Ok, since visiting here I have read alot about Linux and decided to install and learn more about it. I downloaded the iso's for Mandrake 9.0 and decided to use Partition Magic to partition my drive.So I read through the archives here and recent posts on this subject to learn the partitions sizes and what I needed to do. Heres whats happening:

Run Partition Magic, seems pretty forward. Make all the the changes, resize windows, make ext2 partition,swap file and then try to apply it. I get error #192 which states that "nessacery files for windows ME are missing, please re-install Partition Magic 6.0 to solve this problem." The error is along those lines.Well sounds simple, I re-install and remember that I have version 7.0 and that it didnt solve the problem anyway. Hmm..

Plan B: Called a friend and he informed me that I could fdisk from the Linux Cd so I went ahead and changed the settings in my BIOS to boot from CD-ROM first. It wouldn't. So now I am worried.

Do I have a virus/trojan? I run AV software and the Cleaner- its clean.
Would reinstalling ME and trying again do anything?

I read the PDF files that come with Partition Magic, seached Google about the errors and stumped my friends. Anyone know whats going on?

I would greatly appreciate the help,