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Thread: yourth on religion,culture and the current world

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    Exclamation yourth on religion,culture and the current world

    Hey lets just talk about diffrent stuff affecting the yourths now

    how does being in diffrent culture makes them diffrent

    how does current stuffs affect them and what does they have to do
    eg the war on iraw bla.......bla....bla...

    just have your say. doesnot matter what you say as ling as thats not rude..............

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    Youth...in America at least

    I can only speak from my experience as a high school teacher in Oklahoma, USA. My first comment is that I don't believe the youth of the world has changed, its us (the people that grow up). Young people have been rebellious, "fired up", etc. since the beginning of time. We just tend to view it differently since we're now on the "other side".

    That being said, however, the single biggest change in young people (at least from what I've observed) is that most of them do not seem to comprehend, let alone acknowlede, the responsibilities and consequences for their actions.

    I do not blame young people for this. I blame society and their parents. You would not believe the things that come spilling out of some parent's mouth regarding their "angel". All the while, the kid seems to know what is right and what you plan to do about it. Then their mommy and daddy say it's okay, and after a few times of that happening the kid starts to believe it.

    I don't mean for this to sound bitter or hateful, it's JMO. I guess you could say I believe in the clean slate.

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    this is a post for youthful opinions so im deleting mine in favor of just reafing yours.
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    im a youth in america, and i have to say that i dont think that youth and the things we do are much different than what our parents did. the only thing that has changed is that kids a bought up with a new level of awareness, with so much information and technology available, and also, the desire to stand out (which i think has been around for a long time). so i dont think that our desires and attitudes are all that much different, its just how we express it. in the early 1900s it was considered outrageous to dress a certain way or have do certain things that seem absurd to us now. i will say, however, that i think all the free information out there has added fuel to the fire, but times change and so do standards. while this generations parents rebelled by rallying against vietnam and smoking pot, we do it our own way.
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    Being a youth in America, I truthfully cannot speak for the vast majority, as I've taken some different steps with my life than the typical teen. I've been very lucky to have the people I have around me, helping me to make some very difficult decisions be they about sex, drugs, what have you.

    The Internet has been a very key teacher for me, it has taught me a wealth of new things that have aided in my development as a young man. I've been able to learn about people all over the world, new technologies, languages, facts that normally would've been shut off to me, perhaps for my entire life. I would have to agree with previous statements, the youth of today is very aware and, a bit desensitized from it I would have to say.

    Nevertheless, I see a lot of promise in the Millennials as they call us and as we age, I think our appreciation of what we have will never die.
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    same with me
    wish i cauld kick my teacher
    an i began teaching

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