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Thread: Modem Cable Help Please

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    Modem Cable Help Please

    I am trying to modify a Standard Modem cable to fit a connexant modem.

    Anyone got any idea of what wire goes where

    Any help welcome.

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    Are you talking about taking a standard phone cable and making it a ethernet cable? Because I dont think that is possible since CAT 5 cable is 4 pair of wires and the phone cable is 2 pair....
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    Try - 'HwB The Hardware Book'


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    I have removed your duplicate post and am moving this into General Chit Chat.
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    Unhappy Clearer Description

    I hope this helps .

    Its an internal modem (Conexant)

    I don't have the cable from modem to telephone plug.

    I have the cable from a us robotics sportster which I have in my hand and have butchered.

    There are 4 cables inside.


    I need to know which cables to pair off together to make the robotics modem cable suit the conexant modem. I take it it has some twist.


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    It should not be necessary to modify that cable to fit that modem.
    All internal modems, I believe, take a standard telephone cable.
    Get a new cable (they're very cheap), and plug it in.
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