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Thread: A big thank you

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    A big thank you

    I have been a A.O. member for just over a year now and i feel that i have to say thank you for the chance that i could learn from you all. Not only about security, i have also learnt to be more patient with others and also a little about your cultures.Cosmos has also opened my eyes and mind to some wonderfull things.
    So from me to you all Thank you
    The amount that i have learnt is awsome
    I hope that some day i can start to give back to this site just as mutch as i have taken

    Ps jupman can i please have a pirate flag
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    Dont negg me for this but I thought this was pretty funny, check "Similar Threads" for this Post:
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    I will go to sleep now, and hopefully wake up sane again.

    btw. I feel the same way you do, although I havent been a member for more than a few days, I feel this forum is a great experience and people are actually friendly here. Thats a rare thing these days.
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