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Thread: Deleted files not really deleted, stored in "secret" folder...

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    Deleted files not really deleted, stored in "secret" folder...


    for more information, it contains some information about it, but most importently it has
    the link to the actual article...

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    wow - now here is a real treasure chest of information. LOL - in almost ALL cases, when I file is "deleted" it is not actually "deleted", rather just the file pointer is removed. the actuall data remains until it's physical address is over written.

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    I use a little program called east-tec eraser and it overwrites the files to your specs BUT the name of the file is still retrievable

    whoops i read the article after I posted about deletions-talking about wrong deletions-Spybot search and destroy can take out the registry streams of where youve been and I don't use outlook so I don't know about that--but when i run spybot before I log off there is an amazing amount of stuff stored and this is after i flush the cache and cookies and regular history
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    I believe there have been MANY MANY discussions about this on here...
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    Even though this has been discussed before, this again brings up the question of redundant threads. If the quality of the information is helpful, I generally am not bothered by repetative and/or redundant threads on occasion. Also, considering it's Divine's first post here at AO, I think it's a good start. At least it's not some thread about phone phreaking, hacking hotmail accounts, etc.
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    Originally posted here by avenger_jcc
    I believe there have been MANY MANY discussions about this on here...

    But most were a lot more lively then this one !!

    BTW the article is quite good.. just a bit outdated (would have been a good read in 1998 or 1999 )
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    I use Norton System Works to delete those (not) deleted files. It automaticly delete the file's after 7 days

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    The more updated version can be found on:

    The actual text has been posted on AO before but I could not find it.

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    Is this version of the paper applicable to Windows XP? If not, is there a paper that is?


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    "with windows 9X in mind but not limited to"-qoute from the article/tutorial
    not sure, i have Windows ME/Mandrake Linux 8.1.....mmm duel boot goodness!
    anyway, it should, windows XP doesnt really differ from any other versions[atleast not anything REALY note-able...but dont blame me if it doesnt work...hehe]...you also could try the
    "Updated" version that Noodle posted above...Meh.

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