp TELINDUS
# Paul Pyck <papy@telindus.be
citynl 1729/tcp CityNL License Management
citynl 1729/udp CityNL License Management
# CityDisc >citydisc@euronet.nl>
roketz 1730/tcp roketz
roketz 1730/udp roketz
# Ahti Heinla <ahti@ahti.bluemoon.ee>
msiccp 1731/tcp MSICCP
msiccp 1731/udp MSICCP
# Max Morris <maxm@MICROSOFT.com>
proxim 1732/tcp proxim
proxim 1732/udp proxim
# Srinivas N. Mogalapalli <srinivas@proxim.com>
siipat 1733/tcp SIMS - SIIPAT Protocol for Alarm Transmission
siipat 1733/udp SIMS - SIIPAT Protocol for Alarm Transmission
# Steve Ryckman <sryckman@simsware.com>
cambertx-lm 1734/tcp Camber Corporation License Management
cambertx-lm 1734/udp Camber Corporation License Management
# Jeannie Burleson <jeannie@cambertx.com>
privatechat 1735/tcp PrivateChat
privatechat 1735/udp PrivateChat
# Louis E. Simard <76400.3371@CompuServe.COM>
street-stream 1736/tcp street-stream
street-stream 1736/udp street-stream
# Glenn Levitt <streetd1@ix.netcom.com>
ultimad 1737/tcp ultimad
ultimad 1737/udp ultimad
# (Michael Lanzetta <hagbard@ultimatech.com>
gamegen1 1738/tcp GameGen1
gamegen1 1738/udp GameGen1
# Glen Pearson <GlenP@multigen.com>
webaccess 1739/tcp webaccess
webaccess 1739/udp webaccess
# Christian Saether <ChristianS@asymetrix.com>
encore 1740/tcp encore
encore 1740/udp encore
# Stuart Button <button@promis.com>
cisco-net-mgmt 1741/tcp cisco-net-mgmt
cisco-net-mgmt 1741/udp cisco-net-mgmt
# John McCormack <jmac@cisco.com>
3Com-nsd 1742/tcp 3Com-nsd
3Com-nsd 1742/udp 3Com-nsd
# Nitza Steinberg <nitza@isd.3com.com>
cinegrfx-lm 1743/tcp Cinema Graphics License Manager
cinegrfx-lm 1743/udp Cinema Graphics License Manager
# Rodney Iwashina <rodney@cyclone.rfx.com>
ncpm-ft 1744/tcp ncpm-ft
ncpm-ft 1744/udp ncpm-ft
# Ken Hearn <hearn@hpindacx.cup.hp.com>
remote-winsock 1745/tcp remote-winsock
remote-winsock 1745/udp remote-winsock
# Avi Nathan <avin@microsoft.com>
ftrapid-1 1746/tcp ftrapid-1
ftrapid-1 1746/udp ftrapid-1
ftrapid-2 1747/tcp ftrapid-2
ftrapid-2 1747/udp ftrapid-2
# Richard J. Williams <RJW1@trpo4.tr.unisys.com>
oracle-em1 1748/tcp oracle-em1
oracle-em1 1748/udp oracle-em1
# Bob Purvy <bpurvy@us.oracle.com>
aspen-services 1749/tcp aspen-services
aspen-services 1749/udp aspen-services
# Mark B. Hurst <mhurst@aspenres.com>
sslp 1750/tcp Simple Socket Library's PortMaster
sslp 1750/udp Simple Socket Library's PortMaster
# Dr. Charles E. Campbell Jr.
# <cec@gryphon.gsfc.nasa.gov>
swiftnet 1751/tcp SwiftNet
swiftnet 1751/udp SwiftNet
# Terry Lim <tkl@pentek.com>
lofr-lm 1752/tcp Leap of Faith Research License Manager
lofr-lm 1752/udp Leap of Faith Research License Manager
translogic-lm 1753/tcp Translogic License Manager
translogic-lm 1753/udp Translogic License Manager
# Stan Dallas <stan@translogic.com>
oracle-em2 1754/tcp oracle-em2
oracle-em2 1754/udp oracle-em2
# Bob Purvy <bpurvy@us.oracle.com>
ms-streaming 1755/tcp ms-streaming
ms-streaming 1755/udp ms-streaming
# Bret O'Rourke
capfast-lmd 1756/tcp capfast-lmd
capfast-lmd 1756/udp capfast-lmd
# Chuck Neal <chuck@phase3.com>
cnhrp 1757/tcp cnhrp
cnhrp 1757/udp cnhrp
# William Stoye <wstoye@atml.co.uk>
tftp-mcast 1758/tcp tftp-mcast
tftp-mcast 1758/udp tftp-mcast
# Tom Emberson <tom@lanworks.com>
spss-lm 1759/tcp SPSS License Manager
spss-lm 1759/udp SPSS License Manager
# Tex Hull <tex@spss.com>
www-ldap-gw 1760/tcp www-ldap-gw
www-ldap-gw 1760/udp www-ldap-gw
# Nick Emery <Nick.Emery@altavista.digital.com>
cft-0 1761/tcp cft-0
cft-0 1761/udp cft-0
cft-1 1762/tcp cft-1
cft-1 1762/udp cft-1
cft-2 1763/tcp cft-2
cft-2 1763/udp cft-2
cft-3 1764/tcp cft-3
cft-3 1764/udp cft-3
cft-4 1765/tcp cft-4
cft-4 1765/udp cft-4
cft-5 1766/tcp cft-5
cft-5 1766/udp cft-5
cft-6 1767/tcp cft-6
cft-6 1767/udp cft-6
cft-7 1768/tcp cft-7
cft-7 1768/udp cft-7
# Martine Marchand 16 1 46 59 24 84
bmc-net-adm 1769/tcp bmc-net-adm
bmc-net-adm 1769/udp bmc-net-adm
# Cameron Haight <cameron_haight@bmc.com>
bmc-net-svc 1770/tcp bmc-net-svc
bmc-net-svc 1770/udp bmc-net-svc
# Cameron Haight <cameron_haight@bmc.com>bmc-net-svc
vaultbase 1771/tcp vaultbase
vaultbase 1771/udp vaultbase
# Jose A. Sesin <sesin@vaultbase.com>
essweb-gw 1772/tcp EssWeb Gateway
essweb-gw 1772/udp EssWeb Gateway
# Bob Nattenberg <bnattenberg@arborsoft.com>
kmscontrol 1773/tcp KMSControl
kmscontrol 1773/udp KMSControl
# Roy Chastain <roy@kmsys.com>
global-dtserv 1774/tcp global-dtserv
global-dtserv 1774/udp global-dtserv
# Nicholas Davies <N.Davies@globalcomm.co.uk>
# 1775/tcp
femis 1776/tcp Federal Emergency Management Information System
femis 1776/udp Federal Emergency Management Information System
# Larry Gerhardstein <lh_gerhardstein@pnl.gov>
powerguardian 1777/tcp powerguardian
powerguardian 1777/udp powerguardian
# Charles Bennett <chuck@benatong.com>
prodigy-intrnet 1778/tcp prodigy-internet
prodigy-intrnet 1778/udp prodigy-internet
# Bob Dedrick <bob@staff.prodigy.com>
pharmasoft 1779/tcp pharmasoft
pharmasoft 1779/udp pharmasoft
# Ola Strandberg [list=1]
dpkeyserv 1780/tcp dpkeyserv
dpkeyserv 1780/udp dpkeyserv
# Yasunari Gon Yamasita <yamasita@omronsoft.co.jp>
answersoft-lm 1781/tcp answersoft-lm
answersoft-lm 1781/udp answersoft-lm
# James A. Brewster <jimbrew@answersoft.com>
hp-hcip 1782/tcp hp-hcip
hp-hcip 1782/udp hp-hcip
# Allen Baker <abaker@boi.hp.com>
# 1783 Decomissioned Port 04/14/00, ms
# <naonao@kikaku.mmp.fujitsu.co.jp>
finle-lm 1784/tcp Finle License Manager
finle-lm 1784/udp Finle License Manager
# Dongling Wang <dongling@finle.com>
windlm 1785/tcp Wind River Systems License Manager
windlm 1785/udp Wind River Systems License Manager
# Will Dere <will@wrs.com>
funk-logger 1786/tcp funk-logger
funk-logger 1786/udp funk-logger
funk-license 1787/tcp funk-license
funk-license 1787/udp funk-license
# Cimarron Boozer <cboozer@funk.com>
# Eric Wilde <eric@funk.com>
psmond 1788/tcp psmond
psmond 1788/udp psmond
# Will Golson <golson@fc.hp.com>
hello 1789/tcp hello
hello 1789/udp hello
# D. J. Bernstein <djb@koobera.math.uic.edu>
nmsp 1790/tcp Narrative Media Streaming Protocol
nmsp 1790/udp Narrative Media Streaming Protocol
# Paul Santinelli, Jr. <psantinelli@narrative.com>
ea1 1791/tcp EA1
ea1 1791/udp EA1
# Kirk MacLean <kmaclean@ea.com>
ibm-dt-2 1792/tcp ibm-dt-2
ibm-dt-2 1792/udp ibm-dt-2
# Sam Borman <sam_borman@uk.ibm.com>
rsc-robot 1793/tcp rsc-robot
rsc-robot 1793/udp rsc-robot
# Andrew Jay Schneider <ajs@relsoft.com>
cera-bcm 1794/tcp cera-bcm
cera-bcm 1794/udp cera-bcm
# Leo Moesgaard <leo_moesgaard@dk.ibm.com>
dpi-proxy 1795/tcp dpi-proxy
dpi-proxy 1795/udp dpi-proxy
# Charles Gordon <cgordon@digprod.com>
vocaltec-admin 1796/tcp Vocaltec Server Administration
vocaltec-admin 1796/udp Vocaltec Server Administration
# Scott Petrack <Scott_Petrack@vocaltec.com>
uma 1797/tcp UMA
uma 1797/udp UMA
# Martin Kirk <m.kirk@opengroup.org>
etp 1798/tcp Event Transfer Protocol
etp 1798/udp Event Transfer Protocol
# Mike Wray <mjw@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
netrisk 1799/tcp NETRISK
netrisk 1799/udp NETRISK
# Kevin Green <Kevin_Green@tds.com>
ansys-lm 1800/tcp ANSYS-License manager
ansys-lm 1800/udp ANSYS-License manager
# Suzanne Lorrin <sml@ansyspo.ansys.com>
msmq 1801/tcp Microsoft Message Que
msmq 1801/udp Microsoft Message Que
# Amnon Horowitz <amnonh@MICROSOFT.com>
concomp1 1802/tcp ConComp1
concomp1 1802/udp ConComp1
# Ed Vincent <@edv@concomp.com>
hp-hcip-gwy 1803/tcp HP-HCIP-GWY
hp-hcip-gwy 1803/udp HP-HCIP-GWY
# Allen Baker <abaker@boi.hp.com>
enl 1804/tcp ENL
enl 1804/udp ENL
# Brian Olson <BOlson@veritas.com>
enl-name 1805/tcp ENL-Name
enl-name 1805/udp ENL-Name
# Brian Olson <BOlson@veritas.com>
musiconline 1806/tcp Musiconline
musiconline 1806/udp Musiconline
# Craig Weeks <cweeks@syspace.co.uk>
fhsp 1807/tcp Fujitsu Hot Standby Protocol
fhsp 1807/udp Fujitsu Hot Standby Protocol
# Eiki Iwata (eiki@nd.net.fujitsu.co.jp>
oracle-vp2 1808/tcp Oracle-VP2
oracle-vp2 1808/udp Oracle-VP2
# Craig Fowler <cfowler@us.oracle.com>
oracle-vp1 1809/tcp Oracle-VP1
oracle-vp1 1809/udp Oracle-VP1
# Craig Fowler <cfowler@us.oracle.com>
jerand-lm 1810/tcp Jerand License Manager
jerand-lm 1810/udp Jerand License Manager
# Robert Monat <jerand@jerand.com>
scientia-sdb 1811/tcp Scientia-SDB
scientia-sdb 1811/udp Scientia-SDB
# Ian Miller <Ian_Miller@scientia.com>
radius 1812/tcp RADIUS
radius 1812/udp RADIUS
# Carl Rigney <cdr@livingston.com>
radius-acct 1813/tcp RADIUS Accounting
radius-acct 1813/udp RADIUS Accounting
# Carl Rigney <cdr@livingston.com>
tdp-suite 1814/tcp TDP Suite
tdp-suite 1814/udp TDP Suite
# Rob Lockhart <rob.lockhart@mot.com>
mmpft 1815/tcp MMPFT
mmpft 1815/udp MMPFT
# Ralf Muckenhirn <FAX: 49-7622-398200>
# <Phone: 49-7622-3980>
harp 1816/tcp HARP
harp 1816/udp HARP
# Bjorn Chambless <bjorn@cs.pdx.edu>
rkb-oscs 1817/tcp RKB-OSCS
rkb-oscs 1817/udp RKB-OSCS
# Robert Kevin Breton <BOBBRETON@HOTMAIL.COM>
etftp 1818/tcp Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
etftp 1818/udp Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
# William Polites <wpolites@mitre.org>
plato-lm 1819/tcp Plato License Manager
plato-lm 1819/udp Plato License Manager
# Mark Morris <mim@ermuk.com>
mcagent 1820/tcp mcagent
mcagent 1820/udp mcagent
# Ryoichi Shinohara <shinohara@VNET.IBM.COM>
donnyworld 1821/tcp donnyworld
donnyworld 1821/udp donnyworld
# Don Oliver <don@donnyworld.com>
es-elmd 1822/tcp es-elmd
es-elmd 1822/udp es-elmd
# David Duncan <dduncan@es.com>
unisys-lm 1823/tcp Unisys Natural Language License Manager
unisys-lm 1823/udp Unisys Natural Language License Manager
# Raymond A. Diedrichs <rayd@slu.tr.unisys.com>
metrics-pas 1824/tcp metrics-pas
metrics-pas 1824/udp metrics-pas
# Tom Haapanen <tomh@metrics.com>
direcpc-video 1825/tcp DirecPC Video
direcpc-video 1825/udp DirecPC Video
# Chris Kerrigan <ckerrigan@hns.com>
ardt 1826/tcp ARDT
ardt 1826/udp ARDT
# Mike Goddard <mike.goddard@ardent.com.au>
asi 1827/tcp ASI
asi 1827/udp ASI
# Bob Tournoux <bob.tournoux@usiny.mail.abb.com>
itm-mcell-u 1828/tcp itm-mcell-u
itm-mcell-u 1828/udp itm-mcell-u
# Miles O'Neal <meo@us.itmasters.com>
optika-emedia 1829/tcp Optika eMedia
optika-emedia 1829/udp Optika eMedia
# Daryle DeBalski <ddebalski@optika.com>
net8-cman 1830/tcp Oracle Net8 CMan Admin
net8-cman 1830/udp Oracle Net8 CMan Admin
# Shuvayu Kanjilal
myrtle 1831/tcp Myrtle
myrtle 1831/udp Myrtle
# Ron Achin <RAchin@genscan.com>
tht-treasure 1832/tcp ThoughtTreasure
tht-treasure 1832/udp ThoughtTreasure
# Erik Mueller <erik@signiform.com>
udpradio 1833/tcp udpradio
udpradio 1833/udp udpradio
# Guus Sliepen <guus@warande3094.warande.uu.nl>
ardusuni 1834/tcp ARDUS Unicast
ardusuni 1834/udp ARDUS Unicast
ardusmul 1835/tcp ARDUS Multicast
ardusmul 1835/udp ARDUS Multicast
# Toshikatsu Ito <ito-t@pfu.co.jp>
ste-smsc 1836/tcp ste-smsc
ste-smsc 1836/udp ste-smsc
# Tom Snauwaert <tom.snauwaert@st-electronics.be>
csoft1 1837/tcp csoft1
csoft1 1837/udp csoft1
# John Coll <john@csoft.co.uk>
talnet 1838/tcp TALNET
talnet 1838/udp TALNET
# Aaron Lav <aaron@taltrade.com>
netopia-vo1 1839/tcp netopia-vo1
netopia-vo1 1839/udp netopia-vo1
netopia-vo2 1840/tcp netopia-vo2
netopia-vo2 1840/udp netopia-vo2
netopia-vo3 1841/tcp netopia-vo3
netopia-vo3 1841/udp netopia-vo3
netopia-vo4 1842/tcp netopia-vo4
netopia-vo4 1842/udp netopia-vo4
netopia-vo5 1843/tcp netopia-vo5
netopia-vo5 1843/udp netopia-vo5
# Marc Epard <marc@netopia.com>
direcpc-dll 1844/tcp DirecPC-DLL
direcpc-dll 1844/udp DirecPC-DLL
# Chris Kerrigan <ckerrigan@hns.com>
altalink 1845/tcp altalink
altalink 1845/udp altalink
# Alberto Raydan <alberto@altasol.com>
tunstall-pnc 1846/tcp Tunstall PNC
tunstall-pnc 1846/udp Tunstall PNC
# Robert M. Moore <r_moore@tunstall.co.uk>
slp-notify 1847/tcp SLP Notification
slp-notify 1847/udp SLP Notification
# James Kempf <james.kempf@sun.com>
fjdocdist 1848/tcp fjdocdist
fjdocdist 1848/udp fjdocdist
# Yuichi Ohiwa <y-ohiwa@ael.fujitsu.co.jp>
alpha-sms 1849/tcp ALPHA-SMS
alpha-sms 1849/udp ALPHA-SMS
# Benjamin Grimm <bg@webnetix.de>
gsi 1850/tcp GSI
gsi 1850/udp GSI
# William Mullaney <mullanwi@usa.net>
ctcd 1851/tcp ctcd
ctcd 1851/udp ctcd
# John Ryan <john@cybertrace.com>
virtual-time 1852/tcp Virtual Time
virtual-time 1852/udp Virtual Time
# Angie S. Morner <webmaster@dsbcpas.com>
vids-avtp 1853/tcp VIDS-AVTP
vids-avtp 1853/udp VIDS-AVTP
# Sascha Kuemmel <kuemmel@vidsoft.de>
buddy-draw 1854/tcp Buddy Draw
buddy-draw 1854/udp Buddy Draw
# Marvin Shin <president@medialingo.com>
fiorano-rtrsvc 1855/tcp Fiorano RtrSvc
fiorano-rtrsvc 1855/udp Fiorano RtrSvc
fiorano-msgsvc 1856/tcp Fiorano MsgSvc
fiorano-msgsvc 1856/udp Fiorano MsgSvc
# Albert Holt <alberth@fiorano.com>
datacaptor 1857/tcp DataCaptor
datacaptor 1857/udp DataCaptor
# Steven M. Forrester <StevenF@CapsuleTech.com>
privateark 1858/tcp PrivateArk
privateark 1858/udp PrivateArk
# Ronen Zoran <ronenz@cyber-ark.com>
gammafetchsvr 1859/tcp Gamma Fetcher Server
gammafetchsvr 1859/udp Gamma Fetcher Server
# Cnaan Aviv <cnaan@gammasite.com>
sunscalar-svc 1860/tcp SunSCALAR Services
sunscalar-svc 1860/udp SunSCALAR Services
# Sanjay Radia <srradia@kasumbi.Eng.Sun.COM>
lecroy-vicp 1861/tcp LeCroy VICP
lecroy-vicp 1861/udp LeCroy VICP
# Anthony Cake <anthonyrc@lecroy.com>
techra-server 1862/tcp techra-server
techra-server 1862/udp techra-server
# Roy Lyseng <roy.lyseng@maxware.no>
msnp 1863/tcp MSNP
msnp 1863/udp MSNP
# William Lai <wlai@microsoft.com>
paradym-31port 1864/tcp Paradym 31 Port
paradym-31port 1864/udp Paradym 31 Port
# David Wooden <dwooden@wizdom.com>
entp 1865/tcp ENTP
entp 1865/udp ENTP
# Seiko Epson <Ishida.Hitoshi@exc.epson.co.jp>
swrmi 1866/tcp swrmi
swrmi 1866/udp swrmi
# Jun Yoshii <yoshii@ael.fujitsu.co.jp>
udrive 1867/tcp UDRIVE
udrive 1867/udp UDRIVE
# Robby Walker <webmaster@cd-lab.com>
viziblebrowser 1868/tcp VizibleBrowser
viziblebrowser 1868/udp VizibleBrowser
# Jimmy Talbot <jtalbot@vizible.com>
yestrader 1869/tcp YesTrader
yestrader 1869/udp YesTrader
# Robert Bryan <bbryan@yestrader.com>
sunscalar-dns 1870/tcp SunSCALAR DNS Service
sunscalar-dns 1870/udp SunSCALAR DNS Service
# Sanjay Radia <srradia@kasumbi.Eng.Sun.COM>
canocentral0 1871/tcp Cano Central 0
canocentral0 1871/udp Cano Central 0
canocentral1 1872/tcp Cano Central 1
canocentral1 1872/udp Cano Central 1
# Mark McNamara <markm@research.canon.com.au>
fjmpjps 1873/tcp Fjmpjps
fjmpjps 1873/udp Fjmpjps
fjswapsnp 1874/tcp Fjswapsnp
fjswapsnp 1874/udp Fjswapsnp
# Y. Ohiwa <y-ohiwa@ael.fujitsu.co.jp>
westell-stats 1875/tcp westell stats
westell-stats 1875/udp westell stats
# Thomas McCabe <tmcca@westell.com>
ewcappsrv 1876/tcp ewcappsrv
ewcappsrv 1876/udp ewcappsrv
# Howard Yin <howard.yin@ericsson.com>
hp-webqosdb 1877/tcp hp-webqosdb
hp-webqosdb 1877/udp hp-webqosdb
# Kim Scott <kims@cup.hp.com>
drmsmc 1878/tcp drmsmc
drmsmc 1878/udp drmsmc
# Katsuhiko Abe <kabe@hst.fujitsu.co.jp>
nettgain-nms 1879/tcp NettGain NMS
nettgain-nms 1879/udp NettGain NMS
# Dr. Yair Shapira <yair@flashnetworks.com>
vsat-control 1880/tcp Gilat VSAT Control
vsat-control 1880/udp Gilat VSAT Control
# Yariv Kaplan <yarivk@gilat.com>
ibm-mqseries2 1881/tcp IBM WebSphere MQ
ibm-mqseries2 1881/udp IBM WebSphere MQ
# Richard Maxwell <richard_maxwell@uk.ibm.com>
ecsqdmn 1882/tcp ecsqdmn
ecsqdmn 1882/udp ecsqdmn
# Paul Wissmiller <Paul.Wissmiller@ca.com>
ibm-mqisdp 1883/tcp IBM MQSeries SCADA
ibm-mqisdp 1883/udp IBM MQSeries SCADA
# Andy Stanford-Clark <andysc@uk.ibm.com>
idmaps 1884/tcp Internet Distance Map Svc
idmaps 1884/udp Internet Distance Map Svc
# Sugih Jamim <jamin@eecs.umich.edu>
vrtstrapserver 1885/tcp Veritas Trap Server
vrtstrapserver 1885/udp Veritas Trap Server
# Russell Thrasher <rthrashe@veritas.com>
leoip 1886/tcp Leonardo over IP
leoip 1886/udp Leonardo over IP
# Dietmar Finkler <d.finkler@hermstedt.de>
filex-lport 1887/tcp FileX Listening Port
filex-lport 1887/udp FileX Listening Port
# Megan Woods <meganwoods@datafast.net.au>
ncconfig 1888/tcp NC Config Port
ncconfig 1888/udp NC Config Port
# Simon Parker <simon.j.parker@philips.com>
unify-adapter 1889/tcp Unify Web Adapter Service
unify-adapter 1889/udp Unify Web Adapter Service
# Duane Gibson <ianaportmaster@unify.com>
wilkenlistener 1890/tcp wilkenListener
wilkenlistener 1890/udp wilkenListener
# Wilken GmbH <fy@wilken.de>
childkey-notif 1891/tcp ChildKey Notification
childkey-notif 1891/udp ChildKey Notification
childkey-ctrl 1892/tcp ChildKey Control
childkey-ctrl 1892/udp ChildKey Control
# Ivan Berardinelli <ivan@gestweb.com>
elad 1893/tcp ELAD Protocol
elad 1893/udp ELAD Protocol
# Franco Milan <franco@eladit.com>
o2server-port 1894/tcp O2Server Port
o2server-port 1894/udp O2Server Port
# Tim Howard <timothygh@hotmail.com>
##### Microsoft (unoffically) using 1895 #####
b-novative-ls 1896/tcp b-novative license server
b-novative-ls 1896/udp b-novative license server
# Matthias Riese <Matthias.Riese@b-novative.de>
metaagent 1897/tcp MetaAgent
metaagent 1897/udp MetaAgent
# Stephane Vinsot <vinsot@enatel.com>
cymtec-port 1898/tcp Cymtec secure management
cymtec-port 1898/udp Cymtec secure management
# Michael Mester <mmester@cymtec.com>
mc2studios 1899/tcp MC2Studios
mc2studios 1899/udp MC2Studios
# Michael Coon <michael@thecube.com>
ssdp 1900/tcp SSDP
ssdp 1900/udp SSDP
# Yaron Goland <yarong@microsoft.com>
fjicl-tep-a 1901/tcp Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program A
fjicl-tep-a 1901/udp Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program A
# Bob Lyon <bl@oasis.icl.co.uk>
fjicl-tep-b 1902/tcp Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program B
fjicl-tep-b 1902/udp Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program B
# Bob Lyon <bl@oasis.icl.co.uk>
linkname 1903/tcp Local Link Name Resolution
linkname 1903/udp Local Link Name Resolution
# Dan Harrington <dth@lucent.com>
fjicl-tep-c 1904/tcp Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program C
fjicl-tep-c 1904/udp Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program C
# Bob Lyon <bl@oasis.icl.co.uk>
sugp 1905/tcp Secure UP.Link Gateway Protocol
sugp 1905/udp Secure UP.Link Gateway Protocol
# Peter King <king@uplanet.com>
tpmd 1906/tcp TPortMapperReq
tpmd 1906/udp TPortMapperReq
# Sheila Devins <sheila_devins@VNET.IBM.COM>
intrastar 1907/tcp IntraSTAR
intrastar 1907/udp IntraSTAR
# Peter Schoenberger <ps@teles.de>
dawn 1908/tcp Dawn
dawn 1908/udp Dawn
# Michael Crawford <michaelc@travsoft.com>
global-wlink 1909/tcp Global World Link
global-wlink 1909/udp Global World Link
# Nicholas Davies <N.Davies@globalcomm.co.uk>
ultrabac 1910/tcp UltraBac Software communications port
ultrabac 1910/udp UltraBac Software communications port
# Paul Bunn <iana@ultrabac.com>
mtp 1911/tcp Starlight Networks Multimedia Transport Protocol
mtp 1911/udp Starlight Networks Multimedia Transport Protocol
# Bruce Lieberman <brucel@iserver.starlight.com>
rhp-iibp 1912/tcp rhp-iibp
rhp-iibp 1912/udp rhp-iibp
# George Nachman
# Tom Lake <tlake@m-ware.com>
armadp 1913/tcp armadp
armadp 1913/udp armadp
# Kevin Welton <Kevin.Welton@armltd.co.uk>
elm-momentum 1914/tcp Elm-Momentum
elm-momentum 1914/udp Elm-Momentum
# Willie Wu <willie@mds.com>
facelink 1915/tcp FACELINK
facelink 1915/udp FACELINK
# J.H. Hermans <j.h.hermans@hiscom.nl>
persona 1916/tcp Persoft Persona
persona 1916/udp Persoft Persona
# Tom Spidell <spidell@persoft.com>
noagent 1917/tcp nOAgent
noagent 1917/udp nOAgent
# Martin Bestmann <martin@datawatch.de>
can-nds 1918/tcp Candle Directory Service - NDS
can-nds 1918/udp Candle Directory Service - NDS
can-dch 1919/tcp Candle Directory Service - DCH
can-dch 1919/udp Candle Directory Service - DCH
can-ferret 1920/tcp Candle Directory Service - FERRET
can-ferret 1920/udp Candle Directory Service - FERRET
# Dannis Yang <Dannis_Yang@candle.com>
noadmin 1921/tcp NoAdmin
noadmin 1921/udp NoAdmin
# Martin Bestmann <martin@datawatch.de>
tapestry 1922/tcp Tapestry
tapestry 1922/udp Tapestry
# Ken Oliver <koliver@anritsu.com>
spice 1923/tcp SPICE
spice 1923/udp SPICE
# Nicholas Chua <nick@sendit.se>
xiip 1924/tcp XIIP
xiip 1924/udp XIIP
# Alain Robert <Alain.Robert@HMRinc.com>
discovery-port 1925/tcp Surrogate Discovery Port
discovery-port 1925/udp Surrogate Discovery Port
# Keith Thompson <keith.thompson@sun.com>
egs 1926/tcp Evolution Game Server
egs 1926/udp Evolution Game Server
# Simon Butcher <simonb@alien.net.au>
videte-cipc 1927/tcp Videte CIPC Port
videte-cipc 1927/udp Videte CIPC Port
# Videte IT <info@videte.com>
emsd-port 1928/tcp Expnd Maui Srvr Dscovr
emsd-port 1928/udp Expnd Maui Srvr Dscovr
# Edo Yahav <standards@expand.com>
bandwiz-system 1929/tcp Bandwiz System - Server
bandwiz-system 1929/udp Bandwiz System - Server
# Joseph Weihs <yossi@bandwiz.com>
driveappserver 1930/tcp Drive AppServer
driveappserver 1930/udp Drive AppServer
# Andrew Johnson
# <andrew.johnson@bliss-support.demon.co.uk>
amdsched 1931/tcp AMD SCHED
amdsched 1931/udp AMD SCHED
# Michael Walsh <mww@warwick.net>
ctt-broker 1932/tcp CTT Broker
ctt-broker 1932/udp CTT Broker
# Jens Edlund <edlund@speech.kth.se>
xmapi 1933/tcp IBM LM MT Agent
xmapi 1933/udp IBM LM MT Agent
xaapi 1934/tcp IBM LM Appl Agent
xaapi 1934/udp IBM LM Appl Agent
# Helga Wolin <hwolin@us.ibm.com>
macromedia-fcs 1935/tcp Macromedia Flash Communications Server MX
macromedia-fcs 1935/udp Macromedia Flash Communications server MX
# Pritham Shetty <pritham@macromedia.com>
jetcmeserver 1936/tcp JetCmeServer Server Port
jetcmeserver 1936/udp JetCmeServer Server Port
jwserver 1937/tcp JetVWay Server Port
jwserver 1937/udp JetVWay Server Port
jwclient 1938/tcp JetVWay Client Port
jwclient 1938/udp JetVWay Client Port
jvserver 1939/tcp JetVision Server Port
jvserver 1939/udp JetVision Server Port
jvclient 1940/tcp JetVision Client Port
jvclient 1940/udp JetVision Client Port
# Stephen Tsun <stsun@jetstream.com>
dic-aida 1941/tcp DIC-Aida
dic-aida 1941/udp DIC-Aida
# Frans S.C. Witte <fscwitte@dicgroep.nl>
res 1942/tcp Real Enterprise Service
res 1942/udp Real Enterprise Service
# Bob Janssen <bob@res.nl>
beeyond-media 1943/tcp Beeyond Media
beeyond-media 1943/udp Beeyond Media
# Bob Deblier <bob@virtualunlimited.com>
close-combat 1944/tcp close-combat
close-combat 1944/udp close-combat
# David Hua <davhua@microsoft.com>
dialogic-elmd 1945/tcp dialogic-elmd
dialogic-elmd 1945/udp dialogic-elmd
# Roger Kay <r.kay@nz.dialogic.com>
tekpls 1946/tcp tekpls
tekpls 1946/udp tekpls
# Brian Abramson <brianab@vnd.tek.com>
hlserver 1947/tcp hlserver
hlserver 1947/udp hlserver
# Michael Zzunke <mzunke@fast-ag.de>
eye2eye 1948/tcp eye2eye
eye2eye 1948/udp eye2eye
# Trevor Bell <Trevor@iguana.iosoftware.com>
ismaeasdaqlive 1949/tcp ISMA Easdaq Live
ismaeasdaqlive 1949/udp ISMA Easdaq Live
ismaeasdaqtest 1950/tcp ISMA Easdaq Test
ismaeasdaqtest 1950/udp ISMA Easdaq Test
# Stephen Dunne <sdun@isma.co.uk>
bcs-lmserver 1951/tcp bcs-lmserver
bcs-lmserver 1951/udp bcs-lmserver
# Andy Warner <andyw@knoware.nl>
mpnjsc 1952/tcp mpnjsc
mpnjsc 1952/udp mpnjsc
# Takenori Miyahara <miyahara@pfu.co.jp>
rapidbase 1953/tcp Rapid Base
rapidbase 1953/udp Rapid Base
# Antoni Wolski <antoni.wolski@vtt.fi>
abr-basic 1954/tcp ABR-Basic Data
abr-basic 1954/udp ABR-Basic Data
abr-secure 1955/tcp ABR-Secure Data
abr-secure 1955/udp ABR-Secure Data
# Aero9 - Graham Wooden <graham@aero9.com>
vrtl-vmf-ds 1956/tcp Vertel VMF DS
vrtl-vmf-ds 1956/udp Vertel VMF DS
# Alan Akahoshi <alan-akahoshi@vertel.com>
unix-status 1957/tcp unix-status
unix-status 1957/udp unix-status
# Thomas Erskine <erskine@sourceworks.com>
dxadmind 1958/tcp CA Administration Daemon
dxadmind 1958/udp CA Administration Daemon
# John Birrell <birjo99@cai.com>
simp-all 1959/tcp SIMP Channel
simp-all 1959/udp SIMP Channel
# Tim Hunnewell <thunnewell@pinna.com>
nasmanager 1960/tcp Merit DAC NASmanager
nasmanager 1960/udp Merit DAC NASmanager
# Richard S. Conto <rsc@merit.edu>
bts-appserver 1961/tcp BTS APPSERVER
bts-appserver 1961/udp BTS APPSERVER
# Carl Obsorn <carl_osborn@sabre.com>
biap-mp 1962/tcp BIAP-MP
biap-mp 1962/udp BIAP-MP
# Chuck Shotton <cshotton@biap.com>
webmachine 1963/tcp WebMachine
webmachine 1963/udp WebMachine
# Tim Jowers <Tim.Jowers@ColumbiaSC.NCR.com>
solid-e-engine 1964/tcp SOLID E ENGINE
solid-e-engine 1964/udp SOLID E ENGINE
# Ari Valtanen <ari.valtanen@solidtech.com>
tivoli-npm 1965/tcp Tivoli NPM
tivoli-npm 1965/udp Tivoli NPM
# Ivana Cuozzo <Ivana.Cuozzo@tivoli.com>
slush 1966/tcp Slush
slush 1966/udp Slush
# Damien Miller <damien@ibs.com.au>
sns-quote 1967/tcp SNS Quote
sns-quote 1967/udp SNS Quote
# Robert Ellman <rellman@calicotech.com>
lipsinc 1968/tcp LIPSinc
lipsinc 1968/udp LIPSinc
lipsinc1 1969/tcp LIPSinc 1
lipsinc1 1969/udp LIPSinc 1
# Robert Armington <rarmington@lipsinc.com>
netop-rc 1970/tcp NetOp Remote Control
netop-rc 1970/udp NetOp Remote Control
netop-school 1971/tcp NetOp School
netop-school 1971/udp NetOp School
# NetOp Technical Support <support@danware.dk>
intersys-cache 1972/tcp Cache
intersys-cache 1972/udp Cache
# Mark Hanson <markh@intersys.com>
dlsrap 1973/tcp Data Link Switching Remote Access Protocol
dlsrap 1973/udp Data Link Switching Remote Access Protocol
# Steve T. Chiang <schiang@cisco.com>
drp 1974/tcp DRP
drp 1974/udp DRP
# Richard Alan Johnson <raj@cisco.com>
tcoflashagent 1975/tcp TCO Flash Agent
tcoflashagent 1975/udp TCO Flash Agent
tcoregagent 1976/tcp TCO Reg Agent
tcoregagent 1976/udp TCO Reg Agent
tcoaddressbook 1977/tcp TCO Address Book
tcoaddressbook 1977/udp TCO Address Book
# Allan Panitch <allanp@tcosoft.com>
unisql 1978/tcp UniSQL
unisql 1978/udp UniSQL
unisql-java 1979/tcp UniSQL Java
unisql-java 1979/udp UniSQL Java
# Keith Yarbrough <kyarbro@windtraveller.com>
pearldoc-xact 1980/tcp PearlDoc XACT
pearldoc-xact 1980/udp PearlDoc XACT
# Chris Vertonghen <chrisv@pearldoc.com>
p2pq 1981/tcp p2pQ
p2pq 1981/udp p2pQ
# Warren Alexander <warren@chameleon-creative.co.uk>
estamp 1982/tcp Evidentiary Timestamp
estamp 1982/udp Evidentiary Timestamp
# Todd Glassey <todd.glassey@att.net>
lhtp 1983/tcp Loophole Test Protocol
lhtp 1983/udp Loophole Test Protocol
# Kade Hansson <kade_fh@postoffice.utas.edu.au>
bb 1984/tcp BB
bb 1984/udp BB
# Sean MacGuire <sean@maclawran.ca>
hsrp 1985/tcp Hot Standby Router Protocol
hsrp 1985/udp Hot Standby Router Protocol
# Phil Morton <pmorton@cisco.com>
licensedaemon 1986/tcp cisco license management
licensedaemon 1986/udp cisco license management
tr-rsrb-p1 1987/tcp cisco RSRB Priority 1 port
tr-rsrb-p1 1987/udp cisco RSRB Priority 1 port
tr-rsrb-p2 1988/tcp cisco RSRB Priority 2 port
tr-rsrb-p2 1988/udp cisco RSRB Priority 2 port
tr-rsrb-p3 1989/tcp cisco RSRB Priority 3 port
tr-rsrb-p3 1989/udp cisco RSRB Priority 3 port
# The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use
mshnet 1989/tcp MHSnet system
mshnet 1989/udp MHSnet system
# Bob Kummerfeld <bob@sarad.cs.su.oz.au>
stun-p1 1990/tcp cisco STUN Priority 1 port
stun-p1 1990/udp cisco STUN Priority 1 port
stun-p2 1991/tcp cisco STUN Priority 2 port
stun-p2 1991/udp cisco STUN Priority 2 port
stun-p3 1992/tcp cisco STUN Priority 3 port
stun-p3 1992/udp cisco STUN Priority 3 port
# The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use
ipsendmsg 1992/tcp IPsendmsg
ipsendmsg 1992/udp IPsendmsg
# Bob Kummerfeld <bob@sarad.cs.su.oz.au>
snmp-tcp-port 1993/tcp cisco SNMP TCP port
snmp-tcp-port 1993/udp cisco SNMP TCP port
stun-port 1994/tcp cisco serial tunnel port
stun-port 1994/udp cisco serial tunnel port
perf-port 1995/tcp cisco perf port
perf-port 1995/udp cisco perf port
tr-rsrb-port 1996/tcp cisco Remote SRB port
tr-rsrb-port 1996/udp cisco Remote SRB port
gdp-port 1997/tcp cisco Gateway Discovery Protocol
gdp-port 1997/udp cisco Gateway Discovery Protocol
x25-svc-port 1998/tcp cisco X.25 service (XOT)
x25-svc-port 1998/udp cisco X.25 service (XOT)
