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Thread: How to avoid employment scams in the net

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    Lightbulb How to avoid employment scams in the net

    If you often subscribe to job seeking websites in the net, consider the folowing measures to avoid misuse of the public iformation you post with your info for the site:
    1. Don't give your social security number and/or tax Id number to a prospective employer even if they say its for verification, background checks, etc. Some malicious users may use your social security number for fraudulent means.
    2.Don't give your bank account number and or credit card number and related data. Common sense dictates that if they want to have an info about you, they should use other means. Giving away such info may end up as a "cyber hold-up" on your part. If they want to verify your age, its likely to ask for card number for verification. Including the card's expiry date may enable them to use your card for online purchases, etc.
    3.If your posting an online resume, include only the data that is most significant. Don't elaborate much about your work experience.
    4.Contact the prospective employer through phone and verify through HRD the existence of the job opening and the contact person for it.
    5.Look for grammar errors or spelling errors in the job ad. Formal ads are well prepared and fraudulent ads are most likely full of errors since they make it in a hurry. The return address of the contact person (if e-mail) should be the company's corporate e-add. A personal e-add is usually used by spammers to solicit subscriptions and use your e-mail for their mailing list. If they use personal e-add, try considering backing of the job or be very cautious about it.
    6.Verify office addresses, fax numbers and telephone numbers if they are really existing.
    7.Try to ask friends if they already heard of the company and if the addresses are familiar or existing. Company's with huge compensatio offers and numerous job openings (except for employment agencies) are worth keeping an eye for. Ask your self "If they were a big firm, why have such a small office and be located in such a place?"

    Lastly, good luck on any job hunting in the net and if you doubt, contact your local authorities to help prevent frauds.

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    nice job!
    just wondering if you saw the FOX special on not getting scammed a couple nights ago?

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    yea nice job and thanks for the tips!!!
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