This is my last ditch effrot of securing a little hepl from any1, i posted this b4, but mightn't have explained myself properly ~sorry~.

I have 1 more day to complete this assignment, and i have spent 8 hours on it so far today and havent got ANYWHERE !!!!

Here's the gist :-

Using MS Access, generate a table with the following fields:

Family name
First name
Registration 'number' (8 characters, text)
Gender(‘M’ or ‘F’)
Course (‘A’,’B’, or ‘C’).

Fill the table with a dozen ‘plausible’ records.

Using Visual C++, generate a database aware application which allows the user to browse through the records. The user should be able to use a dialog box to alter any of the fields on a record.

The dialog box should provide the choice for the ‘Gender’ field by using radio buttons, and the choice for the ‘Course’ field by using a drop-down list box which contains the entries: ‘Applied Electronics’, ‘Broadcast Technology’ and ‘Applied Computer Technology’. (The corresponding database entries are ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ respectively.

The registration number should be validated, i.e. checked that it only contains numeric characters.

OK - heres what i have so far

I have built the database in access, and i have started the visual C++ programming. I have linked the database to the program using Single Document - DAO - then choosing the database.

I have 5 edit boxes in the program, all linked to the database, so that up to now, the database is displayed in each of the fields (Reg Number, First Name, Last Name, Gender & Course). I can use the tools at the top to go the the First, Last, Previous Or Next records - all this works fine.

Now i need an edit button next to each of these fields, that upon pressing, produce a dialog box where the user can edit that particular field, and once they press OK, the coresponding field in the "main" screen is updated.

I can make the dialog boxes appear using the DoModal command, but for some reason, i cant get what is typed in the pop up dialog edit box, to go into the appropriate fields, ive tried everything- so please somebody please help me.

I have a few hours left, so if any1 can help me at all - please dont hesitate to try,