tcp-id-port 1999/tcp cisco identification port
tcp-id-port 1999/udp cisco identification port
callbook 2000/tcp
callbook 2000/udp
dc 2001/tcp
wizard 2001/udp curry
globe 2002/tcp
globe 2002/udp
mailbox 2004/tcp
emce 2004/udp CCWS mm conf
berknet 2005/tcp
oracle 2005/udp
invokator 2006/tcp
raid-cc 2006/udp raid
dectalk 2007/tcp
raid-am 2007/udp
conf 2008/tcp
terminaldb 2008/udp
news 2009/tcp
whosockami 2009/udp
search 2010/tcp
pipe_server 2010/udp
raid-cc 2011/tcp raid
servserv 2011/udp
ttyinfo 2012/tcp
raid-ac 2012/udp
raid-am 2013/tcp
raid-cd 2013/udp
troff 2014/tcp
raid-sf 2014/udp
cypress 2015/tcp
raid-cs 2015/udp
bootserver 2016/tcp
bootserver 2016/udp
cypress-stat 2017/tcp
bootclient 2017/udp
terminaldb 2018/tcp
rellpack 2018/udp
whosockami 2019/tcp
about 2019/udp
xinupageserver 2020/tcp
xinupageserver 2020/udp
servexec 2021/tcp
xinuexpansion1 2021/udp
down 2022/tcp
xinuexpansion2 2022/udp
xinuexpansion3 2023/tcp
xinuexpansion3 2023/udp
xinuexpansion4 2024/tcp
xinuexpansion4 2024/udp
ellpack 2025/tcp
xribs 2025/udp
scrabble 2026/tcp
scrabble 2026/udp
shadowserver 2027/tcp
shadowserver 2027/udp
submitserver 2028/tcp
submitserver 2028/udp
# 2029 Unassigned
device2 2030/tcp
device2 2030/udp
# 2031 Unassigned
blackboard 2032/tcp
blackboard 2032/udp
glogger 2033/tcp
glogger 2033/udp
scoremgr 2034/tcp
scoremgr 2034/udp
imsldoc 2035/tcp
imsldoc 2035/udp
# 2036 Unassigned
p2plus 2037/tcp P2plus Application Server
p2plus 2037/udp P2plus Application Server
# Thomas Boerkel <tb@ap-ag.com>
objectmanager 2038/tcp
objectmanager 2038/udp
# 2039 Unassigned
lam 2040/tcp
lam 2040/udp
interbase 2041/tcp
interbase 2041/udp
isis 2042/tcp isis
isis 2042/udp isis
isis-bcast 2043/tcp isis-bcast
isis-bcast 2043/udp isis-bcast
# Ken Chapman <kchapman@isis.com>
rimsl 2044/tcp
rimsl 2044/udp
cdfunc 2045/tcp
cdfunc 2045/udp
sdfunc 2046/tcp
sdfunc 2046/udp
dls 2047/tcp
dls 2047/udp
dls-monitor 2048/tcp
dls-monitor 2048/udp
# <== NOTE Conflict on 2049 !
shilp 2049/tcp
shilp 2049/udp
nfs 2049/tcp Network File System - Sun Microsystems
nfs 2049/udp Network File System - Sun Microsystems
# Brent Callaghan <brent@terra.eng.sun.com>
av-emb-config 2050/tcp Avaya EMB Config Port
av-emb-config 2050/udp Avaya EMB Config Port
# John Yeager <johnyeager@avaya.com>
epnsdp 2051/tcp EPNSDP
epnsdp 2051/udp EPNSDP
# Hiroyasu Ogata <Ogata.Hiroyasu@exc.epson.co.jp>
clearvisn 2052/tcp clearVisn Services Port
clearvisn 2052/udp clearVisn Services Port
# Dave Lyons <dlyons@dnpg.com>
lot105-ds-upd 2053/tcp Lot105 DSuper Updates
lot105-ds-upd 2053/udp Lot105 DSuper Updates
# Piers Scannell <iana-form@lot105.com>
weblogin 2054/tcp Weblogin Port
weblogin 2054/udp Weblogin Port
# Diego Saravia <dsa@unsa.edu.ar>
iop 2055/tcp Iliad-Odyssey Protocol
iop 2055/udp Iliad-Odyssey Protocol
# Bruce Lueckenhoff <brucelu@cisco.com>
omnisky 2056/tcp OmniSky Port
omnisky 2056/udp OmniSky Port
# Oren Hurvitz <oren@omnisky.com>
rich-cp 2057/tcp Rich Content Protocol
rich-cp 2057/udp Rich Content Protocol
# Ronen Vainish <ronen@digitalfountain.com>
newwavesearch 2058/tcp NewWaveSearchables RMI
newwavesearch 2058/udp NewWaveSearchables RMI
# Thomas Kerkau <Thomas.Kerkau@io-software.com>
bmc-messaging 2059/tcp BMC Messaging Service
bmc-messaging 2059/udp BMC Messaging Service
# Roger Huebner <Roger_Huebner@bmc.com>
teleniumdaemon 2060/tcp Telenium Daemon IF
teleniumdaemon 2060/udp Telenium Daemon IF
# Nick Woronuk <nick.woronuk@megasys.com>
netmount 2061/tcp NetMount
netmount 2061/udp NetMount
# Alex Oberlander <alexo@netmount.com>
icg-swp 2062/tcp ICG SWP Port
icg-swp 2062/udp ICG SWP Port
icg-bridge 2063/tcp ICG Bridge Port
icg-bridge 2063/udp ICG Bridge Port
icg-iprelay 2064/tcp ICG IP Relay Port
icg-iprelay 2064/udp ICG IP Relay Port
# Steve Quintana <steve@icgresearch.com>
dlsrpn 2065/tcp Data Link Switch Read Port Number
dlsrpn 2065/udp Data Link Switch Read Port Number
# Amir Peless <amirp@radware.co.il>
# 2066 Unassigned
dlswpn 2067/tcp Data Link Switch Write Port Number
dlswpn 2067/udp Data Link Switch Write Port Number
# Amir Peless <amirp@radware.co.il>
avauthsrvprtcl 2068/tcp Avocent AuthSrv Protocol
avauthsrvprtcl 2068/udp Avocent AuthSrv Protocol
# Steven W. Clark <sclark@equinox.com>
event-port 2069/tcp HTTP Event Port
event-port 2069/udp HTTP Event Port
# Larry Emlich <larry.emlich@compaq.com>
ah-esp-encap 2070/tcp AH and ESP Encapsulated in UDP packet
ah-esp-encap 2070/udp AH and ESP Encapsulated in UDP packet
# Amy Weaver <aweaver@vpnet.com>
acp-port 2071/tcp Axon Control Protocol
acp-port 2071/udp Axon Control Protocol
# Christiaan Simons <christiaan.simons@axon.nl>
msync 2072/tcp GlobeCast mSync
msync 2072/udp GlobeCast mSync
# Piers Scannell <piers@globecastne.com>
gxs-data-port 2073/tcp DataReel Database Socket
gxs-data-port 2073/udp DataReel Database Socket
# Douglas M. Gaer <doug@datareel.com>
vrtl-vmf-sa 2074/tcp Vertel VMF SA
vrtl-vmf-sa 2074/udp Vertel VMF SA
# Alan Akahoshi <alan-akahoshi@vertel.com>
newlixengine 2075/tcp Newlix ServerWare Engine
newlixengine 2075/udp Newlix ServerWare Engine
newlixconfig 2076/tcp Newlix JSPConfig
newlixconfig 2076/udp Newlix JSPConfig
# Jean-Serge Gagnon <jean-serge.gagnon@newlix.com>
trellisagt 2077/tcp TrelliSoft Agent
trellisagt 2077/udp TrelliSoft Agent
trellissvr 2078/tcp TrelliSoft Server
trellissvr 2078/udp TrelliSoft Server
# Justin R. Bendich <bendich@TrelliSoft.com>
idware-router 2079/tcp IDWARE Router Port
idware-router 2079/udp IDWARE Router Port
# Zdenek Kolba <zdenek.kolba@id-karta.cz>
autodesk-nlm 2080/tcp Autodesk NLM (FLEXlm)
autodesk-nlm 2080/udp Autodesk NLM (FLEXlm)
# Greg Suppes <greg.suppes@autodesk.com>
kme-trap-port 2081/tcp KME PRINTER TRAP PORT
kme-trap-port 2081/udp KME PRINTER TRAP PORT
# Masakatsu Matsuo <masa@sdsft.kme.mei.co.jp>
infowave 2082/tcp Infowave Mobility Server
infowave 2082/udp Infowave Mobiltiy Server
# Kaz Kylheku <kkylheku@infowave.com>
# 2083-2085 Unassigned
gnunet 2086/tcp GNUnet
gnunet 2086/udp GNUnet
# Christian Grothoff <grothoff@cs.purdue.edu> October 2002
eli 2087/tcp ELI - Event Logging Integration
eli 2087/udp ELI - Event Logging Integration
# Maya Zimerman <mayaz@radware.co.il>
# 2088 Unassigned
sep 2089/tcp Security Encapsulation Protocol - SEP
sep 2089/udp Security Encapsulation Protocol - SEP
# Maya Zimerman <mayaz@radware.co.il>
lrp 2090/tcp Load Report Protocol
lrp 2090/udp Load Report Protocol
# Amir Peless <amirp@radware.co.il>
prp 2091/tcp PRP
prp 2091/udp PRP
# Amir Peless <amirp@radware.co.il>
descent3 2092/tcp Descent 3
descent3 2092/udp Descent 3
# Kevin Bentley <Kevin@outrage.com>
nbx-cc 2093/tcp NBX CC
nbx-cc 2093/udp NBX CC
nbx-au 2094/tcp NBX AU
nbx-au 2094/udp NBX AU
nbx-ser 2095/tcp NBX SER
nbx-ser 2095/udp NBX SER
nbx-dir 2096/tcp NBX DIR
nbx-dir 2096/udp NBX DIR
# Henry Houh <hhouh@nbxcorp.com>
jetformpreview 2097/tcp Jet Form Preview
jetformpreview 2097/udp Jet Form Preview
# Zygmunt Wiercioch <zyg@jetform.com>
dialog-port 2098/tcp Dialog Port
dialog-port 2098/udp Dialog Port
# Joseph Mathew <mjoseph@dosa.cisco.com>
h2250-annex-g 2099/tcp H.225.0 Annex G
h2250-annex-g 2099/udp H.225.0 Annex G
# Gur Kimchi <gur.kimchi@vocaltec.com>
amiganetfs 2100/tcp Amiga Network Filesystem
amiganetfs 2100/udp Amiga Network Filesystem
# Rudi Chiarito <nutello@sweetness.com>
rtcm-sc104 2101/tcp rtcm-sc104
rtcm-sc104 2101/udp rtcm-sc104
# Wolfgang Rupprecht <wolfgang@wsrcc.com>
zephyr-srv 2102/tcp Zephyr server
zephyr-srv 2102/udp Zephyr server
zephyr-clt 2103/tcp Zephyr serv-hm connection
zephyr-clt 2103/udp Zephyr serv-hm connection
zephyr-hm 2104/tcp Zephyr hostmanager
zephyr-hm 2104/udp Zephyr hostmanager
# Greg Hudson <zephyr-bugs@mit.edu>
minipay 2105/tcp MiniPay
minipay 2105/udp MiniPay
# Amir Herzberg <amirh@vnet.ibm.com>
mzap 2106/tcp MZAP
mzap 2106/udp MZAP
# Dave Thaler <dthaler@microsoft.com>
bintec-admin 2107/tcp BinTec Admin
bintec-admin 2107/udp BinTec Admin
# Thomas Schmidt <ts@bintec.de>
comcam 2108/tcp Comcam
comcam 2108/udp Comcam
# Don Gilbreath <don@comcam.net>
ergolight 2109/tcp Ergolight
ergolight 2109/udp Ergolight
# Jindra Ryvola <jryvola@ledalite.com>
umsp 2110/tcp UMSP
umsp 2110/udp UMSP
# Alexander Bogdanov <alexander_bgd@softhome.net>
dsatp 2111/tcp DSATP
dsatp 2111/udp DSATP
# Ralph Beck <beck@altaworks.com>
idonix-metanet 2112/tcp Idonix MetaNet
idonix-metanet 2112/udp Idonix MetaNet
# Paul Harrison <paulh@idonix.co.uk>
hsl-storm 2113/tcp HSL StoRM
hsl-storm 2113/udp HSL StoRM
# Jost Faganel <jost.faganel@hermes.si>
newheights 2114/tcp NEWHEIGHTS
newheights 2114/udp NEWHEIGHTS
# Michael Levy <ml@nh.ca>
kdm 2115/tcp Key Distribution Manager
kdm 2115/udp Key Distribution Manager
# Mike Little <mike.little@GDC4S.com>
ccowcmr 2116/tcp CCOWCMR
ccowcmr 2116/udp CCOWCMR
# Mark Morwood <markm@sentillion.com>
mentaclient 2117/tcp MENTACLIENT
mentaclient 2117/udp MENTACLIENT
mentaserver 2118/tcp MENTASERVER
mentaserver 2118/udp MENTASERVER
# Ilan Shlosberg <ilan@mentasoftware.com>
gsigatekeeper 2119/tcp GSIGATEKEEPER
gsigatekeeper 2119/udp GSIGATEKEEPER
# Steve Tuecke <tuecke@mcs.anl.gov>
qencp 2120/tcp Quick Eagle Networks CP
qencp 2120/udp Quick Eagle Networks CP
# Santa Dasu <Santa_Dasu@quickeagle.com>
scientia-ssdb 2121/tcp SCIENTIA-SSDB
scientia-ssdb 2121/udp SCIENTIA-SSDB
# Ian Miller <Ian_Miller@scientia.com>
caupc-remote 2122/tcp CauPC Remote Control
caupc-remote 2122/udp CauPC Remote Control
# Environics Oy <pasi.nuutinmaki@environics.fi>
gtp-control 2123/tcp GTP-Control Plane (3GPP)
gtp-control 2123/udp GTP-Control Plane (3GPP)
# Alessio Casati <a.casati@computer.org>
elatelink 2124/tcp ELATELINK
elatelink 2124/udp ELATELINK
# Tim Lawrence <lawrence@tao-group.com>
lockstep 2125/tcp LOCKSTEP
lockstep 2125/udp LOCKSTEP
# Karl Forster <kforster@lockstep.com>
pktcable-cops 2126/tcp PktCable-COPS
pktcable-cops 2126/udp PktCable-COPS
# Glenn Russell <grussell@cablelabs.com>
index-pc-wb 2127/tcp INDEX-PC-WB
index-pc-wb 2127/udp INDEX-PC-WB
# James David Fisher <jfisher1@avaya.com>
net-steward 2128/tcp Net Steward Control
net-steward 2128/udp Net Steward Control
# Martin Norman <martin@ndl.co.uk>
cs-live 2129/tcp cs-live.com
cs-live 2129/udp cs-live.com
# Matt Lachance <matt@cs-live.com>
swc-xds 2130/tcp SWC-XDS
swc-xds 2130/udp SWC-XDS
# Peter Zurich <peter.zurich@swc.com>
avantageb2b 2131/tcp Avantageb2b
avantageb2b 2131/udp Avantageb2b
# Avi Software <srobert@logava.com>
avail-epmap 2132/tcp AVAIL-EPMAP
avail-epmap 2132/udp AVAIL-EPMAP
# Mark Armstrong <avail@pacbell.net>
zymed-zpp 2133/tcp ZYMED-ZPP
zymed-zpp 2133/udp ZYMED-ZPP
# Gregg Welker <greggw@zmi.com>
avenue 2134/tcp AVENUE
avenue 2134/udp AVENUE
# Jason Cater <jason@ncsmags.com>
gris 2135/tcp Grid Resource Information Server
gris 2135/udp Grid Resource Information Server
# Steve Tuecke <tuecke@mcs.anl.gov>
appworxsrv 2136/tcp APPWORXSRV
appworxsrv 2136/udp APPWORXSRV
# Fred McLain <fmclain@appworx.com>
connect 2137/tcp CONNECT
connect 2137/udp CONNECT
# Reid Ligon <reid@connectrf.com>
unbind-cluster 2138/tcp UNBIND-CLUSTER
unbind-cluster 2138/udp UNBIND-CLUSTER
# Francois Harvey <securiweb@pandore.qc.ca>
ias-auth 2139/tcp IAS-AUTH
ias-auth 2139/udp IAS-AUTH
ias-reg 2140/tcp IAS-REG
ias-reg 2140/udp IAS-REG
ias-admind 2141/tcp IAS-ADMIND
ias-admind 2141/udp IAS-ADMIND
# Baiju V. Patel <Baiju.v.patel@intel.com>
tdm-over-ip 2142/tcp TDM-OVER-IP
tdm-over-ip 2142/udp TDM-OVER-IP
# Tal Gilad <tal_g@rad.co.il>
lv-jc 2143/tcp Live Vault Job Control
lv-jc 2143/udp Live Vault Job Control
lv-ffx 2144/tcp Live Vault Fast Object Transfer
lv-ffx 2144/udp Live Vault Fast Object Transfer
lv-pici 2145/tcp Live Vault Remote Diagnostic Console Support
lv-pici 2145/udp Live Vault Remote Diagnostic Console Support
lv-not 2146/tcp Live Vault Admin Event Notification
lv-not 2146/udp Live Vault Admin Event Notification
lv-auth 2147/tcp Live Vault Authentication
lv-auth 2147/udp Live Vault Authentication
# Ted Hess <thess@livevault.com>
# Songlin Ren <ren@veritas.com>
acptsys 2149/tcp ACPTSYS
acptsys 2149/udp ACPTSYS
# Michael Lekias <admin@psdesign.com.au>
dynamic3d 2150/tcp DYNAMIC3D
dynamic3d 2150/udp DYNAMIC3D
# Tobias Wegner <wegner@novagate.de>
docent 2151/tcp DOCENT
docent 2151/udp DOCENT
# Hali Lindbloom <halil@docent.com>
gtp-user 2152/tcp GTP-User Plane (3GPP)
gtp-user 2152/udp GTP-User Plane (3GPP)
# Alessio Casati <a.casati@computer.org>
# 2153-2158 Unassigned
gdbremote 2159/tcp GDB Remote Debug Port
gdbremote 2159/udp GDB Remote Debug Port
# Nigel Stephens <nigel@algor.co.uk>
apc-cms 2160/tcp APC Central Mgmt Server
apc-cms 2160/udp APC Central Mgmt Server
# Chris Kuiawa <ckuiawa@apcc.com>
apc-agent 2161/tcp APC Agent
apc-agent 2161/udp APC Agent
# Todd Giaquinto <tgiaquin@apcc.com>
navisphere 2162/tcp Navisphere
navisphere 2162/udp Navisphere
navisphere-sec 2163/tcp Navisphere Secure
navisphere-sec 2163/udp Navisphere Secure
# Andreas Bauer <bauer_andreas@emc.com>
ddns-v3 2164/tcp Dynamic DNS Version 3
ddns-v3 2164/udp Dynamic DNS Version 3
# Alan Yates <alany@ay.com.au>
x-bone-api 2165/tcp X-Bone API
x-bone-api 2165/udp X-Bone API
# Joe Touch <touch@isi.edu>
iwserver 2166/tcp iwserver
iwserver 2166/udp iwserver
# Fred Surr <quest_iana@oz.quest.com>
raw-serial 2167/tcp Raw Async Serial Link
raw-serial 2167/udp Raw Async Serial Link
# Benjamin Green <benjamin@lh.co.nz>
# 2168-2179 Unassigned
mc-gt-srv 2180/tcp Millicent Vendor Gateway Server
mc-gt-srv 2180/udp Millicent Vendor Gateway Server
# Steve Glassman <steveg@pa.dec.com>
eforward 2181/tcp eforward
eforward 2181/udp eforward
# Greg Pringle <admin@corvedia.com>
# 2182-2189 Unassigned
tivoconnect 2190/tcp TiVoConnect Beacon
tivoconnect 2190/udp TiVoConnect Beacon
# Jeffrey J. Peters <jpeters@tivo.com> August 2002
tvbus 2191/tcp TvBus Messaging
tvbus 2191/udp TvBus Messaging
# Brian W. Beach <brian@tivo.com> January 2003
# 2192-2199 Unassigned
ici 2200/tcp ICI
ici 2200/udp ICI
# Brent Hines <brent.hines@unisys.com>
ats 2201/tcp Advanced Training System Program
ats 2201/udp Advanced Training System Program
# (Need contact info)
imtc-map 2202/tcp Int. Multimedia Teleconferencing Cosortium
imtc-map 2202/udp Int. Multimedia Teleconferencing Cosortium
# Pat Galvin <pgalvin@databeam.com>
kali 2213/tcp Kali
kali 2213/udp Kali
# Jay Cotton <JAY@calc.vet.uga.edu>
netiq 2220/tcp NetIQ End2End
netiq 2220/udp NetIQ End2End
# Gary Weichinger <gary.weichinger@netiq.com>
rockwell-csp1 2221/tcp Rockwell CSP1
rockwell-csp1 2221/udp Rockwell CSP1
rockwell-csp2 2222/tcp Rockwell CSP2
rockwell-csp2 2222/udp Rockwell CSP2
rockwell-csp3 2223/tcp Rockwell CSP3
rockwell-csp3 2223/udp Rockwell CSP3
# Brian Batke <babatke@ra.rockwell.com>
ivs-video 2232/tcp IVS Video default
ivs-video 2232/udp IVS Video default
# Thierry Turletti <Thierry.Turletti@sophia.inria.fr>
infocrypt 2233/tcp INFOCRYPT
infocrypt 2233/udp INFOCRYPT
# Erica Liu <liue@isolation.com>
directplay 2234/tcp DirectPlay
directplay 2234/udp DirectPlay
# Ajay Jindal <ajayj@microsoft.com>
sercomm-wlink 2235/tcp Sercomm-WLink
sercomm-wlink 2235/udp Sercomm-WLink
# Melinda Tsao <melinda@tpe1.sercomm.com.tw>
nani 2236/tcp Nani
nani 2236/udp Nani
# Steve Benoit <sbenoi01@eng.eds.com>
optech-port1-lm 2237/tcp Optech Port1 License Manager
optech-port1-lm 2237/udp Optech Port1 License Manager
# Gerard Cannie <jcannie@opticaltech.com>
aviva-sna 2238/tcp AVIVA SNA SERVER
aviva-sna 2238/udp AVIVA SNA SERVER
# Vick Keshishian <vickenK@>
imagequery 2239/tcp Image Query
imagequery 2239/udp Image Query
# Charles Jacobs <cjacobs@numinous.com>
recipe 2240/tcp RECIPe
recipe 2240/udp RECIPe
# Charlie Limoges <charlie.limoges@gd-cs.com>
ivsd 2241/tcp IVS Daemon
ivsd 2241/udp IVS Daemon
# Thierry Turletti
# <Thierry.Turletti@sophia.inria.fr>
foliocorp 2242/tcp Folio Remote Server
foliocorp 2242/udp Folio Remote Server
# Pat Mcgowan <pmcgowan@folio.com>
magicom 2243/tcp Magicom Protocol
magicom 2243/udp Magicom Protocol
# Yossi Appleboum <yossia@magicom.co.il>
nmsserver 2244/tcp NMS Server
nmsserver 2244/udp NMS Server
# Dmitry Krasnonosenkikh
# <Dmitry_Krasnonosenkih@nmss.com>
hao 2245/tcp HaO
hao 2245/udp HaO
# Panic Ride <panicride@hao.org>
pc-mta-addrmap 2246/tcp PacketCable MTA Addr Map
pc-mta-addrmap 2246/udp PacketCable MTA Addr Map
# Dave Maxwell <d.maxwell@cablelabs.com>
# 2247 Unassigned
ums 2248/tcp User Management Service
ums 2248/udp User Management Service
# Andrew Crockford
# <andrew.crockford@modus-interactive.co.uk>
rfmp 2249/tcp RISO File Manager Protocol
rfmp 2249/udp RISO File Manager Protocol
# Shinji Yamanaka <syamanaka@jci.co.jp>
remote-collab 2250/tcp remote-collab
remote-collab 2250/udp remote-collab
# Richard Walters <walters@cs.ucdavis.edu>
dif-port 2251/tcp Distributed Framework Port
dif-port 2251/udp Distributed Framework Port
# Sebastien Lambla <lambla@bouygtel.com>
njenet-ssl 2252/tcp NJENET using SSL
njenet-ssl 2252/udp NJENET using SSL
# Hans U Schmidt <schmidth@de.ibm.com>
dtv-chan-req 2253/tcp DTV Channel Request
dtv-chan-req 2253/udp DTV Channel Request
# Richard Hodges <rh@matriplex.com>
seispoc 2254/tcp Seismic P.O.C. Port
seispoc 2254/udp Seismic P.O.C. Port
# Robert Reimiller <bob@certsoft.com>
vrtp 2255/tcp VRTP - ViRtue Transfer Protocol
vrtp 2255/udp VRTP - ViRtue Transfer Protocol
# Max Fudim <fudim@virtue3d.com>
# 2256-2259 Unassigned
apc-pbeconsole 2260/tcp APC Console Comm Port
apc-pbeconsole 2260/udp APC Console Comm Port
# David Cardimino <dcardimi@apcc.com> February 2002
# 2261-2278 Unassigned
xmquery 2279/tcp xmquery
xmquery 2279/udp xmquery
# Niels Christiansen <nchris@austin.ibm.com>
lnvpoller 2280/tcp LNVPOLLER
lnvpoller 2280/udp LNVPOLLER
lnvconsole 2281/tcp LNVCONSOLE
lnvconsole 2281/udp LNVCONSOLE
lnvalarm 2282/tcp LNVALARM
lnvalarm 2282/udp LNVALARM
lnvstatus 2283/tcp LNVSTATUS
lnvstatus 2283/udp LNVSTATUS
lnvmaps 2284/tcp LNVMAPS
lnvmaps 2284/udp LNVMAPS
lnvmailmon 2285/tcp LNVMAILMON
lnvmailmon 2285/udp LNVMAILMON
# John Payne <jpayne@lotus.com>
nas-metering 2286/tcp NAS-Metering
nas-metering 2286/udp NAS-Metering
# Steven Sawkins <ssawkins@symantec.com>
dna 2287/tcp DNA
dna 2287/udp DNA
# Tung Nguyen <dash@ricochet.net>
netml 2288/tcp NETML
netml 2288/udp NETML
# Jochen Hansmeyer <cjh@krypton.de>
# 2289-2293 Unassigned
konshus-lm 2294/tcp Konshus License Manager (FLEX)
konshus-lm 2294/udp Konshus License Manager (FLEX)
# Francois Painchaud <fpainchaud@konshus.com>
advant-lm 2295/tcp Advant License Manager
advant-lm 2295/udp Advant License Manager
# Lars-Goran Magnusson
# <lars-goran.magnusson@seisy.mail.abb.com>
theta-lm 2296/tcp Theta License Manager (Rainbow)
theta-lm 2296/udp Theta License Manager (Rainbow)
# David Thompson <theta@theta-ent.com>
d2k-datamover1 2297/tcp D2K DataMover 1
d2k-datamover1 2297/udp D2K DataMover 1
d2k-datamover2 2298/tcp D2K DataMover 2
d2k-datamover2 2298/udp D2K DataMover 2
# Eric Lan <elan@d2k.com>
pc-telecommute 2299/tcp PC Telecommute
pc-telecommute 2299/udp PC Telecommute
# John Daniel Bonamico <jbonamico@symantec.com>
cvmmon 2300/tcp CVMMON
cvmmon 2300/udp CVMMON
# Roger Kumpf <kumpf@cup.hp.com>
cpq-wbem 2301/tcp Compaq HTTP
cpq-wbem 2301/udp Compaq HTTP
# Scott Shaffer <scott.shaffer@compaq.com>
binderysupport 2302/tcp Bindery Support
binderysupport 2302/udp Bindery Support
# Narasimha Rao N. <nnarasimharao@novell.com>
proxy-gateway 2303/tcp Proxy Gateway
proxy-gateway 2303/udp Proxy Gateway
# Paul Funk <paul@funk.com>
attachmate-uts 2304/tcp Attachmate UTS
attachmate-uts 2304/udp Attachmate UTS
# George Gianelos <Georgegi@Attachmate.com>
mt-scaleserver 2305/tcp MT ScaleServer
mt-scaleserver 2305/udp MT ScaleServer
# Paul Glaubitz <Paul.Glaubitz@mt.com>
tappi-boxnet 2306/tcp TAPPI BoxNet
tappi-boxnet 2306/udp TAPPI BoxNet
# Richard Spartz <rspartz@alliancetechnical.com>
pehelp 2307/tcp pehelp
pehelp 2307/udp pehelp
# Jens Kilian <jensk@hpbeo82.bbn.hp.com>
sdhelp 2308/tcp sdhelp
sdhelp 2308/udp sdhelp
# Annette Klecha <annette_klecha@bbn.hp.com>
sdserver 2309/tcp SD Server
sdserver 2309/udp SD Server
sdclient 2310/tcp SD Client
sdclient 2310/udp SD Client
# Jeurgen Broesamle <juergb@bbn.hp.com>
messageservice 2311/tcp Message Service
messageservice 2311/udp Message Service
# No contact Listed
iapp 2313/tcp IAPP (Inter Access Point Protocol)
iapp 2313/udp IAPP (Inter Access Point Protocol)
# Henri Moelard <moelard@lucent.com>
cr-websystems 2314/tcp CR WebSystems
cr-websystems 2314/udp CR WebSystems
# Robin Giese <rgiese@peddie.org>
precise-sft 2315/tcp Precise Sft.
precise-sft 2315/udp Precise Sft.
# Michael Landwehr <mikel@precisesoft.co.il>
sent-lm 2316/tcp SENT License Manager
sent-lm 2316/udp SENT License Manager
# Pisharath Krishnan <krishnan@axis-inc.com>
attachmate-g32 2317/tcp Attachmate G32
attachmate-g32 2317/udp Attachmate G32
# Bryce Bhatnagar <BRYCEBH@Attachmate.com>
cadencecontrol 2318/tcp Cadence Control
cadencecontrol 2318/udp Cadence Control
# Buck Caldwell <buck_c@polygon.com>
infolibria 2319/tcp InfoLibria
infolibria 2319/udp InfoLibria
# Chris Chiotasso <cchiotasso@infolibria.com>
siebel-ns 2320/tcp Siebel NS
siebel-ns 2320/udp Siebel NS
# Gilberto Arnaiz <garnaiz@siebel.com>
rdlap 2321/tcp RDLAP
rdlap 2321/udp RDLAP
# Robert Wiebe <crw010@email.mot.com>
ofsd 2322/tcp ofsd
ofsd 2322/udp ofsd
3d-nfsd 2323/tcp 3d-nfsd
3d-nfsd 2323/udp 3d-nfsd
# Mike Sherrill <sherrill@commvault.com>
cosmocall 2324/tcp Cosmocall
cosmocall 2324/udp Cosmocall
# Steve Dellutri
designspace-lm 2325/tcp Design Space License Management
designspace-lm 2325/udp Design Space License Management
# Suzanne Lorrin <suzanne.lorrin@ansys.com>
idcp 2326/tcp IDCP
idcp 2326/udp IDCP
# Keisokugiken Corp. <adda@kgc.co.jp>
xingcsm 2327/tcp xingcsm
xingcsm 2327/udp xingcsm
# Dave Spencer <dspencer@xingtech.com>
netrix-sftm 2328/tcp Netrix SFTM
netrix-sftm 2328/udp Netrix SFTM
# Garrett Herschleb <garrett@netrix.com>
nvd 2329/tcp NVD
nvd 2329/udp NVD
# Peter Weyman <pjweyman@noblenet.com>
tscchat 2330/tcp TSCCHAT
tscchat 2330/udp TSCCHAT
# Mike Jackson <mhjack@tscnet.com>
agentview 2331/tcp AGENTVIEW
agentview 2331/udp AGENTVIEW
# Ram Iyer <ram@aaccorp.com>
rcc-host 2332/tcp RCC Host
rcc-host 2332/udp RCC Host
# Martin Shoemaker <shoemakerml@rapistan.com>
snapp 2333/tcp SNAPP
snapp 2333/udp SNAPP
# Kevin Osborn <kosborn@snapappliance.com>
ace-client 2334/tcp ACE Client Auth
ace-client 2334/udp ACE Client Auth
ace-proxy 2335/tcp ACE Proxy
ace-proxy 2335/udp ACE Proxy
# Riaz Zolfonoon <rzolfonoon@securitydynamics.com>
appleugcontrol 2336/tcp Apple UG Control
appleugcontrol 2336/udp Apple UG Control
# Gene Tyacke <gene@apple.com>
ideesrv 2337/tcp ideesrv
ideesrv 2337/udp ideesrv
# Marazzi <fmarazzi@ideetique.com>
norton-lambert 2338/tcp Norton Lambert
norton-lambert 2338/udp Norton Lambert
# Richard de Mornay <rdemornay@norton-lambert.com>
3com-webview 2339/tcp 3Com WebView
3com-webview 2339/udp 3Com WebView
# Jennifer Grace <Jennifer_Grace@3com.com>
wrs_registry 2340/tcp WRS Registry
wrs_registry 2340/udp WRS Registry
# Christophe Cleraux <chrisc@wrs.com>
xiostatus 2341/tcp XIO Status
xiostatus 2341/udp XIO Status
# Randy Maas <randym@xiotech.com>
manage-exec 2342/tcp Seagate Manage Exec
manage-exec 2342/udp Seagate Manage Exec
# Jim Flaherty <jim.flaherty@seagatesoftware.com>
nati-logos 2343/tcp nati logos
nati-logos 2343/udp nati logos
# David Pierce <David.Pierce@natinst.com>
fcmsys 2344/tcp fcmsys
fcmsys 2344/udp fcmsys
dbm 2345/tcp dbm
dbm 2345/udp dbm
# Dean Robson <dean.robson@fujitsu.com.au>
redstorm_join 2346/tcp Game Connection Port
redstorm_join 2346/udp Game Connection Port
redstorm_find 2347/tcp Game Announcement and Location
redstorm_find 2347/udp Game Announcement and Location
redstorm_info 2348/tcp Information to query for game status
redstorm_info 2348/udp Information to query for game status
redstorm_diag 2349/tcp Diagnostics Port
redstorm_diag 2349/udp Diagnostics Port
# David Weinstein <david.weinstein@redstorm.com>
psbserver 2350/tcp psbserver
psbserver 2350/udp psbserver
psrserver 2351/tcp psrserver
psrserver 2351/udp psrserver
pslserver 2352/tcp pslserver
pslserver 2352/udp pslserver
pspserver 2353/tcp pspserver
pspserver 2353/udp pspserver
psprserver 2354/tcp psprserver
psprserver 2354/udp psprserver
psdbserver 2355/tcp psdbserver
psdbserver 2355/udp psdbserver
# Paul Reddy <Paul@pharos.co.nz>
gxtelmd 2356/tcp GXT License Managemant
gxtelmd 2356/udp GXT License Managemant
# Robert Hodgson <rrh@gxt.com>
unihub-server 2357/tcp UniHub Server
unihub-server 2357/udp UniHub Server
# Tim Kenyon <Tim_Kenyon@csicontrols.com>
futrix 2358/tcp Futrix
futrix 2358/udp Futrix
# Peter Frankenberg <pcfberg@ibm.net>
flukeserver 2359/tcp FlukeServer
flukeserver 2359/udp FlukeServer
# Bill Marbaker <wrm@fortenet.com>
nexstorindltd 2360/tcp NexstorIndLtd
nexstorindltd 2360/udp NexstorIndLtd
# NexStor India Limited <next@nda.vsnl.net.in>
tl1 2361/tcp TL1
tl1 2361/udp TL1
# Charles Scott Roberson <chip@cerent.com>
digiman 2362/tcp digiman
digiman 2362/udp digiman
# Aaron S. Kurland <akurland@netsilicon.com>
mediacntrlnfsd 2363/tcp Media Central NFSD
mediacntrlnfsd 2363/udp Media Central NFSD
# shivakumar s. govindarajapuram <shivak@eng.sun.com>
oi-2000 2364/tcp OI-2000
oi-2000 2364/udp OI-2000
# Software Horizons Inc. <oi2000@shorizons.com>
dbref 2365/tcp dbref
dbref 2365/udp dbref
# Yoshihiro Yamazaki <yamazaki@ael.fujitsu.co.jp>
qip-login 2366/tcp qip-login
qip-login 2366/udp qip-login
# Mike Morgan <mmorgan@lucent.com>
service-ctrl 2367/tcp Service Control
service-ctrl 2367/udp Service Control
# Humberto Sanchez <Humberto_Sanchez@hp.com>
opentable 2368/tcp OpenTable
opentable 2368/udp OpenTable
# Thomas Theobald <ttheobald@opentable.com>
acs2000-dsp 2369/tcp ACS2000 DSP
acs2000-dsp 2369/udp ACS2000 DSP
# Jeffrey Beauchamp <jeffrey.beauchamp@acs2000.net>
l3-hbmon 2370/tcp L3-HBMon
l3-hbmon 2370/udp L3-HBMon
# Dolores Scott <Dolores.Scott@L-3security.com>
#### Port 2370 Unofficially used by Compaq ####
worldwire 2371/tcp Compaq WorldWire Port
worldwire 2371/udp Compaq WorldWire Port
# Michael Spratte <michael.spratte@compaq.com>
# 2372-2380 Unassigned
compaq-https 2381/tcp Compaq HTTPS
compaq-https 2381/udp Compaq HTTPS
# Scott Shaffer <scott.shaffer@compaq.com>
ms-olap3 2382/tcp Microsoft OLAP
ms-olap3 2382/udp Microsoft OLAP
ms-olap4 2383/tcp Microsoft OLAP
ms-olap4 2383/udp Microsoft OLAP
# Mosha Pasumansky <moshap@microsoft.com>
sd-request 2384/tcp SD-REQUEST
sd-capacity 2384/udp SD-CAPACITY
# Jason McManus <jasonm@sleepdep.net>
sd-data 2385/tcp SD-DATA
sd-data 2385/udp SD-DATA
# Jason McManus <jasonm@sleepdep.net>
virtualtape 2386/tcp Virtual Tape
virtualtape 2386/udp Virtual Tape
vsamredirector 2387/tcp VSAM Redirector
vsamredirector 2387/udp VSAM Redirector
# Ingo Franzki <ifranzki@de.ibm.com>
mynahautostart 2388/tcp MYNAH AutoStart
mynahautostart 2388/udp MYNAH AutoStart
# Thomas J. Klehr <tklehr@telcordia.com>
ovsessionmgr 2389/tcp OpenView Session Mgr
ovsessionmgr 2389/udp OpenView Session Mgr
# Eric Pulsipher <eric_pulsipher@hp.com>
rsmtp 2390/tcp RSMTP
rsmtp 2390/udp RSMTP
# Geoff Collyer <geoff@research.bell-labs.com>
3com-net-mgmt 2391/tcp 3COM Net Management
3com-net-mgmt 2391/udp 3COM Net Management
# Prathibha Nagvar
tacticalauth 2392/tcp Tactical Auth
tacticalauth 2392/udp Tactical Auth
# David Yon <yon@tactical-sw.com>
ms-olap1 2393/tcp MS OLAP 1
ms-olap1 2393/udp MS OLAP 1
ms-olap2 2394/tcp MS OLAP 2
ms-olap2 2394/udp MS OLAP 2
# Mosha Pasumansky <moshap@microsoft.com>
lan900_remote 2395/tcp LAN900 Remote
lan900_remote 2395/udp LAN900 Remote
# Tom Quinlan <tquinlan@digitechinc.com>
wusage 2396/tcp Wusage
wusage 2396/udp Wusage
# Thomas Boutell <boutell@boutell.com>
ncl 2397/tcp NCL
ncl 2397/udp NCL
# Robert Wiebe <crw010@email.mot.com>
orbiter 2398/tcp Orbiter
orbiter 2398/udp Orbiter
# David Goldberg <dgoldberg@callisto.com>
fmpro-fdal 2399/tcp FileMaker, Inc. - Data Access Layer
fmpro-fdal 2399/udp FileMaker, Inc. - Data Access Layer
# Clay Maeckal <clay_maeckel@filemaker.com>
opequus-server 2400/tcp OpEquus Server
opequus-server 2400/udp OpEquus Server
# Gavin Hutchinson <gavinh@tesl.com>
cvspserver 2401/tcp cvspserver
cvspserver 2401/udp cvspserver
# Jim Kingdon <kingdon@harvey.cyclic.com>
taskmaster2000 2402/tcp TaskMaster 2000 Server
taskmaster2000 2402/udp TaskMaster 2000 Server
taskmaster2000 2403/tcp TaskMaster 2000 Web
taskmaster2000 2403/udp TaskMaster 2000 Web
# Ed Odjaghian <edo@datacap.com>
iec-104 2404/tcp IEC 60870-5-104 process control over IP
iec-104 2404/udp IEC 60870-5-104 process control over IP
# Walter K. Eichelburg <walter.eichelburg@sat-automation.com>
trc-netpoll 2405/tcp TRC Netpoll
trc-netpoll 2405/udp TRC Netpoll
# Bizhan Ghavami <ghavami@telcores.com>
jediserver 2406/tcp JediServer
jediserver 2406/udp JediServer
# Paul McEntire <paul.mcentire@columbiasc.ncr.com>
orion 2407/tcp Orion
orion 2407/udp Orion
# Matthew Horoschun <mhoroschun@canprint.com.au>
optimanet 2408/tcp OptimaNet
optimanet 2408/udp OptimaNet
# John Graham-Cumming <jgc@optimal.com>
sns-protocol 2409/tcp SNS Protocol
sns-protocol 2409/udp SNS Protocol
# Amir Blich <amir@netmanage.co.il>
vrts-registry 2410/tcp VRTS Registry
vrts-registry 2410/udp VRTS Registry
# Pranay Varma <pran@veritas.com>
netwave-ap-mgmt 2411/tcp Netwave AP Management
netwave-ap-mgmt 2411/udp Netwave AP Management
# Johnny Zweig <zweig@netwave-wireless.com>
cdn 2412/tcp CDN
cdn 2412/udp CDN
# Alan Noble <noble@netmind.com>
orion-rmi-reg 2413/tcp orion-rmi-reg
orion-rmi-reg 2413/udp orion-rmi-reg
# J.S. Greenfield <greeny@us.ibm.com>
beeyond 2414/tcp Beeyond
beeyond 2414/udp Beeyond
# Bob Deblier <bob@virtualunlimited.com>
comtest 2415/tcp COMTEST
comtest 2415/udp COMTEST
# Sylvia Ross <sross@comtest.co.uk>
rmtserver 2416/tcp RMT Server
rmtserver 2416/udp RMT Server
# Yvon Marineau <yvon@simware.com>
composit-server 2417/tcp Composit Server
composit-server 2417/udp Composit Server
# Katsuaki Naoi <naoi@pfu.co.jp>
cas 2418/tcp cas
cas 2418/udp cas
# Akiyoshi Ochi <akiyoshi@net.paso.fujitsu.co.jp>
attachmate-s2s 2419/tcp Attachmate S2S
attachmate-s2s 2419/udp Attachmate S2S
# Chris Rominski <ChrisRom@attachmate.com>
dslremote-mgmt 2420/tcp DSL Remote Management
dslremote-mgmt 2420/udp DSL Remote Management
# Westell, Inc. <jronk@westell.com>
g-talk 2421/tcp G-Talk
g-talk 2421/udp G-Talk
# Matt Hammond <matt_hammond@four-sight.co.uk>
crmsbits 2422/tcp CRMSBITS
crmsbits 2422/udp CRMSBITS
# Rod Ward <RWard@vaccmel1.telstra.com.au>
rnrp 2423/tcp RNRP
rnrp 2423/udp RNRP
# Per Sahlqvist <psahlqvi@sw.seisy.abb.se>
kofax-svr 2424/tcp KOFAX-SVR
kofax-svr 2424/udp KOFAX-SVR
# Terry Reagan <treagan@kofax.com>
fjitsuappmgr 2425/tcp Fujitsu App Manager
fjitsuappmgr 2425/udp Fujitsu App Manager
# Hiroyuki Kawabuchi <buchi@ael.fujitsu.co.jp>
# 2426 Unassigned (Removed 2002-04-29)
mgcp-gateway 2427/tcp Media Gateway Control Protocol Gateway
mgcp-gateway 2427/udp Media Gateway Control Protocol Gateway
# Christian Huitema <huitema@research.telcordia.com>
ott 2428/tcp One Way Trip Time
ott 2428/udp One Way Trip Time
# Greg Troxel <gdt@ir.bbn.com>
ft-role 2429/tcp FT-ROLE
ft-role 2429/udp FT-ROLE
# Doug Boone <dboone@atg.CLR.com>
venus 2430/tcp venus
venus 2430/udp venus
venus-se 2431/tcp venus-se
venus-se 2431/udp venus-se
codasrv 2432/tcp codasrv
codasrv 2432/udp codasrv
codasrv-se 2433/tcp codasrv-se
codasrv-se 2433/udp codasrv-se
# Robert Watson <robert@cyrus.watson.org>
pxc-epmap 2434/tcp pxc-epmap
pxc-epmap 2434/udp pxc-epmap
# Jun Nakamura <jnakamur@cp10.es.xerox.com>
optilogic 2435/tcp OptiLogic
optilogic 2435/udp OptiLogic
# Clark Williams <clark@wirespeed.com>
topx 2436/tcp TOP/X
topx 2436/udp TOP/X
# Dragos Pop <dragos@cs.ubbcluj.ro>
unicontrol 2437/tcp UniControl
unicontrol 2437/udp UniControl
# Ing. Markus Huemer <markus.huemer@hsd.at>
msp 2438/tcp MSP
msp 2438/udp MSP
# Evan Caves <evan@acc.com>
sybasedbsynch 2439/tcp SybaseDBSynch
sybasedbsynch 2439/udp SybaseDBSynch
# Dave Neudoerffer <Dave.Neudoerffer@ianywhere.com>
spearway 2440/tcp Spearway Lockers
spearway 2440/udp Spearway Lockers
# Pierre Frisch <Pierre.Frisch@spearway.com>
pvsw-inet 2441/tcp Pervasive I*net Data Server
pvsw-inet 2441/udp Pervasive I*net Data Server
# Chuck Talk <ctalk@pervasive.com>
netangel 2442/tcp Netangel
netangel 2442/udp Netangel
# Ladislav Baranyay <identcod@identcode.sk>
powerclientcsf 2443/tcp PowerClient Central Storage Facility
powerclientcsf 2443/udp PowerClient Central Storage Facility
# Brian Klassen <Brian.Klassen@Unisys.com>
btpp2sectrans 2444/tcp BT PP2 Sectrans
btpp2sectrans 2444/udp BT PP2 Sectrans
# Ian Daniels <btexact.ports@bt.com>
dtn1 2445/tcp DTN1
dtn1 2445/udp DTN1
# Bob Gaddie <bobg@dtn.com>
bues_service 2446/tcp bues_service
bues_service 2446/udp bues_service
# Leonhard Diekmann
# <diekmann@04.mstr02.telekom400.dbp.de>
ovwdb 2447/tcp OpenView NNM daemon
ovwdb 2447/udp OpenView NNM daemon
# Eric Pulsipher <eric_pulsipher@fc.hp.com>
hpppssvr 2448/tcp hpppsvr
hpppssvr 2448/udp hpppsvr
# Bridgette Landers <blanders@boi.hp.com>
ratl 2449/tcp RATL
ratl 2449/udp RATL
# Paul Greenfield <paul.greenfield@unisys.com>
netadmin 2450/tcp netadmin
netadmin 2450/udp netadmin
netchat 2451/tcp netchat
netchat 2451/udp netchat
# Julian Mehnle <julian@mehnle.net>
snifferclient 2452/tcp SnifferClient
snifferclient 2452/udp SnifferClient
# Amy Weaver <amy_weaver@nai.com>
madge-om 2453/tcp madge-om
madge-om 2453/udp madge-om
# Andrew Draper <adraper@dev.madge.com>
indx-dds 2454/tcp IndX-DDS
indx-dds 2454/udp IndX-DDS
# Paul Carmichael <paulcarmichael@indx.net>
wago-io-system 2455/tcp WAGO-IO-SYSTEM
wago-io-system 2455/udp WAGO-IO-SYSTEM
# Uwe Rathert <uwe.rathert@ieee.org>
altav-remmgt 2456/tcp altav-remmgt
altav-remmgt 2456/udp altav-remmgt
# Gary M. Allen <gallen@symantec.com>
rapido-ip 2457/tcp Rapido_IP
rapido-ip 2457/udp Rapido_IP
# Man Shuen Cheung <man_shuen_cheung@wamnet.co.uk>
griffin 2458/tcp griffin
griffin 2458/udp griffin
# Tom Taylor <Tom.Taylor@unisys.com>
community 2459/tcp Community
community 2459/udp Community
# David Schwartz <davids@webmaster.com>
ms-theater 2460/tcp ms-theater
ms-theater 2460/udp ms-theater
# Anton Kucer <a-antonk@microsoft.com>
qadmifoper 2461/tcp qadmifoper
qadmifoper 2461/udp qadmifoper
qadmifevent 2462/tcp qadmifevent
qadmifevent 2462/udp qadmifevent
# Pekka Takaranta <pekka.takaranta@tellabs.fi>
symbios-raid 2463/tcp Symbios Raid
symbios-raid 2463/udp Symbios Raid
# Bill Delaney <bill.delaney@symbios.com>
direcpc-si 2464/tcp DirecPC SI
direcpc-si 2464/udp DirecPC SI
# Doug Dillon <dillon@hns.com>
lbm 2465/tcp Load Balance Management
lbm 2465/udp Load Balance Management
lbf 2466/tcp Load Balance Forwarding
lbf 2466/udp Load Balance Forwarding
# Kazuhiro Koide <kaz@pfu.co.jp>
high-criteria 2467/tcp High Criteria
high-criteria 2467/udp High Criteria
# Konstantin Iavid <kiavid@highcriteria.com>
qip-msgd 2468/tcp qip_msgd
qip-msgd 2468/udp qip_msgd
# Mike Morgan <mmorgan@lucent.com>
mti-tcs-comm 2469/tcp MTI-TCS-COMM
mti-tcs-comm 2469/udp MTI-TCS-COMM
# Mario Bonin <boninm@microtempus.com>
taskman-port 2470/tcp taskman port
taskman-port 2470/udp taskman port
