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Thread: The hacker ethic....

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    The hacker ethic....

    Title: The hacker ethic and the spirit of the information age
    Author: Pekka Himanen
    Site: http://www.hackerethic.org/

    I just read this book.
    Here, the word hacker doesn't refer to computer criminals but what the word originally meant: a person who wants to do something that one is passionate about, something in which one can realize oneself creatively, and something in which one can build things for the good of all. The hacker ethic is a new work ethic questioning the old Protestant ethic.
    It is a nice read and has quit a few resources for further investigation.

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    Since it got bumped ,
    the link aint working nomore but you can get some sample chapters from the book:
    http://www.netvironments.org/ECultur...3/HackerEthic/ <--there
    and you can buy the book:
    ^^ there

    It non-technical like the title suggests.

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