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    Oh, porqué gracias Mr.Jaguar291. (thanks)... If it is a firewall then it sounds like some proxy setting may be to blame. You can also go into your browser settings and make your PC refuse some of the cookies it may be receiving by right clicking your browser icon and hiting properties, once you do that you should see something called privacy and you can mess with the cookies settings there. Somewhere else around there you can also delete your offline content such as URLs, cookies, & (ect).

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    Oh ok,thank you.The problem was in a cookie.Thank to all of you.

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    plz explain the urs problem
    it may also be possible that ur accou nt may be deactivated
    or u not registered properly.

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    How long time did you register youre self.?
    as the other guys said, after that you will recibe an e-mail from AO, and i think you have to click on a link to activate youre account (the link is in the mail).

    After that, open a new browser and surf to www.antionline.com
    enter youre nick
    enter youre password
    hit enrer key
    now you shuld be able to download all the files from this site.


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