# Boris Panteleev <bpanteleev@himel.com>
seaodbc 2471/tcp SeaODBC
seaodbc 2471/udp SeaODBC
# Adrian Hornby <Adrian.Hornby@aran.co.uk>
c3 2472/tcp C3
c3 2472/udp C3
# Eckhard Grieger <e.grieger@com-on.de>
aker-cdp 2473/tcp Aker-cdp
aker-cdp 2473/udp Aker-cdp
# Rodrigo Ormonde <ormonde@aker.com.br>
vitalanalysis 2474/tcp Vital Analysis
vitalanalysis 2474/udp Vital Analysis
# Srinivas Reddy <sreddy@vitalsigns.com>
ace-server 2475/tcp ACE Server
ace-server 2475/udp ACE Server
ace-svr-prop 2476/tcp ACE Server Propagation
ace-svr-prop 2476/udp ACE Server Propagation
ssm-cvs 2477/tcp SecurSight Certificate Valifation Service
ssm-cvs 2477/udp SecurSight Certificate Valifation Service
ssm-cssps 2478/tcp SecurSight Authentication Server (SSL)
ssm-cssps 2478/udp SecurSight Authentication Server (SSL)
ssm-els 2479/tcp SecurSight Event Logging Server (SSL)
ssm-els 2479/udp SecurSight Event Logging Server (SSL)
# John Linn <jlinn@securitydynamics.com>
lingwood 2480/tcp Lingwood's Detail
lingwood 2480/udp Lingwood's Detail
# Dave Richmond <drichmond@striva.com>
giop 2481/tcp Oracle GIOP
giop 2481/udp Oracle GIOP
giop-ssl 2482/tcp Oracle GIOP SSL
giop-ssl 2482/udp Oracle GIOP SSL
ttc 2483/tcp Oracle TTC
ttc 2483/udp Oracle TTC
ttc-ssl 2484/tcp Oracle TTC SSL
ttc-ssl 2484/udp Oracle TTC SSL
# Chandar Venkataraman <CVENKATA@us.oracle.com>
netobjects1 2485/tcp Net Objects1
netobjects1 2485/udp Net Objects1
netobjects2 2486/tcp Net Objects2
netobjects2 2486/udp Net Objects2
# Francois Granade <francois@netobjects.com>
pns 2487/tcp Policy Notice Service
pns 2487/udp Policy Notice Service
# Akiyoshi Ochi <akiyoshi@net.paso.fujitsu.co.jp>
moy-corp 2488/tcp Moy Corporation
moy-corp 2488/udp Moy Corporation
# Gang Gong Moy
tsilb 2489/tcp TSILB
tsilb 2489/udp TSILB
# James Irwin <jimi@travsoft.com>
qip-qdhcp 2490/tcp qip_qdhcp
qip-qdhcp 2490/udp qip_qdhcp
# Mike Morgan <mmorgan@lucent.com>
conclave-cpp 2491/tcp Conclave CPP
conclave-cpp 2491/udp Conclave CPP
# Larry Lipstone <lrl@interdyn.com>
groove 2492/tcp GROOVE
groove 2492/udp GROOVE
# Ray Ozzie <ray@rocks.net>
talarian-mqs 2493/tcp Talarian MQS
talarian-mqs 2493/udp Talarian MQS
# Jim Stabile <jstabile@talarian.com>
bmc-ar 2494/tcp BMC AR
bmc-ar 2494/udp BMC AR
# Shelia Childs <sheila_childs@bmc.com>
fast-rem-serv 2495/tcp Fast Remote Services
fast-rem-serv 2495/udp Fast Remote Services
# Scott St. Clair <stclair@NTC.ADAPTEC.com>
dirgis 2496/tcp DIRGIS
dirgis 2496/udp DIRGIS
# Deutschland Informations- und
# Reservierungsgesellschaft mbH <beratung@dirg.de>
quaddb 2497/tcp Quad DB
quaddb 2497/udp Quad DB
# Jeff Rosenthal <jrosenthal@quad-sys.com>
odn-castraq 2498/tcp ODN-CasTraq
odn-castraq 2498/udp ODN-CasTraq
# Richard Hodges <rh@source.net>
unicontrol 2499/tcp UniControl
unicontrol 2499/udp UniControl
# Ing. Markus Huemer
rtsserv 2500/tcp Resource Tracking system server
rtsserv 2500/udp Resource Tracking system server
rtsclient 2501/tcp Resource Tracking system client
rtsclient 2501/udp Resource Tracking system client
# Aubrey Turner
# <S95525ta%etsuacad.bitnet@ETSUADMN.ETSU.EDU>
kentrox-prot 2502/tcp Kentrox Protocol
kentrox-prot 2502/udp Kentrox Protocol
# Anil Lakhwara <anil_lakhwara@kentrox.com>
nms-dpnss 2503/tcp NMS-DPNSS
nms-dpnss 2503/udp NMS-DPNSS
# Jean-Christophe Desire
# <Jean-Christophe_Desire@NMS-Europe.com>
wlbs 2504/tcp WLBS
wlbs 2504/udp WLBS
# William Bain <bbain@microsoft.com>
# 2505 Removed (2002-06-14)
jbroker 2506/tcp jbroker
jbroker 2506/udp jbroker
# Rohit Garg <rohit@objectScape.com>
spock 2507/tcp spock
spock 2507/udp spock
# Jon A. Christopher <jac8792@tamu.edu>
jdatastore 2508/tcp JDataStore
jdatastore 2508/udp JDataStore
# Tod Landis <tlandis@inprise.com>
fjmpss 2509/tcp fjmpss
fjmpss 2509/udp fjmpss
# Makoto Watanabe <makoto@saint.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
fjappmgrbulk 2510/tcp fjappmgrbulk
fjappmgrbulk 2510/udp fjappmgrbulk
# Hiroyuki Kawabuchi <buchi@ael.fujitsu.co.jp>
metastorm 2511/tcp Metastorm
metastorm 2511/udp Metastorm
# Eric Isom <eisom@metastorm.com>
citrixima 2512/tcp Citrix IMA
citrixima 2512/udp Citrix IMA
citrixadmin 2513/tcp Citrix ADMIN
citrixadmin 2513/udp Citrix ADMIN
# Myk Willis <myk.willis@citrix.com>
facsys-ntp 2514/tcp Facsys NTP
facsys-ntp 2514/udp Facsys NTP
facsys-router 2515/tcp Facsys Router
facsys-router 2515/udp Facsys Router
# Jeff Hoffman <jeffh@facsys.com>
maincontrol 2516/tcp Main Control
maincontrol 2516/udp Main Control
# Nathan Sadia <sadia@maincontrol.com>
call-sig-trans 2517/tcp H.323 Annex E call signaling transport
call-sig-trans 2517/udp H.323 Annex E call signaling transport
# Gur Kimchi <gur.kimchi@vocaltec.com>
willy 2518/tcp Willy
willy 2518/udp Willy
# Carl-Johan Wik <cjw@hudsmoar.com>
globmsgsvc 2519/tcp globmsgsvc
globmsgsvc 2519/udp globmsgsvc
# David Wiltz <dwiltz@hf.intel.com>
pvsw 2520/tcp Pervasive Listener
pvsw 2520/udp Pervasive Listener
# Chuck Talk <ctalk@pervasive.com>
adaptecmgr 2521/tcp Adaptec Manager
adaptecmgr 2521/udp Adaptec Manager
# Mark Parenti <map@ntc.adaptec.com>
windb 2522/tcp WinDb
windb 2522/udp WinDb
# Larry Traylor <larry@arium.com>
qke-llc-v3 2523/tcp Qke LLC V.3
qke-llc-v3 2523/udp Qke LLC V.3
# Joerg Niehoff <joerg.niehoff@alcatel-ke.de>
optiwave-lm 2524/tcp Optiwave License Management
optiwave-lm 2524/udp Optiwave License Management
# Slawomir Krzesinski <slavek@optiwave.com>
ms-v-worlds 2525/tcp MS V-Worlds
ms-v-worlds 2525/udp MS V-Worlds
# Pete Wong <petewong@microsoft.com>
ema-sent-lm 2526/tcp EMA License Manager
ema-sent-lm 2526/udp EMA License Manager
# Thaddeus Perala <tr@emaden.com>
iqserver 2527/tcp IQ Server
iqserver 2527/udp IQ Server
# Nick Straguzzi <Nick_Straguzzi@akbs.com>
ncr_ccl 2528/tcp NCR CCL
ncr_ccl 2528/udp NCR CCL
# Amitava Dutta <Amitava.Dutta@WoodbridgeNJ.ncr.com>
utsftp 2529/tcp UTS FTP
utsftp 2529/udp UTS FTP
# David Moore <dmoore@uttc-uts.com>
vrcommerce 2530/tcp VR Commerce
vrcommerce 2530/udp VR Commerce
# Yosi Mass <yosimass@haifa.vnet.ibm.com>
ito-e-gui 2531/tcp ITO-E GUI
ito-e-gui 2531/udp ITO-E GUI
# Michael Haeuptle <Michael_Haeuptle@hp.com>
ovtopmd 2532/tcp OVTOPMD
ovtopmd 2532/udp OVTOPMD
# Eric Pulsipher <eric_pulsipher@hp.com>
snifferserver 2533/tcp SnifferServer
snifferserver 2533/udp SnifferServer
# Amy Weaver <Amy_Weaver@NAI.com>
combox-web-acc 2534/tcp Combox Web Access
combox-web-acc 2534/udp Combox Web Access
# Yochai Cohen <yochai@combox.co.il>
madcap 2535/tcp MADCAP
madcap 2535/udp MADCAP
# Stephen Hanna <steve.hanna@sun.com>
btpp2audctr1 2536/tcp btpp2audctr1
btpp2audctr1 2536/udp btpp2audctr1
# Ian Daniels <btexact.ports@bt.com>
upgrade 2537/tcp Upgrade Protocol
upgrade 2537/udp Upgrade Protocol
# Breck Auten <bauten@dst-inc.com>
vnwk-prapi 2538/tcp vnwk-prapi
vnwk-prapi 2538/udp vnwk-prapi
# John Hasselkus <Jhasselkus@VisualNetworks.com>
vsiadmin 2539/tcp VSI Admin
vsiadmin 2539/udp VSI Admin
# Rob Juergens <robj@vsi.com>
lonworks 2540/tcp LonWorks
lonworks 2540/udp LonWorks
lonworks2 2541/tcp LonWorks2
lonworks2 2541/udp LonWorks2
# Gary Bartlett <garyb@echelon.com>
davinci 2542/tcp daVinci Presenter
davinci 2542/udp daVinci Presenter
# b-novative GmbH <info@b-novative.com>
reftek 2543/tcp REFTEK
reftek 2543/udp REFTEK
# Robert Banfill <r.banfill@reftek.com>
novell-zen 2544/tcp Novell ZEN
novell-zen 2544/udp Novell ZEN
# Randy Cook <RACOOK@novell.com>
sis-emt 2545/tcp sis-emt
sis-emt 2545/udp sis-emt
# Bill Crawford <Bill.Crawford@securicor.co.uk>
vytalvaultbrtp 2546/tcp vytalvaultbrtp
vytalvaultbrtp 2546/udp vytalvaultbrtp
vytalvaultvsmp 2547/tcp vytalvaultvsmp
vytalvaultvsmp 2547/udp vytalvaultvsmp
vytalvaultpipe 2548/tcp vytalvaultpipe
vytalvaultpipe 2548/udp vytalvaultpipe
# Tim Boldt <timb@vytalnet.com>
ipass 2549/tcp IPASS
ipass 2549/udp IPASS
# Michael Fischer <otterley@Pass.COM>
ads 2550/tcp ADS
ads 2550/udp ADS
# Michael O'Connor <moconnor@adobe.com>
isg-uda-server 2551/tcp ISG UDA Server
isg-uda-server 2551/udp ISG UDA Server
# Dror Harari <Dror.Harari@isgsoft.com>
call-logging 2552/tcp Call Logging
call-logging 2552/udp Call Logging
# Dean Webb <dean.webb@ascend.com>
efidiningport 2553/tcp efidiningport
efidiningport 2553/udp efidiningport
# Lynn Carter <carterl@execpc.com>
vcnet-link-v10 2554/tcp VCnet-Link v10
vcnet-link-v10 2554/udp VCnet-Link v10
# Csaba Mate <mc36@freemail.c3.hu>
compaq-wcp 2555/tcp Compaq WCP
compaq-wcp 2555/udp Compaq WCP
# Ferruccio Barletta <ferruccio.barletta@compaq.com>
nicetec-nmsvc 2556/tcp nicetec-nmsvc
nicetec-nmsvc 2556/udp nicetec-nmsvc
nicetec-mgmt 2557/tcp nicetec-mgmt
nicetec-mgmt 2557/udp nicetec-mgmt
# Joerg Paulus <tech@nicetec.de>
pclemultimedia 2558/tcp PCLE Multi Media
pclemultimedia 2558/udp PCLE Multi Media
# Bernd Scharping <bscharping@pinnaclesys.com>
lstp 2559/tcp LSTP
lstp 2559/udp LSTP
# Waiki Wright <waiki@us.ibm.com>
labrat 2560/tcp labrat
labrat 2560/udp labrat
# John Harvey <johnbob@austin.ibm.com>
mosaixcc 2561/tcp MosaixCC
mosaixcc 2561/udp MosaixCC
# Steven Frare <stevefr@mosaix.com>
delibo 2562/tcp Delibo
delibo 2562/udp Delibo
# NovaWiz LTD <Moshe@Novawiz.com>
cti-redwood 2563/tcp CTI Redwood
cti-redwood 2563/udp CTI Redwood
# Songwon Chi <swchi@daou.co.kr>
hp-3000-telnet 2564/tcp HP 3000 NS/VT block mode telnet
coord-svr 2565/tcp Coordinator Server
coord-svr 2565/udp Coordinator Server
# Richard Steiger <steiger@ensemblesoft.com>
pcs-pcw 2566/tcp pcs-pcw
pcs-pcw 2566/udp pcs-pcw
# W. Jordan Fitzhugh <jfitz@pcare.com>
clp 2567/tcp Cisco Line Protocol
clp 2567/udp Cisco Line Protocol
# Susan Hinrichs <shinrich@cisco.com>
spamtrap 2568/tcp SPAM TRAP
spamtrap 2568/udp SPAM TRAP
# Chuck Bennett <chuck@benatong.com>
sonuscallsig 2569/tcp Sonus Call Signal
sonuscallsig 2569/udp Sonus Call Signal
# Mark Garti <mgarti@sonusnet.com>
hs-port 2570/tcp HS Port
hs-port 2570/udp HS Port
# Uri Doron <uri@il.netect.com>
cecsvc 2571/tcp CECSVC
cecsvc 2571/udp CECSVC
# Roger Pao <rpao@corder-eng.com>
ibp 2572/tcp IBP
ibp 2572/udp IBP
# Jonathan Downes <jonno@activ.net.au>
trustestablish 2573/tcp Trust Establish
trustestablish 2573/udp Trust Establish
# Yosi Mass <yosimass@haifa.vnet.ibm.com>
blockade-bpsp 2574/tcp Blockade BPSP
blockade-bpsp 2574/udp Blockade BPSP
# VP - Research & Development <development@blockade.com>
hl7 2575/tcp HL7
hl7 2575/udp HL7
# Tim Jacobs
tclprodebugger 2576/tcp TCL Pro Debugger
tclprodebugger 2576/udp TCL Pro Debugger
scipticslsrvr 2577/tcp Scriptics Lsrvr
scipticslsrvr 2577/udp Scriptics Lsrvr
# Brent Welch <welch@scriptics.com>
rvs-isdn-dcp 2578/tcp RVS ISDN DCP
rvs-isdn-dcp 2578/udp RVS ISDN DCP
# Michael Zirpel <mbz@rvscom.com>
mpfoncl 2579/tcp mpfoncl
mpfoncl 2579/udp mpfoncl
# Itaru Kimura <kimura@kel.fujitsu.co.jp>
tributary 2580/tcp Tributary
tributary 2580/udp Tributary
# Louis Lu <LouisL@bristol.com>
argis-te 2581/tcp ARGIS TE
argis-te 2581/udp ARGIS TE
argis-ds 2582/tcp ARGIS DS
argis-ds 2582/udp ARGIS DS
# John Legh-Page <john.legh-page@argis.com>
mon 2583/tcp MON
mon 2583/udp MON
# Jim Trocki <trockij@transmeta.com>
cyaserv 2584/tcp cyaserv
cyaserv 2584/udp cyaserv
# Morgan Jones <mwj@cyasolutions.com>
netx-server 2585/tcp NETX Server
netx-server 2585/udp NETX Server
netx-agent 2586/tcp NETX Agent
netx-agent 2586/udp NETX Agent
# Brett Dolecheck <Dolecheck@IPMetrics.com>
masc 2587/tcp MASC
masc 2587/udp MASC
# Pavlin Ivanov Radoslavov
# <pavlin@catarina.usc.edu>
privilege 2588/tcp Privilege
privilege 2588/udp Privilege
# Gil Hecht <GilH@aks.com>
quartus-tcl 2589/tcp quartus tcl
quartus-tcl 2589/udp quartus tcl
# Subroto Datta <subrotod@altera.com>
idotdist 2590/tcp idotdist
idotdist 2590/udp idotdist
# Jason Hunter <jthunter@invino.com>
maytagshuffle 2591/tcp Maytag Shuffle
maytagshuffle 2591/udp Maytag Shuffle
# Maytag Corporation <hbuck@maytag.com>
netrek 2592/tcp netrek
netrek 2592/udp netrek
# Al Guetzlaff <aeg@teamquest.com>
mns-mail 2593/tcp MNS Mail Notice Service
mns-mail 2593/udp MNS Mail Notice Service
# Rumiko Kikuta <kiku@nd.net.fujitsu.co.jp>
dts 2594/tcp Data Base Server
dts 2594/udp Data Base Server
# Andreas Roene <support@home-online.de>
worldfusion1 2595/tcp World Fusion 1
worldfusion1 2595/udp World Fusion 1
worldfusion2 2596/tcp World Fusion 2
worldfusion2 2596/udp World Fusion 2
# World Fusion <net@worldfusion.com>
homesteadglory 2597/tcp Homestead Glory
homesteadglory 2597/udp Homestead Glory
# John Tokash <jtokash@homestead.com>
citriximaclient 2598/tcp Citrix MA Client
citriximaclient 2598/udp Citrix MA Client
# Myk Willis <myk.willis@citrix.com>
snapd 2599/tcp Snap Discovery
snapd 2599/udp Snap Discovery
# Kevin Osborn <kosborn@snapappliance.com>
hpstgmgr 2600/tcp HPSTGMGR
hpstgmgr 2600/udp HPSTGMGR
# Kevin Collins <kevinc@.cnd.hp.com>
discp-client 2601/tcp discp client
discp-client 2601/udp discp client
discp-server 2602/tcp discp server
discp-server 2602/udp discp server
# Peter White <peter_white@3com.com>
servicemeter 2603/tcp Service Meter
servicemeter 2603/udp Service Meter
# Duncan Hare <Duncan.Hare@synoia.com>
nsc-ccs 2604/tcp NSC CCS
nsc-ccs 2604/udp NSC CCS
nsc-posa 2605/tcp NSC POSA
nsc-posa 2605/udp NSC POSA
# Tom Findley <tom.findley@networksciences.net>
netmon 2606/tcp Dell Netmon
netmon 2606/udp Dell Netmon
connection 2607/tcp Dell Connection
connection 2607/udp Dell Connection
# Sudhir Shetty <Sudhir_Shetty@Dell.com>
wag-service 2608/tcp Wag Service
wag-service 2608/udp Wag Service
# Gilles Bourquard <gbo@wag.ch>
system-monitor 2609/tcp System Monitor
system-monitor 2609/udp System Monitor
# Greg Robson-Garth <gregr@alphalink.com.au>
versa-tek 2610/tcp VersaTek
versa-tek 2610/udp VersaTek
# James Kou <Jamesk@versatek.com>
lionhead 2611/tcp LIONHEAD
lionhead 2611/udp LIONHEAD
# Tim Rance <trance@lionhead.co.uk>
qpasa-agent 2612/tcp Qpasa Agent
qpasa-agent 2612/udp Qpasa Agent
# Craig Ching <cching@mqsoftware.com>
smntubootstrap 2613/tcp SMNTUBootstrap
smntubootstrap 2613/udp SMNTUBootstrap
# Matt Cecile <mattc@metrics.com>
neveroffline 2614/tcp Never Offline
neveroffline 2614/udp Never Offline
# Dustin Brand <amo@amo.net>
firepower 2615/tcp firepower
firepower 2615/udp firepower
# Jason Volk <jason@teknidude.com>
appswitch-emp 2616/tcp appswitch-emp
appswitch-emp 2616/udp appswitch-emp
# Ted Ross <ross@TopLayer.com>
cmadmin 2617/tcp Clinical Context Managers
cmadmin 2617/udp Clinical Context Managers
# Mark Morwood <markm@sentillion.com>
priority-e-com 2618/tcp Priority E-Com
priority-e-com 2618/udp Priority E-Com
# Marcelo Einhorn <marcelo@eshbel.com>
bruce 2619/tcp bruce
bruce 2619/udp bruce
# Alec Muffett <alecm@sun.com>
lpsrecommender 2620/tcp LPSRecommender
lpsrecommender 2620/udp LPSRecommender
# Pritham Shetty <pritham@andromedia.com>
miles-apart 2621/tcp Miles Apart Jukebox Server
miles-apart 2621/udp Miles Apart Jukebox Server
# Michael Rathmann <rathmann_ia@milesinfo.com>
metricadbc 2622/tcp MetricaDBC
metricadbc 2622/udp MetricaDBC
# Russ Olivant <russ.olivant@metrica.co.uk>
lmdp 2623/tcp LMDP
lmdp 2623/udp LMDP
# Ken Bailey <kbailey@rockettalk.com>
aria 2624/tcp Aria
aria 2624/udp Aria
# Logan Bruns <logan@andromedia.com>
blwnkl-port 2625/tcp Blwnkl Port
blwnkl-port 2625/udp Blwnkl Port
# Weng Chin (Winson) Yung <Winson_Yung@3com.com>
gbjd816 2626/tcp gbjd816
gbjd816 2626/udp gbjd816
# George Balesta <George.Baletsa@tfn.com>
moshebeeri 2627/tcp Moshe Beeri
moshebeeri 2627/udp Moshe Beeri
# Moshe Beeri <moshe@whale-com.com>
dict 2628/tcp DICT
dict 2628/udp DICT
# Rik Faith <faith@cs.unc.edu>
sitaraserver 2629/tcp Sitara Server
sitaraserver 2629/udp Sitara Server
sitaramgmt 2630/tcp Sitara Management
sitaramgmt 2630/udp Sitara Management
sitaradir 2631/tcp Sitara Dir
sitaradir 2631/udp Sitara Dir
# Manickam R.Sridhar <msridhar@sitaranetworks.com>
irdg-post 2632/tcp IRdg Post
irdg-post 2632/udp IRdg Post
# IRdg, Inc. <jtaylor@irdg.com>
interintelli 2633/tcp InterIntelli
interintelli 2633/udp InterIntelli
# Mike Gagle <MikeG@inter-intelli.com>
pk-electronics 2634/tcp PK Electronics
pk-electronics 2634/udp PK Electronics
# Seb Ibis <seb_ibis@pkworld.com>
backburner 2635/tcp Back Burner
backburner 2635/udp Back Burner
# Kevin Teiskoetter <kevint@metacreations.com>
solve 2636/tcp Solve
solve 2636/udp Solve
# Peter Morrison <peter_morrison@sydney.sterling.com>
imdocsvc 2637/tcp Import Document Service
imdocsvc 2637/udp Import Document Service
# Zia Bhatti <zia@netright.com>
sybaseanywhere 2638/tcp Sybase Anywhere
sybaseanywhere 2638/udp Sybase Anywhere
# Dave Neudoerffer <Dave.Neudoerffer@ianywhere.com>
aminet 2639/tcp AMInet
aminet 2639/udp AMInet
# Alcorn McBride Inc. <jeff@alcorn.com>
sai_sentlm 2640/tcp Sabbagh Associates Licence Manager
sai_sentlm 2640/udp Sabbagh Associates Licence Manager
# Elias Sabbagh <ehs@sabbagh.com>
hdl-srv 2641/tcp HDL Server
hdl-srv 2641/udp HDL Server
# David Ely <dely@cnri.reston.va.us>
tragic 2642/tcp Tragic
tragic 2642/udp Tragic
# Stu Mark <fordii@j51.com>
gte-samp 2643/tcp GTE-SAMP
gte-samp 2643/udp GTE-SAMP
# Asher Altman <Asher.Altman@GSC.GTE.Com>
travsoft-ipx-t 2644/tcp Travsoft IPX Tunnel
travsoft-ipx-t 2644/udp Travsoft IPX Tunnel
# Jack Wilson <JackW@travsoft.com>
novell-ipx-cmd 2645/tcp Novell IPX CMD
novell-ipx-cmd 2645/udp Novell IPX CMD
# Juan Carlos Luciani <jluciani@novell.com>
and-lm 2646/tcp AND License Manager
and-lm 2646/udp AND License Manager
# Dick van der Sijs <dick@and.nl>
syncserver 2647/tcp SyncServer
syncserver 2647/udp SyncServer
# Dave Finnegan <dave@syncinc.com>
upsnotifyprot 2648/tcp Upsnotifyprot
upsnotifyprot 2648/udp Upsnotifyprot
# Mario Leboute <leboute@pro.via-rs.com.br>
vpsipport 2649/tcp VPSIPPORT
vpsipport 2649/udp VPSIPPORT
# Joon Radley <jradley@csir.co.za>
eristwoguns 2650/tcp eristwoguns
eristwoguns 2650/udp eristwoguns
# NetPro Computing Inc. <ports@netpro.com>
ebinsite 2651/tcp EBInSite
ebinsite 2651/udp EBInSite
# Lefteris Kalamaras <lefteris@ebi.com>
interpathpanel 2652/tcp InterPathPanel
interpathpanel 2652/udp InterPathPanel
# Stephen Misel <steve.misel@interpath.net>
sonus 2653/tcp Sonus
sonus 2653/udp Sonus
# Mark Garti <mgarti@sonusnet.com>
corel_vncadmin 2654/tcp Corel VNC Admin
corel_vncadmin 2654/udp Corel VNC Admin
# Oleg Noskov [list=1]
unglue 2655/tcp UNIX Nt Glue
unglue 2655/udp UNIX Nt Glue
# Peter Santoro <peter@pscomp.com>
kana 2656/tcp Kana
kana 2656/udp Kana
# Colin Goldstein <Colin@kana.com>
sns-dispatcher 2657/tcp SNS Dispatcher
sns-dispatcher 2657/udp SNS Dispatcher
sns-admin 2658/tcp SNS Admin
sns-admin 2658/udp SNS Admin
sns-query 2659/tcp SNS Query
sns-query 2659/udp SNS Query
# Mary Holstege <holstege@firstfloor.com>
gcmonitor 2660/tcp GC Monitor
gcmonitor 2660/udp GC Monitor
# Gustavo Rodriguez-Rivera <grr@geodesic.com>
olhost 2661/tcp OLHOST
olhost 2661/udp OLHOST
# Robert Ripberger <rip@lan-aces.com>
bintec-capi 2662/tcp BinTec-CAPI
bintec-capi 2662/udp BinTec-CAPI
bintec-tapi 2663/tcp BinTec-TAPI
bintec-tapi 2663/udp BinTec-TAPI
patrol-mq-gm 2664/tcp Patrol for MQ GM
patrol-mq-gm 2664/udp Patrol for MQ GM
patrol-mq-nm 2665/tcp Patrol for MQ NM
patrol-mq-nm 2665/udp Patrol for MQ NM
# Richard Nikula <richard_nikula@bmc.com>
extensis 2666/tcp extensis
extensis 2666/udp extensis
# Milton Sagen <msagen@extensis.com>
alarm-clock-s 2667/tcp Alarm Clock Server
alarm-clock-s 2667/udp Alarm Clock Server
alarm-clock-c 2668/tcp Alarm Clock Client
alarm-clock-c 2668/udp Alarm Clock Client
toad 2669/tcp TOAD
toad 2669/udp TOAD
# Michael Marking <marking@tatanka.com>
tve-announce 2670/tcp TVE Announce
tve-announce 2670/udp TVE Announce
# Dean Blackketter <dean@corp.webtv.net>
newlixreg 2671/tcp newlixreg
newlixreg 2671/udp newlixreg
# Jean-Serge Gagnon <jsg@newlix.com>
nhserver 2672/tcp nhserver
nhserver 2672/udp nhserver
# Adrian Hornby <Adrian.Hornby@aran.co.uk>
firstcall42 2673/tcp First Call 42
firstcall42 2673/udp First Call 42
# Luke Bowen <leb@tfn.com>
ewnn 2674/tcp ewnn
ewnn 2674/udp ewnn
# Yasunari Yamashita <yamasita@omronsoft.co.jp>
ttc-etap 2675/tcp TTC ETAP
ttc-etap 2675/udp TTC ETAP
# Daniel Becker <becker2d@ttc.com>
simslink 2676/tcp SIMSLink
simslink 2676/udp SIMSLink
# Steve Ryckman <sryckman@simsware.com>
gadgetgate1way 2677/tcp Gadget Gate 1 Way
gadgetgate1way 2677/udp Gadget Gate 1 Way
gadgetgate2way 2678/tcp Gadget Gate 2 Way
gadgetgate2way 2678/udp Gadget Gate 2 Way
# Matt Rollins <matt@internetgadgets.com>
syncserverssl 2679/tcp Sync Server SSL
syncserverssl 2679/udp Sync Server SSL
# Dave Finnegan <dave@syncinc.com>
pxc-sapxom 2680/tcp pxc-sapxom
pxc-sapxom 2680/udp pxc-sapxom
# Hideki Kiriyama <kiriyama@cp10.es.xerox.com>
mpnjsomb 2681/tcp mpnjsomb
mpnjsomb 2681/udp mpnjsomb
# Takenori Miyahara <miyahara@pfu.co.jp>
# 2682 Removed (2002-04-30)
ncdloadbalance 2683/tcp NCDLoadBalance
ncdloadbalance 2683/udp NCDLoadBalance
# Tim Stevenson <tes@ncd.com>
mpnjsosv 2684/tcp mpnjsosv
mpnjsosv 2684/udp mpnjsosv
mpnjsocl 2685/tcp mpnjsocl
mpnjsocl 2685/udp mpnjsocl
mpnjsomg 2686/tcp mpnjsomg
mpnjsomg 2686/udp mpnjsomg
# Takenori Miyahara <miyahara@pfu.co.jp>
pq-lic-mgmt 2687/tcp pq-lic-mgmt
pq-lic-mgmt 2687/udp pq-lic-mgmt
# Bob Sledge <bob@pqsystems.com>
md-cg-http 2688/tcp md-cf-http
md-cg-http 2688/udp md-cf-http
# Lyndon Nerenberg <lyndon@execmail.ca>
fastlynx 2689/tcp FastLynx
fastlynx 2689/udp FastLynx
# Dave Sewell <dave@sewelld.com>
hp-nnm-data 2690/tcp HP NNM Embedded Database
hp-nnm-data 2690/udp HP NNM Embedded Database
# Chris Das <cdas@cnd.hp.com>
itinternet 2691/tcp ITInternet ISM Server
itinternet 2691/udp ITInternet ISM Server
# Ron Ehli <ron@itinternet.net>
admins-lms 2692/tcp Admins LMS
admins-lms 2692/udp Admins LMS
# Dagfinn Saether <Dagfinn@admins.com>
belarc-http 2693/tcp belarc-http
belarc-http 2693/udp belarc-http
# Gary Newman <gnewman@belarc.com>
pwrsevent 2694/tcp pwrsevent
pwrsevent 2694/udp pwrsevent
# Yoshinobu Nakamura
# <nakamura@np.lps.cs.fujitsu.co.jp>
vspread 2695/tcp VSPREAD
vspread 2695/udp VSPREAD
# Sumitake kobayashi
# <kobayashi@np.lps.cs.fujitsu.co.jp>
unifyadmin 2696/tcp Unify Admin
unifyadmin 2696/udp Unify Admin
# Duane Gibson <ianaportmaster@unify.com>
oce-snmp-trap 2697/tcp Oce SNMP Trap Port
oce-snmp-trap 2697/udp Oce SNMP Trap Port
# Peter Teeuwen <ptee@oce.nl>
mck-ivpip 2698/tcp MCK-IVPIP
mck-ivpip 2698/udp MCK-IVPIP
# Robert Vincent <bert@mck.com>
csoft-plusclnt 2699/tcp Csoft Plus Client
csoft-plusclnt 2699/udp Csoft Plus Client
# Nedelcho Stanev <nstanev@csoft.bg>
tqdata 2700/tcp tqdata
tqdata 2700/udp tqdata
# Al Guetzlaff <aeg@teamquest.com>
sms-rcinfo 2701/tcp SMS RCINFO
sms-rcinfo 2701/udp SMS RCINFO
sms-xfer 2702/tcp SMS XFER
sms-xfer 2702/udp SMS XFER
sms-chat 2703/tcp SMS CHAT
sms-chat 2703/udp SMS CHAT
sms-remctrl 2704/tcp SMS REMCTRL
sms-remctrl 2704/udp SMS REMCTRL
# Tom Friend <tomfr@microsoft.com>
sds-admin 2705/tcp SDS Admin
sds-admin 2705/udp SDS Admin
# Don Traub <don.traub@sun.com>
ncdmirroring 2706/tcp NCD Mirroring
ncdmirroring 2706/udp NCD Mirroring
# Tim Stevenson <tes@ncd.com>
emcsymapiport 2707/tcp EMCSYMAPIPORT
emcsymapiport 2707/udp EMCSYMAPIPORT
# Bruce Ferjulian <ferjulian_bruce@emc.com>
banyan-net 2708/tcp Banyan-Net
banyan-net 2708/udp Banyan-Net
# R. Thirumurthy <rtm@banyannetworks.com>
supermon 2709/tcp Supermon
supermon 2709/udp Supermon
# Ron Minnich <rminnich@acl.lanl.gov>
sso-service 2710/tcp SSO Service
sso-service 2710/udp SSO Service
sso-control 2711/tcp SSO Control
sso-control 2711/udp SSO Control
# Martin Proulx <mproulx@okiok.com>
aocp 2712/tcp Axapta Object Communication Protocol
aocp 2712/udp Axapta Object Communication Protocol
# Jakob Steen Hansen <jsh@dk.damgaard.com>
raven1 2713/tcp Raven1
raven1 2713/udp Raven1
raven2 2714/tcp Raven2
raven2 2714/udp Raven2
# Daniel Sorlov <Daniel@sorlov.com>
hpstgmgr2 2715/tcp HPSTGMGR2
hpstgmgr2 2715/udp HPSTGMGR2
# Kevin Collins <kevinc@cnd.hp.com>
inova-ip-disco 2716/tcp Inova IP Disco
inova-ip-disco 2716/udp Inova IP Disco
# Chris Koeritz <ckoeritz@inovacorp.com>
pn-requester 2717/tcp PN REQUESTER
pn-requester 2717/udp PN REQUESTER
pn-requester2 2718/tcp PN REQUESTER 2
pn-requester2 2718/udp PN REQUESTER 2
# Edmund Chang <Edmund_Chang@bmc.com>
scan-change 2719/tcp Scan & Change
scan-change 2719/udp Scan & Change
# Alexander Raji <araji@lucent.com>
wkars 2720/tcp wkars
wkars 2720/udp wkars
# Barry Shelton <bshelton@wirelessknowledge.com>
smart-diagnose 2721/tcp Smart Diagnose
smart-diagnose 2721/udp Smart Diagnose
# Geoffry Meek <geoff@meek.com>
proactivesrvr 2722/tcp Proactive Server
proactivesrvr 2722/udp Proactive Server
# Dalit Naor <dalit@il.ibm.com>
watchdognt 2723/tcp WatchDog NT
watchdognt 2723/udp WatchDog NT
# Glen Sansoucie <glens@llmwin.com>
qotps 2724/tcp qotps
qotps 2724/udp qotps
# Piotr Parlewicz <pparlewicz@queryobject.com>
msolap-ptp2 2725/tcp MSOLAP PTP2
msolap-ptp2 2725/udp MSOLAP PTP2
# Cristian Petculescu <cristp@microsoft.com>
tams 2726/tcp TAMS
tams 2726/udp TAMS
# David Leinbach <dleinbach@jti.bc.ca>
mgcp-callagent 2727/tcp Media Gateway Control Protocol Call Agent
mgcp-callagent 2727/udp Media Gateway Control Protocol Call Agent
# Christian Huitema <huitema@research.telcordia.com>
sqdr 2728/tcp SQDR
sqdr 2728/udp SQDR
# Matthew Orzen <standards@starquest.com>
tcim-control 2729/tcp TCIM Control
tcim-control 2729/udp TCIM Control
# Dean Skelton <mdskel@ftw.rsc.raytheon.com>
nec-raidplus 2730/tcp NEC RaidPlus
nec-raidplus 2730/udp NEC RaidPlus
# Yusuke Asai <yasai@nw1.file.fc.nec.co.jp>
fyre-messanger 2731/tcp Fyre Messanger
fyre-messanger 2731/udp Fyre Messagner
# Robert Waters <bobtek@hotmail.com>
g5m 2732/tcp G5M
g5m 2732/udp G5M
# Graham Klyne <GK@ACM.ORG>
signet-ctf 2733/tcp Signet CTF
signet-ctf 2733/udp Signet CTF
# Greg Broiles <greg@sac.net>
ccs-software 2734/tcp CCS Software
ccs-software 2734/udp CCS Software
# Bertus Jacobs <bertus@ccs-software.co.za>
netiq-mc 2735/tcp NetIQ Monitor Console
netiq-mc 2735/udp NetIQ Monitor Console
# Scott Southard <scott.southard@netiq.com>
radwiz-nms-srv 2736/tcp RADWIZ NMS SRV
radwiz-nms-srv 2736/udp RADWIZ NMS SRV
# Israel Shainert <israels@>
srp-feedback 2737/tcp SRP Feedback
srp-feedback 2737/udp SRP Feedback
# Werner Almesberger <Werner.Almesberger@epfl.ch>
ndl-tcp-ois-gw 2738/tcp NDL TCP-OSI Gateway
ndl-tcp-ois-gw 2738/udp NDL TCP-OSI Gateway
# Martin Norman <martin@ndl.co.uk>
tn-timing 2739/tcp TN Timing
tn-timing 2739/udp TN Timing
# Paul Roberts <PaulRoberts@engineer.com>
alarm 2740/tcp Alarm
alarm 2740/udp Alarm
# Uriy Makasjuk <racer@bfpg.ru>
tsb 2741/tcp TSB
tsb 2741/udp TSB
tsb2 2742/tcp TSB2
tsb2 2742/udp TSB2
# Ashish Chatterjee
# <achatterjee@freeway.proxy.lucent.com>
murx 2743/tcp murx
murx 2743/udp murx
# Thomas Kuiper <engerim@dachbu.de>
honyaku 2744/tcp honyaku
honyaku 2744/udp honyaku
# Yasunari Yamashita <yamasita@omronsoft.co.jp>
urbisnet 2745/tcp URBISNET
urbisnet 2745/udp URBISNET
# Urbis.Net Ltd <postmaster@urbis.net>
cpudpencap 2746/tcp CPUDPENCAP
cpudpencap 2746/udp CPUDPENCAP
# Tamir Zegman <zegman@checkpoint.com>
fjippol-swrly 2747/tcp
fjippol-swrly 2747/udp
fjippol-polsvr 2748/tcp
fjippol-polsvr 2748/udp
fjippol-cnsl 2749/tcp
fjippol-cnsl 2749/udp
fjippol-port1 2750/tcp
fjippol-port1 2750/udp
fjippol-port2 2751/tcp
fjippol-port2 2751/udp
# Shoichi Tachibana <tatibana@yk.fujitsu.co.jp>
rsisysaccess 2752/tcp RSISYS ACCESS
rsisysaccess 2752/udp RSISYS ACCESS
# Christophe Besant
de-spot 2753/tcp de-spot
de-spot 2753/udp de-spot
# Sanjay Parekh <spot@digitalenvoy.net>
apollo-cc 2754/tcp APOLLO CC
apollo-cc 2754/udp APOLLO CC
# Brand Communications <donovan@brandcomms.com>
expresspay 2755/tcp Express Pay
expresspay 2755/udp Express Pay
# Ben Higgins <bhiggins@netcom.ca>
simplement-tie 2756/tcp simplement-tie
simplement-tie 2756/udp simplement-tie
# Tzvika Chumash <tzvikac@netvision.net.il>
cnrp 2757/tcp CNRP
cnrp 2757/udp CNRP
# Jacob Ulmert <Jacob.Ulmert@se.abb.com>
apollo-status 2758/tcp APOLLO Status
apollo-status 2758/udp APOLLO Status
apollo-gms 2759/tcp APOLLO GMS
apollo-gms 2759/udp APOLLO GMS
# Simon Hovell <simonh@brandcomms.com>
sabams 2760/tcp Saba MS
sabams 2760/udp Saba MS
# Davoud Maha <dmaha@saba.com>
dicom-iscl 2761/tcp DICOM ISCL
dicom-iscl 2761/udp DICOM ISCL
dicom-tls 2762/tcp DICOM TLS
dicom-tls 2762/udp DICOM TLS
# Lawrence Tarbox <ltarbox@scr.siemens.com>
desktop-dna 2763/tcp Desktop DNA
desktop-dna 2763/udp Desktop DNA
# Jon Walker <jwalker@miramarsys.com>
data-insurance 2764/tcp Data Insurance
data-insurance 2764/udp Data Insurance
# Brent Irwin <birwin@standard.com>
qip-audup 2765/tcp qip-audup
qip-audup 2765/udp qip-audup
# Mike Morgan <mmorgan@lucent.com>
compaq-scp 2766/tcp Compaq SCP
compaq-scp 2766/udp Compaq SCP
# Ferruccio Barletta <ferruccio.barletta@compaq.com>
uadtc 2767/tcp UADTC
uadtc 2767/udp UADTC
uacs 2768/tcp UACS
uacs 2768/udp UACS
# Vishwas Lele <Vishwas_Lele@appliedis.com>
singlept-mvs 2769/tcp Single Point MVS
singlept-mvs 2769/udp Single Point MVS
# Thomas Anderson <anderson@clark.net>
veronica 2770/tcp Veronica
veronica 2770/udp Veronica
# Jonas Oberg <jonas@coyote.org>
vergencecm 2771/tcp Vergence CM
vergencecm 2771/udp Vergence CM
# Mark Morwood <markm@sentillion.com>
auris 2772/tcp auris
auris 2772/udp auris
# Francisco Saez Arance <fsaez@tid.es>
rbakcup1 2773/tcp RBackup Remote Backup
rbakcup1 2773/udp RBackup Remote Backup
rbakcup2 2774/tcp RBackup Remote Backup
rbakcup2 2774/udp RBackup Remote Backup
# Rob Cosgrove <rob@alice.net>
smpp 2775/tcp SMPP
smpp 2775/udp SMPP
# Owen Sullivan <owen.sullivan@aldiscon.ie>
ridgeway1 2776/tcp Ridgeway Systems & Software
ridgeway1 2776/udp Ridgeway Systems & Software
ridgeway2 2777/tcp Ridgeway Systems & Software
ridgeway2 2777/udp Ridgeway Systems & Software
# Steve Read <sread@ridgeway-sys.com>
gwen-sonya 2778/tcp Gwen-Sonya
gwen-sonya 2778/udp Gwen-Sonya
# Mark Hurst <mhurst@inconnect.com>
lbc-sync 2779/tcp LBC Sync
lbc-sync 2779/udp LBC Sync
lbc-control 2780/tcp LBC Control
lbc-control 2780/udp LBC Control
# Keiji Michine <michine@net.paso.fujitsu.co.jp>
whosells 2781/tcp whosells
whosells 2781/udp whosells
# William Randolph Royere III
# <william@royere.net>
everydayrc 2782/tcp everydayrc
everydayrc 2782/udp everydayrc
# Ahti Heinla <ahti@ahti.bluemoon.ee>
aises 2783/tcp AISES
aises 2783/udp AISES
# Daniel Grazioli <dgrazioli@pgaero.co.uk>
www-dev 2784/tcp world wide web - development
www-dev 2784/udp world wide web - development
aic-np 2785/tcp aic-np
aic-np 2785/udp aic-np
# Brad Parker <brad@american.com>
aic-oncrpc 2786/tcp aic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database
aic-oncrpc 2786/udp aic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database
# Brad Parker <brad@american.com>
piccolo 2787/tcp piccolo - Cornerstone Software
piccolo 2787/udp piccolo - Cornerstone Software
# Dave Bellivea <DaveBelliveau@corsof.com>
fryeserv 2788/tcp NetWare Loadable Module - Seagate Software
fryeserv 2788/udp NetWare Loadable Module - Seagate Software
# Joseph LoPilato
# <Joseph_M_LoPilato@notes.seagate.com>
media-agent 2789/tcp Media Agent
media-agent 2789/udp Media Agent
# Nitzan Daube <nitzan@brm.com>
plgproxy 2790/tcp PLG Proxy
plgproxy 2790/udp PLG Proxy
# Charlie Hava <charlieh@aks.com>
mtport-regist 2791/tcp MT Port Registrator
mtport-regist 2791/udp MT Port Registrator
# Maxim Tseitlin <mtseitlin@iname.com>
f5-globalsite 2792/tcp f5-globalsite
f5-globalsite 2792/udp f5-globalsite
# Christian Saether <c.saether@f5.com>
initlsmsad 2793/tcp initlsmsad
initlsmsad 2793/udp initlsmsad
# Kelly Green <green@compaq.com>
aaftp 2794/tcp aaftp
aaftp 2794/udp aaftp
# E. Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>
livestats 2795/tcp LiveStats
livestats 2795/udp LiveStats
# Chris Greene <cgreeneOA@avidsports.com>
ac-tech 2796/tcp ac-tech
ac-tech 2796/udp ac-tech
# Chiming Huang <chuang@ac-tech.com>
esp-encap 2797/tcp esp-encap
esp-encap 2797/udp esp-encap
# Jorn Sierwald <joern.sierwald@datafellows.com>
tmesis-upshot 2798/tcp TMESIS-UPShot
tmesis-upshot 2798/udp TMESIS-UPShot
# Brian Schenkenberger <VAXman@TMESIS.COM>
icon-discover 2799/tcp ICON Discover
icon-discover 2799/udp ICON Discover
# Alexander Falk <falk@icon.at>
acc-raid 2800/tcp ACC RAID
acc-raid 2800/udp ACC RAID
# Scott St. Clair <stclair@ntc.adaptec.com>
igcp 2801/tcp IGCP
igcp 2801/udp IGCP
# David Hampson <davidha@codemasters.com>
veritas-tcp1 2802/tcp Veritas TCP1
veritas-udp1 2802/udp Veritas UDP1
# Russ Thrasher <Russell.Thrasher@veritas.com>
btprjctrl 2803/tcp btprjctrl
btprjctrl 2803/udp btprjctrl
# Huw Thomas <huw.thomas@bt.com>
telexis-vtu 2804/tcp Telexis VTU
telexis-vtu 2804/udp Telexis VTU
# Todd White <twhite@telexicorp.com>
wta-wsp-s 2805/tcp WTA WSP-S
wta-wsp-s 2805/udp WTA WSP-S
# Sebastien Bury (WAP Forum)
# <sebastien.bury@art.alcatel.fr>
cspuni 2806/tcp cspuni
cspuni 2806/udp cspuni
cspmulti 2807/tcp cspmulti
cspmulti 2807/udp cspmulti
# Terumasa Yoneda <yonedat@pfu.co.jp>
j-lan-p 2808/tcp J-LAN-P
j-lan-p 2808/udp J-LAN-P
# Takeshi Sahara <sahara@jdl.co.jp>
corbaloc 2809/tcp CORBA LOC
corbaloc 2809/udp CORBA LOC
# Ted McFadden <mcfadden@dstc.edu.au>
netsteward 2810/tcp Active Net Steward
netsteward 2810/udp Active Net Steward
# Keith Morley <keith@ndl.co.uk>
gsiftp 2811/tcp GSI FTP
gsiftp 2811/udp GSI FTP
# Von Welch <vwelch@ncsa.uiuc.edu>
atmtcp 2812/tcp atmtcp
atmtcp 2812/udp atmtcp
# Werner Almesberger <Werner.Almesberger@epfl.ch>
llm-pass 2813/tcp llm-pass
llm-pass 2813/udp llm-pass
llm-csv 2814/tcp llm-csv
llm-csv 2814/udp llm-csv
# Glen Sansoucie <glen@llmwin.com>
lbc-measure 2815/tcp LBC Measurement
lbc-measure 2815/udp LBC Measurement
lbc-watchdog 2816/tcp LBC Watchdog
lbc-watchdog 2816/udp LBC Watchdog
# Akiyoshi Ochi <akiyoshi@net.paso.fujitsu.co.jp>
nmsigport 2817/tcp NMSig Port
nmsigport 2817/udp NMSig Port
# Peter Egli <peter.egli@mail.inalp.com>
rmlnk 2818/tcp rmlnk
rmlnk 2818/udp rmlnk
fc-faultnotify 2819/tcp FC Fault Notification
fc-faultnotify 2819/udp FC Fault Notification
# Dave Watkins <davew@boi.hp.com>
univision 2820/tcp UniVision
univision 2820/udp UniVision
# Keith Ansell <KeithA@fastfreenet.com>
vrts-at-port 2821/tcp VERITAS Authentication Service
vrts-at-port 2821/udp VERITAS Authentication Service
# Stefan Winkel <stefan@veritas.com>
ka0wuc 2822/tcp ka0wuc
ka0wuc 2822/udp ka0wuc
# Kit Haskins <kit@ka0wuc.org>
cqg-netlan 2823/tcp CQG Net/LAN
cqg-netlan 2823/udp CQG Net/LAN
cqg-netlan-1 2824/tcp CQG Net/LAN 1
cqg-netlan-1 2824/udp CQG Net/Lan 1
# Jeff Wood <jw@cqg.com>
# 2825 (unassigned) Possibly assigned
slc-systemlog 2826/tcp slc systemlog
slc-systemlog 2826/udp slc systemlog
slc-ctrlrloops 2827/tcp slc ctrlrloops
slc-ctrlrloops 2827/udp slc ctrlrloops
# Erwin Hogeweg <erwin@airtech.demon.nl>
itm-lm 2828/tcp ITM License Manager
itm-lm 2828/udp ITM License Manager
# Miles O'Neal <meo@us.itmasters.com>
silkp1 2829/tcp silkp1
silkp1 2829/udp silkp1
silkp2 2830/tcp silkp2
silkp2 2830/udp silkp2
silkp3 2831/tcp silkp3
silkp3 2831/udp silkp3
silkp4 2832/tcp silkp4
silkp4 2832/udp silkp4
# Erik Skyten <eki@silknet.com>
glishd 2833/tcp glishd
glishd 2833/udp glishd
# Darrell Schiebel <dschieb@cv.nrao.edu>
evtp 2834/tcp EVTP
evtp 2834/udp EVTP
evtp-data 2835/tcp EVTP-DATA
evtp-data 2835/udp EVTP-DATA
