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Thread: Sticky Notes Prog for Windows....

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    Sticky Notes Prog for Windows....

    I'm not big into sticky notes on my desktop, but I do have to say that ATNotes is an awesome prog. if someone is looking for this functionality. I was in our NOC yesterday and saw these notes on everyone's screen and inquired abou what prog. they were using. I downloaded it and have been thouroughly inpressed by what it can do....If your interested here is the link for it. It has calendaring, alarms, minimizing, etc....


    If you know of a similar program for Linux then please post it up...i've been searching SourceForge and FreshMeat, but haven't found anything quiet like this prog. I'm aware of knotes and gnotes, but I'm looking for something more along the lines of atnotes, since I've started playing with it.

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    Pretty cool! I don't usually run anything "extra" or anything that clutters my desktop, but I am a note-taking, list-making freak!! Anyway, I'm going to try this out now.

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