# Eric Bruno <ebruno@solution-soft.com>
catalyst 2836/tcp catalyst
catalyst 2836/udp catalyst
# Garret Tollkuhn <garret@multiviewgroup.com>
repliweb 2837/tcp Repliweb
repliweb 2837/udp Repliweb
# William Orme <bill@repliweb.com>
starbot 2838/tcp Starbot
starbot 2838/udp Starbot
# Markus Sabadello <sabadello@starbot.org>
nmsigport 2839/tcp NMSigPort
nmsigport 2839/udp NMSigPort
# Peter Egli <peter.egli@mail.inalp.com>
l3-exprt 2840/tcp l3-exprt
l3-exprt 2840/udp l3-exprt
l3-ranger 2841/tcp l3-ranger
l3-ranger 2841/udp l3-ranger
l3-hawk 2842/tcp l3-hawk
l3-hawk 2842/udp l3-hawk
# Dolores Scott <dolores.scott@l-3security.com>
pdnet 2843/tcp PDnet
pdnet 2843/udp PDnet
# Torsten Scheffler <torsten.scheffler@apex.de>
bpcp-poll 2844/tcp BPCP POLL
bpcp-poll 2844/udp BPCP POLL
bpcp-trap 2845/tcp BPCP TRAP
bpcp-trap 2845/udp BPCP TRAP
# Steve Van Duser
# <steve.vanduser@bestpower.gensig.com>
aimpp-hello 2846/tcp AIMPP Hello
aimpp-hello 2846/udp AIMPP Hello
aimpp-port-req 2847/tcp AIMPP Port Req
aimpp-port-req 2847/udp AIMPP Port Req
# Brian Martinicky
# <Brian_Martinicky@automationintelligence.com>
amt-blc-port 2848/tcp AMT-BLC-PORT
amt-blc-port 2848/udp AMT-BLC-PORT
# Sandra Frulloni <frulloni.amtec@interbusiness.it>
fxp 2849/tcp FXP
fxp 2849/udp FXP
# Martin Lichtin <lichtin@oanda.com>
metaconsole 2850/tcp MetaConsole
metaconsole 2850/udp MetaConsole
# Rakesh Mahajan <rmahajan@netaphor-software.com>
webemshttp 2851/tcp webemshttp
webemshttp 2851/udp webemshttp
# Stephen Tsun <stsun@jetstream.com>
bears-01 2852/tcp bears-01
bears-01 2852/udp bears-01
# Bruce McKinnon <brucemck@bears.aust.com>
ispipes 2853/tcp ISPipes
ispipes 2853/udp ISPipes
# Rajesh Nandyalam <rnandyal@emc.com>
infomover 2854/tcp InfoMover
infomover 2854/udp InfoMover
# Carla Caputo <caputo@emc.com>
cesdinv 2856/tcp cesdinv
cesdinv 2856/udp cesdinv
# Yoshiaki Tokumoto <toku@pfu.co.jp>
simctlp 2857/tcp SimCtIP
simctlp 2857/udp SimCtIP
# Christian Zietz <czietz@gmx.net>
ecnp 2858/tcp ECNP
ecnp 2858/udp ECNP
# Robert Reimiller <bob@certsoft.com>
activememory 2859/tcp Active Memory
activememory 2859/udp Active Memory
# Joe Graham <joe@edaconsulting.com>
dialpad-voice1 2860/tcp Dialpad Voice 1
dialpad-voice1 2860/udp Dialpad Voice 1
dialpad-voice2 2861/tcp Dialpad Voice 2
dialpad-voice2 2861/udp Dialpad Voice 2
# Wongyu Cho <wgcho@dialpad.com>
ttg-protocol 2862/tcp TTG Protocol
ttg-protocol 2862/udp TTG Protocol
# Mark Boler <markb@ttgsoftware.com>
sonardata 2863/tcp Sonar Data
sonardata 2863/udp Sonar Data
# Ian Higginbottom <sonardata@sonardata.com>
astromed-main 2864/tcp main 5001 cmd
astromed-main 2864/udp main 5001 cmd
# Chris Tate <ctate@astromed.com>
pit-vpn 2865/tcp pit-vpn
pit-vpn 2865/udp pit-vpn
# Norbert Sendetzky <norbert@linuxnetworks.de>
iwlistener 2866/tcp iwlistener
iwlistener 2866/udp iwlistener
# Fred Surr <quest_iana@oz.quest.com>
esps-portal 2867/tcp esps-portal
esps-portal 2867/udp esps-portal
# Nicholas Stowfis <nstowfis@esps.com>
npep-messaging 2868/tcp NPEP Messaging
npep-messaging 2868/udp NPEP Messaging
# Kristian A. Bognaes <kbo@norman.no>
icslap 2869/tcp ICSLAP
icslap 2869/udp ICSLAP
# Richard Lamb <rlamb@microsoft.com>
daishi 2870/tcp daishi
daishi 2870/udp daishi
# Patrick Chipman <pchipman@memphis.edu>
msi-selectplay 2871/tcp MSI Select Play
msi-selectplay 2871/udp MSI Select Play
# Paul Fonte <paul_fonte@mediastation.com>
radix 2872/tcp RADIX
radix 2872/udp RADIX
# Stein Roger Skaflotten
# <sskaflot@online.no>
paspar2-zoomin 2873/tcp PASPAR2 ZoomIn
paspar2-zoomin 2873/udp PASPAR2 ZoomIn
# Amonn David <amnon@paspar2.com>
dxmessagebase1 2874/tcp dxmessagebase1
dxmessagebase1 2874/udp dxmessagebase1
dxmessagebase2 2875/tcp dxmessagebase2
dxmessagebase2 2875/udp dxmessagebase2
# Ozz Nixon <root@delphix.com>
sps-tunnel 2876/tcp SPS Tunnel
sps-tunnel 2876/udp SPS Tunnel
# Bill McIntosh <bmcintosh@fortresstech.com>
bluelance 2877/tcp BLUELANCE
bluelance 2877/udp BLUELANCE
# Michael Padrezas <mpaderzas@bluelance.com>
aap 2878/tcp AAP
aap 2878/udp AAP
# Stephen Hanna <steve.hanna@sun.com>
ucentric-ds 2879/tcp ucentric-ds
ucentric-ds 2879/udp ucentric-ds
# Alex Vasilevsky <alexv@>
synapse 2880/tcp Synapse Transport
synapse 2880/udp Synapse Transport
# Ali Fracyon <sxdev@modulardreams.com>
ndsp 2881/tcp NDSP
ndsp 2881/udp NDSP
ndtp 2882/tcp NDTP
ndtp 2882/udp NDTP
ndnp 2883/tcp NDNP
ndnp 2883/udp NDNP
# Khelben Blackstaff <khelben@gmx.at>
flashmsg 2884/tcp Flash Msg
flashmsg 2884/udp Flash Msg
# Jeffrey Zinkerman <jeff@zinknet.com>
topflow 2885/tcp TopFlow
topflow 2885/udp TopFlow
# Ted Ross <ross@toplayer.com>
responselogic 2886/tcp RESPONSELOGIC
responselogic 2886/udp RESPONSELOGIC
# Bruce Casey <bcasey@responselogic.com>
aironetddp 2887/tcp aironet
aironetddp 2887/udp aironet
# Victor Griswold <vgris@aironet.com>
spcsdlobby 2888/tcp SPCSDLOBBY
spcsdlobby 2888/udp SPCSDLOBBY
# Matthew Williams <SPCsd_MWDD@hotmail.com>
rsom 2889/tcp RSOM
rsom 2889/udp RSOM
# Justine Higgins <iana@corsof.com>
cspclmulti 2890/tcp CSPCLMULTI
cspclmulti 2890/udp CSPCLMULTI
# Yoneda Terumasa <yonedat@pfu.co.jp>
cinegrfx-elmd 2891/tcp CINEGRFX-ELMD License Manager
cinegrfx-elmd 2891/udp CINEGRFX-ELMD License Manager
# Greg Ercolano <erco@cinegrfx.com>
snifferdata 2892/tcp SNIFFERDATA
snifferdata 2892/udp SNIFFERDATA
# Jeff Mangasarian <jeffrey_mangasarian@nai.com>
vseconnector 2893/tcp VSECONNECTOR
vseconnector 2893/udp VSECONNECTOR
# Ingo Franzki <ifranzki@de.ibm.com>
abacus-remote 2894/tcp ABACUS-REMOTE
abacus-remote 2894/udp ABACUS-REMOTE
# Mike Bello <mbello@zarak.com>
natuslink 2895/tcp NATUS LINK
natuslink 2895/udp NATUS LINK
# Jonathan Mergy <mergy@natus.com>
ecovisiong6-1 2896/tcp ECOVISIONG6-1
ecovisiong6-1 2896/udp ECOVISIONG6-1
# Henrik Holst <henrik.holst@ecovision.se>
citrix-rtmp 2897/tcp Citrix RTMP
citrix-rtmp 2897/udp Citrix RTMP
# Myk Willis <myk.willis@citrix.com>
appliance-cfg 2898/tcp APPLIANCE-CFG
appliance-cfg 2898/udp APPLIANCE-CFG
# Gary A. James <gary.james@criticallink.com>
powergemplus 2899/tcp POWERGEMPLUS
powergemplus 2899/udp POWERGEMPLUS
# Koich Nakamura <naka@case.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
quicksuite 2900/tcp QUICKSUITE
quicksuite 2900/udp QUICKSUITE
# William Egge <begge@emagisoft.com>
allstorcns 2901/tcp ALLSTORCNS
allstorcns 2901/udp ALLSTORCNS
# Steve Dobson <sdobson@allstor.com>
netaspi 2902/tcp NET ASPI
netaspi 2902/udp NET ASPI
# Johnson Luo <johnson_luo@mail.sercomm.com.tw>
suitcase 2903/tcp SUITCASE
suitcase 2903/udp SUITCASE
# Milton E. Sagen <msagen@extensis.com>
m2ua 2904/tcp M2UA
m2ua 2904/udp M2UA
m2ua 2904/sctp M2UA
# Lyndon Ong <LyOng@ciena.com>
m3ua 2905/tcp M3UA
m3ua 2905/udp De-registered (2001 June 07)
m3ua 2905/sctp M3UA
# Lyndon Ong <LyOng@ciena.com>
caller9 2906/tcp CALLER9
caller9 2906/udp CALLER9
# Shams Naqi <SSNAQVI@aol.com>
webmethods-b2b 2907/tcp WEBMETHODS B2B
webmethods-b2b 2907/udp WEBMETHODS B2B
# Joseph Hines <jhines@webmethods.com>
mao 2908/tcp mao
mao 2908/udp mao
# Marc Baudoin <babafou@babafou.eu.org>
funk-dialout 2909/tcp Funk Dialout
funk-dialout 2909/udp Funk Dialout
# Cimarron Boozer <cboozer@funk.com>
tdaccess 2910/tcp TDAccess
tdaccess 2910/udp TDAccess
# Tom Haapanen <tomh@metrics.com>
blockade 2911/tcp Blockade
blockade 2911/udp Blockade
# VP - Research & Development <development@blockade.com>
epicon 2912/tcp Epicon
epicon 2912/udp Epicon
# Michael Khalandovsky <mlk@epicon.com>
boosterware 2913/tcp Booster Ware
boosterware 2913/udp Booster Ware
# Ido Ben-David <dgntcom@netvision.net.il>
gamelobby 2914/tcp Game Lobby
gamelobby 2914/udp Game Lobby
# Paul Ford-Hutchinson <paulfordh@uk.ibm.com>
tksocket 2915/tcp TK Socket
tksocket 2915/udp TK Socket
# Alan Fahrner <alan@protix.com>
elvin_server 2916/tcp Elvin Server
elvin_server 2916/udp Elvin Server
elvin_client 2917/tcp Elvin Client
elvin_client 2917/udp Elvin Client
# David Arnold <davida@pobox.com>
kastenchasepad 2918/tcp Kasten Chase Pad
kastenchasepad 2918/udp Kasten Chase Pad
# Marc Gauthier <mgau@kastenchase.com>
roboer 2919/tcp ROBOER
roboer 2919/udp ROBOER
# Paul Snook <paul.snook@heroix.co.uk>
roboeda 2920/tcp ROBOEDA
roboeda 2920/udp ROBOEDA
# Paul Snook <paul.snook@heroix.co.uk>
cesdcdman 2921/tcp CESD Contents Delivery Management
cesdcdman 2921/udp CESD Contents Delivery Management
# Shinya Abe <abeabe@pfu.co.jp>
cesdcdtrn 2922/tcp CESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer
cesdcdtrn 2922/udp CESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer
# Shinya Abe <abeabe@pfu.co.jp>
wta-wsp-wtp-s 2923/tcp WTA-WSP-WTP-S
wta-wsp-wtp-s 2923/udp WTA-WSP-WTP-S
# Sebastien Bury (WAP Forum)
# <sebastien.bury@art.alcatel.fr>
precise-vip 2924/tcp PRECISE-VIP
precise-vip 2924/udp PRECISE-VIP
# Michael Landwehr <mikel@precisesoft.co.il>
# 2925 Unassigned (FRP-Released 12/7/00)
mobile-file-dl 2926/tcp MOBILE-FILE-DL
mobile-file-dl 2926/udp MOBILE-FILE-DL
# Mitsuji Toda <toda@mmedia.mci.mei.co.jp>
unimobilectrl 2927/tcp UNIMOBILECTRL
unimobilectrl 2927/udp UNIMOBILECTRL
# Vikas <vikas@graycell.com>
redstone-cpss 2928/tcp REDSTONE-CPSS
redstone-cpss 2928/udp REDSTONE-CPSS
# Jeff Looman <jeff@looman.org>
amx-webadmin 2929/tcp AMX-WEBADMIN
amx-webadmin 2929/udp AMX-WEBADMIN
# Mike Morris <mike.morris@amx.com>
amx-weblinx 2930/tcp AMX-WEBLINX
amx-weblinx 2930/udp AMX-WEBLINX
# Mike Morris <mike.morris@amx.com>
circle-x 2931/tcp Circle-X
circle-x 2931/udp Circle-X
# Norm Freedman <normfree@worldnet.att.net>
incp 2932/tcp INCP
incp 2932/udp INCP
# Keith Paulsen <kpaulsen@phobos.com>
4-tieropmgw 2933/tcp 4-TIER OPM GW
4-tieropmgw 2933/udp 4-TIER OPM GW
# Francois Peloffy <fpeloffy@4tier.com>
4-tieropmcli 2934/tcp 4-TIER OPM CLI
4-tieropmcli 2934/udp 4-TIER OPM CLI
# Francois Peloffy <fpeloffy@4tier.com>
qtp 2935/tcp QTP
qtp 2935/udp QTP
# Cameron Young <Cameron_Young@inetco.com>
otpatch 2936/tcp OTPatch
otpatch 2936/udp OTPatch
# Thomas J. Theobald <ttheobald@opentable.com>
pnaconsult-lm 2937/tcp PNACONSULT-LM
pnaconsult-lm 2937/udp PNACONSULT-LM
# Theo Nijssen <theon@nijssen.nl>
sm-pas-1 2938/tcp SM-PAS-1
sm-pas-1 2938/udp SM-PAS-1
sm-pas-2 2939/tcp SM-PAS-2
sm-pas-2 2939/udp SM-PAS-2
sm-pas-3 2940/tcp SM-PAS-3
sm-pas-3 2940/udp SM-PAS-3
sm-pas-4 2941/tcp SM-PAS-4
sm-pas-4 2941/udp SM-PAS-4
sm-pas-5 2942/tcp SM-PAS-5
sm-pas-5 2942/udp SM-PAS-5
# Tom Haapanen <tomh@metrics.com>
ttnrepository 2943/tcp TTNRepository
ttnrepository 2943/udp TTNRepository
# Robert Orr <rorr@teltone.com>
megaco-h248 2944/tcp Megaco H-248
megaco-h248 2944/udp Megaco H-248
h248-binary 2945/tcp H248 Binary
h248-binary 2945/udp H248 Binary
# Tom Taylor <taylor@nortelnetworks.com>
fjsvmpor 2946/tcp FJSVmpor
fjsvmpor 2946/udp FJSVmpor
# Naoki Hayashi <ha@fjh.se.fujitsu.co.jp>
gpsd 2947/tcp GPSD
gpsd 2947/udp GPSD
# Derrick J. Brashear <shadow@dementia.org>
wap-push 2948/tcp WAP PUSH
wap-push 2948/udp WAP PUSH
wap-pushsecure 2949/tcp WAP PUSH SECURE
wap-pushsecure 2949/udp WAP PUSH SECURE
# WAP FORUM <wap-feedback@mail.wapforum.org>
esip 2950/tcp ESIP
esip 2950/udp ESIP
# David Stephenson <david_stephenson@hp.com>
ottp 2951/tcp OTTP
ottp 2951/udp OTTP
# Brent Foster <brent.foster@onstreamsystems.com>
mpfwsas 2952/tcp MPFWSAS
mpfwsas 2952/udp MPFWSAS
# Toru Murai <murai@saint.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
ovalarmsrv 2953/tcp OVALARMSRV
ovalarmsrv 2953/udp OVALARMSRV
ovalarmsrv-cmd 2954/tcp OVALARMSRV-CMD
ovalarmsrv-cmd 2954/udp OVALARMSRV-CMD
# Eric Pulsipher <eric_pulsipher@hp.com>
csnotify 2955/tcp CSNOTIFY
csnotify 2955/udp CSNOTIFY
# Israel Beniaminy <israel.beniaminy@clickservice.com>
ovrimosdbman 2956/tcp OVRIMOSDBMAN
ovrimosdbman 2956/udp OVRIMOSDBMAN
# Dimitrios Souflis <dsouflis@altera.gr>
jmact5 2957/tcp JAMCT5
jmact5 2957/udp JAMCT5
jmact6 2958/tcp JAMCT6
jmact6 2958/udp JAMCT6
rmopagt 2959/tcp RMOPAGT
rmopagt 2959/udp RMOPAGT
# Shuji Okubo <okubo@yk.fujitsu.co.jp>
dfoxserver 2960/tcp DFOXSERVER
dfoxserver 2960/udp DFOXSERVER
# David Holden <mdh@rentek.net>
boldsoft-lm 2961/tcp BOLDSOFT-LM
boldsoft-lm 2961/udp BOLDSOFT-LM
# Fredrik Haglund <fredik.haglund@boldsoft.com>
iph-policy-cli 2962/tcp IPH-POLICY-CLI
iph-policy-cli 2962/udp IPH-POLICY-CLI
iph-policy-adm 2963/tcp IPH-POLICY-ADM
iph-policy-adm 2963/udp IPH-POLICY-ADM
# Shai Herzog <herzog@iphighway.com>
bullant-srap 2964/tcp BULLANT SRAP
bullant-srap 2964/udp BULLANT SRAP
bullant-rap 2965/tcp BULLANT RAP
bullant-rap 2965/udp BULLANT RAP
# Michael Cahill <Michael.Cahill@bullant.net>
idp-infotrieve 2966/tcp IDP-INFOTRIEVE
idp-infotrieve 2966/udp IDP-INFOTRIEVE
# Kevin Bruckert <kbruckert@idpco.com>
ssc-agent 2967/tcp SSC-AGENT
ssc-agent 2967/udp SSC-AGENT
# George Dzieciol <gdzieciol@symantec.com>
enpp 2968/tcp ENPP
enpp 2968/udp ENPP
# Kazuhito Gassho <Gassho.Kasuhito@exc.epson.co.jp>
essp 2969/tcp ESSP
essp 2969/udp ESSP
# Hitoshi Ishida <ishida.hitoshi@exc.epson.co.jp>
index-net 2970/tcp INDEX-NET
index-net 2970/udp INDEX-NET
# Chris J. Wren <C.Wren@lucent.com>
netclip 2971/tcp NetClip clipboard daemon
netclip 2971/udp NetClip clipboard daemon
# Rudi Chiarito <nutello@sweetness.com>
pmsm-webrctl 2972/tcp PMSM Webrctl
pmsm-webrctl 2972/udp PMSM Webrctl
# Markus Michels <mmi@pmsmicado.com>
svnetworks 2973/tcp SV Networks
svnetworks 2973/udp SV Networks
# Sylvia Siu <ssiu@svnetworks.com>
signal 2974/tcp Signal
signal 2974/udp Signal
# Wyatt Williams <wyattw@icall.com>
fjmpcm 2975/tcp Fujitsu Configuration Management Service
fjmpcm 2975/udp Fujitsu Configuration Management Service
# Hiroki Kawano <kawano@saint.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
cns-srv-port 2976/tcp CNS Server Port
cns-srv-port 2976/udp CNS Server Port
# Ram Golla <rgolla@cisco.com>
ttc-etap-ns 2977/tcp TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - NS
ttc-etap-ns 2977/udp TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - NS
ttc-etap-ds 2978/tcp TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - DS
ttc-etap-ds 2978/udp TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - DS
# Daniel Becker <beckerd@ttc.com>
h263-video 2979/tcp H.263 Video Streaming
h263-video 2979/udp H.263 Video Streaming
# Jauvane C. de Oliveira <jauvane@acm.org>
wimd 2980/tcp Instant Messaging Service
wimd 2980/udp Instant Messaging Service
# Kevin Birch <kbirch@pobox.com>
mylxamport 2981/tcp MYLXAMPORT
mylxamport 2981/udp MYLXAMPORT
# Wei Gao <wei@mylex.com>
iwb-whiteboard 2982/tcp IWB-WHITEBOARD
iwb-whiteboard 2982/udp IWB-WHITEBOARD
# David W. Radcliffe <davidr@adicarte.co.uk>
netplan 2983/tcp NETPLAN
netplan 2983/udp NETPLAN
# Thomas Driemeyer <thomas@bitrot.de>
hpidsadmin 2984/tcp HPIDSADMIN
hpidsadmin 2984/udp HPIDSADMIN
hpidsagent 2985/tcp HPIDSAGENT
hpidsagent 2985/udp HPIDSAGENT
# John Trudeau <jtrudeau@cup.hp.com>
stonefalls 2986/tcp STONEFALLS
stonefalls 2986/udp STONEFALLS
# Scott Grau <sgrau@stonefalls.com>
identify 2987/tcp identify
identify 2987/udp identify
hippad 2988/tcp HIPPA Reporting Protocol
hippad 2988/udp HIPPA Reporting Protocol
# William Randolph Royere III
# <william@royere.net>
zarkov 2989/tcp ZARKOV
zarkov 2989/udp ZARKOV
# Robin Felix <devel@zarkov.com>
boscap 2990/tcp BOSCAP
boscap 2990/udp BOSCAP
# Dirk Hillbrecht <dirk@hillbrecht.de>
wkstn-mon 2991/tcp WKSTN-MON
wkstn-mon 2991/udp WKSTN-MON
# William David <william.david@lmco.com>
itb301 2992/tcp ITB301
itb301 2992/udp ITB301
# Bodo Rueskamp <br@itchigo.com>
veritas-vis1 2993/tcp VERITAS VIS1
veritas-vis1 2993/udp VERITAS VIS1
veritas-vis2 2994/tcp VERITAS VIS2
veritas-vis2 2994/udp VERITAS VIS2
# Dinkar Chivaluri <dinkar@veritas.com>
idrs 2995/tcp IDRS
idrs 2995/udp IDRS
# Jeff Eaton <jeaton@intermec.com>
vsixml 2996/tcp vsixml
vsixml 2996/udp vsixml
# Rob Juergens <robj@vsi.com>
rebol 2997/tcp REBOL
rebol 2997/udp REBOL
# Holger Kruse <holger@rebol.net>
realsecure 2998/tcp Real Secure
realsecure 2998/udp Real Secure
# Tim Farley <TFarley@iss.net>
remoteware-un 2999/tcp RemoteWare Unassigned
remoteware-un 2999/udp RemoteWare Unassigned
# Tim Farley <Tim.Farley@xcellenet.com>
hbci 3000/tcp HBCI
hbci 3000/udp HBCI
# Kurt Haubner <haubner@ibm.net>
# The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use
remoteware-cl 3000/tcp RemoteWare Client
remoteware-cl 3000/udp RemoteWare Client
# Tim Farley <Tim.Farley@xcellenet.com>
redwood-broker 3001/tcp Redwood Broker
redwood-broker 3001/udp Redwood Broker
# Joseph Morrison <joe@powerframe.com>
exlm-agent 3002/tcp EXLM Agent
exlm-agent 3002/udp EXLM Agent
# Randy Martin <exlmoc@clemson.edu>
# The following entry records an unassigned but widespread use
remoteware-srv 3002/tcp RemoteWare Server
remoteware-srv 3002/udp RemoteWare Server
# Tim Farley <Tim.Farley@xcellenet.com>
cgms 3003/tcp CGMS
cgms 3003/udp CGMS
# Jim Mazzonna <jmazzonna@tiscom.uscg.mil>
csoftragent 3004/tcp Csoft Agent
csoftragent 3004/udp Csoft Agent
# Nedelcho Stanev <decho@csoft.bg>
geniuslm 3005/tcp Genius License Manager
geniuslm 3005/udp Genius License Manager
# Jakob Spies <Jakob.Spies@genius.de>
ii-admin 3006/tcp Instant Internet Admin
ii-admin 3006/udp Instant Internet Admin
# Lewis Donzis <ldonzis@nortelnetworks.com>
lotusmtap 3007/tcp Lotus Mail Tracking Agent Protocol
lotusmtap 3007/udp Lotus Mail Tracking Agent Protocol
# Ken Lin <ken_lin@lotus.com>
midnight-tech 3008/tcp Midnight Technologies
midnight-tech 3008/udp Midnight Technologies
# Kyle Unice <kyle@midnighttech.com>
pxc-ntfy 3009/tcp PXC-NTFY
pxc-ntfy 3009/udp PXC-NTFY
# Takeshi Nishizawa <takeshi@cp10.es.xerox.com>
gw 3010/tcp Telerate Workstation
ping-pong 3010/udp Telerate Workstation
# Timo Sivonen <timo.sivonen@ccmail.dowjones.com>
trusted-web 3011/tcp Trusted Web
trusted-web 3011/udp Trusted Web
twsdss 3012/tcp Trusted Web Client
twsdss 3012/udp Trusted Web Client
# Alex Duncan <alex.duncan@sse.ie>
gilatskysurfer 3013/tcp Gilat Sky Surfer
gilatskysurfer 3013/udp Gilat Sky Surfer
# Yossi Gal <yossi@gilat.com>
broker_service 3014/tcp Broker Service
broker_service 3014/udp Broker Service
# Dale Bethers <dbethers@novell.com>
nati-dstp 3015/tcp NATI DSTP
nati-dstp 3015/udp NATI DSTP
# Paul Austin <paul.austin@natinst.com>
notify_srvr 3016/tcp Notify Server
notify_srvr 3016/udp Notify Server
# Hugo Parra <hparra@novell.com>
event_listener 3017/tcp Event Listener
event_listener 3017/udp Event Listener
# Ted Tronson <ttronson@novell.com>
srvc_registry 3018/tcp Service Registry
srvc_registry 3018/udp Service Registry
# Mark Killgore <MKillgore@novell.com>
resource_mgr 3019/tcp Resource Manager
resource_mgr 3019/udp Resource Manager
# Gary Glover <gglover@novell.com>
cifs 3020/tcp CIFS
cifs 3020/udp CIFS
# Paul Leach <paulle@microsoft.com>
agriserver 3021/tcp AGRI Server
agriserver 3021/udp AGRI Server
# Frank Neulichedl <frank@websmile.com>
csregagent 3022/tcp CSREGAGENT
csregagent 3022/udp CSREGAGENT
# Nedelcho Stanev <nstanev@csoft.bg>
magicnotes 3023/tcp magicnotes
magicnotes 3023/udp magicnotes
# Karl Edwall <karl@magicnotes.com>
nds_sso 3024/tcp NDS_SSO
nds_sso 3024/udp NDS_SSO
# Mel Oyler <mel@novell.com>
arepa-raft 3025/tcp Arepa Raft
arepa-raft 3025/udp Arepa Raft
# Mark Ellison <ellison@ieee.org>
agri-gateway 3026/tcp AGRI Gateway
agri-gateway 3026/udp AGRI Gateway
# Agri Datalog <contact@agri-datalog.com>
LiebDevMgmt_C 3027/tcp LiebDevMgmt_C
LiebDevMgmt_C 3027/udp LiebDevMgmt_C
LiebDevMgmt_DM 3028/tcp LiebDevMgmt_DM
LiebDevMgmt_DM 3028/udp LiebDevMgmt_DM
LiebDevMgmt_A 3029/tcp LiebDevMgmt_A
LiebDevMgmt_A 3029/udp LiebDevMgmt_A
# Mike Velten <Mike_Velten@Liebert.com>
arepa-cas 3030/tcp Arepa Cas
arepa-cas 3030/udp Arepa Cas
# Seth Silverman <seth@arepa.com>
eppc 3031/tcp Remote AppleEvents/PPC Toolbox
eppc 3031/udp Remote AppleEvents/PPC Toolbox
# Steve Zellers <zellers@apple.com>
redwood-chat 3032/tcp Redwood Chat
redwood-chat 3032/udp Redwood Chat
# Songwon Chi <swchi@daou.co.kr>
pdb 3033/tcp PDB
pdb 3033/udp PDB
# Don Bowman <don@pixstream.com>
osmosis-aeea 3034/tcp Osmosis / Helix (R) AEEA Port
osmosis-aeea 3034/udp Osmosis / Helix (R) AEEA Port
# Larry Atkin <latkin@commongrnd.com>
fjsv-gssagt 3035/tcp FJSV gssagt
fjsv-gssagt 3035/udp FJSV gssagt
# Tomoji Koike <koike@ael.fujitsu.co.jp>
hagel-dump 3036/tcp Hagel DUMP
hagel-dump 3036/udp Hagel DUMP
# Haim Gelfenbeyn <haim@hageltech.com>
hp-san-mgmt 3037/tcp HP SAN Mgmt
hp-san-mgmt 3037/udp HP SAN Mgmt
# Steve Britt <steve_britt@hp.com>
santak-ups 3038/tcp Santak UPS
santak-ups 3038/udp Santak UPS
# Tom Liu <ssc@sc.stk.com.cn>
cogitate 3039/tcp Cogitate, Inc.
cogitate 3039/udp Cogitate, Inc.
# Jim Harlan <jimh@infowest.com>
tomato-springs 3040/tcp Tomato Springs
tomato-springs 3040/udp Tomato Springs
# Jack Waller III <jack@tomatosprings.com>
di-traceware 3041/tcp di-traceware
di-traceware 3041/udp di-traceware
# Carlos Hung <chung@digisle.net>
journee 3042/tcp journee
journee 3042/udp journee
# Kevin Calman <postmaster@journee.com>
brp 3043/tcp BRP
brp 3043/udp BRP
# Greg Gee <ggee@hns.com>
epp 3044/tcp EndPoint Protocol
epp 3044/udp EndPoint Protocol
# Stephen Cipolli <scipolli@radvision.com>
responsenet 3045/tcp ResponseNet
responsenet 3045/udp ResponseNet
# Chul Yoon <cyoon@responsenetworks.com>
di-ase 3046/tcp di-ase
di-ase 3046/udp di-ase
# Carlos Hung <chung@digisle.net>
hlserver 3047/tcp Fast Security HL Server
hlserver 3047/udp Fast Security HL Server
# Michael Zunke <mzunke@fast-ag.de>
pctrader 3048/tcp Sierra Net PC Trader
pctrader 3048/udp Sierra Net PC Trader
# Chris Hahn <chrish@sierra.net>
nsws 3049/tcp NSWS
nsws 3049/udp NSWS
# Ray Gwinn <p00321@psilink.com>
gds_db 3050/tcp gds_db
gds_db 3050/udp gds_db
# Madhukar N. Thakur <mthakur@interbase.com>
galaxy-server 3051/tcp Galaxy Server
galaxy-server 3051/udp Galaxy Server
# Michael Andre <mandre@gts-tkts.com>
apcpcns 3052/tcp APCPCNS
apcpcns 3052/udp APCPCNS
# Stephen Berard <sberard@apcc.com>
dsom-server 3053/tcp dsom-server
dsom-server 3053/udp dsom-server
# Daniel Sisk <danielr.sisk@pnl.gov>
amt-cnf-prot 3054/tcp AMT CNF PROT
amt-cnf-prot 3054/udp AMT CNF PROT
# Marco Marcucci <mmarcucci.amtec@interbusiness.it>
policyserver 3055/tcp Policy Server
policyserver 3055/udp Policy Server
# Mark Garti <mgarti@sonusnet.com>
cdl-server 3056/tcp CDL Server
cdl-server 3056/udp CDL Server
# Paul Roberts <PaulRoberts@engineer.com>
goahead-fldup 3057/tcp GoAhead FldUp
goahead-fldup 3057/udp GoAhead FldUp
# Alan Pickrell <alanp@goahead.com>
videobeans 3058/tcp videobeans
videobeans 3058/udp videobeans
# Hiroyuki Takahashi <hiro.takahashi@eng.Sun.COM>
qsoft 3059/tcp qsoft
qsoft 3059/udp qsoft
# James Kunz <jkunz@earlhaig.com>
interserver 3060/tcp interserver
interserver 3060/udp interserver
# Madhukar N. Thakur <mthakur@interbase.com>
cautcpd 3061/tcp cautcpd
cautcpd 3061/udp cautcpd
ncacn-ip-tcp 3062/tcp ncacn-ip-tcp
ncacn-ip-tcp 3062/udp ncacn-ip-tcp
ncadg-ip-udp 3063/tcp ncadg-ip-udp
ncadg-ip-udp 3063/udp ncadg-ip-udp
# Gabi Kalmar <kalga01@cai.com>
rprt 3064/tcp Remote Port Redirector
rprt 3064/udp Remote Port Redirector
# Robin Johnston <robinj@learningtree.com>
slinterbase 3065/tcp slinterbase
slinterbase 3065/udp slinterbase
# Bie Tie <stie@interbase.com>
netattachsdmp 3066/tcp NETATTACHSDMP
netattachsdmp 3066/udp NETATTACHSDMP
# Mike Young <myong@netattach.com>
fjhpjp 3067/tcp FJHPJP
fjhpjp 3067/udp FJHPJP
# Ryozo Furutani <furutani@np.lps.cs.fujitsu.co.jp>
ls3bcast 3068/tcp ls3 Broadcast
ls3bcast 3068/udp ls3 Broadcast
ls3 3069/tcp ls3
ls3 3069/udp ls3
# Andrei Tsyganenko <atsyganenko@powerware.com>
mgxswitch 3070/tcp MGXSWITCH
mgxswitch 3070/udp MGXSWITCH
# George Walter <george.walter@ascentialsoftware.com>
csd-mgmt-port 3071/tcp ContinuStor Manager Port
csd-mgmt-port 3071/udp ContinuStor Manager Port
csd-monitor 3072/tcp ContinuStor Monitor Port
csd-monitor 3072/udp ContinuStor Monitor Port
# Ray Jantz <ray.jantz@lsil.com>
vcrp 3073/tcp Very simple chatroom prot
vcrp 3073/udp Very simple chatroom prot
# Andreas Wurf <a.wurf@mediaTools.de>
xbox 3074/tcp Xbox game port
xbox 3074/udp Xbox game port
# Damon Danieli <damond@microsoft.com>
orbix-locator 3075/tcp Orbix 2000 Locator
orbix-locator 3075/udp Orbix 2000 Locator
orbix-config 3076/tcp Orbix 2000 Config
orbix-config 3076/udp Orbix 2000 Config
orbix-loc-ssl 3077/tcp Orbix 2000 Locator SSL
orbix-loc-ssl 3077/udp Orbix 2000 Locator SSL
orbix-cfg-ssl 3078/tcp Orbix 2000 Locator SSL
orbix-cfg-ssl 3078/udp Orbix 2000 Locator SSL
# Eric Newcomer <eric.newcomer@iona.com>
lv-frontpanel 3079/tcp LV Front Panel
lv-frontpanel 3079/udp LV Front Panel
# Darshan Shah <darshan.shah@ni.com>
stm_pproc 3080/tcp stm_pproc
stm_pproc 3080/udp stm_pproc
# Paul McGinnis <pmcginnis@server.stmi.com>
tl1-lv 3081/tcp TL1-LV
tl1-lv 3081/udp TL1-LV
tl1-raw 3082/tcp TL1-RAW
tl1-raw 3082/udp TL1-RAW
tl1-telnet 3083/tcp TL1-TELNET
tl1-telnet 3083/udp TL1-TELNET
# SONET Internetworking Forum (SIF)
# <bwarijsman@lucent.com> - SONET Contact
itm-mccs 3084/tcp ITM-MCCS
itm-mccs 3084/udp ITM-MCCS
# Alain Callebaut <ac@itmasters.com>
pcihreq 3085/tcp PCIHReq
pcihreq 3085/udp PCIHReq
# Paul Sanders <p.sanders@dial.pipex.com>
jdl-dbkitchen 3086/tcp JDL-DBKitchen
jdl-dbkitchen 3086/udp JDL-DBKitchen
# Hideo Wakabayashi <hiwaka@alles.or.jp>
asoki-sma 3087/tcp Asoki SMA
asoki-sma 3087/udp Asoki SMA
# Andrew Mossberg <amossberg@asoki.net>
xdtp 3088/tcp eXtensible Data Transfer Protocol
xdtp 3088/udp eXtensible Data Transfer Protocol
# Michael Shearson <mshearson@peerglobal.com>
ptk-alink 3089/tcp ParaTek Agent Linking
ptk-alink 3089/udp ParaTek Agent Linking
# Robert Hodgson <robert@paratek.co.uk>
rtss 3090/tcp Rappore Session Services
rtss 3090/udp Rappore Session Services
# Peter Boucher <pboucher@rappore.com>
1ci-smcs 3091/tcp 1Ci Server Management
1ci-smcs 3091/udp 1Ci Server Management
# Ralf Bensmann <iana@1ci.de>
njfss 3092/tcp Netware sync services
njfss 3092/udp Netware sync services
# Gordon Ross <G.Ross@ccw.gov.uk>
rapidmq-center 3093/tcp Jiiva RapidMQ Center
rapidmq-center 3093/udp Jiiva RapidMQ Center
rapidmq-reg 3094/tcp Jiiva RapidMQ Registry
rapidmq-reg 3094/udp Jiiva RapidMQ Registry
# Mark Ericksen <mark@jiiva.com>
panasas 3095/tcp Panasas rendevous port
panasas 3095/udp Panasas rendevous port
# Peter Berger <peterb@panasas.com>
ndl-aps 3096/tcp Active Print Server Port
ndl-aps 3096/udp Active Print Server Port
# Martin Norman <martin@ndl.co.uk>
# 3097/tcp Reserved
# 3097/udp Reserved
itu-bicc-stc 3097/sctp ITU-T Q.1902.1/Q.2150.3
# Greg Sidebottom <gregside@home.com>
umm-port 3098/tcp Universal Message Manager
umm-port 3098/udp Universal Message Manager
# Phil Braham <phil@braham.net>
chmd 3099/tcp CHIPSY Machine Daemon
chmd 3099/udp CHIPSY Machine Daemon
# Trond Borsting <Trond.Borsting@telelogic.com>
opcon-xps 3100/tcp OpCon/xps
opcon-xps 3100/udp OpCon/xps
# David Bourland <DBourland@smausa.com>
hp-pxpib 3101/tcp HP PolicyXpert PIB Server
hp-pxpib 3101/udp HP PolicyXpert PIB Server
# Brian O'Keefe <bokeefe@cnd.hp.com>
slslavemon 3102/tcp SoftlinK Slave Mon Port
slslavemon 3102/udp SoftlinK Slave Mon Port
# Moshe Livne <moshe@softlinkusa.com>
autocuesmi 3103/tcp Autocue SMI Protocol
autocuesmi 3103/udp Autocue SMI Protocol
autocuelog 3104/tcp Autocue Logger Protocol
autocuetime 3104/udp Autocue Time Service
# Geoff Back <geoff@autocue.co.uk>
cardbox 3105/tcp Cardbox
cardbox 3105/udp Cardbox
cardbox-http 3106/tcp Cardbox HTTP
cardbox-http 3106/udp Cardbox HTTP
# Martin Kochanski <martin@cardbox.co.uk>
business 3107/tcp Business protocol
business 3107/udp Business protocol
geolocate 3108/tcp Geolocate protocol
geolocate 3108/udp Geolocate protocol
personnel 3109/tcp Personnel protocol
personnel 3109/udp Personnel protocol
# William Randolph Royere III
# <william@royere.net>
sim-control 3110/tcp simulator control port
sim-control 3110/udp simulator control port
# Ian Bell <ianb@arca-technologies.com>
wsynch 3111/tcp Web Synchronous Services
wsynch 3111/udp Web Synchronous Services
# Valery Fremaux <vf@eisti.fr>
ksysguard 3112/tcp KDE System Guard
ksysguard 3112/udp KDE System Guard
# Chris Schlaeger <cs@kde.org>
cs-auth-svr 3113/tcp CS-Authenticate Svr Port
cs-auth-svr 3113/udp CS-Authenticate Svr Port
# Cliff Diamond <cdiamond@crypto-solutions.co.uk>
# Andy Georgiou <ageorgiou@crypto-solutions.co.uk>
ccmad 3114/tcp CCM AutoDiscover
ccmad 3114/udp CCM AutoDiscover
# Ram Sudama <rsudama@on.com>
mctet-master 3115/tcp MCTET Master
mctet-master 3115/udp MCTET Master
mctet-gateway 3116/tcp MCTET Gateway
mctet-gateway 3116/udp MCTET Gateway
mctet-jserv 3117/tcp MCTET Jserv
mctet-jserv 3117/udp MCTET Jserv
# Manuel Veloso <veloso@us.itmasters.com>
pkagent 3118/tcp PKAgent
pkagent 3118/udp PKAgent
# Michael Douglass <mikedoug@datafoundry.net>
d2000kernel 3119/tcp D2000 Kernel Port
d2000kernel 3119/udp D2000 Kernel Port
d2000webserver 3120/tcp D2000 Webserver Port
d2000webserver 3120/udp D2000 Webserver Port
# Tomas Rajcan <trajcan@ipesoft.sk>
epp-temp 3121/tcp Extensible Provisioning Protocol
epp-temp 3121/udp Extensible Provisioning Protocol
# Scott Hollenbeck <shollenbeck@verisign.com>
vtr-emulator 3122/tcp MTI VTR Emulator port
vtr-emulator 3122/udp MTI VTR Emulator port
# John Mertus <mertus@mathtech.com>
edix 3123/tcp EDI Translation Protocol
edix 3123/udp EDI Translation Protocol
# William Randolph Royere III <william@royere.net>
beacon-port 3124/tcp Beacon Port
beacon-port 3124/udp Beacon Port
# James Paul Duncan <pduncan@beaconcrm.com>
a13-an 3125/tcp A13-AN Interface
a13-an 3125/udp A13-AN Interface
# Douglas Knisely <dnk@lucent.com>
ms-dotnetster 3126/tcp Microsoft .NETster Port
ms-dotnetster 3126/udp Microsoft .NETster Port
# Dave Mendlen <davemen@microsoft.com>
ctx-bridge 3127/tcp CTX Bridge Port
ctx-bridge 3127/udp CTX Bridge Port
# Alexander Dubrovsky <dubrovsky_alex@emc.com>
ndl-aas 3128/tcp Active API Server Port
ndl-aas 3128/udp Active API Server Port
# Martin Norman <martin@ndl.co.uk>
netport-id 3129/tcp NetPort Discovery Port
netport-id 3129/udp NetPort Discovery Port
# P.T.K. Farrar <farrarp@teccon.co.uk>
icpv2 3130/tcp ICPv2
icpv2 3130/udp ICPv2
# Duane Wessels <wessels@nlanr.net>
netbookmark 3131/tcp Net Book Mark
netbookmark 3131/udp Net Book Mark
# Yiftach Ravid <yiftach@haifa.vnet.ibm.com>
ms-slipstream 3132/tcp MS-Slipstream
ms-slipstream 3132/udp MS-Slipstream
# Jin Li <jinli@microsoft.com>
prism-deploy 3133/tcp Prism Deploy User Port
prism-deploy 3133/udp Prism Deploy User Port
# Joan Linck <jlinck@lanovation.com>
ecp 3134/tcp Extensible Code Protocol
ecp 3134/udp Extensible Code Protocol
# Jim Trek <jtrek@rochester.rr.com>
# Mark Bocko <bocko@ece.rochester.edu>
peerbook-port 3135/tcp PeerBook Port
peerbook-port 3135/udp PeerBook Port
# John Flowers <jf@gigamediaaccess.com>
grubd 3136/tcp Grub Server Port
grubd 3136/udp Grub Server Port
# Kord Campbell <kord@grub.org>
rtnt-1 3137/tcp rtnt-1 data packets
rtnt-1 3137/udp rtnt-1 data packets
rtnt-2 3138/tcp rtnt-2 data packets
rtnt-2 3138/udp rtnt-2 data packets
# Ron Muellerschoen <rjm@cobra.jpl.nasa.gov>
incognitorv 3139/tcp Incognito Rendez-Vous
incognitorv 3139/udp Incognito Rendez-Vous
# Stephane Bourque <stephb@incognito.com>
ariliamulti 3140/tcp Arilia Multiplexor
ariliamulti 3140/udp Arilia Multiplexor
# Stephane Bourque <sbourque@arilia.com>
vmodem 3141/tcp VMODEM
vmodem 3141/udp VMODEM
# Ray Gwinn <p00321@psilink.com>
rdc-wh-eos 3142/tcp RDC WH EOS
rdc-wh-eos 3142/udp RDC WH EOS
# Udi Nir <udi_nir@ncc.co.il>
seaview 3143/tcp Sea View
seaview 3143/udp Sea View
# Jim Flaherty <jim_e_flaherty@notes.seagate.com>
tarantella 3144/tcp Tarantella
tarantella 3144/udp Tarantella
# Roger Binns <rogerb@sco.com>
csi-lfap 3145/tcp CSI-LFAP
csi-lfap 3145/udp CSI-LFAP
# Paul Amsden <amsden@.ctron.com>
bears-02 3146/tcp bears-02
bears-02 3146/udp bears-02
# Bruce McKinnon <brucemck@bearsolutions.com.au>
rfio 3147/tcp RFIO
rfio 3147/udp RFIO
# Frederic Hemmer <Frederic.Hemmer@cern.ch>
nm-game-admin 3148/tcp NetMike Game Administrator
nm-game-admin 3148/udp NetMike Game Administrator
nm-game-server 3149/tcp NetMike Game Server
nm-game-server 3149/udp NetMike Game Server
nm-asses-admin 3150/tcp NetMike Assessor Administrator
nm-asses-admin 3150/udp NetMike Assessor Administrator
nm-assessor 3151/tcp NetMike Assessor
nm-assessor 3151/udp NetMike Assessor
# Andrew Sharpe <help@smartsims.com>
feitianrockey 3152/tcp FeiTian Port
feitianrockey 3152/udp FeiTian Port
# Huang Yu <llw@ftsafe.com>
s8-client-port 3153/tcp S8Cargo Client Port
s8-client-port 3153/udp S8Cargo Client Port
# Jon S. Kyle <JKyle@SpeedwaySoftware.com>
ccmrmi 3154/tcp ON RMI Registry
ccmrmi 3154/udp ON RMI Registry
# Ram Sudama <rsudama@on.com>
jpegmpeg 3155/tcp JpegMpeg Port
jpegmpeg 3155/udp JpegMpeg Port
# Richard Bassous <rbassous@yahoo.com>
indura 3156/tcp Indura Collector
indura 3156/udp Indura Collector
# Bruce Kosbab <bruce.kosbab@indurasoft.com>
e3consultants 3157/tcp CCC Listener Port
e3consultants 3157/udp CCC Listener Port
# Brian Carnell <brian@e3consultants.com>
stvp 3158/tcp SmashTV Protocol
stvp 3158/udp SmashTV Protocol
# Christian Wolff <stvp@smash.tv>
navegaweb-port 3159/tcp NavegaWeb Tarification
navegaweb-port 3159/udp NavegaWeb Tarification
# Miguel Angel Fernandez <mafg@tid.es>
tip-app-server 3160/tcp TIP Application Server
tip-app-server 3160/udp TIP Application Server
# Olivier Mascia <om@tipgroup.com>
doc1lm 3161/tcp DOC1 License Manager
doc1lm 3161/udp DOC1 License Manager
# Greg Goodson <ggoodson@group1software.co.uk>
sflm 3162/tcp SFLM
sflm 3162/udp SFLM
# Keith Turner <support@silvaco.com>
res-sap 3163/tcp RES-SAP
res-sap 3163/udp RES-SAP
# Bob Janssen <bob@res.nl>
imprs 3164/tcp IMPRS
imprs 3164/udp IMPRS
# Lars Bohn <Lars.Bohn@nokia.com>
newgenpay 3165/tcp Newgenpay Engine Service
newgenpay 3165/udp Newgenpay Engine Service
# Ilan Zisser <ilan@newgenpay.com>
qrepos 3166/tcp Quest Repository
qrepos 3166/udp Quest Repository
# Fred Surr <quest_iana@oz.quest.com>
poweroncontact 3167/tcp poweroncontact
poweroncontact 3167/udp poweroncontact
poweronnud 3168/tcp poweronnud
poweronnud 3168/udp poweronnud
# Paul Cone <paul@poweronsoftware.com>
serverview-as 3169/tcp SERVERVIEW-AS
serverview-as 3169/udp SERVERVIEW-AS
serverview-asn 3170/tcp SERVERVIEW-ASN
serverview-asn 3170/udp SERVERVIEW-ASN
serverview-gf 3171/tcp SERVERVIEW-GF
serverview-gf 3171/udp SERVERVIEW-GF
serverview-rm 3172/tcp SERVERVIEW-RM
serverview-rm 3172/udp SERVERVIEW-RM
serverview-icc 3173/tcp SERVERVIEW-ICC
serverview-icc 3173/udp SERVERVIEW-ICC
# Guenther Kroenert
# <Guenther.Kroenert@fujitsu-siemens.com>
armi-server 3174/tcp ARMI Server
armi-server 3174/udp ARMI Server
# Bobby Martin <bobbymartin@hotmail.com>
t1-e1-over-ip 3175/tcp T1_E1_Over_IP
t1-e1-over-ip 3175/udp T1_E1_Over_IP
# Mark Doyle <mark@engagecom.com>
ars-master 3176/tcp ARS Master
ars-master 3176/udp ARS Master
# Ade Adebayo <ade@us.itmasters.com>
phonex-port 3177/tcp Phonex Protocol
phonex-port 3177/udp Phonex Protocol
# Doug Grover <dgrover@phonex.com>
radclientport 3178/tcp Radiance UltraEdge Port
radclientport 3178/udp Radiance UltraEdge Port
# Sri Subramaniam <sri@radiance.com>
h2gf-w-2m 3179/tcp H2GF W.2m Handover prot.
h2gf-w-2m 3179/udp H2GF W.2m Handover prot.
# Arne Norefors <Arne.Norefors@ericsson.com>
mc-brk-srv 3180/tcp Millicent Broker Server
mc-brk-srv 3180/udp Millicent Broker Server
# Steve Glassman <steveg@pa.dec.com>
bmcpatrolagent 3181/tcp BMC Patrol Agent
bmcpatrolagent 3181/udp BMC Patrol Agent
bmcpatrolrnvu 3182/tcp BMC Patrol Rendezvous
bmcpatrolrnvu 3182/udp BMC Patrol Rendezvous
# Eric Anderson <eric_anderson@bmc.com>
cops-tls 3183/tcp COPS/TLS
cops-tls 3183/udp COPS/TLS
# Mark Stevens <mstevens@ellacoya.com>
apogeex-port 3184/tcp ApogeeX Port
apogeex-port 3184/udp ApogeeX Port
# Tom Nys <tom.nys.tn@belgium.agfa.com>
smpppd 3185/tcp SuSE Meta PPPD
smpppd 3185/udp SuSE Meta PPPD
# Arvin Schnell <arvin@suse.de>
iiw-port 3186/tcp IIW Monitor User Port
iiw-port 3186/udp IIW Monitor User Port
# Corey Burnett <corey.burnett@biopop.com>
odi-port 3187/tcp Open Design Listen Port
odi-port 3187/udp Open Design Listen Port
# Phivos Aristides <phivos@opendesign.com>
brcm-comm-port 3188/tcp Broadcom Port
brcm-comm-port 3188/udp Broadcom Port
# Thomas L. Johnson <tjohnson@broadcom.com>
pcle-infex 3189/tcp Pinnacle Sys InfEx Port
pcle-infex 3189/udp Pinnacle Sys InfEx Port
# Anthon van der Neut <anthon@mnt.org>
csvr-proxy 3190/tcp ConServR Proxy
csvr-proxy 3190/udp ConServR Proxy
csvr-sslproxy 3191/tcp ConServR SSL Proxy
csvr-sslproxy 3191/udp ConServR SSL Proxy
# Mikhail Kruk <mkruk@biscom.com>
firemonrcc 3192/tcp FireMon Revision Control
firemonrcc 3192/udp FireMon Revision Control
# Michael Bishop <mbishop@fishnetsecurity.com>
cordataport 3193/tcp Cordaxis Data Port
cordataport 3193/udp Cordaxis Data Port
# Jay Fesco <jay@cordaxis.com>
magbind 3194/tcp Rockstorm MAG protocol
magbind 3194/udp Rockstorm MAG protocol
# Jens Nilsson <jens@rockstorm.se>
ncu-1 3195/tcp Network Control Unit
ncu-1 3195/udp Network Control Unit
ncu-2 3196/tcp Network Control Unit
ncu-2 3196/udp Network Control Unit
# Charlie Hundre <charlie@rdsrv.reco.com.tw>
embrace-dp-s 3197/tcp Embrace Device Protocol Server
embrace-dp-s 3197/udp Embrace Device Protocol Server
embrace-dp-c 3198/tcp Embrace Device Protocol Client
embrace-dp-c 3198/udp Embrace Device Protocol Client
# Elliot Schwartz <elliot@embracenetworks.com>
dmod-workspace 3199/tcp DMOD WorkSpace
dmod-workspace 3199/udp DMOD WorkSpace
# Nick Plante <nplante@dmod.com>
tick-port 3200/tcp Press-sense Tick Port
tick-port 3200/udp Press-sense Tick Port
# Boris Svetlitsky <boris@press-sense.com>
cpq-tasksmart 3201/tcp CPQ-TaskSmart
cpq-tasksmart 3201/udp CPQ-TaskSmart
# Jackie Lau <jackie.lau@compaq.com>
intraintra 3202/tcp IntraIntra
intraintra 3202/udp IntraIntra
# Matthew Asham <matthewa@bcwireless.net>
netwatcher-mon 3203/tcp Network Watcher Monitor
netwatcher-mon 3203/udp Network Watcher Monitor
netwatcher-db 3204/tcp Network Watcher DB Access
netwatcher-db 3204/udp Network Watcher DB Access
# Hirokazu Fujisawa <fujisawa@pfu.fujitsu.com>
isns 3205/tcp iSNS Server Port
isns 3205/udp iSNS Server Port
# Josh Tseng <jtseng@nishansystems.com>
ironmail 3206/tcp IronMail POP Proxy
ironmail 3206/udp IronMail POP Proxy
# Mike Hudack <mike@mhudack.com>
vx-auth-port 3207/tcp Veritas Authentication Port
vx-auth-port 3207/udp Veritas Authentication Port
# Senthil Ponnuswamy <senthil@veritas.com>
pfu-prcallback 3208/tcp PFU PR Callback
pfu-prcallback 3208/udp PFU PR Callback
# Tetsuharu Hanada <hanada@pfu.fujitsu.com>
netwkpathengine 3209/tcp HP OpenView Network Path Engine Server
netwkpathengine 3209/udp HP OpenView Network Path Engine Server
# Anthony Walker <anthony_walker@hp.com>
flamenco-proxy 3210/tcp Flamenco Networks Proxy
flamenco-proxy 3210/udp Flamenco Networks Proxy
# Corey Corrick <corey.corrick@flamenconetworks.com>
avsecuremgmt 3211/tcp Avocent Secure Management
avsecuremgmt 3211/udp Avocent Secure Management
# Brian S. Stewart <Brian.Stewart@Avocent.com>
surveyinst 3212/tcp Survey Instrument
surveyinst 3212/udp Survey Instrument
# Al Amet <aamet@point-inc.com>
neon24x7 3213/tcp NEON 24X7 Mission Control
neon24x7 3213/udp NEON 24X7 Mission Control
# Tony Lubrano <tlubrano@neonsys.com>
jmq-daemon-1 3214/tcp JMQ Daemon Port 1
jmq-daemon-1 3214/udp JMQ Daemon Port 1
jmq-daemon-2 3215/tcp JMQ Daemon Port 2
jmq-daemon-2 3215/udp JMQ Daemon Port 2
# Martin West <Martin.West@spirit-soft.com>
ferrari-foam 3216/tcp Ferrari electronic FOAM
ferrari-foam 3216/udp Ferrari electronic FOAM
# Johann Deutinger <deutinger@ferrari-electronic.de>
unite 3217/tcp Unified IP & Telecomm Env
unite 3217/udp Unified IP & Telecomm Env
# Christer Gunnarsson
# <christer.gunnarsson@ascomtateco.se>
smartpackets 3218/tcp EMC SmartPackets
smartpackets 3218/udp EMC SmartPackets
# Steve Spataro <spataro_steve@emc.com>
wms-messenger 3219/tcp WMS Messenger
wms-messenger 3219/udp WMS Messenger
# Michael Monasterio <michael@wmsoftware.com>
xnm-ssl 3220/tcp XML NM over SSL
xnm-ssl 3220/udp XML NM over SSL
xnm-clear-text 3221/tcp XML NM over TCP
xnm-clear-text 3221/udp XML NM over TCP
# Mark Trostler <trostler@juniper.net>
glbp 3222/tcp Gateway Load Balancing Pr
glbp 3222/udp Gateway Load Balancing Pr
# Douglas McLaggan <glbp-info@cisco.com>
digivote 3223/tcp DIGIVOTE (R) Vote-Server
digivote 3223/udp DIGIVOTE (R) Vote-Server
# Christian Treczoks <ct@braehler.com>
aes-discovery 3224/tcp AES Discovery Port
aes-discovery 3224/udp AES Discovery Port
# Ken Richard <kenr@aeseducation.com>
fcip-port 3225/tcp FCIP
fcip-port 3225/udp FCIP
# RFC-ietf-ips-fcovertcpip-12.txt
isi-irp 3226/tcp ISI Industry Software IRP
isi-irp 3226/udp ISI Industry Software IRP
# Peter Sandstrom <peter.sandstrom@tassen.fi>
dwnmshttp 3227/tcp DiamondWave NMS Server
dwnmshttp 3227/udp DiamondWave NMS Server
dwmsgserver 3228/tcp DiamondWave MSG Server
dwmsgserver 3228/udp DiamondWave MSG Server
# Varma Bhupatiraju <varma@calient.net>
global-cd-port 3229/tcp Global CD Port
global-cd-port 3229/udp Global CD Port
# Vitaly Revsin <vitaly@netapp.com>
sftdst-port 3230/tcp Software Distributor Port
sftdst-port 3230/udp Software Distributor Port
# Andrea Lanza <andrea.lanza@frameweb.it>
dsnl 3231/tcp Delta Solutions Direct
dsnl 3231/udp Delta Solutions Direct
# Peter Ijkhout <peter@deltasolutions.nl>
mdtp 3232/tcp MDT port
mdtp 3232/udp MDT port
# IJsbrand Wijnands <ice@cisco.com>
whisker 3233/tcp WhiskerControl main port
whisker 3233/udp WhiskerControl main port
# Rudolf Cardinal <rudolf@pobox.com> February 2002
alchemy 3234/tcp Alchemy Server
alchemy 3234/udp Alchemy Server
# Mikhail Belov <mikhail@imrgold.com> February 2002
mdap-port 3235/tcp MDAP port
mdap-port 3235/udp MDAP Port
# Johan Deleu <johan.deleu@alcatel.be> February 2002
apparenet-ts 3236/tcp appareNet Test Server
apparenet-ts 3236/udp appareNet Test Server
apparenet-tps 3237/tcp appareNet Test Packet Sequencer
apparenet-tps 3237/udp appareNet Test Packet Sequencer
apparenet-as 3238/tcp appareNet Analysis Server
apparenet-as 3238/udp appareNet Analysis Server
apparenet-ui 3239/tcp appareNet User Interface
apparenet-ui 3239/udp appareNet User Interface
# Fred Klassen <fklassen@jaalam.com> February 2002
triomotion 3240/tcp Trio Motion Control Port
triomotion 3240/udp Trio Motion Control Port
# Tony Matthews <tmatthews@triomotion.com> February 2002
sysorb 3241/tcp SysOrb Monitoring Server
sysorb 3241/udp SysOrb Monitoring Server
# Jakob Oestergaard <joe@sysorb.com> February 2002
sdp-id-port 3242/tcp Session Description ID
sdp-id-port 3242/udp Session Description ID
# Greg Rose <ggr@qualcomm.com> February 2002
timelot 3243/tcp Timelot Port
timelot 3243/udp Timelot Port
# David Ferguson <dferguson@xtralot.com> February 2002
onesaf 3244/tcp OneSAF
onesaf 3244/udp OneSAF
# Gene McCulley <mcculley@cuspy.com> February 2002
vieo-fe 3245/tcp VIEO Fabric Executive
vieo-fe 3245/udp VIEO Fabric Executive
# James Cox <jocox@view.com> February 2002
dvt-system 3246/tcp DVT SYSTEM PORT
dvt-system 3246/udp DVT SYSTEM PORT
dvt-data 3247/tcp DVT DATA LINK
dvt-data 3247/udp DVT DATA LINK
# Phillip Heil <phil.heil@dvtsensors.com> February 2002
procos-lm 3248/tcp PROCOS LM
procos-lm 3248/udp PROCOS LM
# Torsten Rendelmann
# <torsten.rendelmann@procos.com> February 2002
ssp 3249/tcp State Sync Protocol
ssp 3249/udp State Sync Protocol
# Stephane Beaulieu <stephane@cisco.com> February 2002
hicp 3250/tcp HMS hicp port
hicp 3250/udp HMS hicp port
# Joel Palsson, HMS Industrial Networks AB
# <ianacontact@hms.se> February 2002
sysscanner 3251/tcp Sys Scanner
sysscanner 3251/udp Sys Scanner
# Dick Georges <georges@monaco.net> February 2002
dhe 3252/tcp DHE port
dhe 3252/udp DHE port
# Fabrizio Massimo Ferrara <fmf@gesi.it> February 2002
pda-data 3253/tcp PDA Data
pda-data 3253/udp PDA Data
pda-sys 3254/tcp PDA System
pda-sys 3254/udp PDA System
# Jian Fan <fjian@dmfsys.com> February 2002
semaphore 3255/tcp Semaphore Connection Port
semaphore 3255/udp Semaphore Connection Port
# Jay Eckles <ecklesweb@yahoo.com> February 2002
cpqrpm-agent 3256/tcp Compaq RPM Agent Port
cpqrpm-agent 3256/udp Compaq RPM Agent Port
cpqrpm-server 3257/tcp Compaq RPM Server Port
cpqrpm-server 3257/udp Compaq RPM Server Port
# Royal King <royal.king@compaq.com> February 2002
ivecon-port 3258/tcp Ivecon Server Port
ivecon-port 3258/udp Ivecon Server Port
# Serguei Tevs <STevs@ivecon.com> February 2002
epncdp2 3259/tcp Epson Network Common Devi
epncdp2 3259/udp Epson Network Common Devi
# SEIKO EPSON Corporation - Oishi Toshiaki
# <Oishi.Toshiaki@exc.epson.co.jp> February 2002
iscsi-target 3260/tcp iSCSI port
iscsi-target 3260/udp iSCSI port
# Julian Satran <Julian_Satran@il.ibm.com>
winshadow 3261/tcp winShadow
winshadow 3261/udp winShadow
# Colin Barry <cbarry@gbahn.com>
necp 3262/tcp NECP
necp 3262/udp NECP
# Alberto Cerpa <cerpa@isi.edu>
ecolor-imager 3263/tcp E-Color Enterprise Imager
ecolor-imager 3263/udp E-Color Enterprise Imager
# Tamara Baker <tbaker@ecolor.com>
ccmail 3264/tcp cc:mail/lotus
ccmail 3264/udp cc:mail/lotus
# <brockman@ccmail.com>
altav-tunnel 3265/tcp Altav Tunnel
altav-tunnel 3265/udp Altav Tunnel
# Gary M. Allen <gallen@symantec.com>
ns-cfg-server 3266/tcp NS CFG Server
ns-cfg-server 3266/udp NS CFG Server
# Aivi Lie <LIEA@netsoft.com>
ibm-dial-out 3267/tcp IBM Dial Out
ibm-dial-out 3267/udp IBM Dial Out
# Skip Booth <sbooth@VNET.IBM.COM>
msft-gc 3268/tcp Microsoft Global Catalog
msft-gc 3268/udp Microsoft Global Catalog
msft-gc-ssl 3269/tcp Microsoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL
msft-gc-ssl 3269/udp Microsoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL
# Asaf Kashi <asafk@microsoft.com>
verismart 3270/tcp Verismart
verismart 3270/udp Verismart
# Jay Weber <weber@vfi.com>
csoft-prev 3271/tcp CSoft Prev Port
csoft-prev 3271/udp CSoft Prev Port
# Nedelcho Stanev <decho@iname.com>
user-manager 3272/tcp Fujitsu User Manager
user-manager 3272/udp Fujitsu User Manager
# Yukihiko Sakurai <y-sakurai@ael.fujitsu.co.jp>
sxmp 3273/tcp Simple Extensible Multiplexed Protocol
sxmp 3273/udp Simple Extensible Multiplexed Protocol
# Stuart Newman <stuart.newman@fortel.com>
ordinox-server 3274/tcp Ordinox Server
ordinox-server 3274/udp Ordinox Server
# Guy Letourneau <gletourneau@ordinox.com>
samd 3275/tcp SAMD
samd 3275/udp SAMD
# Edgar Circenis <ec@fc.hp.com>
maxim-asics 3276/tcp Maxim ASICs
maxim-asics 3276/udp Maxim ASICs
# Dave Inman <davei@mxim.com>
awg-proxy 3277/tcp AWG Proxy
awg-proxy 3277/udp AWG Proxy
# Alex McDonald <alexm@an.hp.com>
lkcmserver 3278/tcp LKCM Server
lkcmserver 3278/udp LKCM Server
# Javier Jimenez
admind 3279/tcp admind
admind 3279/udp admind
# Jeff Haynes <haynes@chistech.com>
vs-server 3280/tcp VS Server
vs-server 3280/udp VS Server
# Scott Godlew <Scott@godlew.com>
sysopt 3281/tcp SYSOPT
sysopt 3281/udp SYSOPT
# Tony Hoffman <ajh@unx.dec.com>
datusorb 3282/tcp Datusorb
datusorb 3282/udp Datusorb
# Thomas Martin <thomas@datus-usa.com>
net-assistant 3283/tcp Net Assistant
net-assistant 3283/udp Net Assistant
# Michael Stein <mvs@apple.com>
4talk 3284/tcp 4Talk
4talk 3284/udp 4Talk
# Tony Bushnell <tony_bushnell@four-sight.co.uk>
plato 3285/tcp Plato
plato 3285/udp Plato
# Jim Battin <battin@tro.com>
e-net 3286/tcp E-Net
e-net 3286/udp E-Net
# Steven Grigsby <sgrigsby@austin.eent.com>
directvdata 3287/tcp DIRECTVDATA
directvdata 3287/udp DIRECTVDATA
# Michael Friedman <mfr1@worldnet.att.net>
cops 3288/tcp COPS
cops 3288/udp COPS
# Shai Herzog <herzog@iphighway.com>
enpc 3289/tcp ENPC
enpc 3289/udp ENPC
# SEIKO EPSON <Ishida.Hitoshi@exc.epson.co.jp>
caps-lm 3290/tcp CAPS LOGISTICS TOOLKIT - LM
caps-lm 3290/udp CAPS LOGISTICS TOOLKIT - LM
# Joseph Krebs <joek@caps.com>
sah-lm 3291/tcp S A Holditch & Associates - LM
sah-lm 3291/udp S A Holditch & Associates - LM
# Randy Hudgens <rhh@nmail.holditch.com>
cart-o-rama 3292/tcp Cart O Rama
cart-o-rama 3292/udp Cart O Rama
# Phillip Dillinger <Phillip.Dillinger@sealabs.com>
fg-fps 3293/tcp fg-fps
fg-fps 3293/udp fg-fps
fg-gip 3294/tcp fg-gip
fg-gip 3294/udp fg-gip
# Jean-Marc Frailong <jmf@freegate.net>
dyniplookup 3295/tcp Dynamic IP Lookup
dyniplookup 3295/udp Dynamic IP Lookup
# Eugene Osovetsky <eugeneo@geocities.com>
rib-slm 3296/tcp Rib License Manager
rib-slm 3296/udp Rib License Manager
# Kristean Heisler <kh@rib.de>
cytel-lm 3297/tcp Cytel License Manager
cytel-lm 3297/udp Cytel License Manager
# Yogesh P. Gajjar <yogesh@cytel.com>
transview 3298/tcp Transview
transview 3298/udp Transview
# Richard Obermeier <richard.obermeier@mch.sni.de>
pdrncs 3299/tcp pdrncs
pdrncs 3299/udp pdrncs
# Paul Wissenbach <paulwi@vnd.tek.com>
########### 3300-3301 Unauthorized Use by SAP R/3 ######
mcs-fastmail 3302/tcp MCS Fastmail
mcs-fastmail 3302/udp MCS Fastmail
# Patti Jo Newsom <pjn@mcsdallas.com>
opsession-clnt 3303/tcp OP Session Client
opsession-clnt 3303/udp OP Session Client
opsession-srvr 3304/tcp OP Session Server
opsession-srvr 3304/udp OP Session Server
# Amir Blich <amir@netmanage.co.il>
odette-ftp 3305/tcp ODETTE-FTP
odette-ftp 3305/udp ODETTE-FTP
# David Nash <dnash@ford.com>
mysql 3306/tcp MySQL
mysql 3306/udp MySQL
# Monty <monty@analytikerna.se>
opsession-prxy 3307/tcp OP Session Proxy
opsession-prxy 3307/udp OP Session Proxy
# Amir Blich <amir@netmanage.co.il>
tns-server 3308/tcp TNS Server
tns-server 3308/udp TNS Server
tns-adv 3309/tcp TNS ADV
tns-adv 3309/udp TNS ADV
# Jerome Albin <albin@taec.enet.dec.com>
dyna-access 3310/tcp Dyna Access
dyna-access 3310/udp Dyna Access
# Dave Belliveau
# <DaveBelliveau@cornerstonesoftware.com>
mcns-tel-ret 3311/tcp MCNS Tel Ret
mcns-tel-ret 3311/udp MCNS Tel Ret
# Randall Atkinson <rja@home.net>
appman-server 3312/tcp Application Management Server
appman-server 3312/udp Application Management Server
uorb 3313/tcp Unify Object Broker
uorb 3313/udp Unify Object Broker
uohost 3314/tcp Unify Object Host
uohost 3314/udp Unify Object Host
# Duane Gibson <ianaportmaster@unify.com>
cdid 3315/tcp CDID
cdid 3315/udp CDID
# Andrew Borisov <hdr@chat.ru>
aicc-cmi 3316/tcp AICC/CMI
aicc-cmi 3316/udp AICC/CMI
# William McDonald <billmc@atc.boeing.com>
vsaiport 3317/tcp VSAI PORT
vsaiport 3317/udp VSAI PORT
# Rieko Asai <asai@isl.mei.co.jp>
ssrip 3318/tcp Swith to Swith Routing Information Protocol
ssrip 3318/udp Swith to Swith Routing Information Protocol
# Baba Hidekazu <baba@flare.nd.net.fujitsu.co.jp>
sdt-lmd 3319/tcp SDT License Manager
sdt-lmd 3319/udp SDT License Manager
# Salvo Nassisi <sdtech@tin.it>
officelink2000 3320/tcp Office Link 2000
officelink2000 3320/udp Office Link 2000
# Mike Balch <mbalch@teltone.com>
vnsstr 3321/tcp VNSSTR
vnsstr 3321/udp VNSSTR
# Takeshi Ohmura <ohmura@isl.mei.co.jp>
active-net 3322-3325 Active Networks
# Bob Braden <braden@isi.edu>
sftu 3326/tcp SFTU
sftu 3326/udp SFTU
# Eduardo Rosenberg de Moura <eduardor@spacenet.com.br>
bbars 3327/tcp BBARS
bbars 3327/udp BBARS
# Lou Harris <lharris@outlx.bandl.com>
egptlm 3328/tcp Eaglepoint License Manager
egptlm 3328/udp Eaglepoint License Manager
# Dave Benton <dave.benton@eaglepoint.com>
hp-device-disc 3329/tcp HP Device Disc
hp-device-disc 3329/udp HP Device Disc
# Shivaun Albright <shivaun_albright@hp.com>
mcs-calypsoicf 3330/tcp MCS Calypso ICF
mcs-calypsoicf 3330/udp MCS Calypso ICF
mcs-messaging 3331/tcp MCS Messaging
mcs-messaging 3331/udp MCS Messaging
mcs-mailsvr 3332/tcp MCS Mail Server
mcs-mailsvr 3332/udp MCS Mail Server
# Patti Jo Newsom <pjn@mcsdallas.com>
dec-notes 3333/tcp DEC Notes
dec-notes 3333/udp DEC Notes
# Kim Moraros <moraros@via.enet.dec.com>
directv-web 3334/tcp Direct TV Webcasting
directv-web 3334/udp Direct TV Webcasting
directv-soft 3335/tcp Direct TV Software Updates
directv-soft 3335/udp Direct TV Software Updates
directv-tick 3336/tcp Direct TV Tickers
directv-tick 3336/udp Direct TV Tickers
directv-catlg 3337/tcp Direct TV Data Catalog
directv-catlg 3337/udp Direct TV Data Catalog
# Michael Friedman <mfr1@worldnet.att.net>
anet-b 3338/tcp OMF data b
anet-b 3338/udp OMF data b
anet-l 3339/tcp OMF data l
anet-l 3339/udp OMF data l
anet-m 3340/tcp OMF data m
anet-m 3340/udp OMF data m
anet-h 3341/tcp OMF data h
anet-h 3341/udp OMF data h
# Per Sahlqvist <psahlqvi@sw.seisy.abb.se>
webtie 3342/tcp WebTIE
webtie 3342/udp WebTIE
# Kevin Frender <kbf@ngdc.noaa.gov>
ms-cluster-net 3343/tcp MS Cluster Net
ms-cluster-net 3343/udp MS Cluster Net
# Mike Massa <mikemas@microsoft.com>
bnt-manager 3344/tcp BNT Manager
bnt-manager 3344/udp BNT Manager
# Brian J. Ives <Brian.Ives@BadgerNT.com>
influence 3345/tcp Influence
influence 3345/udp Influence
# Russ Ferriday <russf@topia.com>
trnsprntproxy 3346/tcp Trnsprnt Proxy
trnsprntproxy 3346/udp Trnsprnt Proxy
# Grant Kirby <grant_kirby@ccm.al.intel.com>
phoenix-rpc 3347/tcp Phoenix RPC
phoenix-rpc 3347/udp Phoenix RPC
# Ian Anderson <ian_anderson@phoenix.com>
pangolin-laser 3348/tcp Pangolin Laser
pangolin-laser 3348/udp Pangolin Laser
# William Benner <William_Benner@msn.com>
chevinservices 3349/tcp Chevin Services
chevinservices 3349/udp Chevin Services
# Gus McNaughton <gus@chevin.com>
findviatv 3350/tcp FINDVIATV
findviatv 3350/udp FINDVIATV
# Oran Davis <oran@8x8.com>
btrieve 3351/tcp Btrieve port
btrieve 3351/udp Btrieve port
ssql 3352/tcp Scalable SQL
ssql 3352/udp Scalable SQL
# Chuck Talk <ctalk@pervasive.com>
fatpipe 3353/tcp FATPIPE
fatpipe 3353/udp FATPIPE
# Sanchaita Datta <sdatta@ragula.com>
suitjd 3354/tcp SUITJD
suitjd 3354/udp SUITJD
# Todd Moyer <tsm@unx.dec.com>
ordinox-dbase 3355/tcp Ordinox Dbase
ordinox-dbase 3355/udp Ordinox Dbase
# Guy Litourneau <gletourneau@ordinox.com>
upnotifyps 3356/tcp UPNOTIFYPS
upnotifyps 3356/udp UPNOTIFYPS
# Mark Fox <markf@uplanet.com>
adtech-test 3357/tcp Adtech Test IP
adtech-test 3357/udp Adtech Test IP
# Robin Uyeshiro <robin_u@adtech-inc.com>
mpsysrmsvr 3358/tcp Mp Sys Rmsvr
mpsysrmsvr 3358/udp Mp Sys Rmsvr
# Hiroyuki Kawabuchi <buchi@ael.fujitsu.co.jp>
wg-netforce 3359/tcp WG NetForce
wg-netforce 3359/udp WG NetForce
# Lee Wheat <wheat@wg.com>
kv-server 3360/tcp KV Server
kv-server 3360/udp KV Server
kv-agent 3361/tcp KV Agent
kv-agent 3361/udp KV Agent
# Thomas Soranno <tom_soranno@cipartners.com>
dj-ilm 3362/tcp DJ ILM
dj-ilm 3362/udp DJ ILM
# Don Tyson
nati-vi-server 3363/tcp NATI Vi Server
nati-vi-server 3363/udp NATI Vi Server
# Robert Dye <rob@natinst.com>
creativeserver 3364/tcp Creative Server
creativeserver 3364/udp Creative Server
contentserver 3365/tcp Content Server
contentserver 3365/udp Content Server
creativepartnr 3366/tcp Creative Partner
creativepartnr 3366/udp Creative Partner
# Jesus Ortiz <Jesus_A._Ortiz@notes.emotion.com>
satvid-datalnk 3367-3371 Satellite Video Data Link
# Scott Engel <ScottX_Engel@ccm.jf.intel.com>
tip2 3372/tcp TIP 2
tip2 3372/udp TIP 2
# Keith Evans <keith@loc252.tandem.com>
lavenir-lm 3373/tcp Lavenir License Manager
lavenir-lm 3373/udp Lavenir License Manager
# Marius Matioc <marius@lavenir.com>
cluster-disc 3374/tcp Cluster Disc
cluster-disc 3374/udp Cluster Disc
# Jeff Hughes <Jeff.Hughes@columbiasc.ncr.com>
vsnm-agent 3375/tcp VSNM Agent
vsnm-agent 3375/udp VSNM Agent
# Venkat Rangan <venkatr@vitalsigns.com>
cdbroker 3376/tcp CD Broker
cdbroker 3376/udp CD Broker
# Moon Ho Chung <mchung@esps.com>
cogsys-lm 3377/tcp Cogsys Network License Manager
cogsys-lm 3377/udp Cogsys Network License Manager
# Simon Chinnick <support@cogsys.co.uk>
wsicopy 3378/tcp WSICOPY
wsicopy 3378/udp WSICOPY
# James Overby
socorfs 3379/tcp SOCORFS
socorfs 3379/udp SOCORFS
# Hugo Charbonneau
sns-channels 3380/tcp SNS Channels
sns-channels 3380/udp SNS Channels
# Shekar Pasumarthi <shekarp@firstfloor.com>
geneous 3381/tcp Geneous
geneous 3381/udp Geneous
# Nick de Smith <nick.desmith@histech.com>
fujitsu-neat 3382/tcp Fujitsu Network Enhanced Antitheft function
fujitsu-neat 3382/udp Fujitsu Network Enhanced Antitheft function
# Markku Viima <markku.viima@team.icl.se>
esp-lm 3383/tcp Enterprise Software Products License Manager
esp-lm 3383/udp Enterprise Software Products License Manager
# George Rudy <george@entsoft.com>
hp-clic 3384/tcp Cluster Management Services
hp-clic 3384/udp Hardware Management
# Rajesh Srinivasaraghavan <srajesh@cup.hp.com>
qnxnetman 3385/tcp qnxnetman
qnxnetman 3385/udp qnxnetman
# Michael Hunter <mphunter@qnx.com>
gprs-data 3386/tcp GPRS Data
gprs-sig 3386/udp GPRS SIG
# Ansgar Bergmann <Ansgar.Bergmann@etsi.fr>
backroomnet 3387/tcp Back Room Net
backroomnet 3387/udp Back Room Net
# Clayton Wilkinson <cwilkinson@carreker.com>
cbserver 3388/tcp CB Server
cbserver 3388/udp CB Server
# Allen Wei <Allen_Wei@arborsoft.com>
ms-wbt-server 3389/tcp MS WBT Server
ms-wbt-server 3389/udp MS WBT Server
# Ritu Bahl <ritub@microsoft.com>
dsc 3390/tcp Distributed Service Coordinator
dsc 3390/udp Distributed Service Coordinator
# Chas Honton <chas@secant.com>
savant 3391/tcp SAVANT
savant 3391/udp SAVANT
# Andy Bruce <franklin_yah@yahoo.com>
efi-lm 3392/tcp EFI License Management
efi-lm 3392/udp EFI License Management
# Ross E. Greinke <greinker@execpc.com>
d2k-tapestry1 3393/tcp D2K Tapestry Client to Server
d2k-tapestry1 3393/udp D2K Tapestry Client to Server
d2k-tapestry2 3394/tcp D2K Tapestry Server to Server
d2k-tapestry2 3394/udp D2K Tapestry Server to Server
# Eric Lan <elan@d2k.com>
dyna-lm 3395/tcp Dyna License Manager (Elam)
dyna-lm 3395/udp Dyna License Manager (Elam)
# Anjana Iyer <anjana@dyna.com>
printer_agent 3396/tcp Printer Agent
printer_agent 3396/udp Printer Agent
# Devon Taylor <dtaylor@novell.com>
cloanto-lm 3397/tcp Cloanto License Manager
cloanto-lm 3397/udp Cloanto License Manager
# Takeo Sato <takeo_sato-iana@cloanto.com>
mercantile 3398/tcp Mercantile
mercantile 3398/udp Mercantile
# Erik Kragh Jensen <kragh@inet.uni2.dk>
csms 3399/tcp CSMS
csms 3399/udp CSMS
csms2 3400/tcp CSMS2
csms2 3400/udp CSMS2
# Markus Michels <mmi@cedros.com>
filecast 3401/tcp filecast
filecast 3401/udp filecast
# Eden Sherry <eden@pair.com>
fxaengine-net 3402/tcp FXa Engine Network Port
fxaengine-net 3402/udp FXa Engine Network Port
# Lucas Alonso <luke@demiurgestudios.com> February 2002
copysnap 3403/tcp CopySnap Server Port
copysnap 3403/udp CopySnap Server Port
# Steve Zellers <zellers@basilsoft.com> February 2002
# 3404 Removed (2002-05-01)
nokia-ann-ch1 3405/tcp Nokia Announcement ch 1
nokia-ann-ch1 3405/udp Nokia Announcement ch 1
nokia-ann-ch2 3406/tcp Nokia Announcement ch 2
nokia-ann-ch2 3406/udp Nokia Announcement ch 2
# Morteza Kalhour <Morteza.Kalhour@Nokia.com> February 2002
ldap-admin 3407/tcp LDAP admin server port
ldap-admin 3407/udp LDAP admin server port
# Stephen Tsun <stsun@calient.net> February 2002
issapi 3408/tcp POWERpack API Port
issapi 3408/udp POWERpack API Port
# Colin Griffiths <colin.griffiths@int-link.com> February 2002
networklens 3409/tcp NetworkLens Event Port
networklens 3409/udp NetworkLens Event Port
networklenss 3410/tcp NetworkLens SSL Event
networklenss 3410/udp NetworkLens SSL Event
# Greg Bailey <gbailey@lxpro.com> February 2002
biolink-auth 3411/tcp BioLink Authenteon server
biolink-auth 3411/udp BioLink Authenteon server
# BioLink Support <reginfo@biolinkusa.com> February 2002
xmlblaster 3412/tcp xmlBlaster
xmlblaster 3412/udp xmlBlaster
# Marcel Ruff <ruff@swand.lake.de> February 2002
svnet 3413/tcp SpecView Networking
svnet 3413/udp SpecView Networking
# Richard Dickins <rad@specview.com> February 2002
wip-port 3414/tcp BroadCloud WIP Port
wip-port 3414/udp BroadCloud WIP Port
bcinameservice 3415/tcp BCI Name Service
bcinameservice 3415/udp BCI Name Service
# Dennis Parker <dparker@broadcloud.com> February 2002
commandport 3416/tcp AirMobile IS Command Port
commandport 3416/udp AirMobile IS Command Port
# Mike Klein <m.klein@motorla.com> February 2002
csvr 3417/tcp ConServR file translation
csvr 3417/udp ConServR file translation
# Albert Leung <aleung@biscom.com> February 2002
rnmap 3418/tcp Remote nmap
rnmap 3418/udp Remote nmap
# Tuomo Makinen <tmakinen@pp.htv.fi> February 2002
softaudit 3419/tcp Isogon SoftAudit
softaudit 3419/udp ISogon SoftAudit
# Per Hellberg <phellberg@isogon.com> February 2002
ifcp-port 3420/tcp iFCP User Port
ifcp-port 3420/udp iFCP User Port
# Charles Monia <cmonia@nishansystems.com>
bmap 3421/tcp Bull Apprise portmapper
bmap 3421/udp Bull Apprise portmapper
# Jeremy Gilbert <J.Gilbert@ma30.bull.com>
rusb-sys-port 3422/tcp Remote USB System Port
rusb-sys-port 3422/udp Remote USB System Port
# Steven Klein <stevek@ionetworks.com> February 2002
xtrm 3423/tcp xTrade Reliable Messaging
xtrm 3423/udp xTrade Reliable Messaging
xtrms 3424/tcp xTrade over TLS/SSL
xtrms 3424/udp xTrade over TLS/SSL
# Mats Nilsson <mats.nilsson@xware.se> February 2002
agps-port 3425/tcp AGPS Access Port
agps-port 3425/udp AGPS Access Port
# Kristoffer Nilsson
# <kristoffer.nilsson@hutchison3g.com> February 2002
arkivio 3426/tcp Arkivio Storage Protocol
arkivio 3426/udp Arkivio Storage Protocol
# Bruce Greenblatt <bruce@arkivio.com> February 2002
websphere-snmp 3427/tcp WebSphere SNMP
websphere-snmp 3427/udp WebSphere SNMP
# Richard Mills <ramills@us.ibm.com> February 2002
twcss 3428/tcp 2Wire CSS
twcss 3428/udp 2Wire CSS
# 2Wire IANA Contact <iana@2wire.com> February 2002
gcsp 3429/tcp GCSP user port
gcsp 3429/udp GCSP user port
# Anirban Majumder <majumderanirban@lycos.com> March 2002
ssdispatch 3430/tcp Scott Studios Dispatch
ssdispatch 3430/udp Scott Studios Dispatch
# Michael Settles <michael.settles@verizon.net> March 2002
ndl-als 3431/tcp Active License Server Port
ndl-als 3431/udp Active License Server Port
# Quentin Brown <ndldev@ndl.co.uk> March 2002
osdcp 3432/tcp Secure Device Protocol
osdcp 3432/udp Secure Device Protocol
# Peter Fernandez <fernandez@omnisec.ch> March 2002
alta-smp 3433/tcp Altaworks Service Management Platform
alta-smp 3433/udp Altaworks Service Management Platform
# Ted Macomber <TedM@Altaworks.com> March 2002
opencm 3434/tcp OpenCM Server
opencm 3434/udp OpenCM Server
# Jonathan S. Shapiro <registrar@eros-os.org> March 2002
pacom 3435/tcp Pacom Security User Port
pacom 3435/udp Pacom Security User Port
# Steve Barton <steveb@pacomsystems.com> March 2002
gc-config 3436/tcp GuardControl Exchange Protocol
gc-config 3436/udp GuardControl Exchange Protocol
# Andreas Schwarz <andi@trancefield.de> March 2002
autocueds 3437/tcp Autocue Directory Service
autocueds 3437/udp Autocue Directory Service
# Geoff Back <geoff@autocue.co.uk> March 2002
spiral-admin 3438/tcp Spiralcraft Admin
spiral-admin 3438/udp Spiralcraft Admin
# Michael Toth <mike@spiralcraft.com> March 2002
hri-port 3439/tcp HRI Interface Port
hri-port 3439/udp HRI Interface Port
# John Fayos <john.fayos@criticallink.com> March 2002
ans-console 3440/tcp Net Steward Mgmt Console
ans-console 3440/udp Net Steward Mgmt Console
# John Richmond <developers@securitydesigners.com> March 2002
connect-client 3441/tcp OC Connect Client
connect-client 3441/udp OC Connect Client
connect-server 3442/tcp OC Connect Server
connect-server 3442/udp OC Connect Server
# Mike Velten <mike.Velten@liebert.com> March 2002
ov-nnm-websrv 3443/tcp OpenView Network Node Manager WEB Server
ov-nnm-websrv 3443/udp OpenView Network Node Manager WEB Server
# Anthony Walker <anthony_walker@hp.com> March 2002
denali-server 3444/tcp Denali Server
denali-server 3444/udp Denali Server
# Joe Devlin <Joe.Devlin@rocketsoftware.com> March 2002
monp 3445/tcp Media Object Network
monp 3445/udp Media Object Network
# Ron Herardian <ron@zoogaloo.com> March 2002
3comfaxrpc 3446/tcp 3Com FAX RPC port
3comfaxrpc 3446/udp 3Com FAX RPC port
# Christopher Wells <christopher_wells@3com.com> April 2002
cddn 3447/tcp CompuDuo DirectNet
cddn 3447/udp CompuDuo DirectNet
# Gregory Richards <GregorR@compuduo.com> April 2002
dnc-port 3448/tcp Discovery and Net Config
dnc-port 3448/udp Discovery and Net Config
# Chi Chen <chichen@us.ibm.com> April 2002
hotu-chat 3449/tcp HotU Chat
hotu-chat 3449/udp HotU Chat
# Tim Burgess <tim@hotu.com> April 2002
castorproxy 3450/tcp CAStorProxy
castorproxy 3450/udp CAStorProxy
# Raymond J. Young <Raymond.Young@ca.com> April 2002
asam 3451/tcp ASAM Services
asam 3451/udp ASAM Services
# Mike Gossett <mike@omnibond.com> April 2002
sabp-signal 3452/tcp SABP-Signalling Protocol
sabp-signal 3452/udp SABP-Signalling Protocol
# Brendan McWilliams <brendan.mcwilliams@vf.vodafone.co.uk> April 2002
pscupd 3453/tcp PSC Update Port
pscupd 3453/udp PSC Update Port
# Reid B. Ligon <reid.ligon@pscnet.com>
mira 3454/tcp Apple Remote Access Protocol
# Mike Alexander <mta@um.cc.umich.edu>
prsvp 3455/tcp RSVP Port
prsvp 3455/udp RSVP Port
# Bob Braden <Braden@isi.edu>
vat 3456/tcp VAT default data
vat 3456/udp VAT default data
# Van Jacobson <van@ee.lbl.gov>
vat-control 3457/tcp VAT default control
vat-control 3457/udp VAT default control
# Van Jacobson <van@ee.lbl.gov>
d3winosfi 3458/tcp D3WinOSFI
d3winosfi 3458/udp D3WinOSFI
# Brad Hamilton <bh@picksys.com>
integral 3459/tcp TIP Integral
integral 3459/udp TIP Integral
# Olivier Mascia <om@tipgroup.com>
edm-manager 3460/tcp EDM Manger
edm-manager 3460/udp EDM Manger
edm-stager 3461/tcp EDM Stager
edm-stager 3461/udp EDM Stager
edm-std-notify 3462/tcp EDM STD Notify
edm-std-notify 3462/udp EDM STD Notify
edm-adm-notify 3463/tcp EDM ADM Notify
edm-adm-notify 3463/udp EDM ADM Notify
edm-mgr-sync 3464/tcp EDM MGR Sync
edm-mgr-sync 3464/udp EDM MGR Sync
edm-mgr-cntrl 3465/tcp EDM MGR Cntrl
edm-mgr-cntrl 3465/udp EDM MGR Cntrl
# Tom Hennessy <thenn@novadigm.com>
workflow 3466/tcp WORKFLOW
workflow 3466/udp WORKFLOW
# Robert Hufsky <rhufsky@csesys.co.at>
rcst 3467/tcp RCST
rcst 3467/udp RCST
# Kit Sturgeon <Kit@remotecontrolsextoys.com>
ttcmremotectrl 3468/tcp TTCM Remote Controll
ttcmremotectrl 3468/udp TTCM Remote Controll
# Yossi Cohen-Shahar <yossi@proxy.co.il>
pluribus 3469/tcp Pluribus
pluribus 3469/udp Pluribus
# Mark Miller <markm@caplet.com>
jt400 3470/tcp jt400
jt400 3470/udp jt400
jt400-ssl 3471/tcp jt400-ssl
jt400-ssl 3471/udp jt400-ssl
# Clifton Nock <cnock@us.ibm.com>
jaugsremotec-1 3472/tcp JAUGS N-G Remotec 1
jaugsremotec-1 3472/udp JAUGS N-G Remotec 1
jaugsremotec-2 3473/tcp JAUGS N-G Remotec 2
jaugsremotec-2 3473/udp JAUGS N-G Remotec 2
# Steven B. Cliff <scliff@remotec-andros.com> April 2002
ttntspauto 3474/tcp TSP Automation
ttntspauto 3474/udp TSP Automation
# Arnie Koster <akoster@teltone.com> April 2002
genisar-port 3475/tcp Genisar Comm Port
genisar-port 3475/udp Genisar Comm Port
# Candace Niccolson <cniccolson@genisar.com> April 2002
nppmp 3476/tcp NVIDIA Mgmt Protocol
nppmp 3476/udp NVIDIA Mgmt Protocol
# Gilbert Yeung <gyeung@nvidia.com> April 2002
ecomm 3477/tcp eComm link port
ecomm 3477/udp eComm link port
# Thomas Soerensen <thomassoerensen@stofanet.dk> April 2002
nat-stun-port 3478/tcp Simple Traversal of UDP Through NAT (STUN) port
nat-stun-port 3478/udp Simple Traversal of UDP Through NAT (STUN) port
# Jonathan Rosenberg <jdrosen@dynamicsoft.com> April 2002
twrpc 3479/tcp 2Wire RPC
twrpc 3479/udp 2Wire RPC
# 2Wire IANA Contact <iana@2wire.com> April 2002
plethora 3480/tcp Secure Virtual Workspace
plethora 3480/udp Secure Virtual Workspace
# Tim Simms <tsimms@plethoratech.com> April 2002
cleanerliverc 3481/tcp CleanerLive remote ctrl
cleanerliverc 3481/udp CleanerLive remote ctrl
# David Mojdehi <david.mojdehi@autodesk.com> April 2002
vulture 3482/tcp Vulture Monitoring System
vulture 3482/udp Vulture Monitoring System
# Jason Santos <jason.santos@megaslow.net> April 2002
slim-devices 3483/tcp Slim Devices Protocol
slim-devices 3483/udp Slim Devices Protocol
# Sean Adams <sean@slimdevices.com> May 2002
gbs-stp 3484/tcp GBS SnapTalk Protocol
gbs-stp 3484/udp GBS SnapTalk Protocol
# Eric Harris-Braun <eric@glassbead.com> May 2002
celatalk 3485/tcp CelaTalk
celatalk 3485/udp CelaTalk
# Carl Blundell <cblundell@celador.co.uk> May 2002
ifsf-hb-port 3486/tcp IFSF Heartbeat Port
ifsf-hb-port 3486/udp IFSF Heartbeat Port
# IFSF Secretary <secretary@ifsf.org> May 2002
ltctcp 3487/tcp LISA TCP Transfer Channel
ltcudp 3487/udp LISA UDP Transfer Channel
# Pit Vetterick <pit@3dgo.com> May 2002
fs-rh-srv 3488/tcp FS Remote Host Server
fs-rh-srv 3488/udp FS Remote Host Server
# Brian Nickles <RogueSpear91@hotmail.com> May 2002
dtp-dia 3489/tcp DTP/DIA
dtp-dia 3489/udp DTP/DIA
# Alexei V. Soloviev <avsolov@lab127.karelia.ru> May 2002
colubris 3490/tcp Colubris Management Port
colubris 3490/udp Colubris Management Port
# Gilbert Moineau <gilbert.moineau@colubris.com> May 2002
swr-port 3491/tcp SWR Port
swr-port 3491/udp SWR Port
# Ian Manning <imanning@dtsuk.com> May 2002
tvdumtray-port 3492/tcp TVDUM Tray Port
tvdumtray-port 3492/udp TVDUM Tray Port
# Peter Boers <boers@isisglobal.nl> May 2002
nut 3493/tcp Network UPS Tools
nut 3493/udp Network UPS Tools
# Russell Kroll <nut-iana@exploits.org> May 2002
ibm3494 3494/tcp IBM 3494
ibm3494 3494/udp IBM 3494
# Jeffrey Pilch <jpilch@us.ibm.com>
seclayer-tcp 3495/tcp securitylayer over tcp
seclayer-tcp 3495/udp securitylayer over tcp
seclayer-tls 3496/tcp securitylayer over tls
seclayer-tls 3496/udp securitylayer over tls
# Arno Hollosi <arno.hollosi@cio.gv.at> March 2002
ipether232port 3497/tcp ipEther232Port
ipether232port 3497/udp ipEther232Port
# Marcus Leufgen <leufgen@ipcas.de> May 2002
dashpas-port 3498/tcp DASHPAS user port
dashpas-port 3498/udp DASHPAS user port
# Albrecht Mayer <albrecht.mayer@infineon.com> May 2002
sccip-media 3499/tcp SccIP Media
sccip-media 3499/udp SccIP Media
# David Yon <dyon@dialout.net> May 2002
rtmp-port 3500/tcp RTMP Port
rtmp-port 3500/udp RTMP Port
# Miriam Wohlgelernter <miriamw@adirtech.com>
isoft-p2p 3501/tcp iSoft-P2P
isoft-p2p 3501/udp iSoft-P2P
# David Walling <dwalling@isoft.com>
avinstalldisc 3502/tcp Avocent Install Discovery
avinstalldisc 3502/udp Avocent Install Discovery
# Brian S. Stewart <Brian.Stewart@Avovent.com>
lsp-ping 3503/tcp MPLS LSP-echo Port
lsp-ping 3503/udp MPLS LSP-echo Port
# Ping Pan <pingpan@juniper.net>
ironstorm 3504/tcp IronStorm game server
ironstorm 3504/udp IronStorm game server
# Arnaud Clermonte <clermonte@4xtechnologies.com>
ccmcomm 3505/tcp CCM communications port
ccmcomm 3505/udp CCM communications port
# Tom Bougan <tomb@apptechsys.com>
apc-aem-status 3506/tcp APC Device Status Port
apc-aem-status 3506/udp APC Device Status Port
# Jeffrey B. Collemer <jcolleme@apcc.com>
nesh-broker 3507/tcp Nesh Broker Port
nesh-broker 3507/udp Nesh Broker Port
# Jeremy Maiden <jeremy@komarr.demon.co.uk>
interactionweb 3508/tcp Interaction Web
interactionweb 3508/udp Interaction Web
# Andy Niksch <andyn@inin.com>
vt-ssl 3509/tcp Virtual Token SSL Port
vt-ssl 3509/udp Virtual Token SSL Port
# Libor Sykora <libor.sykora@st.com> May 2002
xss-port 3510/tcp XSS Port
xss-port 3510/udp XSS Port
# Joe Purcell <jpurcell@ensuretech.com> May 2002
webmail-2 3511/tcp WebMail/2
webmail-2 3511/udp WebMail/2
# Dimitris Michelinakis <dimitris@michelinakis.gr> May 2002
aztec 3512/tcp Aztec Distribution Port
aztec 3512/udp Aztec Distribution Port
# Alan Francis <AlanF@zonal.co.uk> May 2002
arcpd 3513/tcp Adaptec Remote Protocol
arcpd 3513/udp Adaptec Remote Protocol
# Hardy Doelfel <hardy_doelfel@adaptec.com> May 2002
must-p2p 3514/tcp MUST Peer to Peer
must-p2p 3514/udp MUST Peer to Peer
must-backplane 3515/tcp MUST Backplane
must-backplane 3515/udp MUST Backplane
# Rick Stefanik <r.stefanik@gatelinx.com> May 2002
smartcard-port 3516/tcp Smartcard Port
smartcard-port 3516/udp Smartcard Port
# Scott Guthery <sguthery@mobile-mind.com> May 2002
802-11-iapp 3517/tcp IEEE 802.11 WLANs WG IAPP
802-11-iapp 3517/udp IEEE 802.11 WLANs WG IAPP
# Stuart J. Kerry (Chair IEEE 802.11 WG)
# <stuart@ok-brit.com> May 2002
artifact-msg 3518/tcp Artifact Message Server
artifact-msg 3518/udp Artifact Message Server
# Ron Capwell <ron@artifactsoftware.com> June 2002
nvmsgd 3519/tcp Netvion Messenger Port
galileo 3519/udp Netvion Galileo Port
galileolog 3520/tcp Netvion Galileo Log Port
galileolog 3520/udp Netvion Galileo Log Port
# Ray Caruso <ray.caruso@netvion.com> June 2002
mc3ss 3521/tcp Telequip Labs MC3SS
mc3ss 3521/udp Telequip Labs MC3SS
# Michael Sparks <msparks@telequiplabs.com> June 2002
nssocketport 3522/tcp DO over NSSocketPort
nssocketport 3522/udp DO over NSSocketPort
# Douglas Davidson <drd@apple.com> June 2002
odeumservlink 3523/tcp Odeum Serverlink
odeumservlink 3523/udp Odeum Serverlink
# Mads Peter Back <iana-contact@webhouse.dk> June 2002
ecmport 3524/tcp ECM Server port
ecmport 3524/udp ECM Server port
eisport 3525/tcp EIS Server port
eisport 3525/udp EIS Server port
# Paul Kraus <paul.kraus@veritas.com> June 2002
starquiz-port 3526/tcp starQuiz Port
starquiz-port 3526/udp starQuiz Port
# Adam Ernst <contact@cosmicsoft.net> June 2002
beserver-msg-q 3527/tcp VERITAS Backup Exec Server
beserver-msg-q 3527/udp VERITAS Backup Exec Server
# Katherine Wattwood <katherine.wattwood@veritas.com> June 2002
jboss-iiop 3528/tcp JBoss IIOP
jboss-iiop 3528/udp JBoss IIOP
jboss-iiop-ssl 3529/tcp JBoss IIOP/SSL
jboss-iiop-ssl 3529/udp JBoss IIOP/SSL
# Francisco Reverbel <reverbel@ime.usp.br> June 2002
gf 3530/tcp Grid Friendly
gf 3530/udp Grid Friendly
# Daivd P. Chassin <david.chassin@pnl.gov> June 2002
joltid 3531/tcp Joltid
joltid 3531/udp Joltid
# Ahti Heinla <ahti@ahti.bluemoon.ee> June 2002
raven-rmp 3532/tcp Raven Remote Management Control
raven-rmp 3532/udp Raven Remote Management Control
raven-rdp 3533/tcp Raven Remote Management Data
raven-rdp 3533/udp Raven Remote Management Data
# Daniel Sorlov <daniel@sorlov.com> June 2002
urld-port 3534/tcp URL Daemon Port
urld-port 3534/udp URL Daemon Port
# Jim Binkley <jrb@cs.pdx.edu> June 2002
ms-la 3535/tcp MS-LA
ms-la 3535/udp MS-LA
# Eric Ledoux <ericle@microsoft.com>
snac 3536/tcp SNAC
snac 3536/udp SNAC
# Tatsuya Igarashi <Tatsuya.Igarashi@jp.sony.com> July 2002
ni-visa-remote 3537/tcp Remote NI-VISA port
ni-visa-remote 3537/udp Remote NI-VISA port
# Sinnadurai Dharshan <sinnadurai.dharshan@ni.com> July 2002
ibm-diradm 3538/tcp IBM Directory Server
ibm-diradm 3538/udp IBM Directory Server
ibm-diradm-ssl 3539/tcp IBM Directory Server SSL
ibm-diradm-ssl 3539/udp IBM Directory Server SSL
# Mark Cavage <mcavage@us.ibm.com> July 2002
pnrp-port 3540/tcp PNRP User Port
pnrp-port 3540/udp PNRP User Port
# Igor Kostic <igorko@microsoft.com> July 2002
voispeed-port 3541/tcp VoiSpeed Port
voispeed-port 3541/udp VoiSpeed Port
# Virgilio Lattanzi <virgilio@harpax.com> July 2002
hacl-monitor 3542/tcp HA cluster monitor
hacl-monitor 3542/udp HA cluster monitor
# Jason Ko <jason_ko@hp.com> July 2002
qftest-lookup 3543/tcp qftest Lookup Port
qftest-lookup 3543/udp qftest Lookup Port
# Gregor Schmid <gs@qfs.de> July 2002
teredo 3544/tcp Teredo Port
teredo 3544/udp Teredo Port
# Dave Thaler <dthaler@microsoft.com> July 2002
camac 3545/tcp CAMAC equipment
camac 3545/udp CAMAC equipment
# Eugene Zhiganov <zed@dfe3300.karelia.ru> July 2002
# 3546 Unassigned (removed September 2002)
symantec-sim 3547/tcp Symantec SIM
symantec-sim 3547/udp Symantec SIM
# George Dzieciol <gdzieciol@symantec.com> July 2002
interworld 3548/tcp Interworld
interworld 3548/udp Interworld
# John Stephen <iana@mundocani.com> July 2002
tellumat-nms 3549/tcp Tellumat MDR NMS
tellumat-nms 3549/udp Tellumat MDR NMS
# Hennie van der Merwe <hvandermerwe@tellumat.com> July 2002
ssmpp 3550/tcp Secure SMPP
ssmpp 3550/udp Secure SMPP
# Cormac Long <webmaster@smsforum.net> July 2002
apcupsd 3551/tcp Apcupsd Information Port
apcupsd 3551/udp Apcupsd Information Port
# Riccardo Facchetti <riccardo@inetcosmos.org> July 2002
taserver 3552/tcp TeamAgenda Server Port
taserver 3552/udp TeamAgenda Server Port
# Dany Ayotte <ayotte@teamsoft.com> July 2002
rbr-discovery 3553/tcp Red Box Recorder ADP
rbr-discovery 3553/udp Red Box Recorder ADP
# Simon Jolly <simon.jolly@origin-data.co.uk> July 2002
questnotify 3554/tcp Quest Notification Server
questnotify 3554/udp Quest Notification Server
# Rob Griffin <quest_iana@oz.quest.com> July 2002
razor 3555/tcp Vipul's Razor
razor 3555/udp Vipul's Razor
# Vipul Ved Prakash <mail@vipul.net> July 2002
sky-transport 3556/tcp Sky Transport Protocol
sky-transport 3556/udp Sky Transport Protocol
# Michael Paddon <michael.paddon@activesky.com> July 2002
personalos-001 3557/tcp PersonalOS Comm Port
personalos-001 3557/udp PersonalOS Comm Port
# Shane Roberts <shane@shaneroberts.com> July 2002
mcp-port 3558/tcp MCP user port
mcp-port 3558/udp MCP user port
# Professor Paul S. Wang <pwang@cs.kent.edu> July 2002
cctv-port 3559/tcp CCTV control port
cctv-port 3559/udp CCTV control port
# Raymond Lyons <rlyons@vicon-cctv.com> July 2002
iniserve-port 3560/tcp INIServe port
iniserve-port 3560/udp INIServe port
# Peter Moylan <peter@ee.newcastle.edu.au> August 2002
bmc-onekey 3561/tcp BMC-OneKey
bmc-onekey 3561/udp BMC-OneKey
# Alon Tam <alon_tam@bmc.com> August 2002
sdbproxy 3562/tcp SDBProxy
sdbproxy 3562/udp SDBProxy
# Eric Grange <egrange@creative-it.net> August 2002
watcomdebug 3563/tcp Watcom Debug
watcomdebug 3563/udp Watcom Debug
# Dave Neudoerffer <Dave.Neudoerffer@ianywhere.com>
esimport 3564/tcp Electromed SIM port
esimport 3564/udp Electromed SIM port
# Francois Marchand <francois.marchand@electromed.com> August 2002
m2pa 3565/tcp M2PA
m2pa 3565/sctp M2PA
# Tom George <Tom.George@alcatel.com> May 2002
qsintelliagent 3566/tcp Quest Intelliagent
qsintelliagent 3566/udp Quest Intelliagent
# Bruce Crosgrove <quest_iana@oz.quest.com> April 2002
emware-oft 3567/tcp emWare OFT Services
emware-oft 3567/udp emWare OFT Services
# Bryant Eastham <beastham@emware.com> August 2002
emware-epss 3568/tcp emWare EMIT/Secure
emware-epss 3568/udp emWare EMIT/Secure
# Bryant Eastham <beastham@emware.com> January 2003
mbg-ctrl 3569/tcp Meinberg Control Service
mbg-ctrl 3569/udp Meinberg Control Service
# Martin Burnicki <martin.burnicki@meinberg.de> August 2002
mccwebsvr-port 3570/tcp MCC Web Server Port
mccwebsvr-port 3570/udp MCC Web Server Port
megardsvr-port 3571/tcp MegaRAID Server Port
megardsvr-port 3571/udp MegaRAID Server Port
megaregsvrport 3572/tcp Registration Server Port
megaregsvrport 3572/udp Registration Server Port
# Sreenivas Bagalkote <sreenib@lsil.com> August 2002
tag-ups-1 3573/tcp Advantage Group UPS Suite
tag-ups-1 3573/udp Advantage Group UPS Suite
# James Goddard <jamesg@taglim.com> August 2002
dmaf-server 3574/tcp DMAF Server
dmaf-caster 3574/udp DMAF Caster
# Ramakrishna Nadendla <rama_nadendla@agilent.com> August 2002
ccm-port 3575/tcp Coalsere CCM Port
ccm-port 3575/udp Coalsere CCM Port
cmc-port 3576/tcp Coalsere CMC Port
cmc-port 3576/udp Coalsere CMC Port
# Chris Hawkinson <chawkinson@coalsere.com> August 2002
config-port 3577/tcp Configuration Port
config-port 3577/udp Configuration Port
data-port 3578/tcp Data Port
data-port 3578/udp Data Port
# Anupam Bharali <abharali@peribit.com> August 2002
ttat3lb 3579/tcp Tarantella Load Balancing
ttat3lb 3579/udp Tarantella Load Balancing
# Jim Musgrave <jimm@tarantella.com> August 2002
nati-svrloc 3580/tcp NATI-ServiceLocator
nati-svrloc 3580/udp NATI-ServiceLocator
# Jason Case <jason.case@ni.com> August 2002
kfxaclicensing 3581/tcp Ascent Capture Licensing
kfxaclicensing 3581/udp Ascent Capture Licensing
# Brad Hamilton <brad_hamilton@kofax.com> August 2002
press 3582/tcp PEG PRESS Server
press 3582/udp PEG PRESS Server
# Jim DeLisle <jdelisle@swellsoftware.com> August 2002
canex-watch 3583/tcp CANEX Watch System
canex-watch 3583/udp CANEX Watch System
# Peter Kollath <peter.kollath@canex.sk> August 2002
u-dbap 3584/tcp U-DBase Access Protocol
u-dbap 3584/udp U-DBase Access Protocol
# Bodo Rueskamp <br@clabsms.de> August 2002
emprise-lls 3585/tcp Emprise License Server
emprise-lls 3585/udp Emprise License Server
emprise-lsc 3586/tcp License Server Console
emprise-lsc 3586/udp License Server Console
# James J. Diaz <JDiaz@EmpriseCorporation.com> August 2002
p2pgroup 3587/tcp Peer to Peer Grouping
p2pgroup 3587/udp Peer to Peer Grouping
# Igor Kostic <igorko@microsoft.com> August 2002
sentinel 3588/tcp Sentinel Server
sentinel 3588/udp Sentinel Server
# Ian Gordon <ian.s.gordon@btopenworld.com> August 2002
isomair 3589/tcp isomair
isomair 3589/udp isomair
# Richard Fleming <richard@apoapsis.com> August 2002
wv-csp-sms 3590/tcp WV CSP SMS Binding
wv-csp-sms 3590/udp WV CSP SMS Binding
# Matti Salmi <matti.salmi@nokia.com> August 2002
gtrack-server 3591/tcp LOCANIS G-TRACK Server
gtrack-server 3591/udp LOCANIS G-TRACK Server
gtrack-ne 3592/tcp LOCANIS G-TRACK NE Port
gtrack-ne 3592/udp LOCANIS G-TRACK NE Port
# Juergen.Edelhaeuser <Juergen.Edelhaeuser@locanis.com> August 2002
bpmd 3593/tcp BP Model Debugger
bpmd 3593/udp BP Model Debugger
# Keith Fligg <keith@projtech.com> September 2002
mediaspace 3594/tcp MediaSpace
mediaspace 3594/udp MediaSpace
shareapp 3595/tcp ShareApp
shareapp 3595/udp ShareApp
# Jeff King <jking@wave3software.com> September 2002
iw-mmogame 3596/tcp Illusion Wireless MMOG
iw-mmogame 3596/udp Illusion Wireless MMOG
# Jan Vrsinsky <jan.vrsinsky@illusionsoftworks.com> September 2002
a14 3597/tcp A14 (AN-to-SC/MM)
a14 3597/udp A14 (AN-to-SC/MM)
a15 3598/tcp A15 (AN-to-AN)
a15 3598/udp A15 (AN-to-AN)
# David Ott <dott@qualcomm.com> September 2002
quasar-server 3599/tcp Quasar Accounting Server
quasar-server 3599/udp Quasar Accounting Server
# Brad Pepers <brad@linuxcanada.com> September 2002
trap-daemon 3600/tcp text relay-answer
trap-daemon 3600/udp text relay-answer
# John Willis <jwillis@arielusa.com> September 2002
visinet-gui 3601/tcp Visinet Gui
visinet-gui 3601/udp Visinet Gui
# Jeff Douglass <ist@att.net> September 2002
infiniswitchcl 3602/tcp InfiniSwitch Mgr Client
infiniswitchcl 3602/udp InfiniSwitch Mgr Client
# Lee VanTine <lvantine@infiniswitc.com> September 2002
int-rcv-cntrl 3603/tcp Integrated Rcvr Control
int-rcv-cntrl 3603/udp Integrated Rcvr Control
# Dave Stone <dstone01@harris.com> September 2002
bmc-jmx-port 3604/tcp BMC JMX Port
bmc-jmx-port 3604/udp BMC JMX Port
# Mike Behne <Mike_Behne@bmc.com> September 2002
comcam-io 3605/tcp ComCam IO Port
comcam-io 3605/udp ComCam IO Port
# Don Gilbreath <don@comcam.net> September 2002
splitlock 3606/tcp Splitlock Server
splitlock 3606/udp Splitlock Server
# Andrew Tune <Andrew.Tune@splitlock.com> September 2002
precise-i3 3607/tcp Precise I3
precise-i3 3607/udp Precise I3
# Tomer Shain <tshain@precise.com> September 2002
trendchip-dcp 3608/tcp Trendchip control protocol
trendchip-dcp 3608/udp Trendchip control protocol
# Ming-Jen Chen <mjchen@trendchip.com.tw> September 2002
cpdi-pidas-cm 3609/tcp CPDI PIDAS Connection Mon
cpdi-pidas-cm 3609/udp CPDI PIDAS Connection Mon
# Tony Splaver <tony@cpdi.com> September 2002
echonet 3610/tcp ECHONET
echonet 3610/udp ECHONET
# Takeshi Saito <takeshi.saito@toshiba.co.jp> September 2002
six-degrees 3611/tcp Six Degrees Port
six-degrees 3611/udp Six Degrees Port
# Dan Hansen <dhansen@dimensional.com> September 2002
hp-dataprotect 3612/tcp HP Data Protector
hp-dataprotect 3612/udp HP Data Protector
# Stephen Gold <stephen_gold@hp.com> September 2002
alaris-disc 3613/tcp Alaris Device Discovery
alaris-disc 3613/udp Alaris Device Discovery
# Chris McAllen <cmcallen@alarismed.com> October 2002
sigma-port 3614/tcp Invensys Sigma Port
sigma-port 3614/udp Invensys Sigma Port
# Dr. Sajed Husein <sajed.husein@invensys.com> October 2002
start-network 3615/tcp Start Messaging Network
start-network 3615/udp Start Messaging Network
# Peter Rocca <rocca@multiboard.com> October 2002
cd3o-protocol 3616/tcp cd3o Control Protocol
cd3o-protocol 3616/udp cd3o Control Protocol
# Chris Wilcox <cwilcox@cd3o.com> October 2002
sharp-server 3617/tcp ATI SHARP Logic Engine
sharp-server 3617/udp ATI SHARP Logic Engine
# Bill Reveile <Bill@allentek.com>
aairnet-1 3618/tcp AAIR-Network 1
aairnet-1 3618/udp AAIR-Network 1
aairnet-2 3619/tcp AAIR-Network 2
aairnet-2 3619/udp AAIR-Network 2
# James Mealey <jymealey@yahoo.com> October 2002
ep-pcp 3620/tcp EPSON Projector Control Port
ep-pcp 3620/udp EPSON Projector Control Port
ep-nsp 3621/tcp EPSON Network Screen Port
ep-nsp 3621/udp EPSON Network Screen Port
# SEIKO EPSON <Sato.Minoru3@exc.epson.co.jp> October 2002
ff-lr-port 3622/tcp FF LAN Redundancy Port
ff-lr-port 3622/udp FF LAN Redundancy Port
# Fieldbus Foundation <dave.glanzer@fieldbus.org> October 2002
haipe-discover 3623/tcp HAIPIS Dynamic Discovery
haipe-discover 3623/udp HAIPIS Dynamic Discovery
# Mike Irani <irani_mike@bah.com> October 2002
dist-upgrade 3624/tcp Distributed Upgrade Port
dist-upgrade 3624/udp Distributed Upgrade Port
# Jason Schoon <jason.schoon@intermec.com> October 2002
volley 3625/tcp Volley
volley 3625/udp Volley
# David Catmull <uncommon@uncommonplace.com> October 2002
bvcdaemon-port 3626/tcp bvControl Daemon
bvcdaemon-port 3626/udp bvControl Daemon
# Ravi Gokhale <rgokhale@bindview.com> October 2002
jamserverport 3627/tcp Jam Server Port
jamserverport 3627/udp Jam Server Port
# Art Pope <apope@sarnoff.com> October 2002
ept-machine 3628/tcp EPT Machine Interface
ept-machine 3628/udp EPT Machine Interface
# Victor H. Farrace <vfarrace@eaglept.com> October 2002
escvpnet 3629/tcp ESC/VP.net
escvpnet 3629/udp ESC/VP.net
# Hiroyuki Hashimoto <easymp@exc.epson.co.jp> October 2002
cs-remote-db 3630/tcp C&S Remote Database Port
cs-remote-db 3630/udp C&S Remote Database Port
cs-services 3631/tcp C&S Web Services Port
cs-services 3631/udp C&S Web Services Port
# Computer Software GmbH <BrunoRistok@cs-ag.de> October 2002
distcc 3632/tcp distributed compiler
distcc 3632/udp distributed complier
# Martin Pool <mbp@samba.org> November 2002
wacp 3633/tcp Wyrnix AIS port
wacp 3633/udp Wyrnix AIS port
# Harry T. Vennik <htvennik@zonnet.nl> November 2002
hlibmgr 3634/tcp hNTSP Library Manager
hlibmgr 3634/udp hNTSP Library Manager
# Kenji Tetsuyama <kenji@onkyo.co.jp> November 2002
sdo 3635/tcp Simple Distributed Objects
sdo 3635/udp Simple Distributed Objects
# Alexander Philippou <alex@noemax.com> November 2002
opscenter 3636/tcp OpsCenter
opscenter 3636/udp OpsCenter
# Ralph Campbell <ralph.campbell@xasystems.com> November 2002
scservp 3637/tcp Customer Service Port
scservp 3637/udp Customer Service Port
# Jonathan A. Zdziarski <johathan@networkdweebs.com> November 2002
ehp-backup 3638/tcp EHP Backup Protocol
ehp-backup 3638/udp EHP Backup Protocol
# Ed Fair <ed_fair@yahoo.com> November 2002
xap-ha 3639/tcp Extensible Automation
xap-ha 3639/udp Extensible Automation
# Mark Harrison <Mark@xapautomation.org> November 2002
netplay-port1 3640/tcp Netplay Port 1
netplay-port1 3640/udp Netplay Port 1
netplay-port2 3641/tcp Netplay Port 2
netplay-port2 3641/udp Netplay Port 2
# Predrag Filipovic <pfilipovic@digital5.com> November 2002
juxml-port 3642/tcp Juxml Replication port
juxml-port 3642/udp Juxml Replication port
# Colin Reid <creid@projux.com> November 2002
audiojuggler 3643/tcp AudioJuggler
audiojuggler 3643/udp AudioJuggler
# Morten Mertner <mm@audiojuggler.com> November 2002
ssowatch 3644/tcp ssowatch
ssowatch 3644/udp ssowatch
# Stephane Vinsot <vinsot@enatel.com> November 2002
cyc 3645/tcp Cyc
cyc 3645/udp Cyc
# Stephen Reed <reed@cyc.com> January 2003
xss-srv-port 3646/tcp XSS Server Port
xss-srv-port 3646/udp XSS Server Port
# Joe Purcell <jpurcell@ensuretech.com> January 2003
splitlock-gw 3647/tcp Splitlock Gateway
splitlock-gw 3647/udp Splitlock Gateway
# Andrew Tune <Andrew.Tune@splitlock.com> January 2003
fjcp 3648/tcp Fujitsu Cooperation Port
fjcp 3648/udp Fujitsu Cooperation Port
# Kouji Sugisawa <sugisawa.kouji@soft.fujitsu.com> January 2003
nmmp 3649/tcp Nishioka Miyuki Msg Protocol
nmmp 3649/udp Nishioka Miyuki Msg Protocol
# TAKEDA Hiroyuki <takeda@atashi.net> January 2003
prismiq-plugin 3650/tcp PRISMIQ VOD plug-in
prismiq-plugin 3650/udp PRISMIQ VOD plug-in
# Richard Hodges <rhodges@prismiq.com> January 2003
xrpc-registry 3651/tcp XRPC Registry
xrpc-registry 3651/udp XRPC Registry
# Slava Monich <Slava.Monich@nokia.com> January 2003
vxcrnbuport 3652/tcp VxCR NBU Default Port
vxcrnbuport 3652/udp VxCR NBU Default Port
# Boris Star <boris.star@veritas.com> January 2003
tsp 3653/tcp Tunnel Setup Protocol
tsp 3653/udp Tunnel Setup Protocol
# Marc Blanchet <Marc.Blanchet@viagenie.qc.ca> January 2003
vaprtm 3654/tcp VAP RealTime Messenger
vaprtm 3654/udp VAP RealTime Messenger
# Boris Polevoy <vapcom@mail.ru> January 2003
abatemgr 3655/tcp ActiveBatch Exec Agent
abatemgr 3655/udp ActiveBatch Exec Agent
abatjss 3656/tcp ActiveBatch Job Scheduler
abatjss 3656/udp ActiveBatch Job Scheduler
# Ben Rosenberg <brosenberg@advsyscon.com> January 2003
immedianet-bcn 3657/tcp ImmediaNet Beacon
immedianet-bcn 3657/udp ImmediaNet Beacon
# Bill Homan <bhoman@spanworks.com> January 2003
ps-ams 3658/tcp PlayStation AMS (Secure)
ps-ams 3658/udp PlayStation AMS (Secure)
# Edgar Alan Tu <Edgar_Tu@playstation.sony.com> January 2003
apple-sasl 3659/tcp Apple SASL
apple-sasl 3659/udp Apple SASL
# David M. O'Rourke <daveo@apple.com> January 2003
can-nds-ssl 3660/tcp Candle Directory Services using SSL
can-nds-ssl 3660/udp Candle Directory Services using SSL
can-ferret-ssl 3661/tcp Candle Directory Services using SSL
can-ferret-ssl 3661/udp Candle Directory Services using SSL
# Nic Catrambone <Nic_Catrambond@candle.com> January 2003
pserver 3662/tcp pserver
pserver 3662/udp pserver
# Patrick Furlong <pfurlong@darkknight.ca> January 2003
dtp 3663/tcp DIRECWAY Tunnel Protocol
dtp 3663/udp DIRECWAY Tunnel Protocol
# Greg Gee <ggee@hns.com> January 2003
ups-engine 3664/tcp UPS Engine Port
ups-engine 3664/udp UPS Engine Port
ent-engine 3665/tcp Enterprise Engine Port
ent-engine 3665/udp Enterprise Engine Port
# Mike Delgrosso <mdelgros@tripplite.com> January 2003
eserver-pap 3666/tcp IBM eServer PAP
eserver-pap 3666/udp IBM EServer PAP
# Dave Gimpl <gimpl@us.ibm.com> January 2003
infoexch 3667/tcp IBM Information Exchange
infoexch 3667/udp IBM Information Exchange
# Paul Ford-Hutchinson <paulfordh@uk.ibm.com> January 2003
dell-rm-port 3668/tcp Dell Remote Management
dell-rm-port 3668/udp Dell Remote Management
# Bradley Bransom <bradley_bransom@dell.com> January 2003
casanswmgmt 3669/tcp CA SAN Switch Management
casanswmgmt 3669/udp CA SAN Switch Management
# Emre Tunar <emre.tunar@ca.com> January 2003
smile 3670/tcp SMILE TCP/UDP Interface
smile 3670/udp SMILE TCP/UDP Interface
# Andre Petras <A_Petras@web.de> January 2003
efcp 3671/tcp e Field Control (EIBnet)
efcp 3671/udp e Field Control (EIBnet)
# Marc Goossens <mgoossens@eiba.com> January 2003
lispworks-orb 3672/tcp LispWorks ORB
lispworks-orb 3672/udp LispWorks ORB
# Lisp Support <lisp-support@xanalys.com>
mediavault-gui 3673/tcp Openview Media Vault GUI
mediavault-gui 3673/udp Openview Media Vault GUI
# Stephen Gold <stephen_gold@hp.com> January 2003
wininstall-ipc 3674/tcp WinINSTALL IPC Port
wininstall-ipc 3674/udp WinINSTALL IPC Port
# Bill Somerville <Bill.Somerville@OnDemandSoftware.com> January 2003
calltrax 3675/tcp CallTrax Data Port
calltrax 3675/udp CallTrax Data Port
# Oliver Bailey [list=1] January 2003
va-pacbase 3676/tcp VisualAge Pacbase server
va-pacbase 3676/udp VisualAge Pacbase server
# Dominique Lelievre <dominique.lelievre@fr.ibm.com> January 2003
roverlog 3677/tcp RoverLog IPC
roverlog 3677/udp RoverLog IPC
# Tom Mayo <tmayo1@rochester.rr.com> January 2003
ipr-dglt 3678/tcp DataGuardianLT
ipr-dglt 3678/udp DataGuardianLT
# Bruce Carlson <bruce.carlson@iprintl.com> January 2003
newton-dock 3679/tcp Newton Dock
newton-dock 3679/udp Newton Dock
npds-tracker 3680/tcp NPDS Tracker
npds-tracker 3680/udp NPDS Tracker
# Paul Guyot <pguyot@kallisys.net> January 2003
bts-x73 3681/tcp BTS X73 Port
bts-x73 3681/udp BTS X73 Port
# Todd Cooper <todd@DO11073.com> January 2003
cas-mapi 3682/tcp EMC SmartPackets-MAPI
cas-mapi 3682/udp EMC SmartPackets-MAPI
# Koen Schoofs <schoofs_koen@emc.com> January 2003
bmc-ea 3683/tcp BMC EDV/EA
bmc-ea 3683/udp BMC EDV/EA
# Jeffrey Glanz <jeffrey_glanz@bmc.com> January 2003
faxstfx-port 3684/tcp FAXstfX
faxstfx-port 3684/udp FAXstfX
# Alec Carlson <acarlson@smithmicro.com> January 2003
dsx-agent 3685/tcp DS Expert Agent
dsx-agent 3685/udp DS Expert Agent
# NetPro Computing <ports@netpro.com> January 2003
tnmpv2 3686/tcp Trivial Network Management
tnmpv2 3686/udp Trivial Network Management
# Andrea Premoli <Andrea_maria.Premoli@icn.siemens.it> January 2003
simple-push 3687/tcp simple-push
simple-push 3687/udp simple-push
simple-push-s 3688/tcp simple-push Secure
simple-push-s 3688/udp simple-push Secure
# C. Enrique Ortiz <eortiz@j2medeveloper.com> January 2003
njp 3689/tcp Network Jukebox Protocol
njp 3689/udp Network Jukebox Protocol
# Amandeep Jawa <deep@apple.com> January 2003
svn 3690/tcp Subversion
svn 3690/udp Subversion
# Greg Hudson <ghudson@mit.edu> January 2003
magaya-network 3691/tcp Magaya Network Port
magaya-network 3691/udp Magaya Network Port
# Jesus David Rodriguez <jesusdavid@magaya.com> February 2003
intelsync 3692/tcp Brimstone IntelSync
intelsync 3692/udp Brimstone IntelSync
# Davey Taylor <davey.taylor@brimstone.net> February 2003
gttp 3693/tcp GTTP
gttp 3693/udp GTTP
vpncpp 3694/tcp VPN Cookie Prop Protocol
vpncpp 3694/udp VPN Cookie Prop Protocol
# Rondald P. Bonica <Ronald.P.Bonica@wcom.com> February 2003
bmc-data-coll 3695/tcp BMC Data Collection
bmc-data-coll 3695/udp BMC Data Collection
# Randall De Weerd <rdeweerd@bmc.com> February 2003
telnetcpcd 3696/tcp Telnet Com Port Control
telnetcpcd 3696/udp Telnet Com Port Control
# Thomas J. Pinkl <tom@hbsrx.com> February 2003
nw-license 3697/tcp NavisWorks License System
nw-license 3697/udp NavisWorks Licnese System
# Tim Wiegand <tim.wiegand@navisworks.com> February 2003
sagectlpanel 3698/tcp SAGECTLPANEL
sagectlpanel 3698/udp SAGECTLPANEL
# Mark Gamble <mark.gamble@sage.com> February 2003
kpn-icw 3699/tcp Internet Call Waiting
kpn-icw 3699/udp Internet Call Waiting
# B.J. Kortekaas <b.j.kortekaas@kpn.com> February 2003
lrs-paging 3700/tcp LRS NetPage
lrs-paging 3700/udp LRS NetPage
# Geoffrey Wossum <geoffrey@pager.net> February 2003
netcelera 3701/tcp NetCelera
netcelera 3701/udp NetCelera
# Tarek Nabhan <standards@itworx.com> February 2003
upnp-discovery 3702/tcp UPNP v2 Discovery
upnp-discovery 3702/udp UPNP v2 Discovery
# Christian Huitema <huitema@microsoft.com> February 2003
adobeserver-3 3703/tcp Adobe Server 3
adobeserver-3 3703/udp Adobe Server 3
adobeserver-4 3704/tcp Adobe Server 4
adobeserver-4 3704/udp Adobe Server 4
adobeserver-5 3705/tcp Adobe Server 5
adobeserver-5 3705/udp Adobe Server 5
# Frank Soetebeer <frsoeteb@adobe.com> January 2003
rt-event 3706/tcp Real-Time Event Port
rt-event 3706/udp Real-Time Event Port
rt-event-s 3707/tcp Real-Time Event Secure Port
rt-event-s 3707/udp Real-Time Event Secure Port
# Terry Gin <terry_gin@inter-tel.com> February 2003
# 3708 Unassigned
ca-idms 3709/tcp CA-IDMS Server
ca-idms 3709/udp CA-IDMS Server
# Dave Ross <david.ross@ca.com>
portgate-auth 3710/tcp PortGate Authentication
portgate-auth 3710/udp PortGate Authentication
# Scott Harris <Scott@XRamp.com> February 2003
edb-server2 3711/tcp EBD Server 2
edb-server2 3711/udp EBD Server 2
# Carlos Portela <cportela@simple-sw.com> February 2003
sentinel-ent 3712/tcp Sentinel Enterprise
sentinel-ent 3712/udp Sentinel Enterprise
# Ian Gordon <ian@n-genltd.co.uk> March 2003
tftps 3713/tcp TFTP over TLS
tftps 3713/udp TFTP over TLS
# Mark mayernick <Mark.Mayernick@thomson.net> March 2003
delos-dms 3714/tcp DELOS Direct Messaging
delos-dms 3714/udp DELOS Direct Messaging
# Ekkehard Morgenstern <flnca@gmx.de> March 2003
anoto-rendezv 3715/tcp Anoto Rendezvous Port
anoto-rendezv 3715/udp Anoto Rendezvous Port
# Ola Sandstrom [list=1] March 2003
wv-csp-sms-cir 3716/tcp WV CSP SMS CIR Channel
wv-csp-sms-cir 3716/udp WV CSP SMS CIR Channel
wv-csp-udp-cir 3717/tcp WV CSP UDP/IP CIR Channel
wv-csp-udp-cir 3717/udp WV CSP UDP/IP CIR Channel
# Jon Ingi Ingimundarson <jii@oz.com> March 2003
opus-services 3718/tcp OPUS Server Port
opus-services 3718/udp OPUS Server Port
# Detlef Stoever <mail@ivotec.com> March 2003
itelserverport 3719/tcp iTel Server Port
itelserverport 3719/udp iTel Server Port
# Mark Hendricks <markah@copper.net> March 2003
ufastro-instr 3720/tcp UF Astro. Instr. Services
ufastro-instr 3720/udp UF Astro. Instr. Services
# David B. Hon <hon@astro.ufl.edu> March 2003
xsync 3721/tcp Xsync
xsync 3721/udp Xsync
xserveraid 3722/tcp Xserver RAID
xserveraid 3722/udp Xserver RAID
# Bob Bradley <bradley@apple.com> March 2003
sychrond 3723/tcp Sychron Service Daemon
sychrond 3723/udp Sychron Service Daemon
# Robert Marinelli <bob@sychron.com> March 2003
battlenet 3724/tcp Blizzard Battlenet
battlenet 3724/udp Blizzard Battlenet
# Adrian Luff <aluff@blizzard.com> March 2003
# 3725-3736 Unassigned
# 3737 Unassigned (Removed 2003-02-26)
# 3738-3801 Unassigned
vhd 3802/tcp VHD
vhd 3802/udp VHD
# Chris Duncombe <cdunc@intoo.com>
# 3803-3844 Unassigned
v-one-spp 3845/tcp V-ONE Single Port Proxy
v-one-spp 3845/udp V-ONE Single Port Proxy
# Daniel Becker <dbecker@v-one.com>
# 3846-3860 Unassigned
winshadow-hd 3861/tcp winShadow Host Discovery
winshadow-hd 3861/udp winShadow Host Discovery
# Shu-Wei Tan <stan@omnicomtech.com> March 2003
giga-pocket 3862/tcp GIGA-POCKET
giga-pocket 3862/udp GIGA-POCKET
# Yoshikazu Watanabe <nabe@sm.sony.co.jp>
# 3863-3874 Unassigned
pnbscada 3875/tcp PNBSCADA
pnbscada 3875/udp PNBSCADA
# Philip N. Bergstresser <phil@bergstresser.org>
# 3876-3884 Unassigned
topflow-ssl 3885/tcp TopFlow SSL
topflow-ssl 3885/udp TopFlow SSL
# Ken Nelson <nelson@TopLayer.com>
# 3886-3899 Unassigned
udt_os 3900/tcp Unidata UDT OS
udt_os 3900/udp Unidata UDT OS
# James Powell <james@mailhost.unidata.com>
# 3901-3938 Unassigned
aamp 3939/tcp Anti-virus Application Management Port
aamp 3939/udp Anti-virus Application Management Port
# In-sik Choi <iscard@virusdesk.com> February 2002
# 3940-3983 Unassigned
mapper-nodemgr 3984/tcp MAPPER network node manager
mapper-nodemgr 3984/udp MAPPER network node manager
mapper-mapethd 3985/tcp MAPPER TCP/IP server
mapper-mapethd 3985/udp MAPPER TCP/IP server
mapper-ws_ethd 3986/tcp MAPPER workstation server
mapper-ws_ethd 3986/udp MAPPER workstation server
# John C. Horton <jch@unirsvl.rsvl.unisys.com>
centerline 3987/tcp Centerline
centerline 3987/udp Centerline
# Mark Simpson <simpson@centerline.com>
# 3988-3999 Unassigned
terabase 4000/tcp Terabase
terabase 4000/udp Terabase
# Thor Olson <Thor@terabase.com>

####### Potential Conflict of ports ################################
####### PORT 4000 also used by ICQ <www.icq.com> ###################
newoak 4001/tcp NewOak
newoak 4001/udp NewOak
# Jim Philippou <jphilippou@newoak.com>
pxc-spvr-ft 4002/tcp pxc-spvr-ft
pxc-spvr-ft 4002/udp pxc-spvr-ft
pxc-splr-ft 4003/tcp pxc-splr-ft
pxc-splr-ft 4003/udp pxc-splr-ft
pxc-roid 4004/tcp pxc-roid
pxc-roid 4004/udp pxc-roid
pxc-pin 4005/tcp pxc-pin
pxc-pin 4005/udp pxc-pin
pxc-spvr 4006/tcp pxc-spvr
pxc-spvr 4006/udp pxc-spvr
pxc-splr 4007/tcp pxc-splr
pxc-splr 4007/udp pxc-splr
# Dave Nesbitt <nesbitt@cp10.es.xerox.com>
netcheque 4008/tcp NetCheque accounting
netcheque 4008/udp NetCheque accounting
# B. Clifford Neuman <bcn@isi.edu>
chimera-hwm 4009/tcp Chimera HWM
chimera-hwm 4009/udp Chimera HWM
# Ken Anderson <kanderso@kleber.ICS.UCI.EDU>
samsung-unidex 4010/tcp Samsung Unidex
samsung-unidex 4010/udp Samsung Unidex
# Konstantin V. Vyaznikov <kv@ssm6000.samsung.ru>
altserviceboot 4011/tcp Alternate Service Boot
altserviceboot 4011/udp Alternate Service Boot
# Eric Dittert <Eric_Dittert@ccm.jf.intel.com>
pda-gate 4012/tcp PDA Gate
pda-gate 4012/udp PDA Gate
# Masakuni Okada <masakuni@jp.ibm.com>
acl-manager 4013/tcp ACL Manager
acl-manager 4013/udp ACL Manager
# Toru Murai <murai@saint.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
taiclock 4014/tcp TAICLOCK
taiclock 4014/udp TAICLOCK
# Dan Bernstein <djb@koobera.math.uic.edu>
talarian-mcast1 4015/tcp Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast1 4015/udp Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast2 4016/tcp Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast2 4016/udp Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast3 4017/tcp Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast3 4017/udp Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast4 4018/tcp Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast4 4018/udp Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast5 4019/tcp Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast5 4019/udp Talarian Mcast
# Geoff Mendal <mendal@talarian.com>
trap 4020/tcp TRAP Port
trap 4020/udp TRAP Port
# Jeffrey C. Byrd <admin@vspacegroup.com>
nexus-portal 4021/tcp Nexus Portal
nexus-portal 4021/udp Nexus Portal
# Damian Tarnawsky <support@nexusconcepts.com>
dnox 4022/tcp DNOX
dnox 4022/udp DNOX
# Leo Rathnayake <leo@perlnet.com>
esnm-zoning 4023/tcp ESNM Zoning Port
esnm-zoning 4023/udp ESNM Zoning Port
# Yong Cai <ycai@emc.com>
tnp1-port 4024/tcp TNP1 User Port
tnp1-port 4024/udp TNP1 User Port
# Tony Gibbs <tony.gibbs@europe.simoco.com>
partimage 4025/tcp Partition Image Port
partimage 4025/udp Partition Image Port
# Franck Ladurelle <ladurelf@partimage.org>
as-debug 4026/tcp Graphical Debug Server
as-debug 4026/udp Graphical Debug Server
# Steve Halverson <shalver@us.ibm.com>
bxp 4027/tcp bitxpress
bxp 4027/udp bitxpress
# Morgan Doyle <morgan@mpt.ie>
dtserver-port 4028/tcp DTServer Port
dtserver-port 4028/udp DTServer Port
# Stephen Aikins <stephen.aikins@embarcadero.com>
ip-qsig 4029/tcp IP Q signaling protocol
ip-qsig 4029/udp IP Q signaling protocol
# Toru Tachibana <tatibana@exs.ts.fujitsu.co.jp>
jdmn-port 4030/tcp Accell/JSP Daemon Port
jdmn-port 4030/udp Accell/JSP Daemon Port
# Art Grand <aig@unify.com>
suucp 4031/tcp UUCP over SSL
suucp 4031/udp UUCP over SSL
# Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>
vrts-auth-port 4032/tcp VERITAS Authorization Service
vrts-auth-port 4032/udp VERITAS Authorization Service
# Stefan Winkel <stefan@veritas.com>
sanavigator 4033/tcp SANavigator Peer Port
sanavigator 4033/udp SANavigator Peer Port
# Robert J. Chansler <rchansler@SANavigator.com>
ubxd 4034/tcp Ubiquinox Daemon
ubxd 4034/udp Ubiquinox Daemon
# Kit Smithers <ksmithers@argogroup.com>
wap-push-http 4035/tcp WAP Push OTA-HTTP port
wap-push-http 4035/udp WAP Push OTA-HTTP port
wap-push-https 4036/tcp WAP Push OTA-HTTP secure
wap-push-https 4036/udp WAP Push OTA-HTTP secure
# Matthieu Lachance
# <matthieu.lachance@openwave.com>
# 4037-4039 Unassigned
yo-main 4040/tcp Yo.net main service
yo-main 4040/udp Yo.net main service
# John Tintor <jt@yo.net>
houston 4041/tcp Rocketeer-Houston
houston 4041/udp Rocketeer-Houston
# Johnny C. Norris II <jnorris@uiuc.edu>
ldxp 4042/tcp LDXP
ldxp 4042/udp LDXP
# Craig Calef <craig@katmango.com>
# 4043-4095 Unassigned
bre 4096/tcp BRE (Bridge Relay Element)
bre 4096/udp BRE (Bridge Relay Element)
# Stephen Egbert <egbert@ra.timeplex.com>
patrolview 4097/tcp Patrol View
patrolview 4097/udp Patrol View
# Vincent Chin <vincent_chin@bmc.com>
drmsfsd 4098/tcp drmsfsd
drmsfsd 4098/udp drmsfsd
# Masao Iwai <iwai@kel.fujitsu.co.jp>
dpcp 4099/tcp DPCP
dpcp 4099/udp DPCP
# John Croft <john.croft@calista.demon.co.uk>
igo-incognito 4100/tcp IGo Incognito Data Port
igo-incognito 4100/udp IGo Incognito Data Port
# Paul Reddy <support@igo-incognito.com> February 2002
# 4101-4113 Unassigned
jomamqmonitor 4114/tcp JomaMQMonitor
jomamqmonitor 4114/udp JomaMQMonitor
# Marcel Hofstetter <marcel.hofstetter@jomasoft.ch> January 2003
# 4115-4131 Unassigned
nuts_dem 4132/tcp NUTS Daemon
nuts_dem 4132/udp NUTS Daemon
nuts_bootp 4133/tcp NUTS Bootp Server
nuts_bootp 4133/udp NUTS Bootp Server
# Martin Freiss <freiss.pad@sni.>
nifty-hmi 4134/tcp NIFTY-Serve HMI protocol
nifty-hmi 4134/udp NIFTY-Serve HMI protocol
# Ryuichi Suzuki <SCI00376@niftyserve.or.jp>
oirtgsvc 4141/tcp Workflow Server
oirtgsvc 4141/udp Workflow Server
oidocsvc 4142/tcp Document Server
oidocsvc 4142/udp Document Server
oidsr 4143/tcp Document Replication
oidsr 4143/udp Document Replication
# Norman Brie <norm_brie@sns.ca>
########## Compuserve (unoffically) is using port 4144 #########
# 4144 Unassigned
vvr-control 4145/tcp VVR Control
vvr-control 4145/udp VVR Control
# Ming Xu <ming@veritas.com>
# 4146-4153 Unassigned
atlinks 4154/tcp atlinks device discovery
atlinks 4154/udp atlinks device discovery
# Scott Griepentrog <griepentrogs@atlinks.com> October 2002
# 4155-4159 Unassigned
jini-discovery 4160/tcp Jini Discovery
jini-discovery 4160/udp Jini Discovery
# Mark Hodapp <mark.hodapp@sun.com>
# 4161-4198 Unassigned
eims-admin 4199/tcp EIMS ADMIN
eims-admin 4199/udp EIMS ADMIN
# Glenn Anderson <glenn@qualcomm.co.nz>
vrml-multi-use 4200-4299 VRML Multi User Systems
# Mitra <mitra@earth.path.net>
corelccam 4300/tcp Corel CCam
corelccam 4300/udp Corel CCam
# Jason Aiken <jasona@corelcomputer.com>
# 4301-4320 Unassigned
rwhois 4321/tcp Remote Who Is
rwhois 4321/udp Remote Who Is
# Mark Kosters <markk@internic.net>
unicall 4343/tcp UNICALL
unicall 4343/udp UNICALL
# James Powell <james@enghp.unidata.comp>
vinainstall 4344/tcp VinaInstall
vinainstall 4344/udp VinaInstall
# Jay Slupesky <js@vina-tech.com>
m4-network-as 4345/tcp Macro 4 Network AS
m4-network-as 4345/udp Macro 4 Network AS
# Paul Wren <Paul.Wren@macro4.com>
elanlm 4346/tcp ELAN LM
elanlm 4346/udp ELAN LM
# Paul Ballew <ballew@projtech.com>
lansurveyor 4347/tcp LAN Surveyor
lansurveyor 4347/udp LAN Surveyor
# Michael Swan <swan@neon.com>
itose 4348/tcp ITOSE
itose 4348/udp ITOSE
# Michael Haeuptle <Michael_Haeuptle@hp.com>
fsportmap 4349/tcp File System Port Map
fsportmap 4349/udp File System Port Map
# Ron Minnich <rminnich@sarnoff.com>
net-device 4350/tcp Net Device
net-device 4350/udp Net Device
# Glenn Peterson <glennp@microsoft.com>
plcy-net-svcs 4351/tcp PLCY Net Services
plcy-net-svcs 4351/udp PLCY Net Services
# J.J. Ekstrom
# 4352 Unassigned
f5-iquery 4353/tcp F5 iQuery
f5-iquery 4353/udp F5 iQuery
# Tom Kee <t.kee@f5.com>
qsnet-trans 4354/tcp QSNet Transmitter
qsnet-trans 4354/udp QSNet Transmitter
qsnet-workst 4355/tcp QSNet Workstation
qsnet-workst 4355/udp QSNet Workstation
qsnet-assist 4356/tcp QSNet Assistant
qsnet-assist 4356/udp QSNet Assistant
qsnet-cond 4357/tcp QSNet Conductor
qsnet-cond 4357/udp QSNet Conductor
qsnet-nucl 4358/tcp QSNet Nucleus
qsnet-nucl 4358/udp QSNet Nucleus
# Neer Kleinman <neer@qsr.co.il>
# 4359-4441 Unassigned
saris 4442/tcp Saris
saris 4442/udp Saris
pharos 4443/tcp Pharos
pharos 4443/udp Pharos
# TeleConsult GmbH, 76275 Ettlingen, Germany
# <teleconsult@t-online.de>
krb524 4444/tcp KRB524
krb524 4444/udp KRB524
# B. Clifford Neuman <bcn@isi.edu>
# PROBLEM krb524 assigned the port,
# PROBLEM nv used it without an assignment
nv-video 4444/tcp NV Video default
nv-video 4444/udp NV Video default
# Ron Frederick <frederick@parc.xerox.com>
upnotifyp 4445/tcp UPNOTIFYP
upnotifyp 4445/udp UPNOTIFYP
# Mark Fox <markf@uplanet.com>
n1-fwp 4446/tcp N1-FWP
n1-fwp 4446/udp N1-FWP
n1-rmgmt 4447/tcp N1-RMGMT
n1-rmgmt 4447/udp N1-RMGMT
# Lori Tassin <Ramsey@network-1.com>
asc-slmd 4448/tcp ASC Licence Manager
asc-slmd 4448/udp ASC Licence Manager
# Casper Stoel <cbs@ascinc.com>
privatewire 4449/tcp PrivateWire
privatewire 4449/udp PrivateWire
# Uri Resnitzky <uri@arx.com>
camp 4450/tcp Camp
camp 4450/udp Camp
ctisystemmsg 4451/tcp CTI System Msg
ctisystemmsg 4451/udp CTI System Msg
ctiprogramload 4452/tcp CTI Program Load
ctiprogramload 4452/udp CTI Program Load
# Steven Cliff <sbcliff@controltechnology.com>
nssalertmgr 4453/tcp NSS Alert Manager
nssalertmgr 4453/udp NSS Alert Manager
nssagentmgr 4454/tcp NSS Agent Manager
nssagentmgr 4454/udp NSS Agent Manager
# Jim Hill<jhill@symantec.com>
prchat-user 4455/tcp PR Chat User
prchat-user 4455/udp PR Chat User
prchat-server 4456/tcp PR Chat Server
prchat-server 4456/udp PR Chat Server
prRegister 4457/tcp PR Register
prRegister 4457/udp PR Register
# Donny Gilor <dgilor@pop01.ny.us.ibm.net>
# 4458-4499 Unassigned
ipsec-msft 4500/tcp Microsoft IPsec NAT-T
ipsec-msft 4500/udp Microsoft IPsec NAT-T
# Christian Huitema <Huitema@microsoft.com> March 2002
# 4501 De-registered (08 June 2001)
# IANA <iana@iana.org>
# 4502-4544 Unassigned
worldscores 4545/tcp WorldScores
worldscores 4545/udp WorldScores
# Steve Davis <sdavis@optum-inc.com>
sf-lm 4546/tcp SF License Manager (Sentinel)
sf-lm 4546/udp SF License Manager (Sentinel)
# Thomas Koell <info@sf.com>
lanner-lm 4547/tcp Lanner License Manager
lanner-lm 4547/udp Lanner License Manager
# Les Enstone <lenstone@lanner.co.uk>
# 4548-4554 Unassigned
rsip 4555/tcp RSIP Port
rsip 4555/udp RSIP Port
# RFC 3103
# 4556-4558 Unassigned
hylafax 4559/tcp HylaFAX
hylafax 4559/udp HylaFAX
# Lee Howard <iana@hylafax.org> March 2002
# 4560-4566 Unassigned
tram 4567/tcp TRAM
tram 4567/udp TRAM
# Joe Wesley <joe.wesley@east.sun.com>
bmc-reporting 4568/tcp BMC Reporting
bmc-reporting 4568/udp BMC Reporting
# Randall De Weerd <rdeweerd@bmc.com>
# 4569-4599 Unassigned
piranha1 4600/tcp Piranha1
piranha1 4600/udp Piranha1
piranha2 4601/tcp Piranha2
piranha2 4601/udp Piranha2
# Primark Corporation <joe.boone@primark.com>
# 4602-4659 Unassigned
smaclmgr 4660/tcp smaclmgr
smaclmgr 4660/udp smaclmgr
# Hiromi Taki <stg-togo@saint.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
kar2ouche 4661/tcp Kar2ouche Peer location service
kar2ouche 4661/udp Kar2ouche Peer location service
# Andy Krouwel <andy@kar2ouche.com>
# 4662-4671 Unassigned
rfa 4672/tcp remote file access server
rfa 4672/udp remote file access server
# 4673-4751 Unassigned
snap 4752/tcp Simple Network Audio Protocol
snap 4752/udp Simple Network Audio Protocol
# Dameon Wagner <d.wagner@freemail.absa.co.za> February 2002
# 4753-4799 Unassigned
iims 4800/tcp Icona Instant Messenging System
iims 4800/udp Icona Instant Messenging System
iwec 4801/tcp Icona Web Embedded Chat
iwec 4801/udp Icona Web Embedded Chat
ilss 4802/tcp Icona License System Server
ilss 4802/udp Icona License System Server
# Paul Stephen Borlie <paul@icona.it>
# 4803-4826 Unassigned
htcp 4827/tcp HTCP
htcp 4827/udp HTCP
# Paul Vixie <paul@vix.com>
# 4828-4836 Unassigned
varadero-0 4837/tcp Varadero-0
varadero-0 4837/udp Varadero-0
varadero-1 4838/tcp Varadero-1
varadero-1 4838/udp Varadero-1
varadero-2 4839/tcp Varadero-2
varadero-2 4839/udp Varadero-2
# Carlos Arteaga <carteaga@abacoinc.com>
# 4840-4847 Unassigned
appserv-http 4848/tcp App Server - Admin HTTP
appserv-http 4848/udp App Server - Admin HTTP
appserv-https 4849/tcp App Server - Admin HTTPS
appserv-https 4849/udp App Server - Admin HTTPS
# Sreeram Duvvuru <sduv@sfbay.sun.com> April 2002
# 4850-4867 Unassigned
phrelay 4868/tcp Photon Relay
phrelay 4868/udp Photon Relay
phrelaydbg 4869/tcp Photon Relay Debug
phrelaydbg 4869/udp Photon Relay Debug
# Michael Hunter <mphunter@qnx.com>
# 4870-4884 Unassigned
abbs 4885/tcp ABBS
abbs 4885/udp ABBS
# Ryan Rubley <root@ark.dyn.ml.org>
# 4886-4893 Unassigned
lyskom 4894/tcp LysKOM Protocol A
lyskom 4894/udp LysKOM Protocol A
# Per Cederqvist <ceder@lysator.liu.se>
# 4895-4898 Unassigned
radmin-port 4899/tcp RAdmin Port
radmin-port 4899/udp RAdmin Port
# Dmitri Znosko <support@radmin.com> March 2003
# 4900-4982 Unassigned
att-intercom 4983/tcp AT&T Intercom
att-intercom 4983/udp AT&T Intercom
# Tony Hansen <intercom@maillennium.att.com>
# 4984-4986 Unassigned
smar-se-port1 4987/tcp SMAR Ethernet Port 1
smar-se-port1 4987/udp SMAR Ethernet Port 1
smar-se-port2 4988/tcp SMAR Ethernet Port 2
smar-se-port2 4988/udp SMAR Ethernet Port 2
# Delcio Prizon <dprizon@smar.com.br>
# 4989-4999 Unassigned
commplex-main 5000/tcp
commplex-main 5000/udp
commplex-link 5001/tcp
commplex-link 5001/udp
rfe 5002/tcp radio free ethernet
rfe 5002/udp radio free ethernet
fmpro-internal 5003/tcp FileMaker, Inc. - Proprietary transport
fmpro-internal 5003/udp FileMaker, Inc. - Proprietary name binding
# Clay Maeckel <clay_maeckel@filemaker.com>
avt-profile-1 5004/tcp avt-profile-1
avt-profile-1 5004/udp avt-profile-1
avt-profile-2 5005/tcp avt-profile-2
avt-profile-2 5005/udp avt-profile-2
# Henning Schulzrinne <schulzrinne@fokus.gmd.de>
wsm-server 5006/tcp wsm server
wsm-server 5006/udp wsm server
wsm-server-ssl 5007/tcp wsm server ssl
wsm-server-ssl 5007/udp wsm server ssl
# Adam Berk <aberk@empirix.com>
synapsis-edge 5008/tcp Synapsis EDGE
synapsis-edge 5008/udp Synapsis EDGE
# Paul Schilling <PaulS@Synapsis.com>
# 5009 Unassigned
telelpathstart 5010/tcp TelepathStart
telelpathstart 5010/udp TelepathStart
telelpathattack 5011/tcp TelepathAttack
telelpathattack 5011/udp TelepathAttack
# Helmuth Breitenfellner <hbreitenf@vnet.imb.com>
# 5012-5019 Unassigned
zenginkyo-1 5020/tcp zenginkyo-1
zenginkyo-1 5020/udp zenginkyo-1
zenginkyo-2 5021/tcp zenginkyo-2
zenginkyo-2 5021/udp zenginkyo-2
# Masashi Suzaki <susakim@noa.nttdata.jp>
mice 5022/tcp mice server
mice 5022/udp mice server
# Alan Clifford <alan@clifford.ac>
htuilsrv 5023/tcp Htuil Server for PLD2
htuilsrv 5023/udp Htuil Server for PLD2
# Dennis Reinhardt <DennisR@dair.com>
scpi-telnet 5024/tcp SCPI-TELNET
scpi-telnet 5024/udp SCPI-TELNET
scpi-raw 5025/tcp SCPI-RAW
scpi-raw 5025/udp SCPI-RAW
# Bill Hayes <bill_s_hayes@agilent.com> October 2002
# 5026-5041 Unassigned
asnaacceler8db 5042/tcp asnaacceler8db
asnaacceler8db 5042/udp asnaacceler8db
# Walter Goodwin <wpgoodwin@asna.com>
# 5043-5049 Unassigned
mmcc 5050/tcp multimedia conference control tool
mmcc 5050/udp multimedia conference control tool
# Steve Casner <Casner@isi.edu>
ita-agent 5051/tcp ITA Agent
ita-agent 5051/udp ITA Agent
ita-manager 5052/tcp ITA Manager
ita-manager 5052/udp ITA Manager
# Don Merrell <donmer@axent.com>
# 5053-5054 Unassigned
unot 5055/tcp UNOT
unot 5055/udp UNOT
# Gordon Mohr <gmohr@cmgisolutions.com>
intecom-ps1 5056/tcp Intecom PS 1
intecom-ps1 5056/udp Intecom PS 1
intecom-ps2 5057/tcp Intecom PS 2
intecom-ps2 5057/udp Intecom PS 2
# David Meermans <dmeermans@intecom.com>
# 5058-5059 Unassigned
sip 5060/tcp SIP
sip 5060/udp SIP
sip-tls 5061/tcp SIP-TLS
sip-tls 5061/udp SIP-TLS
# Henning Schulzrinne <hgs@cs.columbia.edu>
# 5062-5063 Unassigned
ca-1 5064/tcp Channel Access 1
ca-1 5064/udp Channel Access 1
ca-2 5065/tcp Channel Access 2
ca-2 5065/udp Channel Access 2
# Jeffrey Hill <johill@lanl.gov> August 2002
# 5066-5067 Unassigned
stanag-5066 5066/tcp STANAG-5066-SUBNET-INTF
stanag-5066 5066/udp STANAG-5066-SUBNET-INTF
# Donald G. Kallgren
# <Donald.Kallgren@nc3a.nato.int>
# 5062-5068 Unassigned
i-net-2000-npr 5069/tcp I/Net 2000-NPR
i-net-2000-npr 5069/udp I/Net 2000-NPR
# Kenny Garrison <Kenny_Garrison@csicontrols.com>
# 5070 Unassigned
powerschool 5071/tcp PowerSchool
powerschool 5071/udp PowerSchool
# Greg Porter <gporter@powerschool.com>
# 5072-5080 Unassigned
sdl-ets 5081/tcp SDL - Ent Trans Server
sdl-ets 5081/udp SDL - Ent Trans Server
# Marc Morin <mmorin@sdlintl.com> April 2002
# 5082-5092 Unassigned
sentinel-lm 5093/tcp Sentinel LM
sentinel-lm 5093/udp Sentinel LM
# Derick Snyder <dsnyder@rainbow.com>
# 5094-5098 Unassigned
sentlm-srv2srv 5099/tcp SentLM Srv2Srv
sentlm-srv2srv 5099/udp SentLM Srv2Srv
# Derick Snyder <dsnyder@rainbow.com>
# 5100 Unassigned
talarian-tcp 5101/tcp Talarian_TCP
talarian-udp 5101/udp Talarian_UDP
# Leo Martins <leo@talarian.com>
# 5102-5136 Unassigned
ctsd 5137/tcp MyCTS server port
ctsd 5137/udp MyCTS server port
# Jilles Oldenbeuving <ojilles@hotmail.com> June 2002
# 5138-5144 Unassigned
rmonitor_secure 5145/tcp RMONITOR SECURE
rmonitor_secure 5145/udp RMONITOR SECURE
# Kory Hamzeh <kory@ascend.com>
# 5146-5149 Unassigned
atmp 5150/tcp Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol
atmp 5150/udp Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol
# Kory Hamzeh <kory@ascend.com>
esri_sde 5151/tcp ESRI SDE Instance
esri_sde 5151/udp ESRI SDE Remote Start
sde-discovery 5152/tcp ESRI SDE Instance Discovery
sde-discovery 5152/udp ESRI SDE Instance Discovery
# Peter Aronson <paronson@esri.com>
# 5153-5164 Unassigned
ife_icorp 5165/tcp ife_1corp
ife_icorp 5165/udp ife_1corp
# Paul Annala <paa@bull.se>
# 5166-5189 Unassigned
aol 5190/tcp America-Online
aol 5190/udp America-Online
# Marty Lyons <marty@aol.com>
aol-1 5191/tcp AmericaOnline1
aol-1 5191/udp AmericaOnline1
aol-2 5192/tcp AmericaOnline2
aol-2 5192/udp AmericaOnline2
aol-3 5193/tcp AmericaOnline3
aol-3 5193/udp AmericaOnline3
# Bruce Mackey <BAMackey@aol.com>
# 5194-5199 Unassigned
targus-getdata 5200/tcp TARGUS GetData
targus-getdata 5200/udp TARGUS GetData
targus-getdata1 5201/tcp TARGUS GetData 1
targus-getdata1 5201/udp TARGUS GetData 1
targus-getdata2 5202/tcp TARGUS GetData 2
targus-getdata2 5202/udp TARGUS GetData 2
targus-getdata3 5203/tcp TARGUS GetData 3
targus-getdata3 5203/udp TARGUS GetData 3
# John Keaveney <johnkeaveney@targusinfo.com>
# 5204-5221 Unassigned
jabber-client 5222/tcp Jabber Client Connection
jabber-client 5222/udp Jabber Client Connection
# David Waite <mass@akuma.org> February 2002
# 5223-5224 Unassigned
hp-server 5225/tcp HP Server
hp-server 5225/udp HP Server
hp-status 5226/tcp HP Status
hp-status 5226/udp HP Status
# Brett Green <Brett_Green@HP.Com>
# 5227-5235 Unassigned
padl2sim 5236/tcp
padl2sim 5236/udp
# 5237-5249 Unassigned
igateway 5250/tcp iGateway
igateway 5250/udp iGateway
# Greg Bodine <gregory.bodine@ca.com> February 2002
# 5251-5263 Unassigned
3com-njack-1 5264/tcp 3Com Network Jack Port 1
3com-njack-1 5264/udp 3Com Network Jack Port 1
3com-njack-2 5265/tcp 3Com Network Jack Port 2
3com-njack-2 5265/udp 3Com Network Jack Port 2
# Abhay Rajaram <Abhay_Rajaram@3Com.com> March 2003
# 5266-5268 Unassigned
jabber-server 5269/tcp Jabber Server Connection
jabber-server 5269/udp Jabber Server Connection
# David Waite <mass@akuma.org> February 2002
# 5270-5271 Unassigned
pk 5272/tcp PK
pk 5272/udp PK
# Patrick Kara <Patrick@EBA.NET>
# 5273-5281 Unassigned
transmit-port 5282/tcp Marimba Transmitter Port
transmit-port 5282/udp Marimba Transmitter Port
# Johan Eriksson <johan@marimba.com> April 2002
# 5283-5299 Unassigned
hacl-hb 5300/tcp # HA cluster heartbeat
hacl-hb 5300/udp # HA cluster heartbeat
hacl-gs 5301/tcp # HA cluster general services
hacl-gs 5301/udp # HA cluster general services
hacl-cfg 5302/tcp # HA cluster configuration
hacl-cfg 5302/udp # HA cluster configuration
hacl-probe 5303/tcp # HA cluster probing
hacl-probe 5303/udp # HA cluster probing
hacl-local 5304/tcp # HA Cluster Commands
hacl-local 5304/udp
hacl-test 5305/tcp # HA Cluster Test
hacl-test 5305/udp
# Eric Soderberg <seric@hposl102.cup.hp>
# Edward Yim <eyim@hpmfas4.cup.hp.com>
sun-mc-grp 5306/tcp Sun MC Group
sun-mc-grp 5306/udp Sun MC Group
# Michael DeMoney <demoney@eng.sun.com>
sco-aip 5307/tcp SCO AIP
sco-aip 5307/udp SCO AIP
# Barrie Cooper <barrie@sco.com>
cfengine 5308/tcp CFengine
cfengine 5308/udp CFengine
# Mark Burgess <mark.burgess@iu.hioslo.no>
jprinter 5309/tcp J Printer
jprinter 5309/udp J Printer
# Ken Blackwell <kenb@bristol.com>
outlaws 5310/tcp Outlaws
outlaws 5310/udp Outlaws
# Richard Fife <richardf@lucasarts.com>
tmlogin 5311/tcp TM Login
tmlogin 5311/udp TM Login
# Eric Sharakan <eric.sharakan@east.sun.com>
# 5312-5313 Unassigned
opalis-rbt-ipc 5314/tcp opalis-rbt-ipc
opalis-rbt-ipc 5314/udp opalis-rbt-ipc
# Laurent Domenech <ldomenech@opalis.com>
hacl-poll 5315/tcp HA Cluster UDP Polling
hacl-poll 5315/udp HA Cluster UDP Polling
# Hoa Nguyen <hoan@cup.hp.com>
# 5316-5352 Unassigned
mdns 5353/tcp Multicast DNS
mdns 5353/udp Multicast DNS
# Stuart Cheshire <cheshire@multicastdns.org>
# 5354-5399 Unassigned
excerpt 5400/tcp Excerpt Search
excerpt 5400/udp Excerpt Search
excerpts 5401/tcp Excerpt Search Secure
excerpts 5401/udp Excerpt Search Secure
# John Hinsdale <hin@alma.com>
mftp 5402/tcp MFTP
mftp 5402/udp MFTP
# Alan Rosenberg <arosen@starburstcom.com>
hpoms-ci-lstn 5403/tcp HPOMS-CI-LSTN
hpoms-ci-lstn 5403/udp HPOMS-CI-LSTN
hpoms-dps-lstn 5404/tcp HPOMS-DPS-LSTN
hpoms-dps-lstn 5404/udp HPOMS-DPS-LSTN
# Harold Froehling <hrf@cup.hp.com>
netsupport 5405/tcp NetSupport
netsupport 5405/udp NetSupport
# Paul Sanders <pe77@dial.pipex.com>
systemics-sox 5406/tcp Systemics Sox
systemics-sox 5406/udp Systemics Sox
# Gary Howland <gary@systemics.com>
foresyte-clear 5407/tcp Foresyte-Clear
foresyte-clear 5407/udp Foresyte-Clear
foresyte-sec 5408/tcp Foresyte-Sec
foresyte-sec 5408/udp Foresyte-Sec
# Jorge Aldana <operator@foresyte.com>
salient-dtasrv 5409/tcp Salient Data Server
salient-dtasrv 5409/udp Salient Data Server
salient-usrmgr 5410/tcp Salient User Manager
salient-usrmgr 5410/udp Salient User Manager
# Richard Farnham <rfarnham@salient.com>
actnet 5411/tcp ActNet
actnet 5411/udp ActNet
# Simon Robillard <RobillardS@actresearch.com>
continuus 5412/tcp Continuus
continuus 5412/udp Continuus
# Steven Holtsberg <steveh@continuus.com>
wwiotalk 5413/tcp WWIOTALK
wwiotalk 5413/udp WWIOTALK
# Roger Knobbe <RogerK@Wonderware.COM>
statusd 5414/tcp StatusD
statusd 5414/udp StatusD
# Stephen Misel <steve@satelnet.org>
ns-server 5415/tcp NS Server
ns-server 5415/udp NS Server
# Jeffrey Chiao <chiaoj@netsoft.com>
sns-gateway 5416/tcp SNS Gateway
sns-gateway 5416/udp SNS Gateway
sns-agent 5417/tcp SNS Agent
sns-agent 5417/udp SNS Agent
# Mary Holstage <holstege@firstfloor.com>
mcntp 5418/tcp MCNTP
mcntp 5418/udp MCNTP
# Heiko Rupp <hwr@pilhuhn.de>
dj-ice 5419/tcp DJ-ICE
dj-ice 5419/udp DJ-ICE
# Don Tyson <don.tyson@cor.dowjones.com>
cylink-c 5420/tcp Cylink-C
cylink-c 5420/udp Cylink-C
# John Jobe <jjobe@cylink.com>
netsupport2 5421/tcp Net Support 2
netsupport2 5421/udp Net Support 2
# Paul Sanders <p.sanders@dial.pipex.com>
salient-mux 5422/tcp Salient MUX
salient-mux 5422/udp Salient MUX
# Richard Farnham <rfarnham@salient.com>
virtualuser 5423/tcp VIRTUALUSER
virtualuser 5423/udp VIRTUALUSER
# Chad Williams <chad@apple.com>
# 5424-5425 Unassigned
devbasic 5426/tcp DEVBASIC
devbasic 5426/udp DEVBASIC
# Curtis Smith <curtis.smith@vsin.com>
sco-peer-tta 5427/tcp SCO-PEER-TTA
sco-peer-tta 5427/udp SCO-PEER-TTA
# Andrew Shire <sndrewsh@sco.com>
telaconsole 5428/tcp TELACONSOLE
telaconsole 5428/udp TELACONSOLE
# Joseph M. Newcomer <newcomer@flounder.com>
base 5429/tcp Billing and Accounting System Exchange
base 5429/udp Billing and Accounting System Exchange
# Odo Maletzki <Odo.Maletzki@ioag.de>
radec-corp 5430/tcp RADEC CORP
radec-corp 5430/udp RADEC CORP
# David Chell <david@softlife.co.nz>
park-agent 5431/tcp PARK AGENT
park-agent 5431/udp PARK AGENT
# John Clifford <John.Clifford@veritas.com>
postgresql 5432/tcp PostgreSQL Database
postgresql 5432/udp PostgreSQL Database
# Tom Lane <tgl@sss.pgh.pa.us>
# 5433-5434 Unassigned
dttl 5435/tcp Data Tunneling Transceiver Linking (DTTL)
dttl 5435/udp Data Tunneling Transceiver Linking (DTTL)
# Richard Olsen [list=1]
# 5436-5453 Unassigned
apc-tcp-udp-4 5454/tcp apc-tcp-udp-4
apc-tcp-udp-4 5454/udp apc-tcp-udp-4
apc-tcp-udp-5 5455/tcp apc-tcp-udp-5
apc-tcp-udp-5 5455/udp apc-tcp-udp-5
apc-tcp-udp-6 5456/tcp apc-tcp-udp-6
apc-tcp-udp-6 5456/udp apc-tcp-udp-6
# APC <ports@apcc.com>
# 5457-5460 Unassigned
silkmeter 5461/tcp SILKMETER
silkmeter 5461/udp SILKMETER
# Alexander Kotopoulis <alexk@segue.com>
ttl-publisher 5462/tcp TTL Publisher
ttl-publisher 5462/udp TTL Publisher
# Peter Jacobs <pjacobs@tullib.com>
ttlpriceproxy 5463/tcp TTL Price Proxy
ttlpriceproxy 5463/udp TTL Price Proxy
# Peter Jacobs <pjacobs@tullib.com>
# 5464 Unassigned
netops-broker 5465/tcp NETOPS-BROKER
netops-broker 5465/udp NETOPS-BROKER
# John R. Deuel <kink@netops.com>
# 5466-5499 Unassigned
fcp-addr-srvr1 5500/tcp fcp-addr-srvr1
fcp-addr-srvr1 5500/udp fcp-addr-srvr1
fcp-addr-srvr2 5501/tcp fcp-addr-srvr2
fcp-addr-srvr2 5501/udp fcp-addr-srvr2
fcp-srvr-inst1 5502/tcp fcp-srvr-inst1
fcp-srvr-inst1 5502/udp fcp-srvr-inst1
fcp-srvr-inst2 5503/tcp fcp-srvr-inst2
fcp-srvr-inst2 5503/udp fcp-srvr-inst2
fcp-cics-gw1 5504/tcp fcp-cics-gw1
fcp-cics-gw1 5504/udp fcp-cics-gw1
# Mark Zeiss <mark.r.zeiss@ac.com>
# 5504-5553 Unassigned
sgi-esphttp 5554/tcp SGI ESP HTTP
sgi-esphttp 5554/udp SGI ESP HTTP
# Vladimir Legalov <legalov@sgi.com>
############Port 5555 also used by HP Omniback#####################
personal-agent 5555/tcp Personal Agent
personal-agent 5555/udp Personal Agent
# Jackie Wu <jackiew@infoseek.com>
# 5556-5565 Unassigned
udpplus 5566/tcp UDPPlus
udpplus 5566/udp UDPPlus
# Cody Gibson <cody.gibson@intermec.com>
# 5567-5598 Unassigned
esinstall 5599/tcp Enterprise Security Remote Install
esinstall 5599/udp Enterprise Security Remote Install
esmmanager 5600/tcp Enterprise Security Manager
esmmanager 5600/udp Enterprise Security Manager
esmagent 5601/tcp Enterprise Security Agent
esmagent 5601/udp Enterprise Security Agent
# Kimberly Gibbs <kimgib@CCGATE-UT.AXENT.COM>
a1-msc 5602/tcp A1-MSC
a1-msc 5602/udp A1-MSC
a1-bs 5603/tcp A1-BS
a1-bs 5603/udp A1-BS
a3-sdunode 5604/tcp A3-SDUNode
a3-sdunode 5604/udp A3-SDUNode
a4-sdunode 5605/tcp A4-SDUNode
a4-sdunode 5605/udp A4-SDUNode
# Mike Dolan <MDolan@ihcmail.ih.lucent.com>
# 5606-5630 Unassigned
pcanywheredata 5631/tcp pcANYWHEREdata
pcanywheredata 5631/udp pcANYWHEREdata
pcanywherestat 5632/tcp pcANYWHEREstat
pcanywherestat 5632/udp pcANYWHEREstat
# Jon Rosarky <JRosarky@symantec.com>
# 5633-5672 Unassigned
jms 5673/tcp JACL Message Server
jms 5673/udp JACL Message Server
# Stuart Allen <stuart@jacl.animats.net> February 2002
hyperscsi-port 5674/tcp HyperSCSI Port
hyperscsi-port 5674/udp HyperSCSI Port
# Data Storage Institute, Singapore
# <Patrick@dsi.nus.edu.sg> February 2002
v5ua 5675/tcp V5UA application port
v5ua 5675/udp V5UA application port
# Sanjay Rao <rsanjay@nortelnetworks.com> February 2002
raadmin 5676/tcp RA Administration
raadmin 5676/udp RA Administration
# Sergei Zjaikin <serge@previo.ee> February 2002
questdb2-lnchr 5677/tcp Quest Central DB2 Launchr
questdb2-lnchr 5677/udp Quest Central DB2 Launchr
# Robert M. Mackowiak <rmackowiak@quest.com> February 2002
rrac 5678/tcp Remote Replication Agent Connection
rrac 5678/udp Remote Replication Agent Connection
dccm 5679/tcp Direct Cable Connect Manager
dccm 5679/udp Direct Cable Connect Manager
# Mark Miller <mmiller@MICROSOFT.com>
# 5680-5687 Unassigned
ggz 5688/tcp GGZ Gaming Zone
ggz 5688/udp GGZ Gaming Zone
# Josef Spillner <js177634@inf.tu-dresden.de> January 2003
# 5689-5712 Unassigned
proshareaudio 5713/tcp proshare conf audio
proshareaudio 5713/udp proshare conf audio
prosharevideo 5714/tcp proshare conf video
prosharevideo 5714/udp proshare conf video
prosharedata 5715/tcp proshare conf data
prosharedata 5715/udp proshare conf data
prosharerequest 5716/tcp proshare conf request
prosharerequest 5716/udp proshare conf request
prosharenotify 5717/tcp proshare conf notify
prosharenotify 5717/udp proshare conf notify
# <gunner@ibeam.intel.com>
# 5718-5719 Unassigned
ms-licensing 5720/tcp MS-Licensing
ms-licensing 5720/udp MS-Licensing
# Thomas Lindeman <tlinde@microsoft.com> November 2002
# 5721-5728 Unassigned
openmail 5729/tcp Openmail User Agent Layer
openmail 5729/udp Openmail User Agent Layer
# OpenMail Encyclopedia <opencyc@hpopd.pwd.hp.com>
# Don Loughry <DON_LOUGHRY@hp-cupertino-om4.om.hp.com>
unieng 5730/tcp Steltor's calendar access
unieng 5730/udp Steltor's calendar access
# Bernard Desruisseaux <bernard@steltor.com>
# 5731-5740 Unassigned
ida-discover1 5741/tcp IDA Discover Port 1
ida-discover1 5741/udp IDA Discover Port 1
ida-discover2 5742/tcp IDA Discover Port 2
ida-discover2 5742/udp IDA Discover Port 2
# MPITech Support <morten.christensen@I-DATA.COM>
# 5743-5744 Unassigned
fcopy-server 5745/tcp fcopy-server
fcopy-server 5745/udp fcopy-server
fcopys-server 5746/tcp fcopys-server
fcopys-server 5746/udp fcopys-server
# Moshe Leibovitch <moshe@softlinkusa.com
# 5747-5754 Unassigned
openmailg 5755/tcp OpenMail Desk Gateway server
openmailg 5755/udp OpenMail Desk Gateway server
x500ms 5757/tcp OpenMail X.500 Directory Server
x500ms 5757/udp OpenMail X.500 Directory Server
openmailns 5766/tcp OpenMail NewMail Server
openmailns 5766/udp OpenMail NewMail Server
s-openmail 5767/tcp OpenMail Suer Agent Layer (Secure)
s-openmail 5767/udp OpenMail Suer Agent Layer (Secure)
openmailpxy 5768/tcp OpenMail CMTS Server
openmailpxy 5768/udp OpenMail CMTS Server
# OpenMail Encyclopedia >opencyc@hpopd.pwd.hp.com>
# Don Loughry <DON_LOUGHRY@hp-cupertino-om4.om.hp.com>
# 5769-5770 Unassigned
netagent 5771/tcp NetAgent
netagent 5771/udp NetAgent
# Bradley Birnbaum <bradley.birnbaum@eshare.com>
# 5772-5812 Unassigned
icmpd 5813/tcp ICMPD
icmpd 5813/udp ICMPD
# Shane O'Donnell <shane@opennms.org>
# 5814-5858 Unassigned
wherehoo 5859/tcp WHEREHOO
wherehoo 5859/udp WHEREHOO
# Jim Youll <jim@media.mit.edu>
# 5860-5967 Unassigned
mppolicy-v5 5968/tcp mppolicy-v5
mppolicy-v5 5968/udp mppolicy-v5
mppolicy-mgr 5969/tcp mppolicy-mgr
mppolicy-mgr 5969/udp mppolicy-mgr
# Yutaka Ono <ono@saint.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
# 5970-5986 Unassigned
wbem-rmi 5987/tcp WBEM RMI
wbem-rmi 5987/udp WBEM RMI
wbem-http 5988/tcp WBEM HTTP
wbem-http 5988/udp WBEM HTTP
# Jim Davis <james.d.davis@sun.com>
wbem-https 5989/tcp WBEM HTTPS
wbem-https 5989/udp WBEM HTTPS
# Jim Davis <james.d.davis@east.sun.com>
# 5990 Unassigned (Removed 2003-02-26)
nuxsl 5991/tcp NUXSL
nuxsl 5991/udp NUXSL
# Kai Kretschmann <K.Kretschmann@security-gui.de> March 2002
# 5992-5998 Unassigned
cvsup 5999/tcp CVSup
cvsup 5999/udp CVSup
# Randall Atkinson <rja@inet.org>
x11 6000-6063/tcp X Window System
x11 6000-6063/udp X Window System
# Stephen Gildea <gildea@lcs.mit.edu>
ndl-ahp-svc 6064/tcp NDL-AHP-SVC
ndl-ahp-svc 6064/udp NDL-AHP-SVC
# John Richmond <john@ndl.co.uk>
winpharaoh 6065/tcp WinPharaoh
winpharaoh 6065/udp WinPharaoh
# Basil Lee <basil.lee@gnnettest.com>
ewctsp 6066/tcp EWCTSP
ewctsp 6066/udp EWCTSP
# Mark Bailon <mark.bailon@ericsson.com>
srb 6067/tcp SRB
srb 6067/udp SRB
# Heinz Naef <heinz.naef@nexos.com>
gsmp 6068/tcp GSMP
gsmp 6068/udp GSMP
# Avri Doria <avri.doria@nokia.com>
trip 6069/tcp TRIP
trip 6069/udp TRIP
# Hussein F. Salama <hsalama@cisco.com>
messageasap 6070/tcp Messageasap
messageasap 6070/udp Messageasap
# Murray Freeman <murray@officedomain.com>
ssdtp 6071/tcp SSDTP
ssdtp 6071/udp SSDTP
# Michael Shearson <mikes@softsys-inc.com>
diagnose-proc 6072/tcp DIAGNOSE-PROC
diagnose-proc 6072/udp DIAGNOSE-PROC
# Allan Miller <amiller@handsfreenetworks.com>
directplay8 6073/tcp DirectPlay8
directplay8 6073/udp DirectPlay8
# John Kane <johnkan@microsoft.com>
# 6074-6084 Unassigned
konspire2b 6085/tcp konspire2b p2p network
konspire2b 6085/udp konspire2b p2p network
# Jason Rohrer <rohrer@cse.ucsc.edu> October 2002
# 6086-6099 Unassigned
synchronet-db 6100/tcp SynchroNet-db
synchronet-db 6100/udp SynchroNet-db
synchronet-rtc 6101/tcp SynchroNet-rtc
synchronet-rtc 6101/udp SynchroNet-rtc
synchronet-upd 6102/tcp SynchroNet-upd
synchronet-upd 6102/udp SynchroNet-upd
# Arne Haugland <Arne.Haugland@parasoldev.com>
rets 6103/tcp RETS
rets 6103/udp RETS
# Bruce Toback <btoback@optc.com>
dbdb 6104/tcp DBDB
dbdb 6104/udp DBDB
# Aaron Brick <aa@lithic.org>
primaserver 6105/tcp Prima Server
primaserver 6105/udp Prima Server
mpsserver 6106/tcp MPS Server
mpsserver 6106/udp MPS Server
# Prima Designs Systems Ltd. <info@prima.com.hk>
etc-control 6107/tcp ETC Control
etc-control 6107/udp ETC Control
# Steve Polishinski <spolishinski@etcconnect.com>
sercomm-scadmin 6108/tcp Sercomm-SCAdmin
sercomm-scadmin 6108/udp Sercomm-SCAdmin
# Melinda Tsao <melinda_tsao@mail.sercomm.com.tw>
globecast-id 6109/tcp GLOBECAST-ID
globecast-id 6109/udp GLOBECAST-ID
# Piers Scannell <piers@globecastne.com>
softcm 6110/tcp HP SoftBench CM
softcm 6110/udp HP SoftBench CM
spc 6111/tcp HP SoftBench Sub-Process Control
spc 6111/udp HP SoftBench Sub-Process Control
# Scott A. Kramer <sk@tleilaxu.sde.hp.com>
dtspcd 6112/tcp dtspcd
dtspcd 6112/udp dtspcd
# Doug Royer <Doug@Royer.com>
# 6113-6122 Unassigned
backup-express 6123/tcp Backup Express
backup-express 6123/udp Backup Express
# Chi Shih Chang <cchang@syncsort.com>
# 6124-6140 Unassigned
meta-corp 6141/tcp Meta Corporation License Manager
meta-corp 6141/udp Meta Corporation License Manager
# Osamu Masuda <--none--->
aspentec-lm 6142/tcp Aspen Technology License Manager
aspentec-lm 6142/udp Aspen Technology License Manager
# Kevin Massey <massey@aspentec.com>
watershed-lm 6143/tcp Watershed License Manager
watershed-lm 6143/udp Watershed License Manager
# David Ferrero <david@zion.com>
statsci1-lm 6144/tcp StatSci License Manager - 1
statsci1-lm 6144/udp StatSci License Manager - 1
statsci2-lm 6145/tcp StatSci License Manager - 2
statsci2-lm 6145/udp StatSci License Manager - 2
# Scott Blachowicz <scott@statsci.com>
lonewolf-lm 6146/tcp Lone Wolf Systems License Manager
lonewolf-lm 6146/udp Lone Wolf Systems License Manager
# Dan Klein <dvk@lonewolf.com>
montage-lm 6147/tcp Montage License Manager
montage-lm 6147/udp Montage License Manager
# Michael Ubell <michael@montage.com>
ricardo-lm 6148/tcp Ricardo North America License Manager
ricardo-lm 6148/udp Ricardo North America License Manager
# M Flemming <mflemming@aol.com>
tal-pod 6149/tcp tal-pod
tal-pod 6149/udp tal-pod
# Steven Loomis <srl@taligent.com>
# 6150-6252 Unassigned
crip 6253/tcp CRIP
crip 6253/udp CRIP
# Mike Rodbell <mrodbell@ciena.com>
# 6254-6299 Unassigned
bmc-grx 6300/tcp BMC GRX
bmc-grx 6300/udp BMC GRX
# Ed Penak <ed_penak@bmc.com>
# 6301-6320 Unassigned
emp-server1 6321/tcp Empress Software Connectivity Server 1
emp-server1 6321/udp Empress Software Connectivity Server 1
emp-server2 6322/tcp Empress Software Connectivity Server 2
emp-server2 6322/udp Empress Software Connectivity Server 2
# Srdjan Holovac <srdjan@empress.com>
# 6323-6345 Unassigned
gnutella-svc 6346/tcp gnutella-svc
gnutella-svc 6346/udp gnutella-svc
gnutella-rtr 6347/tcp gnutella-rtr
gnutella-rtr 6347/udp gnutella-rtr
# Serguei Osokine <osokin@paragraph.com>
# 6348-6381 Unassigned
metatude-mds 6382/tcp Metatude Dialogue Server
metatude-mds 6382/udp Metatude Dialogue Server
# Menno Zweistra <m.zweistra@metatude.com>
# 6383-6388 Unassigned
clariion-evr01 6389/tcp clariion-evr01
clariion-evr01 6389/udp clariion-evr01
# Dave DesRoches <ddesroches@clariion.com>
# 6390-6399 Unassigned
# The following blocks are in use by Seagate Software 6400-6410 #
info-aps 6400
info-was 6401
info-eventsvr 6402
info-cachesvr 6403
info-filesvr 6404
info-pagesvr 6405
info-processvr 6406
reserved1 6407
reserved2 6408
reserved3 6409
reserved4 6410
# The previous ports are in use by Seagate Software 6400-6410 #
# Contact for these ports is Wade Richards <Wade.Richards@Seagatesoftware.com>
# 6411-6454 Unassigned
skip-cert-recv 6455/tcp SKIP Certificate Receive
skip-cert-send 6456/tcp SKIP Certificate Send
# Tom Markson <markson@osmosys.incog.com>
# 6457-6470 Unassigned
lvision-lm 6471/tcp LVision License Manager
lvision-lm 6471/udp LVision License Manager
# Brian McKinnon <bmk@lvision.com>
# 6472-6499 Unassigned
boks 6500/tcp BoKS Master
boks 6500/udp BoKS Master
boks_servc 6501/tcp BoKS Servc
boks_servc 6501/udp BoKS Servc
boks_servm 6502/tcp BoKS Servm
boks_servm 6502/udp BoKS Servm
boks_clntd 6503/tcp BoKS Clntd
boks_clntd 6503/udp BoKS Clntd
# Magnus Nystrom <magnus@dynas.se>
# 6504 Unassigned
badm_priv 6505/tcp BoKS Admin Private Port
badm_priv 6505/udp BoKS Admin Private Port
badm_pub 6506/tcp BoKS Admin Public Port
badm_pub 6506/udp BoKS Admin Public Port
bdir_priv 6507/tcp BoKS Dir Server, Private Port
bdir_priv 6507/udp BoKS Dir Server, Private Port
bdir_pub 6508/tcp BoKS Dir Server, Public Port
bdir_pub 6508/udp BoKS Dir Server, Public Port
# Magnus Nystrom <magnus@dynas.se>
mgcs-mfp-port 6509/tcp MGCS-MFP Port
mgcs-mfp-port 6509/udp MGCS-MFP Port
# Minoru Ozaki <Minoru.Ozaki@rdmg.mgcs.mei.co.jp>
mcer-port 6510/tcp MCER Port
mcer-port 6510/udp MCER Port
# Ade Adebayo <ade@us.itmasters.com>
# 6511-6546 Unassigned
apc-tcp-udp-1 6547/tcp apc-tcp-udp-1
apc-tcp-udp-1 6547/udp apc-tcp-udp-1
apc-tcp-udp-2 6548/tcp apc-tcp-udp-2
apc-tcp-udp-2 6548/udp apc-tcp-udp-2
apc-tcp-udp-3 6549/tcp apc-tcp-udp-3
apc-tcp-udp-3 6549/udp apc-tcp-udp-3
# APC <ports@apcc.com>
fg-sysupdate 6550/tcp fg-sysupdate
fg-sysupdate 6550/udp fg-sysupdate
# Mark Beyer <mbeyer@freegate.com>
# 6551-6557 Unassigned
xdsxdm 6558/tcp
xdsxdm 6558/udp
# Brian Tackett <cym@acrux.net> possible contact
# 6559-6565 Unassigned
sane-port 6566/tcp SANE Control Port
sane-port 6566/udp SANE Control Port
# Henning Meier-Geinitz <henning@meier-geinitz.de> October 2002
# 6567-6579 Unassigned
parsec-master 6580/tcp Parsec Masterserver
parsec-master 6580/udp Parsec Masterserver
parsec-peer 6581/tcp Parsec Peer-to-Peer
parsec-peer 6581/udp Parsec Peer-to-Peer
parsec-game 6582/tcp Parsec Gameserver
parsec-game 6582/udp Parsec Gameserver
# Andreas Varga <sid@parsec.org>
# 6583-6587 Unassigned
# 6588 Unassigned
####Unofficial use of port 6588 by AnalogX and Microsoft####
# 6589-6627 Unassigned
afesc-mc 6628/tcp AFE Stock Channel M/C
afesc-mc 6628/udp AFE Stock Channel M/C
# Timothy Tam <ttam@hkcix.com> March 2003
# 6629-6630 Unassigned
mach 6631/tcp Mitchell telecom host
mach 6631/udp Mitchell telecom host
# Mark Derail <mderail@dmib.com> March 2003
# 6632-6664 Unassigned
ircu 6665-6669/tcp IRCU
ircu 6665-6669/udp IRCU
# Brian Tackett <cym@acrux.net>
vocaltec-gold 6670/tcp Vocaltec Global Online Directory
vocaltec-gold 6670/udp Vocaltec Global Online Directory
# Scott Petrack <Scott_Petrack@vocaltec.com>
# 6671 Unassigned
vision_server 6672/tcp vision_server
vision_server 6672/udp vision_server
vision_elmd 6673/tcp vision_elmd
vision_elmd 6673/udp vision_elmd
# Chris Kramer <CKramer@gis.shl.com>
# 6674-6700 Unassigned
kti-icad-srvr 6701/tcp KTI/ICAD Nameserver
kti-icad-srvr 6701/udp KTI/ICAD Nameserver
# Stanley Knutson <Stanley.Knutson@KTIworld.com>
# 6702-6713 Unassigned
ibprotocol 6714/tcp Internet Backplane Protocol
ibprotocol 6714/udp Internet Backplane Protocol
# Alessandro Bassi <abassi@cs.utk.edu>
# 6715-6766 Unassigned
bmc-perf-agent 6767/tcp BMC PERFORM AGENT
bmc-perf-agent 6767/udp BMC PERFORM AGENT
bmc-perf-mgrd 6768/tcp BMC PERFORM MGRD
bmc-perf-mgrd 6768/udp BMC PERFORM MGRD
# Dima Seliverstov <Dima_Seliverstov@bmc.com>
# 6769-6787 Unassigned
smc-http 6788/tcp SMC-HTTP
smc-http 6788/udp SMC-HTTP
# Ratnadeep Bhattacharjee <ratnadeep.bhattacharjee@sun.com> November 2002
smc-https 6789/tcp SMC-HTTPS
smc-https 6789/udp SMC-HTTPS
# Ratnadeep Bhattacharjee <ratnadeep.bhattacharjee@sun.com> August 2002
hnmp 6790/tcp HNMP
hnmp 6790/udp HNMP
# Jude George <jude@nas.nasa.gov>
# 6791-6830 Unassigned
ambit-lm 6831/tcp ambit-lm
ambit-lm 6831/udp ambit-lm
# Don Hejna <djhejna@ambit.com>
# 6832-6840 Unassigned
netmo-default 6841/tcp Netmo Default
netmo-default 6841/udp Netmo Default
netmo-http 6842/tcp Netmo HTTP
netmo-http 6842/udp Netmo HTTP
# Urs Bertschinger <urs@netmosphere.com>
# 6843-6849 Unassigned
iccrushmore 6850/tcp ICCRUSHMORE
iccrushmore 6850/udp ICCRUSHMORE
# Dave Hubbard <dave@icc.net>
# 6851-6887 Unassigned
muse 6888/tcp MUSE
muse 6888/udp MUSE
# Muse Communications Corporation
# <howard@muse3d.com>
# 6889-6960 Unassigned
jmact3 6961/tcp JMACT3
jmact3 6961/udp JMACT3
jmevt2 6962/tcp jmevt2
jmevt2 6962/udp jmevt2
swismgr1 6963/tcp swismgr1
swismgr1 6963/udp swismgr1
swismgr2 6964/tcp swismgr2
swismgr2 6964/udp swismgr2
swistrap 6965/tcp swistrap
swistrap 6965/udp swistrap
swispol 6966/tcp swispol
swispol 6966/udp swispol
# Yutaka Ono <ono@saint.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
# 6967-6968 Unassigned
acmsoda 6969/tcp acmsoda
acmsoda 6969/udp acmsoda
# Daniel Simms <dsimms@acm.uiuc.edu>
# 6970-6997 Unassigned
iatp-highpri 6998/tcp IATP-highPri
iatp-highpri 6998/udp IATP-highPri
iatp-normalpri 6999/tcp IATP-normalPri
iatp-normalpri 6999/udp IATP-normalPri
# John Murphy <john.m.murphy@mci.com>
afs3-fileserver 7000/tcp file server itself
afs3-fileserver 7000/udp file server itself
afs3-callback 7001/tcp callbacks to cache managers
afs3-callback 7001/udp callbacks to cache managers
afs3-prserver 7002/tcp users & groups database
afs3-prserver 7002/udp users & groups database
afs3-vlserver 7003/tcp volume location database
afs3-vlserver 7003/udp volume location database
afs3-kaserver 7004/tcp AFS/Kerberos authentication service
afs3-kaserver 7004/udp AFS/Kerberos authentication service
afs3-volser 7005/tcp volume managment server
afs3-volser 7005/udp volume managment server
afs3-errors 7006/tcp error interpretation service
afs3-errors 7006/udp error interpretation service
afs3-bos 7007/tcp basic overseer process
afs3-bos 7007/udp basic overseer process
afs3-update 7008/tcp server-to-server updater
afs3-update 7008/udp server-to-server updater
afs3-rmtsys 7009/tcp remote cache manager service
afs3-rmtsys 7009/udp remote cache manager service
ups-onlinet 7010/tcp onlinet uninterruptable power supplies
ups-onlinet 7010/udp onlinet uninterruptable power supplies
# Brian Hammill <brianh@exide.com>
talon-disc 7011/tcp Talon Discovery Port
talon-disc 7011/udp Talon Discovery Port
talon-engine 7012/tcp Talon Engine
talon-engine 7012/udp Talon Engine
microtalon-dis 7013/tcp Microtalon Discovery
microtalon-dis 7013/udp Microtalon Discovery
microtalon-com 7014/tcp Microtalon Communications
microtalon-com 7014/udp Microtalon Communications
talon-webserver 7015/tcp Talon Webserver
talon-webserver 7015/udp Talon Webserver
# Jack Curtin <curtinj@powerware.com>
# 7016-7019 Unassigned
dpserve 7020/tcp DP Serve
dpserve 7020/udp DP Serve
dpserveadmin 7021/tcp DP Serve Admin
dpserveadmin 7021/udp DP Serve Admin
# Allan Stanley <allan@hummingbird.com>
# 7022-7029 Unassigned
op-probe 7030/tcp ObjectPlanet probe
op-probe 7030/udp ObjectPlanet probe
# Bjorn Jarle Kvande <bjorn@objectplanet.com> April 2002
# 7031-7069 Unassigned
arcp 7070/tcp ARCP
arcp 7070/udp ARCP
# Jude George <jude@nas.nasa.gov>
# 7071-7098 Unassigned
lazy-ptop 7099/tcp lazy-ptop
lazy-ptop 7099/udp lazy-ptop
# Guy Keren <Guy_Keren@mail.stil.scitex.com>
font-service 7100/tcp X Font Service
font-service 7100/udp X Font Service
# Stephen Gildea <gildea@lcs.mit.edu>
# 7101-7120 Unassigned
virprot-lm 7121/tcp Virtual Prototypes License Manager
virprot-lm 7121/udp Virtual Prototypes License Manager
# Victor Galis <galis@satchmo.virtualprototypes.ca>
# 7122-7173 Unassigned
clutild 7174/tcp Clutild
clutild 7174/udp Clutild
# Cheryl Stoutenburg <cstoutenburg@vnet.ibm.com>
# 7175-7199 Unassigned
fodms 7200/tcp FODMS FLIP
fodms 7200/udp FODMS FLIP
# David Anthony <anthony@power.amasd.anatcp.rockwell.com>
dlip 7201/tcp DLIP
dlip 7201/udp DLIP
# Albert Manfredi <manfredi@engr05.comsys.rockwell.com>
# 7202-7279 Unassigned
itactionserver1 7280/tcp ITACTIONSERVER 1
itactionserver1 7280/udp ITACTIONSERVER 1
itactionserver2 7281/tcp ITACTIONSERVER 2
itactionserver2 7281/udp ITACTIONSERVER 2
# Brian Taylor <btaylor@imagetag.com>
# 7282-7299 Unassigned
swx 7300-7390 The Swiss Exchange
# Edgar Blum <edgar.blum@swx.ch>
mindfilesys 7391/tcp mind-file system server
mindfilesys 7391/udp mind-file system server
mrssrendezvous 7392/tcp mrss-rendezvous server
mrssrendezvous 7392/udp mrss-rendezvous server
# Dave Porter <porter@mango.com>
# 7393-7394 Unassigned
winqedit 7395/tcp winqedit
winqedit 7395/udp winqedit
# David Greer <david_greer@robelle.com>
# 7396-7425 Unassigned
pmdmgr 7426/tcp OpenView DM Postmaster Manager
pmdmgr 7426/udp OpenView DM Postmaster Manager
oveadmgr 7427/tcp OpenView DM Event Agent Manager
oveadmgr 7427/udp OpenView DM Event Agent Manager
ovladmgr 7428/tcp OpenView DM Log Agent Manager
ovladmgr 7428/udp OpenView DM Log Agent Manager
opi-sock 7429/tcp OpenView DM rqt communication
opi-sock 7429/udp OpenView DM rqt communication
xmpv7 7430/tcp OpenView DM xmpv7 api pipe
xmpv7 7430/udp OpenView DM xmpv7 api pipe
pmd 7431/tcp OpenView DM ovc/xmpv3 api pipe
pmd 7431/udp OpenView DM ovc/xmpv3 api pipe
# Dave Lamb <rdl@rdl.cnd.hp.com>
faximum 7437/tcp Faximum
faximum 7437/udp Faximum
# George Pajari <George.Pajari@faximum.com>
# 7438-7490 Unassigned
telops-lmd 7491/tcp telops-lmd
telops-lmd 7491/udp telops-lmd
# David Spencer <dspencer@telops.com>
# 7492-7499 Unassigned
# 7500 Unassigned
ovbus 7501/tcp HP OpenView Bus Daemon
ovbus 7501/udp HP OpenView Bus Daemon
# David M. Rhodes <davidrho@cnd.hp.com>
# 7502-7509 Unassigned
ovhpas 7510/tcp HP OpenView Application Server
ovhpas 7510/udp HP OpenView Application Server
# Jeff Conrad <jeff_conrad@hp.com>
pafec-lm 7511/tcp pafec-lm
pafec-lm 7511/udp pafec-lm
# Billy Dhillon <bdsos@pafec.co.uk>
# 7512-7543 Unassigned
nta-ds 7544/tcp FlowAnalyzer DisplayServer
nta-ds 7544/udp FlowAnalyzer DisplayServer
nta-us 7545/tcp FlowAnalyzer UtilityServer
nta-us 7545/udp FlowAnalyzer UtilityServer
# Fred Messinger <fredm@cisco.com>
# 7546-7565 Unassigned
vsi-omega 7566/tcp VSI Omega
vsi-omega 7566/udp VSI Omega
# Curtis Smith <curtis.smith@vsin.com>
# 7567-7569 Unassigned
aries-kfinder 7570/tcp Aries Kfinder
aries-kfinder 7570/udp Aries Kfinder
# James King, III <jking@ariessys.com>
# 7571-7587 Unassigned
sun-lm 7588/tcp Sun License Manager
sun-lm 7588/udp Sun License Manager
# Sophie Deng <Sophie.Deng@Eng.Sun.COM>
# 7589-7623 Unassigned
indi 7624/tcp Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface
indi 7624/udp Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface
# Elwood Downey <ecdowney@clearskyinstitute.com> April 2002
# 7625-7632 Unassigned
pmdfmgt 7633/tcp PMDF Management
pmdfmgt 7633/udp PMDF Management
# Hunter Goatley <goathunter@goatley.com>
# 7634-7673 Unassigned
imqtunnels 7674/tcp iMQ SSL tunnel
imqtunnels 7674/udp iMQ SSL tunnel
imqtunnel 7675/tcp iMQ Tunnel
imqtunnel 7675/udp iMQ Tunnel
# Shailesh S. Bavadekar <shailesh.bavadekar@sun.com> April 2002
imqbrokerd 7676/tcp iMQ Broker Rendezvous
imqbrokerd 7676/udp iMQ Broker Rendezvous
# Joseph Di Pol <joe.dipol@sun.com> April 2002
# 7677-7742 Unassigned
sstp-1 7743/tcp Sakura Script Transfer Protocol
sstp-1 7743/udp Sakura Script Transfer Protocol
# Kouichi Takeda <KHBO5271@nifty.com>
# 7744-7776 Unassigned
cbt 7777/tcp cbt
cbt 7777/udp cbt
# Tony Ballardie <A.Ballardie@cs.ucl.ac.uk>
interwise 7778/tcp Interwise
interwise 7778/udp Interwise
# Joseph Gray <gray@interwise.co.il>
vstat 7779/tcp VSTAT
vstat 7779/udp VSTAT
# Vinh Nguyn <vinh@sportvision.com>
# 7780 Unassigned
accu-lmgr 7781/tcp accu-lmgr
accu-lmgr 7781/udp accu-lmgr
# Moises E. Hernandez <moises@accugraph.com>
# 7782-7785 Unassigned
minivend 7786/tcp MINIVEND
minivend 7786/udp MINIVEND
# Mike Heins <mike@minivend.com>
# 7787-7796 Unassigned
pnet-conn 7797/tcp Propel Connector port
pnet-conn 7797/udp Propel Connector port
pnet-enc 7798/tcp Propel Encoder port
pnet-enc 7798/udp Propel Encoder port
# Leif Hedstrom <leif@propel.com> April 2002
# 7799-7844 Unassigned
apc-snmptrap 7845/tcp APC SNMP Trap Proxy
apc-snmptrap 7845/udp APC SNMP Trap Proxy
apc-snmp 7846/tcp APC SNMP Proxy
apc-snmp 7846/udp APC SNMP Proxy
# APC <ports@apcc.com>
# 7847-7912 Unassigned
qo-secure 7913/tcp QuickObjects secure port
qo-secure 7913/udp QuickObjects secure port
# Jonas Bovin <jonas.bovin@quickobjects.com>
# 7914-7931 Unassigned
t2-drm 7932/tcp Tier 2 Data Resource Manager
t2-drm 7932/udp Tier 2 Data Resource Manager
t2-brm 7933/tcp Tier 2 Business Rules Manager
t2-brm 7933/udp Tier 2 Business Rules Manager
# Peter Carlson <pcarlson@tier2.com>
# 7934-7966 Unassigned
supercell 7967/tcp Supercell
supercell 7967/udp Supercell
# Kevin Nakagawa <nakagawa@sigsci.com>
# 7968-7978 Unassigned
micromuse-ncps 7979/tcp Micromuse-ncps
micromuse-ncps 7979/udp Micromuse-ncps
# Hing Wing To <wing.to@mircromuse.com>
quest-vista 7980/tcp Quest Vista
quest-vista 7980/udp Quest Vista
# Preston Bannister <pbannister@quests.com>
# 7981-7998 Unassigned
irdmi2 7999/tcp iRDMI2
irdmi2 7999/udp iRDMI2
irdmi 8000/tcp iRDMI
irdmi 8000/udp iRDMI
# Gil Shafriri <shafriri@ilccm1.iil.intel.com>
vcom-tunnel 8001/tcp VCOM Tunnel
vcom-tunnel 8001/udp VCOM Tunnel
# Mark Lewandowski <mlewan0@us.ibm.com>
teradataordbms 8002/tcp Teradata ORDBMS
teradataordbms 8002/udp Teradata ORDBMS
# Curt Ellmann <curt.ellmann@ncr.com>
# 8003-8007 Unassigned
http-alt 8008/tcp HTTP Alternate
http-alt 8008/udp HTTP Alternate
# James Gettys <jg@w3.org>
# 8009-8021 Unassigned
oa-system 8022/tcp oa-system
oa-system 8022/udp oa-system
# Denis Girault <Denis.Girault@evidian.com>
# 8023-8031 Unassigned
pro-ed 8032/tcp ProEd
pro-ed 8032/udp ProEd
mindprint 8033/tcp MindPrint
mindprint 8033/udp MindPrint
# Larry Tusoni <larry@goldrush.com>
# 8034-8079 Unassigned
http-alt 8080/tcp HTTP Alternate (see port 80)
http-alt 8080/udp HTTP Alternate (see port 80)
# Stephen Casner <casner@precpt.com>
# 8081-8087 Unassigned
radan-http 8088/tcp Radan HTTP
radan-http 8088/udp Radan HTTP
# Steve Hay <Steve.Hay@uk.radan.com> April 2002
# 8089-8099 Unassigned
xprint-server 8100/tcp Xprint Server
xprint-server 8100/udp Xprint Server
# John McKernan <John.McKernan@sun.com>
# 8101-8114 Unassigned
mtl8000-matrix 8115/tcp MTL8000 Matrix
mtl8000-matrix 8115/udp MTL8000 Matrix
# David Pinch <dpinch@mtl-inst.com> April 2002
cp-cluster 8116/tcp Check Point Clustering
cp-cluster 8116/udp Check Point Clustering
# Roni Moshitzky <rmosh@checkpoint.com>
# 8117 Unassigned
privoxy 8118/tcp Privoxy HTTP proxy
privoxy 8118/udp Privoxy HTTP proxy
# Andreas Oesterhelt <oes@privoxy.org> June 2002
# 8119-8129 Unassigned
indigo-vrmi 8130/tcp INDIGO-VRMI
indigo-vrmi 8130/udp INDIGO-VRMI
indigo-vbcp 8131/tcp INDIGO-VBCP
indigo-vbcp 8131/udp INDIGO-VBCP
# Colin Caughie <cfc@indigo-avs.com>
dbabble 8132/tcp dbabble
dbabble 8132/udp dbabble
# Chris Pugmire <chrisp@netwinsite.com>
# 8133-8159 Unassigned
patrol 8160/tcp Patrol
patrol 8160/udp Patrol
patrol-snmp 8161/tcp Patrol SNMP
patrol-snmp 8161/udp Patrol SNMP
# Daisy Tam <Daisy_Tam@bmc.com>
# 8162-8198 Unassigned
vvr-data 8199/tcp VVR DATA
vvr-data 8199/udp VVR DATA
# Ming Xu <ming@veritas.com>
trivnet1 8200/tcp TRIVNET
trivnet1 8200/udp TRIVNET
trivnet2 8201/tcp TRIVNET
trivnet2 8201/udp TRIVNET
# Saar Wilf <saar@trivnet.com>
# 8202-8203 Unassigned
lm-perfworks 8204/tcp LM Perfworks
lm-perfworks 8204/udp LM Perfworks
lm-instmgr 8205/tcp LM Instmgr
lm-instmgr 8205/udp LM Instmgr
lm-dta 8206/tcp LM Dta
lm-dta 8206/udp LM Dta
lm-sserver 8207/tcp LM SServer
lm-sserver 8207/udp LM SServer
lm-webwatcher 8208/tcp LM Webwatcher
lm-webwatcher 8208/udp LM Webwatcher
# Chris Flynn <cflynn@landmark.com>
# 8209-8350 Unassigned
server-find 8351/tcp Server Find
server-find 8351/udp Server Find
# Chris Brown <chrisb@chancery.com>
# 8352-8375 Unassigned
cruise-enum 8376/tcp Cruise ENUM
cruise-enum 8376/udp Cruise ENUM
cruise-swroute 8377/tcp Cruise SWROUTE
cruise-swroute 8377/udp Cruise SWROUTE
cruise-config 8378/tcp Cruise CONFIG
cruise-config 8378/udp Cruise CONFIG
cruise-diags 8379/tcp Cruise DIAGS
cruise-diags 8379/udp Cruise DIAGS
cruise-update 8380/tcp Cruise UPDATE
cruise-update 8380/udp Cruise UPDATE
# Steve Husak <portmaster@cruisetech.com>
# 8381-8399 Unassigned
cvd 8400/tcp cvd
cvd 8400/udp cvd
sabarsd 8401/tcp sabarsd
sabarsd 8401/udp sabarsd
abarsd 8402/tcp abarsd
abarsd 8402/udp abarsd
admind 8403/tcp admind
admind 8403/udp admind
# Aaron Bilbrey <abilbrey@commvault.com>
# 8404-8415 Unassigned
espeech 8416/tcp eSpeech Session Protocol
espeech 8416/udp eSpeech Session Protocol
# Scott Tarone <staroe@proactivethought.com> November 2002
# 8417-8442 Unassigned
pcsync-https 8443/tcp PCsync HTTPS
pcsync-https 8443/udp PCsync HTTPS
pcsync-http 8444/tcp PCsync HTTP
pcsync-http 8444/udp PCsync HTTP
# Katy Lynn McCullough <KatyM@LapLink.com>
# 8445-8449 Unassigned
npmp 8450/tcp npmp
npmp 8450/udp npmp
# Ian Chard <ian@tanagra.demon.co.uk>
# 8451-8472 Unassigned
vp2p 8473/tcp Virtual Point to Point
vp2p 8473/udp Virtual Point to Point
# Jerome Grimbert <jerome.grimbert@atosorigin.com>
# 8474-8553 Unassigned
rtsp-alt 8554/tcp RTSP Alternate (see port 554)
rtsp-alt 8554/udp RTSP Alternate (see port 554)
# Stephen Casner <casner@precept.com>
d-fence 8555/tcp SYMAX D-FENCE
d-fence 8555/udp SYMAX D-FENCE
# Thomas Geisel <tgeisel@symax.de> January 2003
# 8556-8732 Unassigned
ibus 8733/tcp iBus
ibus 8733/udp iBus
# Silvano Maffeis <maffeis@softwired.ch>
# 8734-8762 Unassigned
mc-appserver 8763/tcp MC-APPSERVER
mc-appserver 8763/udp MC-APPSERVER
# Romeo Kasanwidjojo <romeo@microcomgroup.com>
openqueue 8764/tcp OPENQUEUE
openqueue 8764/udp OPENQUEUE
# Matt Jensen <mattj@newsblip.com>
ultraseek-http 8765/tcp Ultraseek HTTP
ultraseek-http 8765/udp Ultraseek HTTP
# Walter Underwood <wunder@infoseek.com>
# 8766-8785 Unassigned
msgclnt 8786/tcp Message Client
msgclnt 8786/udp Message Client
msgsrvr 8787/tcp Message Server
msgsrvr 8787/udp Message Server
# Michael O'Brien <mobrien02@attbi.com> March 2003
# 8788-8803 Unassigned
truecm 8804/tcp truecm
truecm 8804/udp truecm
# Scott Kramer <scottk@truebluesoftware.com>
# 8805-8879
cddbp-alt 8880/tcp CDDBP
cddbp-alt 8880/udp CDDBP
# Steve Scherf <steve@moonsoft.com>
# 8881-8887 Unassigned
ddi-tcp-1 8888/tcp NewsEDGE server TCP (TCP 1)
ddi-udp-1 8888/udp NewsEDGE server UDP (UDP 1)
ddi-tcp-2 8889/tcp Desktop Data TCP 1
ddi-udp-2 8889/udp NewsEDGE server broadcast
ddi-tcp-3 8890/tcp Desktop Data TCP 2
ddi-udp-3 8890/udp NewsEDGE client broadcast
ddi-tcp-4 8891/tcp Desktop Data TCP 3: NESS application
ddi-udp-4 8891/udp Desktop Data UDP 3: NESS application
ddi-tcp-5 8892/tcp Desktop Data TCP 4: FARM product
ddi-udp-5 8892/udp Desktop Data UDP 4: FARM product
ddi-tcp-6 8893/tcp Desktop Data TCP 5: NewsEDGE/Web application
ddi-udp-6 8893/udp Desktop Data UDP 5: NewsEDGE/Web application
ddi-tcp-7 8894/tcp Desktop Data TCP 6: COAL application
ddi-udp-7 8894/udp Desktop Data UDP 6: COAL application
# Fred Yao <Fred_Yao@DDIGATE2.desktopdata.com>
# 8895-8899 Unassigned
jmb-cds1 8900/tcp JMB-CDS 1
jmb-cds1 8900/udp JMB-CDS 1
jmb-cds2 8901/tcp JMB-CDS 2
jmb-cds2 8901/udp JMB-CDS 2
# Curtis Bray <CurtisB@creativedesign.com>
# 8902-8909 Unassigned
manyone-http 8910/tcp manyone-http
manyone-http 8910/udp manyone-http
manyone-xml 8911/tcp manyone-xml
manyone-xml 8911/udp manyone-xml
# Matt King <m@manyone.net> April 2002
# 8912-8953 Unassigned
cumulus-admin 8954/tcp Cumulus Admin Port
cumulus-admin 8954/udp Cumulus Admin Port
# Thomas Schleu <tschleu@canto.de>
# 8955-8998 Unassigned
bctp 8999/tcp Brodos Crypto Trade Protocol
bctp 8999/udp Brodos Crypto Trade Protocol
# Alexander Sahler <alexander.sahler@brodos.de> February 2002
cslistener 9000/tcp CSlistener
cslistener 9000/udp CSlistener
# David Jones <djones@cincom.com>
etlservicemgr 9001/tcp ETL Service Manager
etlservicemgr 9001/udp ETL Service Manager
# Stephen McCrea <smccrea@etlelectronique.com> March 2002
dynamid 9002/tcp DynamID authentication
dynamid 9002/udp DynamID authentication
# Jerome Dusautois <jdusautois@scrypto.fr> March 2002
# 9003-9005 Unassigned
# 9006 De-Commissioned Port 02/24/00, ms
# 9007-9019 Unassigned
tambora 9020/tcp TAMBORA
tambora 9020/udp TAMBORA
# Jason van Zyl <jvanzyl@zenplex.com> March 2002
panagolin-ident 9021/tcp Pangolin Identification
panagolin-ident 9021/udp Pangolin Identification
# William Benner <bill@pangolin.com> March 2002
paragent 9022/tcp PrivateArk Remote Agent
paragent 9022/udp PrivateArk Remote Agent
# Gal Cucuy <galc@cyber-ark.com> March 2002
swa-1 9023/tcp Secure Web Access - 1
swa-1 9023/udp Secure Web Access - 1
swa-2 9024/tcp Secure Web Access - 2
swa-2 9024/udp Secure Web Access - 2
swa-3 9025/tcp Secure Web Access - 3
swa-3 9025/udp Secure Web Access - 3
swa-4 9026/tcp Secure Web Access - 4
swa-4 9026/udp Secure Web Access - 4
# Tim McGranaghan <tim_mcgranaghan@mech.disa.mil>
# 9027-9079 Unassigned
glrpc 9080/tcp Groove GLRPC
glrpc 9080/udp Groove GLRPC
# Adrian Popescu <Adrian_Popescu@groove.net> September 2002
# 9081-9089 Unassigned
websm 9090/tcp WebSM
websm 9090/udp WebSM
# I-Hsing Tsao <itsao@austin.ibm.com>
xmltec-xmlmail 9091/tcp xmltec-xmlmail
xmltec-xmlmail 9091/udp xmltec-xmlmail
# Mitch Kaufman <mk@weconnectyou.com>
# 9092-9099 Unassigned
hp-pdl-datastr 9100/tcp PDL Data Streaming Port
hp-pdl-datastr 9100/udp PDL Data Streaming Port
# Shivaun Albright <shivaun_albright@hp.com> April 2002
#### The protocol name "pdl-datastream" is primarily registered for use ####
#### in DNS SRV records (RFC 2782). DNS SRV records allow a protocol to run on ####
#### any port number, but the default port for this protocol is 9100 ####.
pdl-datastream 9100/tcp Printer PDL Data Stream
pdl-datastream 9100/udp Printer PDL Data Stream
Stuart Cheshire <pdl-datastream@apple.com> September 2002
bacula-dir 9101/tcp Bacula Director
bacula-dir 9101/udp Bacula Director
bacula-fd 9102/tcp Bacula File Daemon
bacula-fd 9102/udp Bacula File Daemon
bacula-sd 9103/tcp Bacula Storage Daemon
bacula-sd 9103/udp Bacula Storage Daemon
# Kern Sibbald <kern@sibbald.com> January 2002
# 9104-9159 Unassigned
netlock1 9160/tcp NetLOCK1
netlock1 9160/udp NetLOCK1
netlock2 9161/tcp NetLOCK2
netlock2 9161/udp NetLOCK2
netlock3 9162/tcp NetLOCK3
netlock3 9162/udp NetLOCK3
netlock4 9163/tcp NetLOCK4
netlock4 9163/udp NetLOCK4
netlock5 9164/tcp NetLOCK5
netlock5 9164/udp NetLOCK5
# Steven Sawkins <ssawkins@netlock.com>
# 9165-9199 Unassigned
wap-wsp 9200/tcp WAP connectionless session service
wap-wsp 9200/udp WAP connectionless session service
wap-wsp-wtp 9201/tcp WAP session service
wap-wsp-wtp 9201/udp WAP session service
wap-wsp-s 9202/tcp WAP secure connectionless session service
wap-wsp-s 9202/udp WAP secure connectionless session service
wap-wsp-wtp-s 9203/tcp WAP secure session service
wap-wsp-wtp-s 9203/udp WAP secure session service
wap-vcard 9204/tcp WAP vCard
wap-vcard 9204/udp WAP vCard
wap-vcal 9205/tcp WAP vCal
wap-vcal 9205/udp WAP vCal
wap-vcard-s 9206/tcp WAP vCard Secure
wap-vcard-s 9206/udp WAP vCard Secure
wap-vcal-s 9207/tcp WAP vCal Secure
wap-vcal-s 9207/udp WAP vCal Secure
# WAP Forum <wap-feedback@mail.wapforum.org>
# WAP Forum <pg@uplanet.com>
# 9208-9209 Unassigned
lif-mlp 9210/tcp LIF Mobile Locn Protocol
lif-mlp 9210/udp LIF Mobile Locn Protocol
lif-mlp-s 9211/tcp LIF Mobile Locn Secure
lif-mlp-s 9211/udp LIF Mobile Locn Secure
# Location Interoperability Forum
# <greening@bigtribe.com> April 2002
# 9212-9216 Unassigned
fsc-port 9217/tcp FSC Communication Port
fsc-port 9217/udp FSC Communication Port
# Teijo Mustonen <Teijo.Mustonen@F-Secure.com> March 2002
# 9218-9280 Unassigned
swtp-port1 9281/tcp SofaWare transport port 1
swtp-port1 9281/udp SofaWare transport port 1
swtp-port2 9282/tcp SofaWare transport port 2
swtp-port2 9282/udp SofaWare transport port 2
# Amir Rapson <rapson@sofaware.com> February 2002
callwaveiam 9283/tcp CallWaveIAM
callwaveiam 9283/udp CallWaveIAM
# Colin Kelley <cdk@callwave.com>
visd 9284/tcp VERITAS Information Serve
visd 9284/udp VERITAS Information Serve
# Ravi Tavakely <ravi.tavakley@veritas.com> February 2002
n2h2server 9285/tcp N2H2 Filter Service Port
n2h2server 9285/udp N2H2 Filter Service Port
# Jim Irwin <jirwin@n2h2.com> February 2002
# 9286 Unassigned
cumulus 9287/tcp Cumulus
cumulus 9287/udp Cumulus
# Thomas Schleu <tschleu@canto.de>
# 9288-9291 Unassigned
armtechdaemon 9292/tcp ArmTech Daemon
armtechdaemon 9292/udp ArmTech Daemon
# Rohan Story <rohan@aurema.com>
# 9293-9320 Unassigned
guibase 9321/tcp guibase
guibase 9321/udp guibase
# Yutaka Ono <ono@saint.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
# 9322-9342 Unassigned
mpidcmgr 9343/tcp MpIdcMgr
mpidcmgr 9343/udp MpIdcMgr
mphlpdmc 9344/tcp Mphlpdmc
mphlpdmc 9344/udp Mphlpdmc
# Yutaka Ono <ono@saint.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
# 9345 Unassigned
ctechlicensing 9346/tcp C Tech Licensing
ctechlicensing 9346/udp C Tech Licensing
# Reed Copsey, Jr. <reedc@ctech.com>
# 9347-9373 Unassigned
fjdmimgr 9374/tcp fjdmimgr
fjdmimgr 9374/udp fjdmimgr
# Yutaka Ono <ono@saint.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
# 9375-9395 Unassigned
fjinvmgr 9396/tcp fjinvmgr
fjinvmgr 9396/udp fjinvmgr
mpidcagt 9397/tcp MpIdcAgt
mpidcagt 9397/udp MpIdcAgt
# Yutaka Ono <ono@saint.nm.fujitsu.co.jp>
# 9398-9499 Unassigned
ismserver 9500/tcp ismserver
ismserver 9500/udp ismserver
# Ian Gordon <iang@micromuse.co.uk>
# 9501-9534 Unassigned
mngsuite 9535/tcp Management Suite Remote Control
mngsuite 9535/udp Management Suite Remote Control
# Alan Butt <alan.butt@landesk.com>
# 9536-9593 Unassigned
msgsys 9594/tcp Message System
msgsys 9594/udp Message System
pds 9595/tcp Ping Discovery Service
pds 9595/udp Ping Discovery Service
# Alan Butt <alan.butt@landesk.com>
# 9596-9599 Unassigned
micromuse-ncpw 9600/tcp MICROMUSE-NCPW
micromuse-ncpw 9600/udp MICROMUSE-NCPW
# Hing Wing To <wing.to@micromuse.com>
# 9601-9611 Unassigned
streamcomm-ds 9612/tcp StreamComm User Directory
streamcomm-ds 9612/udp StreamComm User Directory
# Brian C. Wiles <brian@streamcomm.com>
# 9613-9746 Unassigned
l5nas-parchan 9747/tcp L5NAS Parallel Channel
l5nas-parchan 9747/udp L5NAS Parallel Channel
# Lawrence J. Dickson - Land-5 Corporation
# <ldickson@land-5.com> March 2002
# 9748-9752 Unassigned
rasadv 9753/tcp rasadv
rasadv 9753/udp rasadv
# Dave Thaler <dthaler@microsoft.com>
# 9754-9799 Unassigned
davsrc 9800/tcp WebDav Source Port
davsrc 9800/udp WebDav Source Port
# Ethan Fremen <mindlace@digicool.com>
sstp-2 9801/tcp Sakura Script Transfer Protocol-2
sstp-2 9801/udp Sakura Script Transfer Protocol-2
# Kouichi Takeda <KHB05271@nifty.com>
# 9802-9874 Unassigned
sapv1 9875/tcp Session Announcement v1
sapv1 9875/udp Session Announcement v1
# RFC 2974 <ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/rfc2974.txt>
sd 9876/tcp Session Director
sd 9876/udp Session Director
# Van Jacobson <van@ee.lbl.gov>
cyborg-systems 9888/tcp CYBORG Systems
cyborg-systems 9888/udp CYBORG Systems
# Malcolm Graham <Malcolm_Graham@CYBORG.COM>
monkeycom 9898/tcp MonkeyCom
monkeycom 9898/udp MonkeyCom
# Yuji Kuwabara <HHG01200@niftyserve.or.jp>
sctp-tunneling 9899/tcp SCTP TUNNELING
sctp-tunneling 9899/udp SCTP TUNNELING
iua 9900/tcp IUA
iua 9900/udp IUA
iua 9900/sctp IUA
# Lyndon Ong <LyOng@ciena.com>
# 9901-9908 Unassigned
domaintime 9909/tcp domaintime
domaintime 9909/udp domaintime
# Jeffry Dwight <jeffryd@greyware.com>
# 9910-9949 Unassigned
apcpcpluswin1 9950/tcp APCPCPLUSWIN1
apcpcpluswin1 9950/udp APCPCPLUSWIN1
apcpcpluswin2 9951/tcp APCPCPLUSWIN2
apcpcpluswin2 9951/udp APCPCPLUSWIN2
apcpcpluswin3 9952/tcp APCPCPLUSWIN3
apcpcpluswin3 9952/udp APCPCPLUSWIN3
# APC <ports@apcc.com>
# 9953-9991 Unassigned
palace-1 9992/tcp OnLive-1
palace-1 9992/udp OnLive-1
palace-2 9993/tcp OnLive-2
palace-2 9993/udp OnLive-2
palace-3 9994/tcp OnLive-3
palace-3 9994/udp OnLive-3
palace-4 9995/tcp Palace-4
palace-4 9995/udp Palace-4
palace-5 9996/tcp Palace-5
palace-5 9996/udp Palace-5
palace-6 9997/tcp Palace-6
palace-6 9997/udp Palace-6
# Douglas Crockford <crock@communities.com>
distinct32 9998/tcp Distinct32
distinct32 9998/udp Distinct32
distinct 9999/tcp distinct
distinct 9999/udp distinct
# Anoop Tewari <anoop@next.distinct.com>
ndmp 10000/tcp Network Data Management Protocol
ndmp 10000/udp Network Data Management Protocol
# Brian Ehrmantraut <bae@netapp.com>
scp-config 10001/tcp SCP Configuration Port
scp-config 10001/udp SCP Configuration Port
# Brad Strand <brad.strand@3ware.com>
# 10002-10006 Unassigned
mvs-capacity 10007/tcp MVS Capacity
mvs-capacity 10007/udp MVS Capacity
# Donna Dillenberger <engd@us.ibm.com>
octopus 10008/tcp Octopus Multiplexer
octopus 10008/udp Octopus Multiplexer
# Chris Koeritz <fred@gruntose.com> October 2002
# 10009-10079 Unassigned
amanda 10080/tcp Amanda
amanda 10080/udp Amanda
# John Jackson <jrj@gandalf.cc.purdue.edu>
# <amanda-core@amanda.org>
# 10081-10100 Unassigned
ezmeeting-2 10101/tcp eZmeeting
ezmeeting-2 10101/udp eZmeeting
ezproxy-2 10102/tcp eZproxy
ezproxy-2 10102/udp eZproxy
ezrelay 10103/tcp eZrelay
ezrelay 10103/udp eZrelay
# Albert C. Yang <albert.yang@eZmeeting.com> March 2002
# 10104-10112 Unassigned
netiq-endpoint 10113/tcp NetIQ Endpoint
netiq-endpoint 10113/udp NetIQ Endpoint
netiq-qcheck 10114/tcp NetIQ Qcheck
netiq-qcheck 10114/udp NetIQ Qcheck
# John Wood <John.Wood@netiq.com>
netiq-endpt 10115/tcp NetIQ Endpoint
netiq-endpt 10115/udp NetIQ Endpoint
# Gary Weichinger <gary.weichinger@netiq.com>
netiq-voipa 10116/tcp NetIQ VoIP Assessor
netiq-voipa 10116/udp NetIQ VoIP Assessor
# Gary Weichinger <gary.weichinger@netiq.com>
# 10117-10127 Unassigned
bmc-perf-sd 10128/tcp BMC-PERFORM-SERVICE DAEMON
bmc-perf-sd 10128/udp BMC-PERFORM-SERVICE DAEMON
# Dima Seliverstov <Dima_Seliverstov@bmc.com>
# 10129-10259 Unassigned
axis-wimp-port 10260/tcp Axis WIMP Port
axis-wimp-port 10260/udp Axis WIMP Port
# Stefan Eriksson <contact-iana@axis.com>
# 10261-10287 Unassigned
blocks 10288/tcp Blocks
blocks 10288/udp Blocks
# Carl Malamud
# 10289-10989 Unassigned
rmiaux 10990/tcp Auxiliary RMI Port
rmiaux 10990/udp Auxiliary RMI Port
# Eugen Bacic <eugen@texar.com>
# 10991-10999 Unassigned
irisa 11000/tcp IRISA
irisa 11000/udp IRISA
# Vladimir Brauner <vbrauner@datamedia.fr>
metasys 11001/tcp Metasys
metasys 11001/udp Metasys
# Tobin Schuster <tobin.j.schuster@jci.com>
# 11002-11110 Unassigned
vce 11111/tcp Viral Computing Environment (VCE)
vce 11111/udp Viral Computing Environment (VCE)
# Fred Cohen <fc@all.net>
# 11112-11200 Unassigned
smsqp 11201/tcp smsqp
smsqp 11201/udp smsqp
# Andres Seco Hernandez <AndresSH@alamin.org>
# 11202-11318 Unassigned
imip 11319/tcp IMIP
imip 11319/udp IMIP
# IM Unified Coalition, Len Zuvela
# <imu-comments@egroups.com>
imip-channels 11320/tcp IMIP Channels Port
imip-channels 11320/udp IMIP Channels Port
# Len Zuvela <lenz@microsoft.com>
arena-server 11321/tcp Arena Server Listen
arena-server 11321/udp Arena Server Listen
# Earl Brannigan <earl.brannigan@lindenhous.co.uk>
# 11322-11366 Unassigned
atm-uhas 11367/tcp ATM UHAS
atm-uhas 11367/udp ATM UHAS
# Todd Barker <toddba@attachmate.com>
# 11368-11599 Unassigned
tempest-port 11600/tcp Tempest Protocol Port
tempest-port 11600/udp Tempest Protocol Port
# Francis Cianfrocca <francis@tempest.com>
# 11601-11719 Unassigned
h323callsigalt 11720/tcp h323 Call Signal Alternate
h323callsigalt 11720/udp h323 Call Signal Alternate
# Chris White <cjwhite@cisco.com>
# 11721-11750 Unassigned
intrepid-ssl 11751/tcp Intrepid SSL
intrepid-ssl 11751/udp Intrepid SSL
# Robert Eden <reden@sieglertech.com> March 2003
# 11752-11999 Unassigned
entextxid 12000/tcp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA XID Exchange
entextxid 12000/udp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA XID Exchange
entextnetwk 12001/tcp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority
entextnetwk 12001/udp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority
entexthigh 12002/tcp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS High Priority
entexthigh 12002/udp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS High Priority
entextmed 12003/tcp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Medium Priority
entextmed 12003/udp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Medium Priority
entextlow 12004/tcp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Low Priority
entextlow 12004/udp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Low Priority
# Eugene Cox <genecox@raleigh.ibm.com>
dbisamserver1 12005/tcp DBISAM Database Server - Regular
dbisamserver1 12005/udp DBISAM Database Server - Regular
dbisamserver2 12006/tcp DBISAM Database Server - Admin
dbisamserver2 12006/udp DBISAM Database Server - Admin
# Tim Young <timyoung@elevatesoft.com> May 2002
# 12007-12108 Unassigned
rets-ssl 12109/tcp RETS over SSL
rets-ssl 12109/udp RETS over SSL
# Bruce Toback <btoback@optc.com> February 2003
# 12110-12171 Unassigned
hivep 12172/tcp HiveP
hivep 12172/udp HiveP
# Dick Augustsson <dick@skenbe.net>
# 12173-12344 Unassigned
italk 12345/tcp Italk Chat System
italk 12345/udp Italk Chat System
# Takayuki Ito <yuki@euc.jp>
# 12346-12752 Unassigned
tsaf 12753/tcp tsaf port
tsaf 12753/udp tsaf port
# Andreas Fehr <100042.2070@CompuServe.COM>
# 12754-13159 Unassigned
i-zipqd 13160/tcp I-ZIPQD
i-zipqd 13160/udp I-ZIPQD
# Chuck Runquist <crunquist@quarterdeck.com>
# 13161-13222 Unassigned
powwow-client 13223/tcp PowWow Client
powwow-client 13223/udp PowWow Client
powwow-server 13224/tcp PowWow Server
powwow-server 13224/udp PowWow Server
# Paul K. Peterson <paul@tribal.com>
# 13225-13719 Unassigned
bprd 13720/tcp BPRD Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)
bprd 13720/udp BPRD Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)
bpdbm 13721/tcp BPDBM Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)
bpdbm 13721/udp BPDBM Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)
# Jeff Holmbeck <Jeff.Holmbeck@veritas.com>
bpjava-msvc 13722/tcp BP Java MSVC Protocol
bpjava-msvc 13722/udp BP Java MSVC Protocol
# Tim Schmidt <Tim.Schmidt@veritas.com>
# 13723 Unassigned
vnetd 13724/tcp Veritas Network Utility
vnetd 13724/udp Veritas Network Utility
# Jeff Holmbeck <Jeff.Holmbeck@veritas.com>
# 13725-13781 Unassigned
bpcd 13782/tcp VERITAS NetBackup
bpcd 13782/udp VERITAS NetBackup
vopied 13783/tcp VOPIED Protocol
vopied 13783/udp VOPIED Protocol
# Jeff Holmbeck <Jeff.Holmbeck@veritas.com>
# 13784-13817 Unassigned
dsmcc-config 13818/tcp DSMCC Config
dsmcc-config 13818/udp DSMCC Config
dsmcc-session 13819/tcp DSMCC Session Messages
dsmcc-session 13819/udp DSMCC Session Messages
dsmcc-passthru 13820/tcp DSMCC Pass-Thru Messages
dsmcc-passthru 13820/udp DSMCC Pass-Thru Messages
dsmcc-download 13821/tcp DSMCC Download Protocol
dsmcc-download 13821/udp DSMCC Download Protocol
dsmcc-ccp 13822/tcp DSMCC Channel Change Protocol
dsmcc-ccp 13822/udp DSMCC Channel Change Protocol
# Tim Addington <Tim.Addington@sciatl.com>
# ISO/IEC 13818-6 MPEG-2 DSM-CC
# 13823-14000 Unassigned
sua 14001/tcp SUA
sua 14001/udp De-Registered (2001 June 06)
sua 14001/sctp SUA
# Miguel Angel Garcia <Miguel.A.Garcia@ericsson.com>
# 14002-14032 Unassigned
sage-best-com1 14033/tcp sage Best! Config Server 1
sage-best-com1 14033/udp sage Best! Config Server 1
sage-best-com2 14034/tcp sage Best! Config Server 2
sage-best-com2 14034/udp sage Best! Config Server 2
# Christian Rubach <Christian_Rubach@bestsoftware.com>
# 14035-14140 Unassigned
vcs-app 14141/tcp VCS Application
vcs-app 14141/udp VCS Application
# Ming Xu <ming@veritas.com>
# 14142-14144 Unassigned
gcm-app 14145/tcp GCM Application
gcm-app 14145/udp GCM Application
# Ming Xu <ming@veritas.com>
# 14146-14148 Unassigned
vrts-tdd 14149/tcp Veritas Traffic Director
vrts-tdd 14149/udp Veritas Traffic Director
# Sameer Deokule <sameer.deokule@veritas.com> March 2002
# 14150-14935 Unassigned
hde-lcesrvr-1 14936/tcp hde-lcesrvr-1
hde-lcesrvr-1 14936/udp hde-lcesrvr-1
hde-lcesrvr-2 14937/tcp hde-lcesrvr-2
hde-lcesrvr-2 14937/udp hde-lcesrvr-2
# Horizon Digital Enterprise, Inc. <info@hde.co.jp>
# 14938-14999 Unassigned
hydap 15000/tcp Hypack Data Aquisition
hydap 15000/udp Hypack Data Aquisition
# Mircea Neacsu <mircea@videotron.ca>
# 15001-15344 Unassigned
xpilot 15345/tcp XPilot Contact Port
xpilot 15345/udp XPilot Contact Port
# Bert Gijsbers <bert@xpilot.org>
# 15346-15362 Unassigned
3link 15363/tcp 3Link Negotiation
3link 15363/udp 3Link Negotiation
# Brant Thomsen <brant_thomsen@3com.com> January 2003
# 15364-16359 Unassigned
netserialext1 16360/tcp netserialext1
netserialext1 16360/udp netserialext1
netserialext2 16361/tcp netserialext2
netserialext2 16361/udp netserialext2
# Mike Hoy <mhoy@aquilagroup.com>
# 16362-16366 Unassigned
netserialext3 16367/tcp netserialext3
netserialext3 16367/udp netserialext3
netserialext4 16368/tcp netserialext4
netserialext4 16368/udp netserialext4
# Mike Hoy <mhoy@aquilagroup.com>
# 16369-16990 Unassigned
intel-rci-mp 16991/tcp INTEL-RCI-MP
intel-rci-mp 16991/udp INTEL-RCI-MP
# Jane Dashevsky <jane.dashevsky@intel.com>
# 16992-17006 Unassigned
isode-dua 17007/tcp
isode-dua 17007/udp
# 17008-17184 Unassigned
soundsvirtual 17185/tcp Sounds Virtual
soundsvirtual 17185/udp Sounds Virtual
# Richard Snider <rsnider@sounds.com>
# 17186-17218 Unassigned
chipper 17219/tcp Chipper
chipper 17219/udp Chipper
# Ronald Jimmink <Ronald.Jimmink@chipper.nl>
# 17220-17999 Unassigned
biimenu 18000/tcp Beckman Instruments, Inc.
biimenu 18000/udp Beckman Instruments, Inc.
# 18001-18180 Unassigned
opsec-cvp 18181/tcp OPSEC CVP
opsec-cvp 18181/udp OPSEC CVP
opsec-ufp 18182/tcp OPSEC UFP
opsec-ufp 18182/udp OPSEC UFP
# Alon Kantor <alonk@checkpoint.com>
opsec-sam 18183/tcp OPSEC SAM
opsec-sam 18183/udp OPSEC SAM
opsec-lea 18184/tcp OPSEC LEA
opsec-lea 18184/udp OPSEC LEA
opsec-omi 18185/tcp OPSEC OMI
opsec-omi 18185/udp OPSEC OMI
# Alon Kantor <alonk@checkpoint.com>
# 18186 Unassigned
opsec-ela 18187/tcp OPSEC ELA
opsec-ela 18187/udp OPSEC ELA
# Alon Kantor <alonk@checkpoint.com>
# 18188-18240 Unassigned
checkpoint-rtm 18241/tcp Check Point RTM
checkpoint-rtm 18241/udp Check Point RTM
# Dudi Hazan <dudi@checkpoint.com>
# 18242-18462 Unassigned
ac-cluster 18463/tcp AC Cluster
ac-cluster 18463/udp AC Cluster
# Lisa Zhong <lzhong@cup.hp.com>
# 18464-18768 Unassigned
ique 18769/tcp IQue Protocol
ique 18769/udp IQue Protocol
# Avi Drissman <avi_drissman@baseview.com> July 2002
# 18770-18887 Unassigned
apc-necmp 18888/tcp APCNECMP
apc-necmp 18888/udp APCNECMP
# Michael Yip <Michael.Yip@alcatel.com>
# 18889-19190 Unassigned
opsec-uaa 19191/tcp OPSEC UAA
opsec-uaa 19191/udp OPSEC UAA
# Reuven Harrison <rnd_ana@checkpoint.com>
# 19192-19193 Unassigned
ua-secureagent 19194/tcp UserAuthority SecureAgent
ua-secureagent 19194/udp UserAuthority SecureAgent
# Reuven Harrison <rharrison@checkpoint.com> January 2003
# 19195-19282 Unassigned
keysrvr 19283/tcp Key Server for SASSAFRAS
keysrvr 19283/udp Key Server for SASSAFRAS
# Mark Valence <kurash@sassafras.com>
# 19284-19314 Unassigned
keyshadow 19315/tcp Key Shadow for SASSAFRAS
keyshadow 19315/udp Key Shadow for SASSAFRAS
# Mark Valence <kurash@sassafras.com>
# 19316-19397 Unassigned
mtrgtrans 19398/tcp mtrgtrans
mtrgtrans 19398/udp mtrgtrans
# Katsuhito Muroi <muroi@pfu.co.jp>
# 19399-19409 Unassigned
hp-sco 19410/tcp hp-sco
hp-sco 19410/udp hp-sco
hp-sca 19411/tcp hp-sca
hp-sca 19411/udp hp-sca
# Larry Schwartz <lrs@cup.hp.com>
hp-sessmon 19412/tcp HP-SESSMON
hp-sessmon 19412/udp HP-SESSMON
# Gita Murthy <gita@cup.hp.com>
# 19413-19539 Unassigned
sxuptp 19540/tcp SXUPTP
sxuptp 19540/udp SXUPTP
# Keiji Okuma <okuma@silex.jp> August 2002
jcp 19541/tcp JCP Client
jcp 19541/udp JCP Client
# Yuji Sasaki <sasaki@silex.jp>
# 19542-19999 Unassigned
dnp 20000/tcp DNP
dnp 20000/udp DNP
# Michael Thesing <michael.thesing@acsatlanta.com>
# 20001-20201 Unassigned
ipdtp-port 20202/tcp IPD Tunneling Port
ipdtp-port 20202/udp IPD Tunneling Port
# Vikki Yin Wei <vikki@ipdynamics.com> January 2003
# 20203-20221 Unassigned
ipulse-ics 20222/tcp iPulse-ICS
ipulse-ics 20222/udp iPulse-ICS
# Meggie Garica-Woodruff <ipulse@ericsson.com>
# 20223-20669 Unassigned
track 20670/tcp Track
track 20670/udp Track
# Michael Sweet <msweet@ctr.nawcad.navy.mil>
# 20671-20998 Unassigned
athand-mmp 20999/tcp At Hand MMP
athand-mmp 20999/udp AT Hand MMP
# Stepan Riha <stepan.riha@hand.com>
# 20300-21589 Unassigned
vofr-gateway 21590/tcp VoFR Gateway
vofr-gateway 21590/udp VoFR Gateway
# Marty Borden <mborden@tollbridgetech.com>
# 21591-21799 Unassigned
tvpm 21800/tcp TVNC Pro Multiplexing
tvpm 21800/udp TVNC Pro Multiplexing
# Brian Blevins <brian.blevins@tridia.com>
# 21801-21844 Unassigned
webphone 21845/tcp webphone
webphone 21845/udp webphone
netspeak-is 21846/tcp NetSpeak Corp. Directory Services
netspeak-is 21846/udp NetSpeak Corp. Directory Services
netspeak-cs 21847/tcp NetSpeak Corp. Connection Services
netspeak-cs 21847/udp NetSpeak Corp. Connection Services
netspeak-acd 21848/tcp NetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution
netspeak-acd 21848/udp NetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution
netspeak-cps 21849/tcp NetSpeak Corp. Credit Processing System
netspeak-cps 21849/udp NetSpeak Corp. Credit Processing System
# Toby Hosterman <root@netspeak.com>
# 21850-21999 Unassigned
snapenetio 22000/tcp SNAPenetIO
snapenetio 22000/udp SNAPenetIO
optocontrol 22001/tcp OptoControl
optocontrol 22001/udp OptoControl
# Kevin Kuhns <kkuhns@opto22.com>
# 22002-22272 Unassigned
wnn6 22273/tcp wnn6
wnn6 22273/udp wnn6
# Yasunari Gon Yamasita <yamasita@omronsoft.co.jp
# 22274-22554 Unassigned
vocaltec-wconf 22555/tcp Vocaltec Web Conference
vocaltec-phone 22555/udp Vocaltec Internet Phone
# Scott Petrack >Scott_Petrack@vocaltec.com>
# 22556-22799 Unassigned
aws-brf 22800/tcp Telerate Information Platform LAN
aws-brf 22800/udp Telerate Information Platform LAN
# Timo Sivonen <timo.sivonen@ccmail.dowjones.com>
# 22801-22950 Unassigned
brf-gw 22951/tcp Telerate Information Platform WAN
brf-gw 22951/udp Telerate Information Platform WAN
# Timo Sivonen <timo.sivonen@ccmail.dowjones.com>
# 22952-23999 Unassigned
med-ltp 24000/tcp med-ltp
med-ltp 24000/udp med-ltp
med-fsp-rx 24001/tcp med-fsp-rx
med-fsp-rx 24001/udp med-fsp-rx
med-fsp-tx 24002/tcp med-fsp-tx
med-fsp-tx 24002/udp med-fsp-tx
med-supp 24003/tcp med-supp
med-supp 24003/udp med-supp
med-ovw 24004/tcp med-ovw
med-ovw 24004/udp med-ovw
med-ci 24005/tcp med-ci
med-ci 24005/udp med-ci
med-net-svc 24006/tcp med-net-svc
med-net-svc 24006/udp med-net-svc
# Juergen Fischbach <Juergen_Fischbach@agilent.com>
# 24007-24241 Unassigned
filesphere 24242/tcp fileSphere
filesphere 24242/udp fileSphere
# Carl Cedergren <asperon@home.se>
# 24243-24248 Unassigned
vista-4gl 24249/tcp Vista 4GL
vista-4gl 24249/udp Vista 4GL
# Mark Itzcovitz <mji@vistacomp.com>
# 24250-24385 Unassigned
intel_rci 24386/tcp Intel RCI
intel_rci 24386/udp Intel RCI
# Mark Lewis <mark.h.lewis@intel.com>
# 24387-24553 Unassigned
binkp 24554/tcp BINKP
binkp 24554/udp BINKP
# Max Masyutin <max@ritlabs.com>
# 24554-34676 Unassigned
flashfiler 24677/tcp FlashFiler
flashfiler 24677/udp FlashFiler
# Ben Oram <beno@turbopower.com>
proactivate 24678/tcp Turbopower Proactivate
proactivate 24678/udp Turbopower Proactivate
# Ben Oram <beno@turbopower.com>
# 24679-24921 Unassigned
snip 24922/tcp Simple Net Ident Protocol
snip 24922/udp Simple Net Ident Protocol
# Jean-Paul Moreaux
# <jean-paul.moreaux@airbus.dasa.de>
# 24923-24999 Unassigned
icl-twobase1 25000/tcp icl-twobase1
icl-twobase1 25000/udp icl-twobase1
icl-twobase2 25001/tcp icl-twobase2
icl-twobase2 25001/udp icl-twobase2
icl-twobase3 25002/tcp icl-twobase3
icl-twobase3 25002/udp icl-twobase3
icl-twobase4 25003/tcp icl-twobase4
icl-twobase4 25003/udp icl-twobase4
icl-twobase5 25004/tcp icl-twobase5
icl-twobase5 25004/udp icl-twobase5
icl-twobase6 25005/tcp icl-twobase6
icl-twobase6 25005/udp icl-twobase6
icl-twobase7 25006/tcp icl-twobase7
icl-twobase7 25006/udp icl-twobase7
icl-twobase8 25007/tcp icl-twobase8
icl-twobase8 25007/udp icl-twobase8
icl-twobase9 25008/tcp icl-twobase9
icl-twobase9 25008/udp icl-twobase9
icl-twobase10 25009/tcp icl-twobase10
icl-twobase10 25009/udp icl-twobase10
# J. A. (Tony) Sever <J.A.Sever@bra0119.wins.icl.co.uk>
# 25010-25792 Unassigned
vocaltec-hos 25793/tcp Vocaltec Address Server
vocaltec-hos 25793/udp Vocaltec Address Server
# Scott Petrack <Scott_Petrack@vocaltec.com>
# 25794-25900 Unassigned
niobserver 25901/tcp NIObserver
niobserver 25901/udp NIObserver
# Roman Oliynyk <romano@netinst.com>
# 25902 Unassigned
niprobe 25903/tcp NIProbe
niprobe 25903/udp NIProbe
# Roman Oliynyk <romano@netinst.com>
# 25904-25999 Unassigned
quake 26000/tcp quake
quake 26000/udp quake
# Yasunari Gon Yamasita <yamasita@omronsoft.co.jp>
# 26001-26207 Unassigned
wnn6-ds 26208/tcp wnn6-ds
wnn6-ds 26208/udp wnn6-ds
# Yasunari Gon Yamasita <yamasita@omronsoft.co.jp>
# 26209-26259 Unassigned
ezproxy 26260/tcp eZproxy
ezproxy 26260/udp eZproxy
ezmeeting 26261/tcp eZmeeting
ezmeeting 26261/udp eZmeeting
# Albert C. Yang <albert.yang@eZmeeting.com>
k3software-svr 26262/tcp K3 Software-Server
k3software-svr 26262/udp K3 Software-Server
k3software-cli 26263/tcp K3 Software-Client
k3software-cli 26263/udp K3 Software-Client
# Jim Baldridge <jimb@rpower.com>
gserver 26264/tcp Gserver
gserver 26264/udp Gserver
# Szanto Gabor <sgabor90@hotmail.com>
# 26265-26999 Unassigned
flex-lm 27000-27009 FLEX LM (1-10)
# Daniel Birns <daniel@globes.com>
# 27010-27344 Unassigned
imagepump 27345/tcp ImagePump
imagepump 27345/udp ImagePump
# Richard Minner <ports@xippix.com>
# 27346-27503 Unassigned
kopek-httphead 27504/tcp Kopek HTTP Head Port
kopek-httphead 27504/udp Kopek HTTP Head Port
# Sten H. Danielsen <shd@kopek.net> July 2002
# 27505-27998 Unassigned
tw-auth-key 27999/tcp TW Authentication/Key Distribution and
tw-auth-key 27999/udp Attribute Certificate Services
# Alex Duncan <Alex.Duncan@sse.ie>
# 28000-30000 Unassigned
pago-services1 30001/tcp Pago Services 1
pago-services1 30001/udp Pago Services 1
pago-services2 30002/tcp Pago Services 2
pago-services2 30002/udp Pago Services 2
# Balduin Mueller-Platz
# <balduin.mueller-platz@pago.de> March 2002
# 30003-31415 Unassigned
xqosd 31416/tcp XQoS network monitor
xqosd 31416/udp XQoS network monitor
# Joe Elliott <joe@inetd.com> June 2002
# 31417-31764 Unassigned
gamesmith-port 31765/tcp GameSmith Port
gamesmith-port 31765/udp GameSmith Port
# Randy Thompson <thompr@earthlink.net> August 2002
# 31766-32767 Unassigned
filenet-tms 32768/tcp Filenet TMS
filenet-tms 32768/udp Filenet TMS
filenet-rpc 32769/tcp Filenet RPC
filenet-rpc 32769/udp Filenet RPC
filenet-nch 32770/tcp Filenet NCH
filenet-nch 32770/udp Filenet NCH
# Daniel Whelan <dwhelan@filenet.com>
filenet-rmi 32771/tcp FileNET RMI
filenet-rmi 32771/udp FileNet RMI
# Chris Adkins <cadkins@filenet.com>
filenet-pa 32772/tcp FileNET Process Analyzer
filenet-pa 32772/udp FileNET Process Analyzer
# Chris Adkins <cadkins@filenet.com> January 2003
# 32773-33330 Unassigned
diamondport 33331/tcp DiamondCentral Interface
diamondport 33331/udp DiamondCentral Interface
# Edward Browdy <ebrowdy@cryptek.com> July 2002
# 33332-33433 Unassigned
traceroute 33434/tcp traceroute use
traceroute 33434/udp traceroute use
# IANA <iana@iana.org>
# 33435-34248 Unassigned
turbonote-2 34249/tcp TurboNote Relay Server Default Port
turbonote-2 34249/udp TurboNote Relay Server Default Port
# Peter Hyde <peter@spis.co.nz>
# 34250-36864 Unassigned
kastenxpipe 36865/tcp KastenX Pipe
kastenxpipe 36865/udp KastenX Pipe
# Guy Cheng <GCHE@kastenchase.com>
# 36866-37474 Unassigned
neckar 37475/tcp science + computing's Venus Administration Port
neckar 37475/udp science + computing's Venus Administration Port
# Ralf Allrutz <R.Allrutz@science-computing.de> February 2002
# 37476-38200 Unassigned
galaxy7-data 38201/tcp Galaxy7 Data Tunnel
galaxy7-data 38201/udp Galaxy7 Data Tunnel
# Tatham Oddie <tatham@e-oddie.com> September 2002
# 38202-39680 Unassigned
turbonote-1 39681/tcp TurboNote Default Port
turbonote-1 39681/udp TurboNote Default Port
# Peter Hyde <peter@spis.co.nz>
# 39682-40840 Unassigned
cscp 40841/tcp CSCP
cscp 40841/udp CSCP
# Michael Dodge <sarge@centerspan.com>
csccredir 40842/tcp CSCCREDIR
csccredir 40842/udp CSCCREDIR
csccfirewall 40843/tcp CSCCFIREWALL
csccfirewall 40843/udp CSCCFIREWALL
# Sudhir Menon <sudhir@centerspan.com>
# 40844-41110 Unassigned
fs-qos 41111/tcp Foursticks QoS Protocol
fs-qos 41111/udp Foursticks QoS Protocol
# Chee Kent Lam <cklam@foursticks.com> April 2002
# 41112-41793 Unassigned
crestron-cip 41794/tcp Crestron Control Port
crestron-cip 41794/udp Crestron Control Port
crestron-ctp 41795/tcp Crestron Terminal Port
crestron-ctp 41795/udp Crestron Terminal Port
# Ed Ranney <eranney@crestron.com> January 2003
# 41796-43187 Unassigned
reachout 43188/tcp REACHOUT
reachout 43188/udp REACHOUT
ndm-agent-port 43189/tcp NDM-AGENT-PORT
ndm-agent-port 43189/udp NDM-AGENT-PORT
ip-provision 43190/tcp IP-PROVISION
ip-provision 43190/udp IP-PROVISION
# Roman Kriis <roman@previo.ee>
# 43191-44320 Unassigned
pmcd 44321/tcp PCP server (pmcd)
pmcd 44321/udp PCP server (pmcd)
# Ken McDonell <kenmcd@sgi.com> June 2002
# 44322-44817 Unassigned
rockwell-encap 44818/tcp Rockwell Encapsulation
rockwell-encap 44818/udp Rockwell Encapsulation
# Brian Batke <babatke@ra.rockwell.com>
# 44819-45053 Unassigned
invision-ag 45054/tcp InVision AG
invision-ag 45054/udp InVision AG
# Matthias Schroer <matthias.schroer@invision.de>
# 45055-45677 Unassigned
eba 45678/tcp EBA PRISE
eba 45678/udp EBA PRISE
# Patrick<Kara ><Patrick@EBA.NET>
# 45679-45965 Unassigned
ssr-servermgr 45966/tcp SSRServerMgr
ssr-servermgr 45966/udp SSRServerMgr
# Jeremy Gilliat <jeremy.gilliat@geac.com>
# 45967-46999 Unassigned
mbus 47000/tcp Message Bus
mbus 47000/udp Message Bus
# Dirk Kutscher <dku@informatik.uni-bremen.de>
# 47001-47556 Unassigned
dbbrowse 47557/tcp Databeam Corporation
dbbrowse 47557/udp Databeam Corporation
# Cindy Martin <cmartin@databeam.com>
# 47558-47623 Unassigned
directplaysrvr 47624/tcp Direct Play Server
directplaysrvr 47624/udp Direct Play Server
# Ajay Jindal <ajayj@microsoft.com>
# 47625-47805 Unassigned
ap 47806/tcp ALC Protocol
ap 47806/udp ALC Protocol
# Andrew Newton <alnewton@automatedlogic.com>
# 47807 Unassigned
bacnet 47808/tcp Building Automation and Control Networks
bacnet 47808/udp Building Automation and Control Networks
# H. Michael Newman <hmn2@cornell.edu>
# 47809-47999 Unassigned
nimcontroller 48000/tcp Nimbus Controller
nimcontroller 48000/udp Nimbus Controller
nimspooler 48001/tcp Nimbus Spooler
nimspooler 48001/udp Nimbus Spooler
nimhub 48002/tcp Nimbus Hub
nimhub 48002/udp Nimbus Hub
nimgtw 48003/tcp Nimbus Gateway
nimgtw 48003/udp Nimbus Gateway
# Carstein Seeberg <case@nimsoft.no>
# 48004-48555 Unassigned
com-bardac-dw 48556/tcp com-bardac-dw
com-bardac-dw 48556/udp com-bardac-dw
# Nicholas J Howes <nick@ghostwood.org>
# 48557-49150 Unassigned
# 49151 IANA Reserved

This list was taken from http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers